How to Use the Law Of Attraction Techniques to Get What You Want in Your Life

By mastering the Law of Attraction techniques, you can live your life as you have always wanted. Imagine how your life could change and how you would feel to be

Ernest Holmes the founder of Science of Mind states when talking about the Law of Attraction techniques, Mental Science is not a "get-rich-quick scheme," neither does it promise something for nothing. It does, however, promise the one who will comply with its teaching that he shall be able to bring into his life and experience greater possibilities and happier conditions.

There are 7 Law of Attraction techniques or steps will help simplify and enhance your knowledge and enable you to achieve your goals. First, I would like to give you something to think about. So before I give you steps for Law of Attraction techniques I would like to prepare you.

There is energy that moves in and around us, not so different than a guitar whose strings need a certain pitch to sound right. We need to be in-tune with the Universe or God.

Example: You are talking to a friend and you say something maybe you did not mean to say, and then you hear yourself say...boy that was stupid. Here is where you need to be honest with yourself; deep down do you feel stupid? You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach, the one that causes anxiety. If you can feel that then that is why your life may not be getting better, you are attracting IT. The Law of Attraction does not think. It is simple cause and effect. What you are doing and the result of what you are doing.

However, changing a lifetime of negative thinking may be challenging. Each Law of Attraction technique in this process leads to the next step. So do not rush, you are fine tuning your consciousness and preparing it for completion.

These are the Law of Attraction Techniques.

1: Choice - Make a list of all the things you would like to change in your life. What or who do you want to be. Make a complete list of goals, short term, next maybe 1 to 2 years away, then think a little longer term as to what you want to accomplish. To start, choose something small, something believable for you. It will not do you any good if you choose $1,000,000 knowing that you really do not trust it to manifest in your life.

So start small and work your way up to your life’s goals. You are complete and whole and already have everything you will ever need, but you have to choose it. Think of it as a huge buffet in the Universe. You may be starving but if you do not choose your food and claim it as yours, you will go hungry.

2: Recognition - This step is all about opening yourself up to God, or Universe or you choose to insert your own definition. You are not just a physical human mass. You live life, you experience life, you are a part of Universal Mind. You are a part of the whole we call God.

3: Unification - Here you are unifying yourself with God. You might say “I am a perfect expression of God. The power of the Universe moves in me, around me, there is nothing that is not God.” You are a part of the whole, separate as yourself but connected to everything. Think of Universal Mind as an Ocean, you are this Ocean as a Wave.

4: Realization - Here you would state your choice from step 1, remembering the Law of Attraction that your words are powerful and will be reflected back to you as you have spoken. You already have that which you desire. It is in spiritual form and waiting for you to realize it. Joel Goldsmith said, “By acknowledging that we have, we shall demonstrate have.” Remember the power you are dealing with is not a personality, it is a law.

5: Visualize - Steps 5 and 6 really go together. Get yourself in a good relaxed frame of mind and see that which you desire. I mean really see it, feel it. If its a car, drive it. Experience the emotions that go with this. Really become a part of your visualization.

6: Thanksgiving - By giving thanks, we are establishing that it already done. Have an attitude of gratitude. Know that the Universal creative system is in operation and you have now received in physical form that which you have chosen. NOW awake from your human sleep and feel the joy that comes with knowing your oneness with God.

7: Release - Action - You now release this spiritual treatment into Universal Intelligence or Mind knowing it is already done. Surrender it. Do not just sit there waiting for God to drop it in your life. Go about your business with the confidence in your spoken word and the complete knowing that the law acts according to your actions.

Benefiting from the Law of Attraction techniques will vary for each individual depending on their level of consciousness. We attract that which we give. That which we think about most. Everyone will benefit in some way because we are in constant growth. The more you want, the more you should become.

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C. M. Britt profile image

C. M. Britt 5 years ago

Do you believe in the power of vision boards? Or i guess a better question is, how do you control your mind with vision boards when it comes to manifesting? How do you look at the things that are not yet in your life and convince yourself they are on their way?

Rev. Bill 5 years ago

Hi C.M ,Great Question? What we believe in Science of Mind is that we do not control our minds to the point of creating. Every thing we want that is for our greater good and takes from no one else is already manifest. We do not control conditions we put our consciousness in line with the universe. We know that what we want is already happening. The problem is we do not believe it is this easy. Please take the time to read my website, I believe all your questions will be answered. Stay in touch. Thank You for responding... Blessings Bill

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