Goddess ... The Superior Female Being

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Goddess and Gold
Goddess and Gold

The Superior Female Goddess ... They're Everywhere

All Women are Goddess like. They are the Supreme Being, given the ability to bear offspring. Nature would find a way, if men were not available in the process of new life. It just so happens that men supply an important part of our current procreation chain. Therefore they are a necessary component to life here, currently, on this planet.

Our future is dictated by what we are doing now. Tomorrow will change from today, because of what we had done yesterday. Nothing will stay the same, and things that change are not always for the better. Fore thought needs to be applied to every aspect of life, how you live, where you live, and why you live. What is your purpose?

Today our children will follow our example for the future of their tomorrow's. Today is passing quickly, as time grows short to correct the mistakes of today. By tomorrow, those mistakes will have taken root, thus alter history moment by moment. It is a vicious cycle once caught up in it.

Women are the superior being of the human spectrum. They would never have allowed any of this to happen. None of what is going on our planet would be happening, because it would not have been a consideration.

Completely divided from her male counterpart, and able to see logic, order, and solution in any given situation. Natural Instinct to implement action to resolve a problem. Instinct to care, and nurture. Objective, and logical in any situation. Non violent in nature, and abundantly loving.

Many people have lost sight at just how important women are. We are in a sea of madness, and its the women trying to pull everyone out. Men are busy fighting amongst themselves, flaunting their muscles, and slashing and bashing the other guy. This is very attractive...no?

I find all this nonsense to be a huge waste of precious time, and our lives dangle in the balance due to the negligence of the allegedly qualified men in positions they should not be. Back tracking would expose the facts, and show wrongs, on top of wrongs, do not make a right.

All of this nonsense going on our planet right now is by the hands of men in charge. There was no consideration for the huge population, and how it would affect every-one's life. Every aspect of life has been greatly altered, and will remain in a negative status until the control is properly placed, and order is restored.

Every aspect of life is consumed, and deluged with constant negativity from a host of suppliers. The discoveries coming out into the public are astonishing. At the Hands Of Men, irreversible damage has been done to the people as a whole. Everything the people have worked hard for is gone. Our fabric has unraveled, and people are suffering.

Families are falling apart. They are starving, and homeless. There is no way out according to their methods of operation. The current efforts at hand are inevitably going to cost the people, not the culprits who have caused this entire house of cards to collapse. It's guaranteed, if you build it weak, it will fall.

Women are Mans Weakness. Which is one reason they should not be in charge. What a mans mind revolves around, a women's does not.

Women are Natural Leaders, and rightfully so. Bearing offspring, demands a huge responsibility triggering instinctual nature. It is the natural order. It is important to remember from where you came. You could be born of a woman only.

Secretly many men worship women, even though the outer shell displays the opposite. Many men openly worship women, because they see clearly to what love truly is. If only to be near it, and feel it.

Men are of the benefiting side, or retaliatory side of women. They either see, and join, or rebel, and fight. To fight, is to be of hate. To live, is to be of Love. Life is made up of Living it.

Our lives are currently consumed, and dictated by what many men have created in the eye of greed, and wealth. Meanwhile, we see what has resulted in the grand scheme of things. A world completely mismanaged by men.

Unfortunately it will take incredible strength and endurance to live through this, and attempt to survive. Ironically the entire economic flow of funds is paralyzed, and the people will carry that burden into their altered future lives.

Plans have changed abruptly, this is how the men of authority do things. None of the verbal diarrhea, or mud slinging on the TV matters, it's fluffer Nutter, and has absolutely no place in your life to tie you up like this. America is in paralysis, and hand cuffed.

Every Business I speak to is struggling. People are not spending money, there is about $195 Billion in underground money, (held privately, not in banks) floating out there, entire banking, mortgage, and lending industries are collapsing, most people cannot qualify for a mortgage, nor can they afford it.

The people were so busy trying to play by the patriarchs rule of the game, while they were being deceived the whole time. The greed, and gain was more important than the body of people. Yet the bodies of people lend support to the powerful men in charge. Hoping what they say will be honest and caring for the people. We can see we are not even close.

Our life as we know it, at the hands of men, has changed forever. It will not be as you once remembered it to be. The general topics of conversations will be regarding impending financial ruin amongst friends, associates, and people you meet. Companies you know will close. Many people will be arrested. Many will be homeless, and without work. People you know will be losing their home.

It is sad when you think about it. None of these results were ever thought of, or cared about while the acts were being committed. I read countless articles on people in the banking, and mortgage industry who are being arrested, and charged with fraud all over. I am thinking it's a little late for that, as the damage is done, and the people are suffering.

Economic flow has halted, and it's causing things written into law to be used, that have never been used, or carried out before. I keep hearing the mention of Mad Max: The Mel Gibson movie, and Marshal Law. I do not see anyone in charge making any kind of tactical, logical, sensible moves to solve any national problems, or global ones.

Greedy men decided it was far more important for them to gain huge sums of money rather than do things right. What would it matter anyway, they will never find out, and if they do, it will be gone, or hidden. Personal agendas have always prevailed in a society run by men. It is run by male greed.

