my dream guardian

He never shows me his face

Dream-Land it is interesting

Since I remember me, I saw colourful, beautiful but sometimes scary dreams. A few years ago I began to write down my dreams to discover if there is a sense into them. I discovered that I can remember just last three episodes from a huge amount of dreams that I saw every night.

WHY? Why just three? But sometimes just last one?

If I want to know something, I write on paper my question, stick it on the wall and the answer comes by book, by TV, by chat with a friend the dream.
So, I wrote on paper a question:
- Why I can't remember more episodes from my dreams?

The answer came in my dream!
That was first time when I saw the Guardian. He showed me golden curtains that covered everything from the past. He looked like as a Monk, I couldn't see his face, but he allowed me to understand why I can't remember most of episodes from my dreams.
When I came back from the Dream-Land, I had to went through the Room of Forgetting. The Guardian went along with me, so I was not frightened from unstable floor and venomous snakes anywhere...

From this time the Guardian is very often with me in my dreams. I realize him more by feelings than with a sight. Sometimes he looks like as an Elf, sometimes he wears a black cape and hat, but last night he was a Sword Man. I drew a quick sketch that I saw. There were a lot of skulls behind him, but most mysterious thing was his hands' position on the sword. And again, I couldn't see his face...

What do you think about this strange Guardian? Did you see similar dreams?



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