Learn How To Hypnotise Yourself In 10 Easy Steps

How To Hypnotise

Learning how to hypnotise yourself can really improve your life by helping you overcome fears, breaking bad habits, getting rid of pain and achieving success. What hypnosis won't do is give you the ability to have total control over people. It's nothing like you see in the movies where you just look at someone and they are automatically in your control. Then you "brainwash" them into setting a trap to get the superhero out of the way so you can work on world domination. Too bad huh? Then again, world domination might not be such a good thing. Let's just work on personal domination ok?

Now, as I have said, you can't control people but you can use hypnosis to influence someone to follow your lead. But I'll talk more about that a little later.

How To Hypnotise Yourself In 10 Easy Steps

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable, friendly place where you can go to at the same time every day. Doing this will make self-hypnosis easier and you will get more out of it. For example, if you are shy, don't do these techniques sitting out on your front lawn. Sure it might be summer, its peaceful, birds are singing, the warm sun is shining on your face... but at the same time you keep opening your eyes because you feel that your nosey neighbor Edna is watching you! So go ahead and pick a spot in your home and please make sure to turn your telephone ringer off. It's really quite the shock when the phone rings and you are totally relaxed while under hypnosis. By the way, it's also not a good idea to do hypnosis while you have your computer in front of you. One time I turned off all the lights in my room and got nice and comfortable in a chair in front of my computer. Halfway through my session, my computers screen saver came on and shocked the heck out of me. Not a good way to come out of hypnosis!
  2. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor and get yourself centered. Some say that you can lie down, but I don't like to because I have sometimes fallen asleep.
  3. Decide how long you would like to be under hypnosis and what you would like to get out of your session. Your mind is very powerful and if you want to be hypnotised for 10 minutes, make note of it and your mind will know when 10 minutes arrives. As for the part about thinking of what you want to get out of your session, the reason you are doing this is so that your unconscious mind will work on it. For example think to yourself... I am hypnotising myself to allow my unconscious mind to make the changes that I need to help me to be more relaxed and not get stressed out when problems come up.
  4. Stare straight ahead and focus on something small. Try to pick something at eye level as well.
  5. Take some deep breaths through your nose and make sure that you breathe from you stomach. Your stomach should rise and fall while breathing and not your chest. As you do this, be aware of your body and try to relax. As you stare at your object, think that the longer you stare, the heavier your eyelids feel. Think that they will get heavier and heavier until you can't keep them open any longer.
  6. Now close your eyes and continue to take these deep breaths. Imagine all of your tension leaving your body. Start from the tip of your toes and slowly work your way up your body telling each of your muscles to release any tension. Don't forget the muscles in your face as well. Once you have done this, feel how relaxed you are and feel yourself sinking slowly into your seat. Say to yourself, every muscle in my body is completely relaxed.
  7. See yourself at the top of a very long staircase that is any place that you find comforting and relaxing. Walk down these steps and count backwards while being aware that the further down these steps you go, the deeper into relaxing you will go. Picture that these stairs are leading you to whatever you think is the most relaxing place in the world.
  8. Once you are at your special place think of a word that will describe where you are. This word will be used in the future to bring back these wonderful relaxing feelings that you have in this special place any time that you want to. Any time you feel stressed or just want to experience these feelings again, then say this word to trigger those feeling from your subconscious. You can spend as long as you want in this place so just enjoy yourself.
  9. When you are ready to end your self-hypnosis session, tell yourself that you are going to count down from 5 to 1 and when you reach 1 you will feel energized and fully awake. When you count down, do it slowly.
  10. Spend a few moments to feel how great you feel, collect your thoughts and let any emotions flow and enjoy this moment. If you wish, keep a notebook near by to write down your thoughts and feelings or any ideas that might come to you at this time.

I would now like to get rid of any fears that you may have because of some things you may have heard. First of all being hypnotised is a natural state to be in, in fact, daydreaming is a form of hypnosis. You also can't get stuck in hypnosis or you won't be in danger because you are not aware of things going on around you. You are always aware of what is going on.

This technique that I showed you is used to help relax you and to make you a better person. There are other types that can be used, like I mentioned earlier, to help influence others to follow your lead. This type of hypnosis is called Conversational Hypnosis. Using Conversation Hypnosis techniques when you speak, you can easily get peoples attention, bypass their conscious mind and access their unconscious mind and then direct their responses. If you decide to try this type of hypnosis, please use it for good and not evil :-).

There you go, now you know how to hypnotise yourself and you know what benefits you can get from it. Now go try it and learn the pleasures that it will bring and live life the way it was meant to be lived!

