Love Letter to Our Leo Moon - a moment for feeling our individuality

Prologue to the love letter

Our beloved moon is not actually a planet but a satellite that revolves around our earth with worshipful regularity - in fact the only one.  Although it can light up the night sky, the moon doesn't emit any light. Its effusive glow is merely a reflection of the sun's strong radiance upon it. The moon's light doesn't exist without the sun and the two are viewed as necessary polarities - the sun being male and the moon being female. Therefore, the relationship between the sun and the moon is one of balance and symbiosis.

In our astrological charts, the sun is read as governing: our individuality, our ego-centric(not necessarily in a bad way) purpose and creative abilities, the areas in which we possess strong supremacy and our outgoing expressions. Whereas the moon conversely governs: our group consciousness, how we take care of/nuture our or other's vulnerabilities, how we express our changeable emotions, and our inward reflections or home considerations.

Note that the moon is currently in the sign of Leo until Sunday night (6/8/08). Every sign has a ruling celestial body from which it takes its marching orders and fashions its characteristics. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system. As the center of our world, the influence of the sun is expressed by making the person or their unique qualities the center of attention.

Though it may seem contradictory to do so, if you can think of a Leo moon as a sun-driven moon, then you'll have a sense of it. That means that during this time (and if you were born when the moon was in the sign of Leo) you will exhibit great confidence and have many admirers - as the sun will receive its glory in one way or another.

If you're reading this after Sunday, don't worry we have a Leo moon every month for about two days.

First Love Letter to Our Moon

Dear Generously Inspiring Leo Moon,

I am so happy to commune with you as you are the very essence of passion, fiery, heart activating love. In fact the heart, as our central organ, will be running the show now and thats just fine because you love a good performance and a resounding audience. While you're around, I'll be more warm, outgoing, enthusiastic and dramatic. If I'm in sinc with you, I will feel more brave, dignified and proud, just like the regal lion. As a bonus, I will be more generous and inspiring to loved ones.

But you don't just bring love and sunshine, do you? Because of your influence, I'll be inclined to feel ambitious. And I will have to watch for stepping all over others as my needs for the spotlight surface. Also, because my need for recognition will be stronger when you're around, I have to try not to do things just to prove my courage to others.

In any event, I'm always grateful for how you are enlightening me.

Your ever-loving admirer

Musical Quote of the Day

" I sing the body electric, I celebrate the me yet to come, I toast to my own reunion, When I become one with the sun. And I'll serenade Venus, I'll serenade Mars, I'll burn with the fire of ten million stars, And in time, And in time, we will all be stars"

I Sing the Body Electric  
Wade Lassiter, from the 1980s movie musical "Fame"

Parting Sentiment

"The moon belongs to everyone,
the best things in life are free 
the moonbeams that shine, they're yours, they're mine
And love can come to everyone, the best things in life are free"

The Best Things in Life Are Free
Ray Henderson, Lew Brown and Buddy DeSylva 


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