The people can ultimately decide what should happen here. Joining forces, and not accepting the cards being dealt would be a good place to start. The sheep need to say Nahhhhh... and move on to the next choice.

Women in the position of power would not have allowed this to begin to go this way. No less continue for years, and years until the final collapse of society. The position of Power is to Love, guide, protect, and allow prosperity among your people. Otherwise you have nothing, with a very desperate situation, and disorder erupts. Complete chaos.

This will not only monopolize the people's current time of their lives, but all time of our planet will be monopolized by the absolute, mismanaged disaster of men in charge. The current time will be spent, hearing, seeing, and experiencing the consequences of all the actions, and non-actions caused, and created by men. Instead of being on schedule, to live life, we are set back 100 paces in time.

If the world were divided into its large cities with an appointed female in charge...everywhere, there would be no famine, or war for starters. It would have never been allowed to continue for people's life times. I grew up knowing there are people starving everywhere. We are conditioned by this, when we are told to eat all of our dinner. It has been incorporated into daily life as if it were OK!

I do not find it common place to know, or feel people starving. I do mean feel it, to feel the pain of the starving people who do not deserve to go through this. Especially when we have every ability to stop it. Which goes right back to the greedy men in charge who stand idly by watching, and gaining fatter pockets. For what? To buy the whore, or date the princess, or wine, and dine the hot blond, and there is more!

It is all about men getting what they want, no matter how they have to get it. A whore, (if you want to get technical) is still a Goddess, she is sought after by countless men non stop. Very important men I might add. They revolve around sex, and it is the driving force with the greed. Hand in hand, or should I say hand up skirt?

It is the manly man mechanism of the facade they have created to acquire greedily what they want, no matter how many lives are taken, or affected. Our lives now will be very different from here.

The goddess, our Mother Creator has been watching the whole time. Our status is undeniable, and looking back is fruitless. Going forward, and making the effort to direct where the power should be placed is where it needs to start. People need to make the right choices, and choose the women who are best suited to handle solving the global issues at hand.

This is what women are extremely good at. Wasting those abilities, through total denial, and machoismo attitude is ridiculous. We have no time to waste, and time is running out. It is time to restore order, and focus on what really matters here...Our beautiful people. That is what makes a planet.

Allowing your people to be scammed, deceived through food, made ill by the medical industry, and then shipped off in a coffin, leaves who to run and control? Is it cemeteries men wish to control? They are growing, and expanding in leaps and bounds, they should have a nice crop soon to manage.

Women need to be in the position of power, protecting our people, and affording us the human right to flourish. We are so far from that, it is alarming to put it mildly.

Today is the beginning of the rest of our lives ... Which way do we want it to go. Should people just follow the leaders into the grave? We are in the pit the men dug for us. Getting out will require the help of women. Should that fail to take place, life will proceed to our own peril.

I believe all people can wake up, and say hey wait a minute women could indeed run our Countries better, and drive it that way. This is the way it should go. A life, and living is created by the Woman.

For The Love of the many...

This is not an attack on men, or a man bashing festival. I happen to love men. I am relaying a well founded, fact based opinion of my own, (joined with many men, and women who agree with me) beliefs, standards, and proven strategies in life.

I have been on the inside of the financial industry in many different capacities, and have seen more than I care to remember. I am not saying I was not successful, I was, and still am. It was very difficult, with many odds against me. In most law firms, banks, and like type firms, I was treated very badly, constantly sexually harassed, abused, undermined, sabotaged, and more... I am a woman in a mans industry. I ignored most things, and became even more driven to succeed.

The reason it went this way is because they were not happy that I was very good at what I do. I managed large groups of people in Manhattan companies, who did listen, and also became successful beside me in the industry, honestly, with integrity, and respect.

Many women came, and went in the industries I work, it is not a welcoming atmosphere for women, with many embedded unpleasant memories I will live with for the duration. It was a terrible career choice, although I did make use of all that I learned, it was torturous for me, (a Matriarch) to work in a patriarch industry.

It is no secret either, it is actually common place, and the women who do complain, or take action are shunned, slighted, harassed, retaliated against, and abused, or set up. I know for sure beyond a shadow of doubt, because I was one them. I still am.

I continue to work in the financial arena doing many things, and associate myself with three male partners in business who have the utmost respect for women. I am Irish/American, my Wall Street/Financial Partner is Jewish/American, my attorney associate is Indian/American, and my partner in Art is Native American. Three men, who do not see women as a threat, but as an asset, and one to look to for guidance, and love.

I am the business developer for all three, and I do a host of legal work, financial restructuring, commercial project financing, all levels of financial consulting, investment, and charity work, just to name a few.

Man and woman do have a harmonic balance. A patriarch society does not allow for that natural harmony to occur. Therefore we have the results, and consequences we are currently living. Forethought could have been applied, to determine that the current system will inevitably fail. There are many well educated people who predicted this, are aware of this, and agree things should change drastically.

