How to Summon Angels and Archangels for Help

How Angels Have Helped Me

Angels can change your life. The first time I heard anybody "talk" to angels was when my partner casually asked them to find her a parking space. I thought she was bonkers. Totally crazy. Away with the fairies.

How on earth were some imaginary winged creatures going to find us a parking space in London's rush hour traffic? "Nonsense!" I thought to myself.

Incredibly, they did. And they helped me calm a frantic horse, find a job, get to sleep one night, and even find a missing USB stick. Each archangel has certain areas of "expertise" such as healing, earning, communicating, giving birth, forgiving, seeing beauty, or helping children. Archangels also have hundreds of angels who work as their helpers to carry out tasks on earth with the people who need it.

We are able to call upon angels in our everyday lives to bring us what we desire. There are hundreds of angels and archangels who are willing and ready to help us. Simply call out and ask the angels to draw close around you. Ask them to bring you what you want.

Below are the best known archangels that people can summon when they need help and guidance in their lives.

How to Summon Angels

Summoning angels is easy. They are always ready to come to our help whenever we need them.

  1. First of all, there must be a reason for you to be calling upon angels. Identify what it is. Perhaps you are upset and want to feel calm. Perhaps you are agitated. Perhaps you want healing, or maybe you need help concentrating while you're working on an exam.
  2. Select the best angel to help you. The list below includes some of the most well-known archangels but there are many more who work with them.
  3. Close your eyes if it's appropriate and take a deep breath. Relax your body and open your mind a little.
  4. Say the following: Archangel (insert name of angel here) come to me now and bring me (say what you want here).
  5. The angel will arrive almost instantaneously and bring you what you need.

Specific Angels and How They Can Help

Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the archangel of healers and healing who draws close to those who ask for him when they are in any kind of pain.

A host of almighty angels accompanies Raphael as he surrounds the sick and needy in the green light of his halo. It’s even possible to see emerald sparks fly when he’s close.

Raphael will continue working with us to help open our hearts and minds to the healing power of the universe and spirit.

Archangel Michael

Michael is the leader of all angels and his main purpose is to rid the earth and its people of all toxins associated with fear.

The humans he enlists and works with are called ”lightworkers” and Michael encourages them to perform healing for the good of the world.

Michael carries a dazzling sword and he also has an incredible knack for fixing electrical goods such as computers and phones.

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is said to have brought Jesus of Nazareth to Mary and she now guides hopeful parents through conception and pregnancy or adoption.

Her second role is as a messenger angel and she can help people who have jobs in art or communication express themselves.

Gabriel is known as a very powerful and strong archangel and when she is called upon, she will push the person into action.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is the archangel of art and beauty who helps us think positive thoughts and see the wonder in the world around us.

This archangel helps us slow down from the hectic pace of life and pay attention to creating beauty in our homes and relationships.

People say that it’s very pleasant to be around archangel Jophiel because she has a positive and uplifting energy like that of a best friend.

Archangel Metatron

Metatron is the youngest of the archangels as he is said to be one of only two angels who were alive at the same time as humans.

This helps him to act as a messenger between earth and heaven and he works tirelessly to help us understand the angel realms.

Metatron has a fiery energy that is focused like a laser beam and he helps troubled children—especially those with spiritual gifts.

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Comments 46 comments 15 months ago

Indeed angels are there

Stacy 15 months ago

It really worked!!!

Whitney 14 months ago

...yeah didn't work

Helixa 14 months ago

This worked for me, I felt this sudden lightness as if a great deal of stress was just lifting off my shoulders... and I got a tingly feeling in my foot, hehe.

Josh 14 months ago

Would've thought this would work since it worked with a demon

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 14 months ago from London, UK

I enjoyed reading it. (Found it on Pinterest)

Thanks and happy Sunday.

ehh.. 14 months ago

I think it worked,

I got a light feeling in my head, and a feeling of comfort, so I hope it worked.

Christina Z 13 months ago

I started to pray but then for some reason I started to cry, for no reason.

j o e 13 months ago

t h I s w o r k s. y o u j u s t h a v e t o b e l I e v e a n d t r u s t y o u r I n s t I n c t s.

Sharissa 13 months ago didnt work....


Jarod 12 months ago

I need archangel Raphael to help me. He needs to help my friend hes half alive. He has a tumor thats in all of his organs. I need a healer or something.

Hunter 12 months ago

Ok so I did this and I got light headed and I'm a skeptic on this stuff but I really don't know how to explain it but like I said it and I just felt weird

Maddie 12 months ago

I tried twice. I called for Archangel Jophiel with self-acceptance.

