Feng Shui Colors

The effect of the colors in Feng Shui

Colors have a very strong and individual effect on people. Different shades have radically different results on different people's mental behavior. Feng Shui uses colors to enhance your well being and the relationships between people. A Feng Shui decoration in your home can improve various aspects of your life.

Feng Shui: How colors make you feel

Feng Shui interprets colors and how they affect people. Dark colors can be relaxing or depressing, light colors can be uplifting or annoying, and extreme colors can be amusing or aggravating. Pay attention to how these colors make you feel. When you visit homes of other people, or even the shops or offices, pay attention to the effect that it has on you when you cross a division. Sometimes, you will enter a space and you will feel naturally relaxed, however, other areas may bring you a negative effect, making you feel uncomfortable or agitated for no apparent reason. Remember the colors and shadows of these divisions, especially if you feel a strong response in particular.

Feng Shui: How colors affect human relationships

Colors also affect the nature of interactions between people, and when you enter a new space, you should always pay attention to the way people behave with each other. If there is a room in your home, where people tend to get into arguments, reassess the colors in that division. The bright colors or extreme colors can irritate people's eyes and increase your metabolism, making them more prone to fights. Dark rooms can put people in a bad mood and make them lethargic. Feng Shui colors and the manner of placing the objects, are not the only things that influence the interaction between people, paying attention to what's around you and you may be able to understand the subtle influence they may have in your life.

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