The point to this is mainly for addressing the current issues with bodies of male authorities, who are not, and have not been doing things correctly, fairly, or productively for the people. This started long ago, and is likely to continue for many years to come, as long as the people allow it.

Despite everything I have been through, witnessed, and negatively endured, I still respect men. I work with many men every day, and my heart is still warm, and loving. The men who know me , know I care a lot. I make a conscience effort to treat everyone with love, and respect, including all men.

The men who choose to set themselves aside from a respectful outlook towards women, are the ones typically going without life in general. In turn causing dysfunction, and negativity within their own life. Bringing no positive results to balance it out. Violence is usually present, matching the macho attitude, and possible history of abuse of some kind. These men lead very troubled, dysfunctional lives, never advancing to their fullest potential.

Anyone reading my hubs will see a wide array of trauma, and tragedy present in my life so far. I can still manage to maintain a positive attitude, a smile on my face, and a beautiful outlook on life, and what it can become, and develop into. I am right on destiny's path, and quite possibly right on schedule too. I stopped to smell the Flowers on the way, too!

I happen to love all people, who want to be loved. It is not a sexual thing, it is a state of mind, and a way of life. Quality of life is what makes a population thrive. Prosperity, and love for one another is imperative. We share this planet, and we all need to hold hands, and not let go.

To demonstrate how I really feel about being sexually harassed. I see sexual harassment, as a form of worship. There is certainly a plateau where you can cross the line. A man is willing to stick his neck out, and risk it all, to touch, and feel that woman. Not all cases of course, but many. A normal attraction, and scenario. Within acceptable guidelines.

A request to have her grace him with her presence, to afford him the opportunity to win her heart. It's called Courting. Fencing was the method in ancient times, and may the best man win. What does he win? The highly worshiped woman, of course. Willing to fight to the death, to hopefully win a lifetime with her. To serve her highness, and recognize her needs, and desires. That is what I call risking it all.

Verses grabbing her by the hair, and dragging her off to his cave to mate with her, and claim her as his own...civilized life is a little more acceptable. Realizing there are some brutal cases on record, over all in general many cases stem from a normal law of attraction. Male approaching, female. Less cases exist where men file against women, or men against men, or women against women.

The point is that sexual harassment is a normal human trait, that will always be there. Man took it out of the normal realm, and created the present distortion. I always look at the side of statistics on how many women did not file a case. There are more that did not file suit, than did. Hmmmmmm...something to think about.

I think with the right attitude anything can be accomplished, and successful. You have to have a plan, know where you are going, and with whom you will join with. Your personal array of love, and support. Chosen for the qualities of their individuality. Chosen for the need, and desire of whom you wish to become.

I look at sexual harassment (as it is so called these days) as mathematical. A male has just indicated he wants me. This means, he has now handed me his power. I think that a man willing to risk everything to be near, and touch a woman he is attracted to is completely normal. Noting of course that line can be crossed with poor behavior.

In general, overall it is the ultimate compliment, meaning this male individual, probably thinks about having sex with you all the time. He is acting naturally by making gestures of wanting to be near you. Taking huge risks to chance a moment of love from you. I am actually putting it mildly, I have seen much more elaborate scenarios, of male effort to win the heart of a woman.

The point is, being a Matriarch, in charge, and control of many does not mean men are slighted, or treated badly. Men are treated as an essential part of our existence. With love, care, and nurturing to a positive productive side.

It is love that drives everything. It can mend, and heal the many. Men can balance out their position in society, by realizing there is so much more to life than all that they are tangled up with now. It is extremely beautiful, satisfying, and positively reinforcing for life itself.

Life can abruptly change for the better too. Adopting the appropriate attitude, and allowing natural order to thrive, and drive is where it will start. Love who you are...and be loved for whom you could become.

Goddess ... Adorned In Gold

Matriarch Society by William Bond

Mother Goddess by William Bond

What Is Matriarchy by William Bond

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Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

That was an incredible hub BrainFire - I will come back later and read all of yours - I'm sure they are meant to be savoured :) I've always been fascinated by the legend of Isis and somehow all roads seem to be leading me towards delving more into the idea of the Goddess - isn't it strange how the universe works?

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you Shalini!

Sometimes it just flows right out of my brain... Especially when I'm disturbed by something. I'm very disturbed at what's happening to our Country, and the future at hand.

I do take life very seriously, and do feel that there are logical answers to the large array of global problems presently. It's insanity to just continue like this. It's likely that these men currently in charge will fall as well, given their modus operandi.

All of the people's money has been taken for the purpose of cleaning up a huge illegal mess created by the men in charge. It will not benefit the people, nor will the people be able to recover from this any time soon. It will be many, many years from now, when people can live this down.

When a system collapses...the body of authorities should step down. It is them who allowed this to reach this point of total devastation.

Our entire Planet Earth, and it's people need to be cared for, and nurtured for proper growth, and advancement to occur.

Mother Nature is patiently waiting for us to wake up, and act appropriately. What I mean by appropriately will be the content for another hub...How a Country, and Planet should be run... By women.

It's great to meet you, I'm glad you're here, and able to add value to a great cause. Thank you again for your kind comments, and please feel free to reach out any time.

