My First Encounter with OSHO (philosophy)

The influence of OSHO

I vividly remember the day when a young boy (probably in his early twenties), walked into my office stealthily and closed the door behind him. I might have thrown a questioning glance at him, in response to which he blurted out (with no premeditation), his desire to seek advice from me on some issue which had been literally tearing him apart for a long time. This happened almost ten years ago.

I had known this boy for about a year; he had joined our law firm as an apprentice and I had specially put in a word for him to the management for his appointment. He had all along been a hard working and an honest person with a creative bent and for that, I had special admiration for him. However, lately, everyone in the office had started noticing a steep decline in his efficiency; he had become a perpetual late comer in the mornings and used to walk in to the office with a dazed look in his eyes and unkempt hair. Many a times, I had tried to find out if he was going through some difficult time in his personal life but he would always ward off my questions and try focusing on his work. That day when I saw him entering my office, I knew he had given up and had finally decided to seek my help.

OSHO Philosophy
OSHO Philosophy
OSHO teachings
OSHO teachings

We talked for about three hours and his problem, which was more on a psychological level, came as a piece of surprise to me. It took him quite a while to open up and speak coherently, as he seemed to unravel the entwined threads of his complex thoughts, while he spoke. His problem apparently was none other than OSHO and his ideologies. Poor guy had been reading the OSHO scriptures for more than a year and the ideology set forth therein, had left him completely disillusioned and disinterested in life. He was almost on the verge of renouncing the world and joining the ‘cult’. He revealed to me that his parents had been terribly worried on his account, in view of the decision he had taken for leaving the house. That was my first encounter with OSHO and, with due respect, it wasn’t that pleasant.

OSHO Backdrop

From the inputs he gave me, I could gather that he was deeply inspired by the teachings of OSHO and the ‘path’ that was prescribed, therein, for ‘enlightenment’. He handed over to me, some books and magazines relating to this subject, and the material provided was good enough to keep me engrossed for another couple of hours. I was amazed to read the content which lent me an opportunity to have a sneak peek in the ‘self created’ world of OSHO. For the first time in my life, it had been brought to my knowledge that there existed a man who, so confidently and blatantly, denied the existence of God. To propagate ‘anti-God’ philosophy needed some kind of nerve and this man (OSHO) seemed to have surpassed all reasonable standards of ‘courage’ and ‘individual perception’. I tried digging deep into his background in order to find out the source and the reason behind his unconventional and unrealistic thought process.

Millions of OSHO devotees
Millions of OSHO devotees

Originally named Rajneesh, he was born in a Jain family and it is said that he had attained enlightenment at the age of 21 after which he spent most of his time in preaching devotees from India and Europe. His preaching relating to sexual freedom and contentment probably made him the most controversial spiritualist of his time. He had developed a new form of active meditation which was termed as ‘Active Meditation’. This required a person to start with strenuous physical activity (with an express permission to indulge in unlimited sex) followed by silence and celebration. He had developed such a mechanism with an idea of helping an individual to overcome repression, minimize his personal inhibitions and finally slip into a state of emptiness, which he called ‘enlightened state’. On attaining this state of mind, a person was supposed to have no past, no present, no future, no ego, no self, no attachment and on top of it …no mind. His ‘no mind’ theory was really intriguing. It slowly dawned on me why those hundreds and thousands of people, who called themselves OSHO devotees, blindly followed him and did as they were told; possibly it was the magic of ‘no mind’ philosophy. I strongly felt that those devotees, who left their families in lurch, had probably been brain washed to do so. What else could explain the phenomenon, wherein people, blindfold agreed with the theories propelled by a protagonist, and left their families under the belief that the near and dear ones were the root cause of all the suffering in their lives? Ironically, OSHO on one hand advocated the concept of ‘no family’ and on the other, subtly suggested that living amidst a group of unknown people could bring joy and contentment in the lives of suffering individuals. This explained why two stalwarts of Indian film industry (Vinod Khanna and Sanjay Dutt) renounced their career at a time when they were at the top and had no reasons to quit. More surprising was the fact that both of them eventually came back to the world which they had renounced, but after wasting precious 10-15 years of their lives. It forced me to think if OSHO cult was any better than an asylum for the weak, irresponsible and sex freaks.

Against marriage but not in favor of celibacy either

Path to enlightenment
Path to enlightenment

Where does your path lead to?

