Isaac and Ishmael Churches

Isaac and Ishmael churches.
Isaac and Ishmael churches.

Both Blessed

Ishmael churches will never share in the inheritance. Only Isaac churches, because they’re covenanted with God, will. You should know about the Isaac and Ishmael churches, especially in these last days.

Two offspring can come out of the same womb and have the same father but have different destinies. In daily life this can be pretty obvious. But in the spirit realms it isn’t. Many people believe that churches are all the same as long as they believe Jesus, the trinity, and the bible. On the contrary, only covenanted churches inherit God’s spiritual nature, especially his power, because the covenant ensures God’s spiritual DNA in them.

Both Ishmael and Isaac were richly blessed—in fact, Ishmael seemed blessed with more, easily producing 12 tribes at the outset of his life, while Jacob had to deal with Rebekah’s barrenness and had only 2 sons when her womb finally bore fruit. Just because a church is materially blessed, doesn’t necessarily mean it has God’s favor. Just look at Jesus. We have to keep looking back to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of faith. So this ought to demolish the money value system pervading in church circles. Anyway, God’s inheritance was Isaac’s alone. The inheritance is accessed only through God’s covenant, not proofs of wealth or possessions.

Covenant Based

The covenant was passed down by God from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob. God moved in David’s and Solomon’s time due to that same covenant so that the temple was built right on Mt. Moriah where Abraham had offered Isaac. That same covenant ensured that Israel would multiply like the stars in the skies. The covenant and its promises all worked for the 12 tribes of Israel up to Jesus’ time and now more so to his genuine sons and daughters in the spirit—the church, all because they trace their lineage to Abraham. That connects them to the covenant [Gal.3.6].

The church is the true Israel [Rom.9.8]. She traces her lineage to Abraham through Jesus Christ being 100 percent in her body, making true believers children of the promise. Genuine believers match their spiritual DNA with Christ’s. Only the Jesus DNA confirms the covenant. No-one outside Abraham’s lineage has that covenant.

The covenant is passed down only through fathers, specifically fathers in faith. Ishmael was Abraham’s biological son but the covenant was not passed to him because Abraham was never his father in faith. His spiritual DNA matched with her mother’s alone, Hagar the Egyptian, who was also his mother in faith. And he married an Egyptian, bringing him back to the land of slavery. 

God’s Fathering System is Vital

God confirms the covenant only to fathers in faith—fathers who are genuine men of God living in the center of His will and present move. Denominations have no fathering or even a genuine Jesus discipleship system. They do not have fathers in faith, who are apostles and prophets. Abraham was an Old Testament apostle and prophet as Moses was. True apostleship is marked by consistent signs and wonders (2 Cor.12.12] which Abraham had. Today, make sure you are connected to a genuine church apostle to be part of an Isaac church. If you are not, you’re part of an Ishmael church—always at war with all their brothers [Gen.25] and mocking God’s ways and present move.

I've seen many times how churches in the same denomination fought each other fiercely. And the same with the denomination's pastors. The in-fightings and bickering were never settled--they were just forgotten. There was no one on top---a father in faith---who had the authority to speak with finality. They just formed committees that were powerless to do anything--like what you'd see in congress.

When Korah and his minions were trying to wrestle power from Moses, this father in faith acted decisively and God clearly endorsed him. Korah and minions were swallowed by the earth alive, and that settled that issue. Each time Moses, the genuine man of God, acted in authority, God moved mightily. That's a genuine faith father. He also formed committees of elders who solved minor disputes--and the disputes were solved decisively--but still, Moses did a lot of major decisions with authority, as a true faith father should. Can you imagine Jesus forming a committee to settle his disciples' disputes because he could no longer decide with authority?

Father Figure

When a boy grows up without having an authoritative (but not despotic) father-figure mentor him, he's likely to grow up being less than a real man. The same with churches--if they don't grow up mentored by a true faith father, they grow up without backbones, or worse, lose power. They become soft churches good only for parlor jobs---worse if they're funeral parlor jobs, making the dead look good.

This is what happens when churches have no permanent father in faith to mentor them for life. Electing church pastors who are without previous connection to the church in question is self-defeating. Pastors should not be elected---they should be discipled and fathered a long time by the existing faith father of the church, and then appointed by the father in time. Only sons and daughters can continue the work that God covenanted with the fathers.

God's work is always relational---familial. God did not send a duly elected servant to get his will done on earth. He sent His Son. And the Son sent disciples he himself handpicked and trained and in whom he transfered His Spirit. You pour new wine into new wineskins.

Ishmael Churches are Slaves in the Land of Slavery

 “The slave woman’s son (Ishmael) will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son (Isaac),” [Gal.5]. Ishmael churches remain in slavery—slavery to man’s ways, man’s will, and man’s efforts (that’s 666, the number 6 being man’s number in creation). Thus, Ishmael churches get their ministry direction and sustenance from the land of slavery through their connection with Hagar—that woman who mocked the promise given by God to Abraham and Sarah. Ishmael churches mock Isaac churches born in the power of the Spirit.

Ishmael churches are also blessed, as God also blessed Ishmael with so much. God said of Ishmael, “I will surely bless him” [Gen.17.20]. Moreover, Ishmael also enjoyed God’s presence [Gen.21.20]. No wonder Ishmael churches also get so much of God’s blessings and enjoy his presence. But they will never share in the inheritance. Knowing about Isaac and Ishmael churches is crucial in this sense.

Ishmael churches mock Isaac churches. “At that time, the son born in the natural persecuted the son born by the power of the Spirit” [Gal.4.29]. Thus, Ishmael churches have been persecuting the present moves of God. When the pastors and teachers were re-introduced back to the church in the dark ages, the Ishmael churches persecuted them. When the evangelists were re-introduced to the church, the pastors persecuted them. When God brought back prophets to the church, pastors and evangelists persecuted them. When God raised up and brought back true apostles in the church, the pastors, evangelists and prophets persecuted them. The last move of God in these last days is restoring the apostles.