Take care, and be strong! :)

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

This is the Ultimate Hub for the Women who Love themselves enough to Love everyone else.

Stand Up, Speak Out, and Harness the Power you were born with. It's always been there, and it's time to take a stand for what's right...for our people....and for our future.


BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Love Is The Answer! :)

wabond profile image

wabond 8 years ago from England

Thank you Brainfire for showing my youtube videos on your hub-page. I off course agree with everything you say.

William Bond

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 8 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

This is a brilliant hub, Brainfire, that I just found out about from William's email!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Thank You William, and Bard.

I know we can work together to change the planet, and make it a much better place to live, and love.

It's people like us who will make those changes, it's contagious, and they will catch on, because all good bee's flock to the honey of the Queen, and the hive. It's where they belong.

People go where they feel they can make it, be happy, get what they want, and be around like minded people like themselves. A naturally ocurring "Brain Reactive" response, with current negativity pushing them right towards it.

I was aware at 8 years old I would be where I am today, a Matriarch, who loves, and leads many. I verbalized to many as a child, that I would lead many people to happiness, and a quality life...when I grow up. Most adults back then (The 60's), probably viewed me as a flower child with grand delusions...lol...but here I am today. Little did they know...I was actually serious.

For me it was a monumental thing. Born with a destiny, and knowing it. I carried this leadership as if on auto-pilot my whole life. It became very prevelant in school. I had many followers, and protected many boys, and girls who were constantly picked on in school. I was the official Bullies "Bully".

I have never been afraid to stand up for what's right, or what I believe in, no matter what the opposition is, or was.

Thank you both, for all your support, as the strength in numbers is growing. That's how it's going to change for the better.

Love is catching, I have the sixth sense, and vision it "can" prevail...with a much greater strength than our current methods demonstrate.

I believe the future can be everything we would like it to be.

Thanks again for all your positive input!


Divine HayaH 8 years ago


Great Hub and a message that definitely needs to get out more. I sent you a private e-mail. As you say much has to be done and I can see that we think alike. I would love to work more with you and team up with you; a fellow Matriarch and a Woman who knows what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Feel free to contact me back via the e-mail address my message came from.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Hi Divine HayaH:

you can email me at: MatriarchHP@gmail.com

I'll be looking for your email.

Thanks for connecting! :)

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Finding Love...it's the answer!


Andrew Hawkley 8 years ago

One thing I assumed about matriarchal societies is that they did not consider animals to be separate from humans. Therefore the Goddess must be in all female animals not just in female homo-sapiens. Therefore males should not harm any female animals as they would be harming the Goddess. Here is a video of a young male zebra humiliating a lioness who tried to kill him.

Was he wrong to do this?


wabond profile image

wabond 8 years ago from England

In the animal world they don't have any sense of right or wrong, it would be like asking if it is right for a cuckoo lay her eggs in the nests of other birds.  Only humans have devised a system of judging what they think is right and wrong.

I personally am not sure that even ancient Matriarchal societies had the laws we had.  I am sure laws about human behaviour came with patriarchy.  I think in a true Matriarchal society they would be more concerned with the motivation of people, and whether their actions came from a feeling of love or hatred.  A Matriarchal society would encourage everyone to feel love for others.  So if a person wanted to hurt others, the women will want to know and understand why they feel any hatred or ill will to anyone else.  So if it is a misunderstanding then they will try and sort it out.  Or if a person has learnt how to hate, then they will be encouraged and taught how love others. I do feel strongly that a society where everyone loves each other, doesn’t need any laws.  Laws and the enforcement of these laws only came into existence when people learnt how to fear and hate each other.William Bond

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Hi Andrew:

Thank your for your comments.

I am one who tries to avoid watching scenes like that. For me it has a very profound emotional affect for many reasons. A few being Animal Rescue, Animal Activism, and Empathy.

So is he wrong, no...not for his situation, nor will they (animals) "think" about it as a human would. As it will be said many times again, and again...it's nature. Nature at a different level from humans.

I think the focal point here, may be along the lines of: Is a Matriarch Life appropriate for today? The answer is yes. It's appropriate for all people who see life as “Love” based, v. hate based. Women are Love based, and Base things “On” Love.

That’s who you would “Want” in power, if you follow the concept. One question may be: Are you presently happy with how life in general is going, or do you feel it can be much different, and more productive.

What we are currently experiencing right now, in our life time, is the "Altered Results" of History. The paths chosen by the powers that be, which dictate terms to the people. It's not "Natural History"...it's Man Made History. We are exactly where they want us to be. Very far from the path(s) that should have been chosen.

On a mass level, the Powers in charge are literally killing people on a daily basis, and continuing to destroy our Planet. Should it be that way? I’m thinking NOT!

Priorities are the planet, and people first. This would include redeveloping the natural environment of All the animals we have greatly affected. In turn restoring as much as possible, as fast as possible, for "All" life on this Planet. Restoring the Natural Harmonic Balance that creates, and sustains life. The Real appropriate Bottom Line here.

