Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui and your Home Decoration

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that uses placement of objects to improve the flow of energy within an environment or home. We will give you some more tips on how to incorporate Feng Shui in your home decor.

A Feng Shui Home

The fundamental principle of a Feng Shui home is the removal of clutter. The order allows better air circulation. Where natural light is allowed in the stream, its frequency spectrum prevents depressive tendencies. A natural and comfortable level of natural light is ideal for planning a Feng Shui heme. In turn, comfortable and safe home, allows peace and efficiency. Exposed beams in a house can compress the energy. Avoid sleeping and working under the rafters. In a Feng Shui home, plants and paintings are regularly used to neutralize negative energies.

The most popular Feng Shui objects are made from metal and are considered a harbinger of good luck in homes and offices. The Bamboo is preferred for external use, outside the home. Bagua mirrors are used to divert the things that create negative Chi. The Chinese mythology believes that the turtle has eight triagramas marked on its back. The turtle is available at many Feng Shui product stores, it is a coveted symbol of wealth, longevity, strength and endurance. The Laughing Buddha is to be placed at least 4 feet off the ground in an elevated position. Known as the symbol of health, wealth and innocent joy, the Buddha can reward you handsomely. Mandarin Ducks and dragons are the most popular objects of Feng Shui used in homes and offices.

Feng Shui Fountain

Feng Shui Fountains mimic the natural flow of water, and thus doubling the soft Chi energy. The relaxing sound of a brook can reinvigorate your Chi and can bring positive energy in all your endeavors. A Feng Shui fountain at the corner table can function as an enhancer of wealth. The font size is dependent on your needs in Feng Shui decorating. Water acts as a balancing element for the flow of optimized energy. The aquarium also result in the same way that the fountains of water. The energy of the fish that live in aquariums, adds the power of moving water and this can be a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Feng Shui fountains are easily found in stores specializing in products of Feng Shui. All fountains come with water pumps.

Feng Shui Crystals

Feng Shui Crystal balls are round, faceted mineral which transmit concentrated energy. By using the crystals of law, you can activate a positive effect on your life. Feng Shui Crystals have a variety of sizes, cuts and qualities. The size of the crystal ball you choose will depend on the disease for which you want to cure. The hard energy or 'sha' enters into the Feng Shui crystal ball and reappears as gentle energy or Chi. This happens because of the facets deflect the energy. These crystal balls are usually placed in long hallways or entrances to reduce the energy entering. Strong rush of energy through stairways and corridors can cause an adverse effect and therefore the crystal balls are used to expand Feng Shui Chi.

After these explanations now you understand better what is a Feng Shui Home Decoration and how to use the objects in order to get a house with Feng Shui peace and comfort, full of positive energy that will surely transform your life for the better.

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