The Jesus Church and the Adulteress Church

A Glorious Church

The Jesus Church is a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle. Anything unlike this is the Adulteress church. The Jesus Church demolishes the gates of hell. Anything unlike this is the Jezebel church. The Jesus Church is built by Jesus himself (“Upon this rock I will build my church”). Anything built by men and his world system is the Babylon church.

The Holy Scriptures have laid out specifics of what the Jesus glorious church is from Genesis to Revelation. As Moses was careful to build the tabernacle according to God's blueprint showed him on Sinai, we should be careful to have the church built according to God's blueprint in the bible. And the best way to do this is to have Jesus himself build his church through us using his ways and Word alone, solely in the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.

The Adulteress Church

You guessed it. The adulteress church is the Jezebel and Babylon church. Revelation says these are synagogues of Satan. They look alive but they’re dead. In Rev.17, the adulteress church is called a great prostitute, sitting in many waters. It’s a worldwide church. It is a widely growing and rich church because of its compromises. “With her, earthly kings commit adultery and people globally are drunk with her adultery wine.”

With its wealth and membership, it is well respected worldwide. “The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, glittering with gold, precious gems and pearls. She held a golden cup filled with abominations and adultery.” Wow! And her name? “Mystery Babylon the great—the Mother of Prostitutes and of the disgrace of the world.”

The Great Babylon is a world system and includes the worldly church built by human effort and the world’s system. If your church operates in ways other than how Jesus and the Acts church operated, it belongs to the adulteress church and included in the Great Babylon system. For instance, the Jesus Church has apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. If your church doesn’t have all 5, it is an adulteress church. Again, the Jesus church has no denominations because Jesus urges all believers in John 17 to be completely united as the Father and Son are one. If you are denominational, you belong to the Great Babylon. There is only one genuine church—the glorious church of Jesus. It’s a perfect church.

Many churches today do not have apostles and prophets (they belittle those spiritual offices) but have chairmen and presidents and directors and superintendents, which the world also has. In fact, these are all part of the worldly system. I’d not be surprised if one day the adulteress church also starts having CEOs. Some churches strictly adhere to the parliamentary system, sounding like congress. Jesus and the Acts church never had that system. It is of the world. Furthermore, if you observe some denominations, their concept of church planting is like how business franchises operate.

Why Adultery and Prostitution?

Now, don’t think that the bible is referring only to literal adultery and prostitution here. This is more on spiritual adultery and prostitution—which is far worse. God had warned his people in the Old Testament never to imitate the ways of other nations. He had given them God’s ways recorded in God’s Word by which everything in ministry and life should be done. “These are not just idle words; they are your LIFE,” (Deu.32). An example of doing things God’s ways is stressed in worship. “You must not worship the Lord God in their way” but only in God’s prescribed way (Deu.12). Jesus is the only Way, and this means we should be imitating how he did church and ministry--and only in his ways alone. But we think this truth is only applicable to salvation. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. He and his life and ways and power are applicable from beginning to last. He is the only Way. When the church begins to get this revelation, finally, a genuine Spirit-powered last days Revival will be triggered and turn the world upside down.

Now, when you do things according to how the world does things, you commit adultery and prostitution in God’s eyes. “You adulterous people! Don’t you know that friendship with the world is enmity with God!” (Jam.4). You see the word adulterous? You do anything in the world’s ways, you are adulterous—committing sexual immorality in the spirit! “Do not love the world or anything in the world…or else, the love of the Father won't be in you,” (1Jn.2). The word “anything” in “Do not love anything in the world” is powerful. Anything of the world, no matter how small, offends the Father. Thus, churches which base their worship programs on Fathers Day or Mothers Day or Easter or Halloween or Valentines are all guilty of worldliness. And that makes them part of the adulteress church. The Jesus church is always led by the Holy Spirit and the Word, period. Never on the world’s agenda, no matter how good they sound.

Why Great Babylon?

Babylon was traceable to the Tower of Babel. That tower symbolized man’s effort to reach God. The intention is good—to reach God—but the means is wicked, which is using human effort. Even the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge which sent Adam and Eve out of God’s presence had good in it. But it’s not a question of good or bad—it’s a question of whether it’s God’s. It’s not how grand but how faithful. Churches today operate on the concept of effectiveness. If it works (brings in members and money), it must be God’s will. Nebuchadnezzar marveled at the effectiveness of his leadership while he surveyed his Babylonian kingdom. And that was when God turned him into an animal; well, I mean, he started thinking and behaving like one. The adulteress church today, as any world-run entity, is also reliant on and awed of its effective efforts and achievements.

Why Jezebel Church?

In Revelation, we find the teachings and ways of Jezebel very alive in the last days. Somehow the spirit or demon of Jezebel found its way into the church and prospered, and thus the adulteress church. “She misleads (God’s) servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols,” (Rev.2). Again, we see sexual immorality (which is idolatry) here as the culprit. And the reason (aside from literal sexual immorality which is rampant today in churches, even among church leaders) is due to the churches’ use of “her ways.” Be careful never to do things in church in the ways of the Jezebel demon. “…I will punish severely those who commit adultery with her unless they repent of her ways,” (2.22). 

