Initiation Wicca

What is a Ritual?

Ritual connects us to our deepest self—in inner quiet we are moved, changed, and even transformed with ease. It can spark creativity, clarity, and movement in the desired direction.

There is a place deep within each of us that calls out to ritual. It is a primal space of knowing, intuition and connection to our own greater intelligence, the source that directs and connects us all. Focusing on this place within, whether it be to sit in stillness, engage the senses in an intentional manner, or pay attention to our breath, all can be considered a form of ritual.

Coven vs Solitary

Traditionally, belonging to a coven was the only way to learn the Craft of Wicca. Thankfully that is no longer the case. Thanks to a large number of people who have published their book of shadows, tutorials, etc., it is now possible to learn the arts alone. Personally I have chosen to be solitary. This decision was based, in part, on my own personality. I have never been comfortable in group situations. I'm also very headstrong and felt that I could practice more efficiently alone. Perhaps someday this could change, I could find a group I feel comfortable with. Until such time as I can truly join a circle in "perfect love and perfect trust", I will continue as I have started.


This is a initiation Wicca spell for a coven. A coven is a group or community of witches who practice magic as a whole and individually.

What you need:

  • 7 large pillar candles
  • powdered chalk
  • a witch for each element.

Here's what you do. Step by step.

  1. Using the chalk draw your circle.
  2. Light the 7 candles in a circle around your circle.
  3. The coven should also gather in a circle with the new witch in the center.
  4. Each which should say her four line chant blessing.
  5. Pass the cup of unity and each take a sip.
  6. Welcome the newest member to the coven.

This works best for some smaller covens, with four or five witches, but can also work for larger covens.This is a great way to include the new member as a new brother or sister to your coven.

Covens and rituals should never be dangerous, or make you uncomfortable, make sure you know the coven well before you join them. Always be smart, careful and safe.

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