Thanks again for visiting Andrew, I hope to see you again soon!:)

Did you see this video:) http://hubpages.com/entertainment/YouTube--The-Bes

It's the one at the top. (Also about Lions)

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you William!

I definitely couldn't have said it better myself.

As always, it's an honor to have you here visiting. :)

I appreciate your input

Until next time!

Thanks again! :)

Andrew Hawkley 8 years ago

One of the fundamental things people dislike about patriarchy is its desire to separate things. Should a matriarch be using such language as "Priorities are the planet, and people first." and "Nature at a different level from humans."

I would just like to know if you believe the Goddess to be manifest in female animals or if like patriarchal men you believe divinity can only be manifest in adult humans of a particular gender.

The forces of evil that run this world have two other things in common besides being male. They are adult and human. I'm sure you would at least agree that there are many cases where it would be better to have a female infant in charge rather than a male adult. 


wabond profile image

wabond 8 years ago from England

Hi Andrew

I think you will find that there will be differences of opinion about these sort of things within the Matriarchal community. So therefore i can only give my opinion on this.

I peronally think that the differences between us and other animals is that we have greater freewill. I personally think that animals are divine already because they are in contact with the Goddess through their instincts. It is only humans who can override their instincts, who can defy the will of the Goddess.

The Goddess has given humans the gift of freewill and unfortunately we all have abused this gift and that is why we are in the mess we are in. We can only return to harmony but once again, by connecting with the Goddess.

Women in general are more in connection with the Goddess because they are more willing to follow their instincts, than what men will do. So it will be women who will lead the way back to the Goddess and harmony.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 8 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

I'd just like to add to William's reply that I have a woman friend who is Buddhist and she once said to me that animals, and in particular cats which we were talking about at the time, are already in a state of Buddhahood and that made sense to me. I see it this way - animals do what they are meant to do and people do what they were meant to do and what they were not meant to do, which Crowley summarised as Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This is the freedom of choice humans have and it has resulted in this mess.

wabond profile image

wabond 8 years ago from England

Just to add to what Steve said. I did read once that what Crowley actually said was. "Do what thou wilt and love, shall be the whole of the law". "And love", gets missed out because people want to discredit Crowley.

Laws are only needed for people who fear and hate others. If we are in a state of love all the time then we do not need laws because we would have no need to hurt anyone else. The more fear and hate that is within a society the more laws, lawyers, policemen and prisions they need.

William Bond

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

Hi BrainFire - I've been away from this hub for too long!

What a wonderful world it would be if we went back to our natural state - no laws, no prisons - just love and the laws of nature!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you Andrew, William, and Bard, and Shalini... for your comments.

Depending on how you look at it, and which facts/theories/hypothesis you would choose to incorporate into your realm of thought. We operate on a “Belief System” in general. My Belief System is primarily fact based, especially in Nutrition.

Other Beliefs in our Society are based on what I see wrong in Traditional Society. The Woman has the ability to create life from within, the Male does not. However I do believe the Mother Goddess to be a part of all creatures (male and female), to certain degrees.

Let’s not forget, we we’re born of the wisdom, of the Mother Earth, and the Mother Goddess, and we all retain our portion thereof. Just like eating an indigenous plant who has been present on the planet, growing, and re-growing experiencing things we never even think of. You take in that wisdom from that plant, from it’s duration of existence on the planet. That wisdom is retained by us.

On the flip side of slaughtering Animals, they retain the stress, pain, and panic of them lining up to die. They see their families slaughtered before them, which profoundly increases the stress of death. All of the emotion, stress, and panic is retained in the meat. I’ve tested it with people, and found it to be true, that meat eaters are to the side of violence.

In many species, males are merely for the purpose of birth, in some groups they are killed off. Then you have the The Male Sea Horse which gives birth to as little as 1 - 2000 baby (fry) Sea Horses, in a 2-4 week process. Many interesting variables in the Animal world.

Obviously Animals “are” on a different plateau from humans, in that we have reasoning skills. The Planet having an intricate, delicate, and complex make up, my opinion would be that the Mother Goddess would be present in all creatures. Carried down from the chain of procreation, and development. Remaining within all Earthly creatures.We depend on Mother Earth to allow us to live. Without her Survival, we won’t survive.

The Mother Goddess is already in everyone, and everything, and has always been. Although many have swayed away from her to become, or join Patriarchs.

I think the fact that we have "altered" Animals lives, and environments they live, to such an extreme... I wonder what things would have been like, had we left them alone. It would be very different I'm sure.

The Planet, and it’s people are “Our” priorities as a Society. This is the main focus of our path, and it is Women who are standing up to take charge, and reverse what has happened here.

Our Society encourages a Plant based life style. Promoting good health, well being, and productivity in life, a quality life. Which is the point to all of this.

Please read the Hub: How To Run A Country: Matriarch Style it's part of this hub. http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/matriarchs

Thanks again everybody! :)

wabond profile image

wabond 8 years ago from England

Hi Brainfire

I personally believe that our reconnection with the Great Mother is more important than anything else.  What we need to learn is that the Great Mother never abandon us, it is we who have rejected her.

