Christianity of the 21st century; NOT much of Christ is found in it

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    There is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much untold history about Apostle Paul, which just isn't known. Most writings about Paul have it completely wrong about the guy. In fact, I'd call him a real, roman pig in real life, he was very judgmental, very prideful, and plus he wasn't Jewish. Didn't even know how to speak Hebrew, Coptic, or Aramaic. Which was important at that time, to understand the meaning behind Christ's words. And I mean the literal, translated meaning of a word. There are many words found in the Pauline epistles, where Paul has read a Greek translation of a Jewish text or something, in which some scribe translated the Hebrew or Coptic word into Greek wrong! And, Paul didn't even have a clue who John the Baptist was, Jude Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. I personally do not put any stock into what the Pauline doctrines say. Unfortunately that is a big portion of the NT to dismiss.
    The most ironic thing about Christianity of the 21st century is that NOT much of Christ is found in it.

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      The present day Christianity is founeded by Paul; not by Jesus; so NOT much of Christ is found in it