Religions As a Failure!

REligion as a failure:

“I totally agree with the fact that there is a supernatural being, a creator, [God] that governs the universe. But do not agree with the fact that anyone has ever found a way to connect to this being, man’s endless search for this being has proven itself to be abortive and fruitless. Though many would want to believe that they have found a way to connect with this being just to gain self satisfaction and feel good about themselves.”

This is where religion creeps in with promises claiming to provide soul searching answers, and put an end to man’s endless quest toward finding a GOD.

This is exactly what I call the dangers of religion; it soaks deep into the mind of the victim allowing them to be controlled and slaved, each believing that they have found “truth” [their truth] as with this idea they become unreasonable to reality or any form of idea that does not agree with theirs, as they are completely told what to do, and how to live their life.

This is when what many call FAITH comes in, it makes them think they are happy and having a sense of fulfillment. It blinds them as they drown in their own confusion completely becoming hopeful even in completely failed situations as they assume there could be a miracle. FAITH becomes an answer automatically.

Through time man has remained confused and wise in their own understanding this is as a result of their endless search for true knowledge and direction.

They think they have found answers but only to find more that will ending up either discouraged or frustrated and confused.

Religion is a chain, that leaves you with nothing to feel

True, religion gives hope and moral guidance to those who seek it, but the question is where is it leading….?

A question that when asked provokes, angers and brings hate, but I take my chance to ask, where are we going……?

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Agnes Penn profile image

Agnes Penn 5 years ago from Nicholson, Pennsylvania, USA

The basic question of the existence of pain in our lives drives many away from organized religion. Consider the following (maybe on your next hub): have you met anyone in great pain in their lives that has remained at peace? I have. These people achieved this with a personal relationship with God through religion.

Enslavement comes only when a person stops having free will and is imposed upon. Any religion that charmingly or violently tricks people into following them is enslaving. Religions that are up front and encourage people to question should be given a second chance.

Thought-provoking hub.

Nwielua 5 years ago

Thanks Agnes Penn but as much as I respect people’s religion, first: “I do not agree with the fact that an individual can be in great pain and remain peaceful, unless you mean PEACEFUL in the manner that the individual may become hopeful and calm but continues to hurt inside, and also religion does not allow for free will as it involves giving up one’s will and acting according to standards laid down by it’s leaders through either the use of books, or scriptures that is suppose to guide actions, as you are not expected to question divine commands but to follow with “FAITH” this becomes possible especially when the individuals are willing victims.

I repeat “As much I believe that there is a supernatural force (Being) governing the Universe I do not agree with the fact that anyone has found a way to connect to this being” but no doubt an individual may claim or enjoy the fantasy to having had a personal encounter with [God] as through that they may be either relieved, or having a sense of hopefulness “this idea is completely an Illusion and cannot be generalized as it is based on personal acceptance”

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