All patriarchal societies have encouraged and taught us to worship false gods or believe there is no god at all.When we pray to a ‘old man in the sky’ who judges, condemns and punish us, it is not surprising we don’t get through to the Great Mother because a judgement god, invented by patriarchal priests, is so far removed from what she is really like.  The Great Mother loves us ALL unconditionally, it is only by connecting to the unlimited and unconditional love SHE has for us, that we can connect to her once again. Once we can reconnect with the Great Mother once again then we have access to her help and limitless wisdom.

People in patriarchal societies run around like headless chickens, simply because they try to solve all problems through their very limited intellectual minds.


Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

Hi BrainFire....I'd written a short poem a long time ago called 'daughters of isis'. It's posted up here on the forums (at the bottom of the page):


Posting poems in the comments section is quite a pain - they come out all funny :)

Andrew Hawkley 8 years ago


William Bond, how do you expect to "turn people on with matriarchy" if all you are going to do is insult them? You say you dislike a god who judges and then you say:

"People in patriarchal societies run around like headless chickens, simply because they try to solve all problems through their very limited intellectual minds."

Could it be you have in mind that one small group of "enlightened people" should be put in charge because you think everyone else is too dumb to look after themselves? What sort of society does that remind you of?

wabond profile image

wabond 8 years ago from England

Hi Andrew

No i am not in favour of 'enlightenment' either. Most people who claimed to be 'enlightened' are very egoistic.

The point i was making is that we have, as a society, lost our connection to the Great Mother. And our reconection with HER can only come about from an individual level.

The idea of an elite who speaks for god is a very patriarchal idea. Patriarchal religions have been doing this for centuries.

I personally believe in it far better to teach people how to reconnect to the Great Mother then to give out all the rules and laws that we force people to obey.

William Bond

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you Shalini, William and Andrew...for your comments.

Very nice poem Shalini...I'm hoping you are OK where you are. I was thinking about you last night watching CNN. I hope you are safe, and not near these terror attacks. I am sick over this. My Attorney Partner is from the area, and his niece was in the Taj on a daily basis, but luckily she was not when the terrorists struck. We are so relieved, but severely disturbed that people are having to endure this.

With synopsis, may come insult to current process. William is not insulting "Our" people. He is presenting us with an option to "See" tangible affects Patriarchy has had on "Our" people as a "People". He is very accurate with what he says, and of course we will allow him to speak, and profess what he has learned in his own individual manner. Thankfully, we are "allowed" to be "individual".

All people are conditioned in varying ways, developing habitual behavior, which usually falls out of the conscience state. Undoing this conditioning, or altering previous conditioning is a feat in itself. Which is one of the main points to this hub. We are all affected by "all" of what is going on, on "our" Planet.

I would hope that people who read this hub, and do desire a more "People" oriented lifestyle, that you would remain "Open" to the realm of change for the better. Operating from a stand point of LOVE...FIRST. That is what this is all about.

For the Love of the People, and identifying the true position of Women on the planet. It is women who are prompting much change in the world, whether you are aware of it as an individual, or as a group being involved in the action of making it happen.

The wave of change is here....It is definitely necessary, and is happening in your life time right now. Together...We are making history.

Make every moment of your life an accurate part of history that is positive, and filled with Love...Great happiness will follow.

For the Love of all, and the Good Of The Many!

Thank you all for being a part of a new world that is coming into order.

Andrew Hawkley 8 years ago

I'm not sure I understand one of your points at all Brainfire. Further up the hub you appear to make the suggestion that because the woman has the power to create life from within that gives her the right to rule society. The job description is "ruler of society" not "surrogate mother".

Would an infertile woman be exempt from office because she cannot create life from within? If women do make better leaders than surely a sterile women would make the best leader of all as she would not be distracted by pregnancy.

And by the way William Bond, I agree with you, you are certainly not in favour of enlightenment.

wabond profile image

wabond 8 years ago from England

Hi Andrew

I don't think anyone is in the postion to say who can rule the world. Men over the last 5,000 years have been in the position to impose their will on women through violence. So through the force of violence they were able to say, 'only men can be kings or rulers of countries". Yet even then, there were some women who did become rulers like Cleopatra, Elizabeth 1 and Catherine the Great.

Women cannot even do that, women are very, very unlikely to impose their rule on men through conquest and violence. Women can only rule through a democratic system. So a matriarchal political party would have to be voted into power. And the only way they can stay in power, is to prove they can do a better job at ruling the country than any patriarchal polticial party.

So women can only rule through the will of the people, it will be the marjority of people who will determine who will or will not rule the world.

William Bond

Andrew Hawkley 8 years ago

Best of luck.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

Hi BrainFire - thanks for asking. Yes, my family's all safe but we did lose a couple of acquaintances so it's been a bit of a shock. So many people I know have had miraculous escapes - the Taj is a place that many just gravitate towards in the late evening. Glad your colleague is fine!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

Hi Shalini:

So glad to hear you're OK!

I hope this stops, and they catch these monsters. My heart goes out to those who have been lost, and their families.

Thanks for letting me know.

