The way to what, you might ask, through time many has come to the conclusion that mankind is completely lost and that it needs a form of direction and that there must be a way out. But direction from whom and a way out of what?

As a result of this questions many has created fantasies for themselves or relied upon illusions for hope.

Spirituality comes into play as many would want to completely accept that they have found answers in the form of “Truth” claiming to be under it’s influence.

Each religion promises its victims (followers) solutions and provides endless answers, but through “faith” they are completely assumed to be realized.

But to what extent does faith become dangerous, as religion demands it in full, so it followers are expected to completely give up any personal ambitions and live up to it’s dogma in complete loyalty, but has it ever been possible to completely live up to one’s religious standards without our true nature interfering? As to many, accepting a religious name [titles] and having a sense of belonging seemingly brings hope as they assume only then can they feel accepted.

Everybody wants everybody to think, act like them, as with the help of religion they become united in one “faith” this becomes like another family to them as together they easily achieve goals.

But the question of “which religion is the best”? comes up, many would quickly jump to the conclusion that their religion is undeniably the best, they may also quote from their scriptures to support their claims or point to physical evidences, or claim to be under the direction of a supernatural force [God], forgetting that people from other religions may also make the same claim. Also let’s not forget that we may all be wrong as there is no absolute truth, so it’s a matter of choosing what’s best for us so long as we stay morally balanced and do not look down upon others that do not share the same religious ideas and values with us.

Staying true to one’s self has always worked and will continue to work, so I encourage people to use their mind as they have it for a reason. Because things will not always work the way they want it just because they wish for them.

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VOICE CIW profile image

VOICE CIW 5 years ago

Nwielua, you are right, mankind is completely lost and need direction. You are also right about so many religions out there, the question is which religion to believe. Well, I am a christian, and I believe that Christianity is the only true religion. If you are searching for " Truth " then Jesus Christ is the only " Truth " there is. Jesus Christ is the Son of God (and God is not a force He is a Person, the Sovereign Ruler, and Creator of the world), Jesus Christ is the Way (the only way to heaven) He is the Truth (because of His Perfect Nature and Will, He has to speak and act in Truth, He cannot lie), and He is the Light (the personification of light or divine illumination). If you have a Bible read it, don't rely on these false religions, and these false books that are written in place of the Bible. Because mankind has rejected God is the reason they are lost and have no sense of direction. The statement staying true to one's self, what is that going to get you? Can you find peace in yourself? No. When devastation and destruction is coming upon you, do you think you can have peace in yourself? No, you cannot, the only Peace you will find is in Jesus Christ. There are so many people out there, just like you, that are trying to find direction in themselves, guess what? They are still lost and will remain lost, until they seek Jesus Christ. I would love to say to you, "God bless you" but you don't know Who God is, do you? But, I will pray for you, and ask God that you will come into the knowledge of Who God is.

Apostle Jack profile image

Apostle Jack 5 years ago from Atlanta Ga

It is better than the people next door.

darknight444 5 years ago

it s e good question but the asking it is stupid because basiqualy you will notget e true aswers

in e very very fast way in my beliefs only jeudaim and crisitinity and islam make are religions from god

i know thy dont call for the same think

to know the truth research history

in history is the responce

becausqe god coorect joudaimse with jesus and the bible

at that time the jews change e lot aboute there faith

than with time critianity got changed thy make e profet of god his son

soo god sent islam with mohamed and his book the holy coran

and remeber mohamed is the last profet of god and god protect the holy coran from changer and from time

i know that thise is forecd on you

but it the truth and research history if you wont

Nwielua profile image

Nwielua 5 years ago from Nigeria Author

Thanks a lot @VOICECIW for your comments, or though you were religiously sentimental, you make it sound like I need something or someone, like there’s something missing in my life, but I tell you I am greatly at peace with myself especially now that I am not under any form of Religious bondage, yes bondage I call it.

As for you, you’re free to believe in whatever you have choosen as I still maintain that belonging to a religion is a matter of choice and so we should not feel that because other people do not share the same religious values with us they are missing or lost.

No matter what we believe in at every point in time we still come to a sense of doubt and as well question our “Faith” as this is normal for every person, that is what I call the missing link, and I agree that no matter which religion you belong to you still have unanswered questions, that may end up never be answered.

We all have our missing link, dear because we cannot always have what we want, not even if we wish for it.

jasper420 4 years ago

intersting hub well thought out

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