Feng Shui in Christmas

Using Feng Shui to decorate Christmas

In December, Christmas is celebrated all over the world, is a time when there is the placement of thousands of twinkling lights, either in homes or on the streets and avenues. All this creates a lot of lighting Yang Chi energy. Large cities like London and Beijing create a spectacle, illuminating the night sky. Feng Shui can be used in Christmas decorations.

Christmas lights and Feng Shui:

The twinkling lights and lanterns lit, immediately create vibrations of happiness that lift the spirits. This is because they bring light to the darkness of the night, the lights create the perfect manifestation of Yin and Yang Tai Chi, creating the cosmic forces of opposition that unlock additional energy of good luck. This is the power of lights, any lights, even the ones that go out and come to light, this action symbolizes new light energy created. Each time you connect a row of twinkling lights, you create impressive forces, because the extension of the results caused by a blink, it's incredibly amazing!

The action of being turned off and on again also means itself a manifestation of Yang Chi. This is one reason why the lights and the bright lights (especially) are used by Buddhists, Christians and Hindus as offerings to their gods, whether in the form of candles, lanterns or electric lights.

In Feng Shui, twinkling lights are considered as excellent reinforcing agents to attract instant good fortune, bringing more customers and more business. Restaurants and entertainment venues increase their businesses when they use Feng Shui decoration. The Feng Shui lights have the power to bring plenty of new customers, and when they shine, they create a pervasive sense of happiness that creates an environment conducive to generating goodwill, which is good for business.

As we enter the festive season of Christmas and in the celebration of Lunar New Year, this is an ideal time to install new lights in your house or in front of your business. You can pick up on the idea of ​​the Christian Christmas tree, to generate a Feng Shui for Christmas.

In recent years, many malls have erected giant trees with thousands of twinkling lights during festive seasons and these centers have generated the largest increases in sales. Without the small twinkling lights, the trees look dead and lacks the spirit that creates the magic Yang Feng Shui!

You can create a tree of fortune for the New Year at home. To do so just leave the tree alive with lights and then decorate with all the symbols of good luck. So every time the lights flash, enabling them symbols of good fortune creating a promising environment vibrations inside your home. Today we have access to a variety of symbols of wealth meant to be used as decoration. The festive season is the best time to create energy for luck and wealth.

Feng Shui in the decoration of Christmas: At a time when everyone is celebrating the installation of flashing lights in the house and garden, will ensure that collectively participate in the energy created. More importantly, when the home or office are kept in the dark, Yin dominates, making it harder to enjoy good luck Chi when the New Year is coming.

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