Take good care, and beware.


Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

Thanks BrainFire - for caring :)

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 8 years ago from The Island Author

You're Welcome Shalini.

Anand my partner was also concerned about you, and said he's glad you're OK.

Be safe, and well.


amorea13 6 years ago

BrainFire - thank you for this hub - I think it quite magnificent - as I do you and your fortitude throughout the life you have had which I have read about and by which I have been so impressed.

It's curious (or maybe not) but I am writing a series of hubs at the moment and the very next one in the series (no 7 actually) is about THIS subject here which you have covered so wonderfully well. You are so ahead of the 'game' BrainFire and I more than merely appreciate that and what you say and what you 'stand for'.

I actually consider it a privilege to have read this hub - to have been brought here to it (by you in fact) and I hope that together in some way we might redress some of the balances which, as you have explained here, have so foolishly been allowed to get out of control. It has affected everything.

Thank you again for this powerful and very valuable hub BrainFire - and for helping me to find your words. I am a very grateful beneficiary.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 6 years ago from The Island Author

I feel you loud and clear Amorea13, the connection is made. Thank you for your kind comments.

There is still much to be said, learned, and expanded upon, but the word of truth is emerging, and people are running towards it. They no longer have to look back, as they know what lies behind them. People are choosing to follow what make sense now. Sustaining the damages now present, was a silent wake up call for people. It actually reinforces my position and multidimensional method of correction I write about.

I spent my life doing certain things that would inevitably benefit the entire population. Applying forethought before I set out to overload my brain with important data, necessary to carry out such a huge task. I have close friends who call me half woman half computer...Lawnmower girl...robot...lol

I am truly to the technical mathematical side of things. I stick with what works, and can be verified as productive, beneficial, and enhancing to the people, and planet. To love is to change, and grow.

It turns out...I'm unique, unusual, rare, and even referred to as strange at times. I accept all those identities, because I am that, and much more. I did all of this intentionally, for the purpose of being an asset to the planet at a later date, when I became an adult. I had already decided this as a child. Coupled with growing up in a Matriarch family, which added the strength necessary to follow my path. It's all about us. You and me, and all the people together.

We are the biggest most powerful team of all. Which is what drives me to educate the team with all that I can, as much as I can. Through love we can do this. I have already proven that beyond a shadow of any doubt.

Love and hugs to you and all who join us:)

amorea13 6 years ago

BrainFire - I agree - and if there was a vote to give (that really counted that is!) I would for sure give it to you.

See you on the other side of 'the gates', in the new paradigm for loving.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 6 years ago from The Island Author

Thanks Amorea13!

There's a hug waiting for you:)

As we forge ahead towards the future...together.

See you sooner than later

KerryMaxCook 5 years ago

It was so encouraging to find a female standing out to speak of the Superiority of the Female. As a man totally devoted to the concept of Female Superiority, it is difficult to push this point on timid females to claim their birthright and dominion over men and the world.

On behalf of all of your Sisters, thank you.

Your humble servant

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you KerryMaxCook!

My aggression could probably be measured on the earthquake monitor...lol I'm not shy, and I'm sure not stopping. If you meet any timid females send'em over, we'll show them the way. We're growing in leaps and bounds so watch us soar! Today's change is tomorrows future. The love is growing, and unity is upon us. Thank you for taking notice, and remind me to talk to you about the prison plan I have. Once again and as always it's a pleasure to meet you!

With love to you and all!:)

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author


Thank you for your comments. In getting to know you more, I see issues which should be addressed for educational purposes. How about a brief introduction as to who you are and why you are now coming out to educate people. You are a powerful entity with love, that is spreading. People need to share in your power. You have overcome the most incomprehensible acts of violence, and abuse. Let the world know now, it's time.

KerryMaxCook 5 years ago

Thank you for inviting me here. Yes, it is time. While I have left footprints in taking the world's stage and using my story and what all my suffering taught me in teaching others, I have neglected myself.

KerryMaxCook 5 years ago

I am here to promote a mission statement.

As you know, I was wrongly convicted for a sexual crime against a young girl and sent to death row to die. It would take me 22 years to prove I was only sitting on death row facing execution because of fabricated "evidence" used to arrest, indict, and later put me to trial for Capital Murder nearly FOUR separate times. 22 years later my story would be know for two distinct reasons. 1). as the worst case of documented police and prosecutorial misconduct in Texas history of prosecutorial lying and cheating and doing whatever it took to make me appear responsible for a crime I didn't commit, and, 2). Human Rights Watch, a global watchdog group monitoring human rights called me the most brutalized man in the American prison system.

Accused of a sex crime against a female, I was immediately raped and "turn-out" and forced to live as a "prison girl" in exchange for protection. Let me just say I am only alive today because of the advent of allowing female correctional officers in a male-dominated facility

to work. They helped save me.

I am an acolyte of Female Superiority. I embrace it openly.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

You my friend are something to celebrate. I tend to see things differently from others. I see you as a great example of strength to be exposed. People will be able to protect themselves in the coming years.

