Spiritual musings, 11th August, 2015

  1. God shet profile image61
    God shetposted 21 months ago

    1. Sometimes we may need to shift our medium completely. Not changing one's attitude from 'rock' - to 'pop' - or later on, to 'instrumental'. But sometimes we may realize that we need a radically new medium to be in, to express ourselves - that we may need brushes and pencils and colors to bring to life certain 'ideas' - and music may not do us any good anymore. Sounds meaningless but it's metaphorical.

    2. The word 'spirituality' is a ghost. Spirituality doesn't exist. Only we exist. But we seem to display certain common (internal) 'forces'.

    3. There is a common (internal) 'force' of goodness, worldwide. And there is a common (internal) 'force' of evil, worldwide.

    4. I may speak mouthful of spirituality and impress a group of people. But if they have no money in their wallets, their spirituality will be as good as being hungry and sleeping at the corner of a street.

    5. But we need the word 'spirituality' - as a tool to indicate these common (internal) 'forces'.

    6. The true spirituality is the one that feeds hungry men, women and children; gives them a shelter amid a cruel, heartless world.

    7. The perfect spirituality would be to remedy the causes that make people end up in a street. And take permanent precautions so that it may never happen to anyone else again.

    8. Said easier, than done. Collectively, worldwide, human beings are caught in a complex (or, more precisely speaking, 'compound') web of karma.

    9. It's within our power to cure a physical disease (for example: viral fever). But we may not purify someone's karma no matter how hard we try to.

    10. Perhaps only a radical change of values, understanding, and awareness - will possibly purify the world. And that's spirituality too.