Feng Shui Lighting

Feng Shui Lighting in your Home Decor

The tradition of Feng Shui uses five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, as solutions for energy problems in a house or building. The basic principles of Feng Shui decoration are simple: using common sense in furniture positioning, keep it free of confusion and make sure that the flow of energy in the room or division, allows good conversation. Feng Shui lighting is a good start for decorating your home in the Feng Shui philosophy.

Feng Shui principals work in all aspects, they can be applied in commercial, residential, healthcare or even restaurant building.

Lighting is a very powerful healing element in Feng Shui decoration. The light itself is considered an important activator in any Feng Shui environment.

The Feng Shui experts have some basic tips on how to use light in your home decoration:

  • Use lights in the sharp corners of a room, this will increase the energy flow and create a relaxing atmosphere in that room.
  • Don't put lamp above chairs or directly above any place where people sit. In Feng Shui, a person should never sit directly below a hanging object.
  • Lamps on the floor can be used in several ways according to the Feng Shui philosophy, they are very practical to lighten dark spots on a room or division, they can be Feng Shui "fixers" and help with the good flow of energy, Chi, in that room.

  • The living room is a Yang place. The Yang is characterized by activity and brightness, this are ideal for good and entertaining family moments.
  • In the kitchen you should use a mirror behind the stove, when you have your backed turned to the entrance of the kitchen while you are cooking.
  • Mirrors should always be used as opposite to entrances anywhere in a house, they will reflect light and this will allow a good flow of Chi.

Hope you liked this simple tips about Feng Shui Lighting, if you want to learn more about this particular subject please continue reading the following articles about this ancient Chinese art, and always keep your Chi high.

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