We are creating a better future right now. By exposing the facts, and truth that you have been released from now. Now we can talk about your experience openly, here and other places. Many people have endured things for our people, which identifies your pedestal to stand with strength, and humility. For the good of the many.

You were labeled as a sissy prison punk, and abused for a very long time. Your inner strength, love, and beliefs kept you alive to be here today to educate our people. We're talking about a long term damage that will be transformed into a positive. Reversing emotional scars, and discussing openly about the experience.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

You have no idea how much it means to me to hear the women saved you. That is what women do. It reinforces everything being written, and more about female supremacy. Tyrannical patriarchs can no longer hide their extremely long list of crimes against humanity. It's all being exposed now, today. Now the people will learn the truth, and witness a monumental turning point in our history, here...today.

KerryMaxCook 5 years ago

Thank you for your comments. I teach love, understanding and forgiveness, among many other subjects. Hate comes with another set of prison bars. I know a lot about that too: my only brother was murdered while I fought for my life as an innocent man on death row. I hated the police, prosecutors, and all those that played an integral role in setting me up to take a fall for a rape and murder I didn't commit. Then, on top of all that hate, I heaped the hate of the man who murdered my only brother. I underwent a transistion in the cesspool of Death Row., one in which I came out on the other side of it not hating, but being taught how to understand, the importance of forgiveness, and the power of love. forgiving. While prison bars may have cast a short shadow over my body, they never striped my mind. Today I teach the importance of never giving up, and never turning the lights out on a dream because if you believe in yourself, you too can make the impossible possible.

My predilection for "Female Superiority" derives from a deep seated abiding respect for females and their role in helping to save my life on death row so I could focus on my legal fight, prove my innocence, and get myself out.

I am a warrior for the innocent in prison, as well as for those who are unable to fight for themselves. I have a unique insight into the psyche of human kind that comes from suffering.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

A main point to take in here is: Female Supremacy, Matriarch, Polyamory, Gynarchy, and the myriad of groups that go with it, are the prominent groups of the today here and now. Things are ever changing now, as compared to how they would change before. I would say we were stunted in our ability to grow, and prosper.

Unfortunately tyrants have done immeasurable damage to our people, and planet, to the point of catching everyones attention now. This case, (YOU) as a part of "our" personal history is monumental, and prevalent if we are to survive as a race. It fits into a mad max movie, and belongs in the barbaric past. As if to say, "We the people will not stand for this ever again". We are.

Had I been in that community, or connected to the case when it happened, I could imagine the trouble I could have caused. Good trouble, for the right side. The entire court system angers me to no end. Let's not go there right now.

What we are focusing on is the mental damage of a hostage situation. Being kept in a very dark place for a lengthy period of time...twenty two years of constant abuse!

By talking about this, and extracting the facts, (no matter how hard that is to do) it is a necessary component to healing the wounds, and scars of past trauma, for Kerianne, and for you too. It could have been you!.

A mathematical equation that does not compute. How do we make it compute? You have to tally the ratios, and break downs to get your final answer. The answer is...you get to live, and continue on a path of righteousness that you never imagined.

I am certain my Amazonian sisters would have done the same for you. As I would have too. Although, I'm thinking me...Hmmmm, I may have approached it a different way legally, with a twist. I usually find many angles that are missed in the legal world. I think the reason for that is, I care. I love and do everything through love.

I was the the one protecting our nerds, and book worms in school from the bullies. I was constantly in trouble for this, but I had to make sure they were OK. They were our future scientists, and I was certain I was meant to protect them. So I did, with love.

I'm at the level of: Jumping up and down with glee that you survived! Ha! Ha! Ha! They didn't get you! Ha! Another good warrior prevails! Take comfort in this, it's your destiny, and you will not be forgotten any time soon.

I'm thinking the KerryMaxCook Law should go into effect.

KerryMaxCook 5 years ago

Thank you so much. You are so awesome...

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

BrainFire, thank you for letting me know about KerryMaxCook and the terrible ordeal he survived! I am well aware of the hell-hole that prisons can be - another grim face of the patriarchal system!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you Bard of Ely

Gruesome methods, bring gruesome results. It is mathematically incorrect and detrimental to the future of our survival. On a technical level, KerryMaxCook is the chosen one. He is the example of what not to ever let happen again. The case of cases.

I have to say. It's disturbing a long chain of people played a part in his incarceration. I am saddened deeply that someone didn't break the chain before he was sentenced. Evidence was held back, all sorts of things were ignored. Yet they continued with their mindless process of destroying him, his life, what he would have done, all options were erased. With the wave of the patriarch gavel, and swipe of the pen on the clip board...twenty two years were stolen.

I find it to be the equivalent to a gang rape, and hostage situation basically. Human slavery within a prison gang atmosphere. Let's call it what it is. No crime is renamed because an authority commits it. It was a supposed civilized body of people who were supposedly there to uphold the law, and saw fit to allow otherwise. Alleged civilization...run by barbaric tyrants.

It infuriates me to no end. Thank you for your comments, and support

django08 5 years ago

this is the absolute truth the female is indeed superior and all males are bound to worship and obey them, period.

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