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DexmanGR 8 years ago

hey i have try it and it works but is that dangerus if i will hypnotized and canot unhypnotize again or somthink like that please tell me more about this i want to learn...

DexmanGR 8 years ago

please tell me is that dangerous? im afrait to do that again...

How To Hypnotise 8 years ago Author

Hi DexmanGr,

You have nothing to worry about. It is perfectly safe.

All this technique does is put you into a very relaxed state.

So don't worry and enjoy the experience.

DexmanGR 8 years ago

ok thx a! where i can find tapes with voices or something like that and if its posible in greek language

How To Hypnotise 8 years ago Author

Sorry I don't know of any places where you can get Self Hypnosis recordings in the Greek language but here is a site that has a huge selection in English:


DexmanGR 8 years ago

thank you very much :D

bn 8 years ago

jbn hju

I'm Isak, Man! 8 years ago

I have done it, but I want to get over my fear of the things I cannot see. For example, when I am in the dark I keep imagining a scary face popping up at the window, and I keep telling myself that this is stupid, but doesn't work. If I say this word in my head, I will be relaxed and comforted?

daniel smith 8 years ago

can i do this wid a light on

DexmanGR 8 years ago

daniel i have tryit this with open light and it work but better is not to turn off the light but close them a litle bit and not to ligh to your face :)

sry i hate too my english

marcus  8 years ago

can doing this help if u have a problem like blushing can it help it to stop

gail 7 years ago

i want to find out what bad things happened as a child i have reacuring night mares

DexmanGR 7 years ago

gail says: (i want to find out what bad things happened as a child i have reacuring night mares)

Dude don't do that its dangerous to play with your memories that only must do by proffesionals.

Hypnotize Yourself 7 years ago

Hey thanks. This is definitely one of the better articles on hypnosis!

ck 6 years ago

plz should i use a clock to hypnotise myself plz giv me the correct tips

MeX 6 years ago

Does this really work? Cause I tried and it didn't. Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude or anything but still. I even followed all your steps.....=(

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips.. Do you another one? or maybe like how to use conversational hypnosis..

Aakash 6 years ago

nice article........

can i use this when i feel sleepy at night but i know i hav to study to be awake ??

Jack 6 years ago

Hi, I'm 14 and getting really interested in hypnotism but before I try anything on myself I just wanted to ask is it safe for me to do it? Please reply asap as I'm really excited to start.

P.S. Great article :)


Monster 6 years ago

hey my name is jaslyn, im 13 and im interested in learning new languages (korean and japanese and improving my chinese) and also getting over the fear i have of ghosts and being alone. How do i tell if i am in a hypnotized state and is it possible to learn languages through hypnosis? Also i don't quite seem to be able to hypnotize myself is there any other easier way to get me into a hypnotic stage??? please reply :) tnx

Gorgous 6 years ago

hi kool website umm i wanna meet sum1 so if i uze dis will it work so i can see em thnx :P

joshyboy01 6 years ago

hey, where can i find the way of hypnotising other people like 'when i click my fingers you will fall into a deep sleep' type of hypnoses

rob 6 years ago

This sounds promising and am very eager to test it out but had one little question. my best place in the world is my room and im planning on trying it out in my room. is this ok? or should i find a more sutiple area?

Brandon 6 years ago

Rob the relaxing place doesn't have to be real. You can try to mae up a scene like a grassy meadow out in the middle of a forest kinda thing. It could be somewhere lost in the Clouds. Its more or less talking about a relaxing place.

Man 5 years ago

Thank you

nik 5 years ago

is it possible to use this method tomake myself remember things better(for my study)???

Cool 5 years ago

Wow! It sounds reallly cool but can I become a better friend by hypnotising myself? My friends allways say that I study too much, and I just had a fight with my best friend...

sleevi 5 years ago

cool tips i'm going to try it out.

Haseeba 5 years ago

Hi, you see, i can't hypnotize myself without looking at the computer, is there any way I can get a voice actually saying it to me?

salma 5 years ago


kautuk 5 years ago

hey....it worked...but if you are still alive(on this page) can you tell me a more powerful way of hypnotising....of course i m not trying to relate it to movies....but still if there is a way pls do tell me....pls

Adele 5 years ago

I just tried it and I felt very relaxed. I hypnotised myself to be confident in myself and be a better friend. It is perfectly safe. as soon as I counted down to zero I woke up.

Danielle 5 years ago

it worked thanks

deadmouse 5 years ago

some mumbo jumbo rubbish, don't try anything like this on yourself or even on your neighbor's cat. go get a good sleep to feel well and relaxed.

erer 5 years ago

mmmmm nice comment guys

Lotso 5 years ago

Tried this but didn't work, Sorry not trying to be rude. Does it depend on what the person is like to be hypnotised???

alice in wonderland 5 years ago

Um...ok... is it easier to have someone else hipnotise you? Cuz i tried it an i got nothing.