Ishmael churches persecute anything they don’t understand, calling God’s moves cults or heresies or blasphemies or extreme teachings, while they remain stagnant in the Spirit, deteriorating and rotting and dying, looking more and more like the world than like Jesus. This is because they have lost connection to the covenant, being a fatherless generation, a generation of orphans. You get linked to God’s Abrahamic covenant only through God’s fathering system.

Gideon wondered where God’s power was in his time which the faith fathers used to talk about. “Where are all God’s wonders that our fathers told us about?” [Judg.6.13]. God’s power was nowhere then because they lost connection to real faith fathers. People had stopped God’s fathering system. So Gideon’s generation was a slave to the Midianites. When you’re fatherless, you’re a slave.

God’s Fathering System

Every church should have a genuine Jesus discipleship that blossoms into God’s fathering system. Anything unlike this is Ishmaelic, denominational, and will never connect to God’s covenant and will. Its’ demonic because it’s worldly. Anything not of God is demonic, no matter how many bible verses are used to support it.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, all have one lineage up to Jesus. And we connect to this lineage through Jesus. Scripture repeats about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and many Christians today don’t understand why.

Paul’s spiritual son was Timothy, Titus, among many others, while Peter had John Mark. John the beloved talked of his “sons” or “children” in his letters. When Jesus left the disciples there were 120 of them. I understand this being 10 disciples to each of the 12 apostles. “Timothy, these things I teach you, entrust to reliable men qualified to teach others also,” [2Tim.2.2] is how Paul described the system.

The system builds God’s family, not denominations. Denominational systems build organizations with chairmen and vice chairmen and presidents and vice presidents and directors and superintendents and assistants. God’s system builds his family into the glorious church, with fathers and mothers and the brethren, everyone having the same Jesus DNA transferred from one life to another. It builds God’s Kingdom of families. Denominations deal with credentials and titles and degrees and licenses. God’s family deals with the Jesus DNA.

Genuine discipleship and fathering is not the pastor-congregation relationships you see today where they kick out pastors and hire new ones. Often, their district leaders would side with the congregation (to please them and save church income) so that pastors end up kicked out, churchless, frustrated, and feeling betrayed. That is demonic.

True disciples submit to their disciplers’ instructions, rebukes, checks, and training rigors. Fathers in faith scold and discipline faith sons and daughters and all the latter do is obey, nothing more, nothing less. Faith fathers even hand-over the rebellious to Satan to save their spirits. Disciples, sons, and daughters in faith do not have any right or privilege. They just obey, period. That’s God’s genuine fathering as seen in Scripture.

Genuine sons and daughters are not trained in schools with secular grading and teaching systems by professors; they are trained by their fathers in faith personally, imparting the LIFE in the process. Your father in faith is your father in faith for life. The relationship does not end after you’re done with school and done with paying tuition fees.

Do You Have a Faith Father?

Who is your faith father? Can you readily point to one today? If not, you’re an orphan, and you belong to a fatherless Ishmael church. Fathers in faith are NOT merely leaders who inspire you with their messages or books or sayings or ministries or videos. Your seminary professors are not fathers in faith. They are professors, period, functioning like secular professors do. Denominational pastors are not fathers because they get transferred to another church after a term. Cyclical pastoring or voting out pastors or contracting pastors for limited terms goes against God’s fathering system. Denominations teach their people to be loyal to their man-made denominations, not to the anointed man of God. Only true men of God can represent God in Christ, not denominations.

Genuine faith fathers are those who raise you up personally in your spiritual life, and whom God uses to put you in the present move of God, providing spiritual sperm birthing you in the Spirit, in effect. Gradually you get your faith father’s life and character, as Timothy reminded others of Paul because he has proved himself a true son of Paul, working with him for the Gospel [Phil.2.22]. God’s fathering system alone connects you to the Abrahamic covenant and enables you to access the inheritance and the promises. It ensures that you do not belong to an Ishmael church.

Thus, Paul urged the Philippians to always follow his example and imitate the life “pattern we gave you.” True discipleship and fathering is not just a bible study or cell group program; it’s a transfer of life so that you begin to have your faith father’s life patterns, which is the Jesus LIFE pattern. Ruth absorbed everything in Naomie’s life and culture, especially her God.

Knowing the difference between Isaac and Ishmael churches is crucial.

If you watch it closely, Isaac and Jacob had the same life pattern as Abraham had. So was the same true with Solomon and David. So with Elijah and Elisha. And the same with Jesus and the apostles. I’ve seen pastors grow old without having a discipler or father in faith in their lives to whom they had submitted and obeyed for life. They just have church organizational leaders and superiors over them whom they fought and disobeyed and despised, though sometimes they also had pleasant times together as friends. They have nothing more but what the world also has.

Do you have a personal father in faith covenanted with you for life? Do you have personal son or daughter in faith covenanted with you for life? If not, it’s high time you think about it.

Remember: Ishmael churches will never share in the inheritance.

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Messenger 6 years ago

I used to belittle fathering and discipleship of this caliber. I thought it was mere overacting. But on closer look I saw it was God' will. In fact, it's God's heart. Fathering and discipleship builds His true family, and having HIS family is why He sent Jesus to die on earth. The way evangelism is being done in the eyes of a sales and marketing executive, many will be "saved" and "blessed" and yet remain fatherless, lost, and out of the inheritance, because of these Ishmael churches proliferating today, posing as legit mainstream churches. Please write more.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


I especially like the line, "just because a church is materially blessed, doesn’t necessarily mean it has God’s favor. "

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