Love Letter to Our Libra Moon - shedding tender light on grace and beauty

Prologue to the love letter

"She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that's best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

Thus mellowed to that tender light

Which heaven to gaudy day denies."

These words so eloquently penned by Lord Byron describe the feelings evoked by a Libra moon. Libra is a sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. I'm sure you know of her - the goddess of love, beauty and the arts. Like the moon, she is another symbol of femininity. But Venus, unlike the moon, moves in concepts of ease and displays a calmly consistent type of attraction and affection. The kind of love that appears in a cloud of perfumy pinkness, like the delicate ballerina pictured above. Whereas, we experience the moon more intensely, as moody and subjectively sensitive to external events. Anything but calm, its always changing and adjusting to the situation. So how do we express the combined qualities of these two entities - Venus and the Moon - when they are joined together in a Libra moon? Well, its a time when we all (males and females) give emotional attention - which may show up as fluctuations in our opinions - to subjects symbolically associated with femininity, i.e. beauty, relationships, passivity and romance.

So from now until late Friday afternoon (6/13/08), we'll all be "sharing" (a decidedly Libra word) a Libra influence in our feelings. Remember that the current moon shows up in our group consciousness - not in how we show our particular individuality.

If you are reading this after Friday, don't worry we have a Libra moon for two days every month.

When measuring the sense of any sign, we should be aware of its highest qualities as well as its more shallow tendencies. With Venus, (and Libra by extension) we can be entertained by surface beauty, glamour, or artificial definitions of pretty, as seen in the fashion magazine industry. Or we can be fascinated by the deeper concepts of beauty which show up in the material world - as in Keats' "beauty is truth, truth beauty". This is the type of beauty that Byron saught to describe when he gave no specific physical features to the object of his love but instead made celestial comparisons.

Another important function that the Libra moon performs is to place an emphasis on relationship matters. This concerns any type of one on one relationships you have whether with your mother, father, child, friend, co-worker, etc., not just romantic relationships. Here is were the myth of Libra's just being meekly about niceness should end. The sign of Libra demands a balanced and real form of relating - none of this "hi and bye" casual kind of pretending like we care about each other stuff. Libra is the sign of two, or pairing and partnerships, as such they do the heavy lifting of actually seeing the other person and continually weighing how they are relating to them - hence the scales. That is a daunting challenge, requiring some courage for being vulnerable enough to really be seen and taking on the effort of really seeing another. Some of us don't have the energy for this because we are too busy unconsciously seeing ourselves in the other person.

While we have this fleeting opportunity, lets use the reflective qualities of the moon to shed its tender light on our higher capacity for love and relating.

Love Letter to Our Moon (#2)

Dear Graciously Relating Libra Moon,

I can't help but but love your placid easy going style and how you are ever mindful to bring out the niceties of life. I simply love the dreaminess of those romantic reveries you communicate when you're appreciating loved ones. In fact, communication is one of your strong suits and I'm so glad because we all need to tell someone how we feel in order to have a sense that we are all in this feeling thing together.

You help me to understand the value of true harmony and in relating fairly with others. I really love this because I know that when I give out justice, I get it in return. Libra moon, I feel great when you give me feelings of ease because then I am a better diplomat about how I handle matters. However, when you are around, I do have to watch out for being too passive in waiting for good things to come to me. If I'm not willing to go beyond states of ease, I might experience a little laziness during these days.

Oh I could recite a real ode your beauty, since you bring out the artist and poet in me. But I want to be careful in how I express my affections. I don't want to fall into the Venus flytrap of admiring just surface beauty or cultivating just physical beauty which ultimately develops in me a sort of preening vanity. Especially, when you can give me a real capacity to see the divine that's inherent in all beauty and art.

Also, I want to admonish you to keep me away from those syrupy sweet greetings that I might heap on others - which everyone knows lack authenticity. On the other hand, thank you for this period of feeling the heights of romance, the stuff of which fantasies are made and for which songs are sung.

In parting, I ask that you help me seek balance in my life and my relationships as it leads to living a life of true graciousness.

Your Fancifully Musing Admirer

Musical Quote of the Day

" You can't deny don't try to fight the rising sea. Don't fight the moon, the stars above and don't fight me.

The fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream together.

By now we know the wave is on its way to be. Just catch that wave don't be afraid of loving me.

The fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream together."


Parting Sentiment

The moon belongs to everyone,
The best things in life are free... 
The moonbeams that shine, they're yours, they're mine, 
The best things in life are free. 
And love can come to everyone, 
The best things in life are free.
The Best Things in Life Are Free
Ray Henderson, Lew Brown and Buddy DeSylva, 1920's


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