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Along with a love for writing, I am an avid reader. I read anything I get my hands on that is of interest to me. I read many articles posted by others on this very site. Today was one of those days in which I read, and thoroughly enjoyed, one of the site's author's articles. However, the article made a suggestion, like most other articles on the subject, that Muslim women are oppressed.

Let me join the ranks of the many women that scream from the mountaintops -- Muslim women are not oppressed! At least not by the religion of Islam...

Muslim women are commanded by Allah (swt) to "lower their gaze, and dress modestly..." (paraphrasing). are Muslim men! Imagine that. Both genders are commanded to do the exact same thing.

A Muslim woman's choice to dress modestly as commanded by Allah (swt) is just that -- a choice. She is not made to dress in any certain manner by her husband, father, brother, or any male on the planet. However, a Muslim woman that strives to be among those that receive Allah's (swt) blessings and not His (swt) wrath will strive to obey this command. Dressing modestly is one of many jihads -- struggles -- that Muslims face on a daily basis. Attempting to live your life in the grace and mercy of Allah (swt) poses similar struggles on Muslim men and women as someone who is of another faith attempting to live his/her life by their chosen religious path.

All I'm trying to say here is that Muslim women are not oppressed, as the media attempts to portray them by mixing modest dress with cultural practices that may be oppressive. Islam is not a religion of oppression. Any acts of oppression are cultural or otherwise...not part of the religion of Islam.

I saw a bumper sticker in a car window on the way home from work last week.  It read simply:  "Coexist" and the letters were made out of the religious symbols that depict several of the world's major religions.  Let us all strive to do just that -- coexist.  Strive to understand another way of life before pointing fingers, making accusations, and condemning that which you are unfamiliar.  I certainly am in no way an expert on any religious tradition; however, I have the open mind to learn.  Let us all strive to coexist.  That which you may not understand about another religion should be researched and studied for understanding...

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khaja moin 6 years ago

your posts are very interesting,

thank you

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