Marko 12 months ago

I Know This DOES sound crazy but i need an angel to help me stop thinking about creepypasta can anyone tell me which angel i should ask for This

... 12 months ago

It works my wish was to not feel fear , now when I go into dark rooms I just walk normally and say nevermind

Stanley 10 months ago

@Jarod we can all be healers through the Lord Jesus Christ but we our only used as a vessel. We do none of the actual healing God Jesus and the holy spirit do such. And the only way one can be healed is though the father the son and the spirit it is there faith that decides whether they are healed or not just alittle info I learned from Jeff Taylor healing evangelist

Super natu0ral 10 months ago

I think it worked I felt a tingle and felt fresh

Zee 10 months ago

I need archangel Raphael to help correct my skull deformation

Leeyen 9 months ago

It works....I felt a tingling sensation on my whole body....

profile image

Haley E K 9 months ago

This totally worked, i told Anchangel Jophiel to help me with a poor relationshio and today it worked put so well. Thank u angel 5/9/16

profile image

Haley E K 9 months ago

This worked so well, Archangel Jophiel helped me with a week relationship with my bf and it totally worked. We talk more now, before, we didnt as much. 5/9/16

TheEyelessObserver 9 months ago

Can you summon a angel to rid you of demon problems?

If so wich one?

(i think Michel)

Anonymous 9 months ago

Yeah doesn't work

Jewel 8 months ago

I have called on Archangels (especially Michael) many times in my life,

and always receive help for whatever I have asked. I never let a day go by without speaking to the Angels and thanking them for their help. They are invaluable helpers to God and to us.

Christine 8 months ago

Summon angles in the name of Yahushua Messiah not jesus Romes pagan messiah and deceiver.

Tevin 8 months ago

I need a angel right now

Michael 7 months ago

If you believe in the spiritual realm it's best to see what scripture says about this stuff such as the Bible because even the devil can come as an Angel of light and Jesus is Jesus yeshua is another name for him that's all always pray in the name of Jesus Christ HALLELUJAH I pray for anyone who is sick right now I pray they will be healed in the mighty name Of Jesus Christ AMEN AMEN I pray the Lord Jesus will guide you to the truth you all need in The Name Of Jesus Christ AMEN AMEN

RPM 7 months ago

It worked I closed my eyes and ended up in the kitchen with a floating sensation in my upper torso. As well as enlightened.

jay 7 months ago

how to call cassiel?

Bridget 6 months ago

I tried to summon Raphael because I lost my two best frends and then all of the sudden it got darker and darker in my room and then I got a strange feeling

Byron 6 months ago

im atheist or agnostic i just dont know what to beleive so i wanted to know the truth i asked i thought that any angel could do that for me but nothing happend so i asked michael to fix the dead pixl on my screen and nothing happend what am i doing wrong?

Billi Bar 6 months ago

Yes, it really worked. Archangel Raphael came to me, we had beer, he had no place to stay here at night so he crashed at my place and in the morning he drank some nectar, me, tea. Then, he said tata and went away.

Hunter 5 months ago

The word of the summoning seems to be a bit "Commanding" don't you think? for as I believe we must at least be at our lowest when it comes to holy presence for we are nothing but a sinner and thus asking for their assistance should be more of a request not as a command.

LightWolf444 5 months ago

I've tried twice in a row, and I've sat down, crossed my legs and said the verse. BUT IT WON'T WORK!!! Someone please tell me if I did something wrong.P.S I whispered the verse.

Doctorwholittle 5 months ago

Of course my name is thomas. A presence saved my life during a dangerous skydiving accident. A telapathic voice. Told me whag i needed to do to stay alive 12 seconds from impact. Falls dont kill people. Ground kills people (grab the grass!!

Really..... 4 months ago

If this even does work, you are abusing the power of an arch angel are you not? I agree an angel could be called upon to get rid of fear or anxiety , but to find a parking space? Thats not what angels are for.

Lance Nelson profile image

Lance Nelson 3 months ago from Nigeria


Daniel 3 months ago

This works!!! I prayed for Archangel Raphael to heal my body and he did!! Praise god.

Inside 3 months ago

Archangels usually are the stronger angles needed for battles, it is rare that you would get an Archangel unless you are in danger or in need of knowledge

It didn't work 3 months ago

It didn't work

Wolf 3 months ago

I did this. To get rid of a ghost I hope it work

Confused 2 months ago

Please can someone help me. I'm confused and need answers which are really necessary.

Daniel Menil 2 months ago

I try to call archangel auriel. then afterwards i felt a strange feeling.

nazem al ghazali 2 months ago

worked perfectly , i coudn't move my hand and than the hand went down , i asked for a proof before the private thing i asked , i will not talk about the private thing because it's private .....

Poor Dude 2 months ago

I need the angel of winning millions of dollars in the lottery. Then I can feed my family and give some to charity.

Meraj Abbasi 10 days ago

I didn't feel anything. Nothing happened. Can I get assistance, please?

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