HIShubs maintains that bible schools and seminaries are not God’s ways. Jesus or the Acts church never used those systems. Neither did they use exams and tuition fees and professors and deans. Spiritual education was solely through the Jesus life-to-life transference discipleship and fathering. Paul installed Timothy and Titus and others in ministry through life-to-life discipleship and fathering, raising them up for life and laying hands on them for spiritual life transfer and ministerial authority and power—not through titles or degrees or diplomas or licenses. It’s all about LIFE impartation. Professors and deans slightly relate to you only as far as you pay your tuition fees. Once out of school, they stop teaching you. And there’s only information transfer, not LIFE and POWER impartation. Same system as what secular universities have. 

Jezebel Ways and Teachings 

Jezebel hated God’s prophets. She had many of them killed and was almost able to murder Elijah, too. Jezebel harbored false prophets of Baal and put them in her payroll. Church leaders and ministers who subscribe to the Jezebel church are also in the same payroll labeled “Baal’s prophets.” They are fed with her adultery and prostitution. Her ways is to always hate the present move of God. Back then, the present move was the prophetic ministry of Elijah and other prophets of God, like Micaiah. Today, her ways and teachings are to always go against the prophetic and apostolic moves of God. 

Hence, if your church is denominational and do not have genuine apostles and prophets, it is a Jezebel church. Later, God will judge and condemn such churches: “Rejoice over her (the Babylon and Jezebel demon), O heaven! Rejoice, saints and apostles and prophets! God has judged her for the way she treated you!” (Rev.18). How does the Babylon and Jezebel demon treat the prophetic-apostolic? “In her was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints and of all who have been killed on the earth.” 

Here’s How the Adulteress Church Operates 

The adulteress church victimizes those who lack judgment. Especially today when they say we should “judge not, that you may not be judged,” people who lack the spiritual skills to judge between right and wrong are easily lured to enter the prostitute’s house. “I saw among the simple…a youth who lacked judgment. He was going near her corner, to the direction of her house…as the day was fading, as the dark of night was setting in,” (Prov.7).  Jesus taught us to “judge correctly” and that means to make sure first that our own eyes have no plank of wood obstructing our sights. Then we can remove the speck of dust in our brother’s eyes. In short, then we can judge. 

You’d notice that deception is easy when the simple lack God’s insight and wisdom, when people are shallow in God’s rhema spoken Word in the bible. That’s when “the day was fading” and the dark of night sets in. Thus, you find many church people shallow in the mature teachings about Jesus. Hebrews says we should leave the elementary teaching about Jesus and go on to maturity. Church people today are mostly babes in the Word but advanced in man’s church programs and activities—in Babylon and Jezebel adultery. 

The adulteress church is “dressed like a prostitute and with crafty intent,” (Prov.7.11). This church looks attractive to the spiritually naïve. It has lots of beautiful programs and activities and ministries you can join. It will lure you to church busyness, but NEVER in being deeper in God’s rhema Word and higher in God’s presence, never in being part of Jesus’ glorious church, which is without spot or wrinkle or any other stain or blemish. A perfect church. “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” But the adulteress church will keep telling you that there’s no perfect church, so it’s useless looking for one. “By appealing to the lustful desires of the wicked nature of man, they lure people who are just beginning to escape from wickedness. These deceivers promise people freedom when they evangelize while at the same time being slaves of sin themselves,” (2Pet.2.18-19). Thus, many opt to be members of it because many opt for the broad highway to destruction, not the narrow door to life. 

The Jesus church, first if all, tells you to give up everything. “Unless you give up everything you cannot be my disciple,” Jesus says. And then you deny your self and pick up your cross daily. Salvation is free, but after salvation, you have to keep trekking the narrow road that leads to LIFE. Peter said, we were called to suffer and follow in Jesus steps (1Pet.2.21). He added that, “If it is difficult for the saints to be saved, what will become of the wicked and those who are not like God?” (1Pet.4). You see that? “It’s difficult to be saved,” says Peter, the rock. Because you have to remain a member of the glorious, perfect church of Jesus Christ, without spot or wrinkle.

Make Sure 

God has given us the Holy Spirit gift of discernment to detect falsehood. And we must judge correctly between true and false. In these last days, Satan will do his best to deceive even the elect, if that were possible. We are now witnessing his uncanny deception. There’s only one way to outwit Satan—“God’s commands (His Word) and wisdom will keep you from the adulteress, from the wayward wife, and from her seductive words,” (Prov.7.5).

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Word DNA 6 years ago

It's scary to think how the adulteress church propagates in the world today. And they think they're serving God using the ways of their worldly church.

bitwell 5 years ago

when Jesus lived on earth did he had a charch he used to go too?

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