I Just Interviewed Jesus

Interview with Jesus!

It was high noon. The village was deserted. Gentle warm breeze was blowing on my face. I walked toward a deep well, sweat pouring down my face. My hanky was drenched. The deep well was the designated place where he’d stop for some rest—and where he’d be alone. I had to be at the well before he did.

I squinted and saw in the distance…yup that’s him all right! He was coming. Man! I felt nervous! He saw me and waved. I waved back…Is this really happening? I asked myself.

Finally I was face to face with him. He smiled, gave me a welcome look, and then assured me: “Yes, Choy, this is really happening.” He patted my back and leaned half-sitting on the well. He peeked inside and then squinted afar, sighing. “Ready?” he asked.

The Interview

“When are you coming back?” I asked my first question.

Jesus smiled. “Very predictable question,” he said, smiling. He folded his arms and gently kicked some sand. Predictable—of course. I knew what he meant. Anyone would want to know when he’s really coming back.

“I’ve been back…people are just not looking,” he finally said. Then he stared at me. And that got me so nervous, knowing he could see through me. What did he see in me? Any pretentious or wicked thing lurking in there, somewhere?

“I..I mean your Second Coming, Lord,” I clarified.

“You’d know when if my Spirit’s in you. Tell me…what do you see?”

What do I see? What should I see? There was nothing around except sand, the well, and Him. “What do you mean, Lord?”

Jesus wiped his mouth with a hand and said, “How you see things tells you when I’d be back. Kingdom Come is easier to see than trying to tell if it rains this evening or in the morning.” He mused and stared at me again, smiling. “It’s not for you to know times and seasons…what matters is the LIFE.”

Oh. Okay, now he’s talking. Most people try to pinpoint the date and relevant events and issues surrounding his coming without experiencing the LIFE.

He patted my shoulder. “Right” he said, apparently pleased. “Choy, I just find it ridiculous that you ask me when I’d be back when the fact is, I’m right here, talking with you. Would you waste time on asking about the Second Coming?”

Well, I’ll be…I was an idiot. Yeah, come to think of it—I was face to face with him and yet wasting time asking about other things. What would be the first thing you'd tell or ask Jesus if he were right in front of you?

“Don’t feel bad about it,” my Jesus started. “Most believers waste their quiet times like that…doing everything else—singing and studying—but never stopping to look at me.” He paused for a moment and sighed. "When they do their intense quiet time, I'm there..right there with them." Then he gazed at me again, intense, and said, "But they just won't look at me." The Lord suddenly looked serious and held my shoulder: “Seeing my face is knowing me.”

I was stunned---seeing him face to face was genuine knowing him?

Jesus looked deeper into my eyes and nodded. He nodded even if I hadn’t told him anything yet. “Moses saw my face and he became the meekest on earth…Seeing my face is knowing me.”

“Err…how…what do we have to do to see your face?” I asked, hoping to divert his attention; his stare was disturbing, like stripping you naked.

Jesus smiled, gently like a Shepherd. “Exactly as I have said…just stop…and look at me. There was nothing more important to Moses than seeing my face. He went up and down Sinai at a ripe old age just for that. He stopped whatever it was he was doing--or what the Israelites wanted him to do--and then sought my face. And he saw it.”

Stop. That is the one thing churches hate. They’re too absorbed and proud about their busyness. They can never just stop and look at Jesus. Of course, they shout that in their praise and worship, but they hardly mean it. They go on working like horses “for God.”

“Unless you stop..and drop everything…you’ll never get a chance to see me and look at my face long enough.” Jesus was even more preoccupied with his stare. I think I was beginning to understand how important looking straight into someone’s eyes is in the Kingdom. It stripped you naked in spirit and made you feel so vulnerable. "Anyone who rests in God rests from all his works," Jesus added.

“Vulnerable,” Jesus suddenly said. “That’s God’s perfect Plan in the beginning. Vulnerability to God’s probing stare is the key to being one flesh with him. The more you’re secured in your fortress of busyness, the more you won’t stop to find time to look at my face.”

“Then, look at me more, Lord!” I said in desperation.

“I’ve always been looking at you. And yet, you can only be one with me if you see my face.” Jesus wiped off sweat from his face and continued. “My Word is a mirror. If you intently look into it, you’d see yourself and wipe off the dirt you see…wipe off more of you...until you fade and see yourself no more….and then you start seeing me in the mirror.

“Ever-increasing glory?” I asked.

“The glory Moses had after seeing my face faded.” Jesus looked at me more with excitement in his eyes. “But what you have now is something else—you have my very LIFE in you!”

Jesus adjusted himself and was now sitting comfortably on the well’s brim. Then he looked afar. I was thinking of something to say. “I thank you, Lord, for giving us that LIFE!”

Jesus turned his face to me: “That LIFE will never be unless seen in the mirror, and unless I gradually see myself in the mirror. Until it is so, the LIFE is good only for quoting on Face Book accounts.”

Face Book? He mentioned about Face Book? I tried to suppress my silly grin, to no avail. He turned to me again: “Can any detail escape my attention?”

Just then, a door from a nearby cabin opened and out came a pretty Jewish woman carrying a water jar on her head. Jesus, arms folded, stared at her and smiled. “Oh, here she is, the Samaritan.”

The Samaritan? I looked at the well. The Samaritan woman? Is this Jacob’s well? I asked myself. Jesus looked at me and winked. Oh, I get it ! I’m in the middle of John Chapter 4!

I like the way you do your quiet time, Choy!” Jesus whispered. “You stop to look..and see.”

You see, I just interviewed Jesus!

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lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

Great Hub! Interesting approach!

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