How to Learn Witchcraft

Commonly Ask Questions About Traditional Witchcraft

1. Can anyone interested become a Trad Witch (a Traditional Witch)?

Yes. Everyone can, but as long as:

1) You feel a strong attraction to Nature and have an interest in discovering a dynamic Nature-based spirituality.

2) You have an interest in learning and practicing meditation techniques, and

3) You are prepared to practice magical skills to gain mastery.

When the skills and principles are mastered, you are a Traditional Witch.

2. Is physic sensitivity required to be a Traditional Witch?

No. Of course, it is an asset, however it is simply not necessary. Some of the most powerful witches in history were not psychic. Of course, others were.

3. Don't you need to be born a witch to be a witch?

No. Some have had the fortune to have been born into a Traditional Craft home. However, this only means they grew up surrounded by Craft activity. That alone is not enough. The truth is that while birth into a Traditional Craft household is a plus, it is necessary to have a commitment, to study, and to practice.

4. Can I learn spells only?

Not in our Tradition. In our opinion, good magic only comes through personal and spiritual development. They are intertwined.

5. Does that mean the Traditional Craft is a real religion?

"Religion" implies regimentation and dogma, which we do not have. I think "spirituality" is a better term for us.

There are many people today looking for a more complete relationship with the Sacred, with Mother Earth, and the Cosmos. Crowds of people are looking for an viable and meaningful alternative to the churches. The Traditional Craft of British can bring a awakening of spirit because it is a spiritually that is wondrous, a spirituality centered around love of the Divine, love of Nature and personal growth.

It is a fulfilling and deeply pleasurable path for those that approach it with honesty and sincerity. Through this, our innate magical capacity can bring irresistible optimistic change into every aspect of your life.

Kind folks from around the world are today looking to the Traditional Craft (Traditional Witchcraft) as a doorway to a future of personal well being and personal growth that is unparalleled. Imbedded in the Traditional Craft of the British Isles is the old cunning Traditional Magic, the essential key that reveals a new fascinating life for you.

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evelin 8 years ago

can u realdy be a witch?if u can can u show me?

Blind Angel 8 years ago

but can everyone be a witch!

Sebastian Allen profile image

Sebastian Allen 8 years ago from West Palm Beach, FL

The above link (To Find Out More about How to Learn Witchcraft, Click This Link) will take you to a series of 9 or so pages. I suggest you read them all. I am a Traditional witch. I'm of a different tradition or "Trad" than Adrian Eglinton, but his website is excellent.

Yes, anyone can become a witch if you are willing to study and apply yourself. It is fascinating but it is not easy. Meditation has always been centrol to traditional witchcraft discipline, so you must be willing to practice that daily before magic will work for you.

Erin M profile image

Erin M 8 years ago from Portland, OR

So many misconceptions about Witchcraft out there, and you resolved them so beautifully. I am not a witch persay but I carry a deep love of nature and energy. I appreciated your hub!

Adrian_Eglinton profile image

Adrian_Eglinton 8 years ago from Boynton Beach Author

Thanks Erin M.

connie t 7 years ago

I found your site by accident? Anyway I've always been a huge nature lover and every thing it represents and always watch what the insects and animals are doing they can tell you alot of what is going on.

Pabitra Dangol 6 years ago

I am very keen to learn witchcraft but how can a witchcraft be learn?

There any difference in witchcraft of different community and people?

Adrian_Eglinton profile image

Adrian_Eglinton 6 years ago from Boynton Beach Author

You may wish to scroll up to "If you are interested, go to:" and click on one of the links.

While there are similarities there are also differences between the witchcraft used by different cultures. Even within a culture such as in England today, there are strong differences between regional and even personal practices used in witchcraft.

earthfeet profile image

earthfeet 5 years ago from New Zealand

In Neopaganism today, people seem to separate spirituality or religion, and magic. At this time I'm more interested in the spiritual side, but am very interested in Trad Craft. I know you can't perform magic without learning and mastering the spiritual side of things, but what about spirituality without magic? Thanks.

Edit: Just thought I'd add, I've read all the information on your site and have the mini-course. ;)

hiit 4 years ago

Great, thanks for sharing this awesome hub.Really thank you!

Ron from

WiccanSage profile image

WiccanSage 3 years ago

Good guide, answers a lot of important questions.

PYR 2 years ago

Sim1one 13 days ago

So good to find the Trad craft!!! Reading about cultural appropriation raised some very uncomfortable questions for me. I'm so glad to find an alternative to Christianity within my own British/German heritage. It's like coming home. It's given me a new sense of pride and connection with my ancestors. I knew Wicca was not for me, so thank you Adrian for making me aware of another path!

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