om shanti


Five things for a happy life,

upasana -daily worship

utsava-holy days (one day of fasting a week)

tirthayatra- once a year a pilgrimage to a holy land

dharma- virtuous living

samskara- sacraments (or ceremonies marking important events in one's life, such as naming, first letter of the alphabet written, formal schooling, marriage, and funeral)

mantra, 108 daily

puja-ceremony of worship at home temple shrine

I sit, on my most comfortable pillow, focusing on the little flower my child gave me. It is immersed in a beautiful light purple vase my mother bought me at a local Salvation Army store.

It is pink and white. Next to that is a small lotus fountain. It trickles noiselessly due to the stones in the bottom and a pump that runs on prayer. My father's Ganesh copper etching makes the background.

Also at another altar in my home, is a quote from the bible, framed in a small frame, in my Pastor's Handwriting, Luke 8:12. There is a drawing of Jesus, I made by hand with a quote about the little children he lifted up. I have a small Jesus statuette and a small Virgin Mary, ironically, they are both holding babies.

There is an old silver cup in the background and a Roman numeral clock that runs on a battery that never wears out, runs on prayer also.

The universe runs on prayer.

Jesus saves, daily practice is a virtue. Let no unclean thing be uttered from this mouth from this day forward.

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gaelicfawn profile image

gaelicfawn 5 years ago from Near the equator Author

Since I wrote this, I have made one Jesus altar in my house, entirely devoted to Jesus, although I am Methodist, and it looks sorta Catholic, I guess, it is my tranquility and serenity for the entire home. Jesus is the answer, and this hub was only the beginning of the idea, a combination of my birth faith and my newfound love for Jesus. Never be lukewarm, right?

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