Feng Shui Office

Feng Shui Office

The office is a place where we spend a great amount of our time, especially if there is where we do our work. It is therefore very important to make it a stimulating and comfortable space, where it is pleasant to be. It is, therefore, important to decorate your office, and nothing better than to transform it into a Feng Shui Office.

The Feng Shui in the Office

This ancient Chinese art, Feng Shui, argues that harmony and balance between the different spaces, as well as the functioning in the company and the satisfaction of the employees, are dependent on how the energy moves through an office. The Feng Shui in the office allows the energy flow, promoting more harmonious labor relations, and creating an environment free of stress.


Good lighting in the workplace is essential for health. Whenever possible, the offices should be well lit, using natural light, so there is a reduction of problems such as fatigue and stress. Work areas should be located near the entrances of natural light, without obstructing the passage of light to the remaining office spaces.


The shape of furniture and its orientation are also important elements in a Feng Shui Office. According to Feng Shui, objects such as tables, chairs and bookcases should be ergonomically designed to allow the fluidity of movement within the space. Edges and corners are elements of disharmony, so there should be used objects and furniture with rounded edges and fluid forms.


The different materials used in decorating the office, as well as its colors, reflect some important aspects of having a Feng Shui Office. The colors associated with the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, influence one's quality of energy and can be used together or individually. Colors like red and orange convey a sense of dynamism and aggression, while colors like green and blue are linked to empathy and quiet.

Feng shui gives us a technique to study and find the best location of various spaces, furniture and objects inside the office, so as to encourage its users. The way a Feng Shui Office is organized within it, greatly influences the position that people take towards their work and their conduct. Do not neglect the interior decoration, whether at home or at your office, it depends on your comfort and good mood.

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