Mayo Everett 4 years ago

Can I use this to hypnotise myself into thinking I can speak Japanese?

John 4 years ago

I can't hornyiz my self

soul 4 years ago

how effective is this

ATTA 4 years ago


mary 4 years ago

what happens if I hypnotise my self and cant wake up?

Elijah 4 years ago

Can I lean up against a wall? And also does this help to lose weight? Gain?

zach 4 years ago

thanks for info

John 4 years ago

Does this have any religions contation

hayleey 4 years ago

should this make you dizzy and not be able to think? (in a good way) because that happened to me and it really helped xx

hayleey 4 years ago

if you think about someone while you are unconcious will they know? like will they get some kind of feeling that someone is thinking about them?xxx

Vivek pandey 4 years ago

It really works frndz!!.

alex ali 4 years ago


Jazmyn 4 years ago

I did this and it does work!

but, when i did this, my uncle come through my bedroom door and had startled me. it gave me a huge fright, my head hurts after that though :(

ddddd 4 years ago


ann 4 years ago

hi... i don't really understand the steps u told us...my problems is i think i have no confident in doing my job... i work in hair salon.. but everytime i try to deals with customer my hand start to tremble that makes me cant to my job.plz help me

fraisey 4 years ago

tks it worked =]

matthew 4 years ago

Hi I need it badly but it won't work. Please help.

lolz 4 years ago

thx soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo helpful and relaxing

mystery 4 years ago

do you need to go to the toilet before if your not very good at holding it at all??? because it is relaxing but i when i got out of the the hypnotize i had peed a little

Lee 4 years ago

Can you use this to help you use more than 10 percent of your brain and also help you learn things easier?

ka 4 years ago

hes not going to respond to your questions

cool 4 years ago

it actually worked for me!!!!!!!

mpnice2012 4 years ago

good job

pierre 4 years ago

what happeese if fall asleep?

olivia 4 years ago


olivia 4 years ago

Your article was great I'm 11and getting to the age where I try new things so thankx for the tips

I rock 3 years ago

I tried this and it really worked it helped me to study for my S.A.T.S

Anonymus 3 years ago

Hey i cant do it more thsn 10 mins why so?

Matt 3 years ago

This is not hypnosis... this is meditation

muhammad ayaz 3 years ago

Hi i am ayaz of 18 i want to hypnotise myself i am very interesred in hypnotised but i don't understand the method plz send the method to my ID ayazali1198@yahoo.com

am i waiting?

reply me must

SHANKER 3 years ago


friend 3 years ago

Now i try to this way for to remove all unwanted things in my life....

Jacob 3 years ago

I really want to do this to get over my fear of heights, but i don't know if it is safe, if it works or anything. I'm have never seen anything like hypnotism before. Please help

samraat yaduvanshi 3 years ago

hypnotize is a part of psychology.it very interesting and dangerous as well as.but its used only positive results. its use for human pain and stress relax with hypnotize. some case of hypnotize age differentiation and some case as personality change are coming front of me.i do many person hypnotize and solve their problems. any body know about anything of hypnotize and wanted to solve their problem you can contact me. my contact no is 8396879606. DR. SAMRAAT YADUVANSHI .

ramesh adhikari 3 years ago

It worked on me.i found changes in my life.but i want to know can i do it as many times i like? Beecause it is really interesting

whitney 3 years ago

okay so I tried this but when I was walking on the stairs to get to the bottom I was counting to 20 backward like you said and the stairs keep being longer and longer when I finale got to the bottom there was a door and I open it and a bright light came shining and I didn't see nothing only the light and then I woke up!! what that means ??

Cute Girl 2 years ago

Well, can we use this technique to bring back memories of past?

Cute Girl 2 years ago

Well... can hypnosis be used to bring back memories of our past?

Gibbs 2 years ago

Can you like hypnothyse yourself to being back memories like be in a hypnotysed state and having an exact picture of previous experience....?

I studied hypnosis for 2yeR 2 years ago

So people wonder if hypnosis is safe or not, it is safe hypnosis is just a very relaxed state where you are open to suggestions, these suggestions are generally easier to imply on yourself, people trying to rember past expeariances, it's possible but sometimes could be dangerouse and you might produce a false

I studied hypnosis for 2yeR 2 years ago


Ahana 16 months ago

I am afraid to do it. I don't know

sonali 8 months ago

this is so intersting. i like this

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