The most amazing fact which surfaced during my research on OSHO was that the people who joined the cult and lived as a part of that group for some years, had no clue what they were heading towards. I had a chance to come face to face in conversation with a man who was heralded as an ‘enlightened soul’ by the OSHO community. I spent almost an hour with him but he did not have answers to even the simplest of my questions. Possibly he was sitting in front of me with ‘no mind’ of his own. Trust me, I had to leave his place, totally disappointed and dissatisfied. What kind of spiritual path was this when the travelers / followers / seekers did not even know where they were going to or where they had come from? They seemed to live in an absolute vacuum. Perhaps that was the concept of enlightenment perceived by OSHO. Whatever said and done, I could not relate to such an ideology. Creating emptiness, in and around oneself could, in no way, be construed as enlightenment. In my terms, ‘enlightenment’ means ‘knowing’ rather than ‘not knowing’. It means ‘awareness’ rather than ‘ignorance’. Perhaps it’s an escapist attitude to find bliss in ignorance.

God does not exist

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CJStone profile image

CJStone 7 years ago from Whitstable, UK

"Osho" (which as I understand it is short for "Ocean") was originally called Rajneesh, also known as Baghwhan, and he was very popular, very fashionable back in the 80's in the West, eventually settling in the United States before he was kicked out. He used to drive around in a fleet of pink Rolls Royces. His followers always wore orange and were known colloquially as "the Orange People". There is a fantastic book which I cannot recommend highly enough called "My Life in Orange" by Tim Guest who was brought up in a Rajneesh community. Amongst a wealth of stories there's one I particularly love, about the time when Tim, as a little boy, walked in on the adults sitting around the kitchen table arguing over who was the most ego-less amongst them. Even as a child Tim could see the irony in this.

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

I don't know if my aversion to cults comes from a past life, but even when I was very young, I was not easy to lure into cults while doing my spiritual explorations. Osho sounds like someone with an ego-not quite enlightened. Its amazing, how people make up stories about reality and spirituality, and call it the Truth and develop non thinking followers.  I enjoy Adyshanti, Jed Mckenna, Mooji, all enlightened, very down to earth, and pretty blunt. 

Enjoyed reading this hub on Osho!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

CJ Stone: Yes, I also read about those 21 Rolls Royce he owned (supposedly gifted by his devotees). About the meaning of his name, some said it meant 'Ocean' whereas others thought that it was derived from a Japanese word for 'Master'. You're right about that 'irony' part. I guess the entire 'larger than life' picture created by him was full of such ironies. Thx very much for visiting this hub. Your comments mean a lot.

Violet Sun: Certainly it seems far from enlightenment and spirituality. I had the same problem since my childhood...aversion towards cults which are a personification of hypocrisy and double standards. Thx a lot for sharing your opinion here.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

I have always thought of OSHO as a brilliant philosopher and have him as one of my top friends at Myspace. In relation to the video you have here with him talking about God surely it is only the Biblical God that he is making reference to? This does not mean that OSHO was not a believer in a divine force or spiritual matters but that he didn't agree with God as presented by the Bible and the other patriarchal religions. He is making a point about a finished creation and an evolving one. As I see it an evolving creation is by far a greater act of creation than a finished one (made in 6 days) and does not rule out in any way a divine creator as having brought it all into being.

I see him as a man who asked people to question things and to consider his opinions many of which make good sense to me.

I admit though that whilst preaching in a way against the control system and rigid dogma of the patriarchal religions and against the institution of marriage he replaced this with his own set of rules that controlled the lives of his devotees.

But I always liked him because of his great sense of humour and used to think of him as the comedian guru!

countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 7 years ago from Washington, USA

Although I must admit that I am very ignorant about OSHO but his philosophy doesn't surprise me. When I see so many westerners going to India or joining the various ashrams around the world then there could be broadly two reason one is that they are distressed and the second one is that they have already reached a saturation point as far as material bodily enjoyment is concerned. Now coming to the second point if I contrast that with so many Indians who don't have two square meals a day or have to control themselves till they get married then here is a person who says that enlightenment can't be achieved unless one reaches that saturation point since an artificial denying of these material bodily desires doesn't make an individual satisfied hence part of his philosophy of sexual permissiveness could be thought of as a way to reach the saturation point sooner to get over it and achieve enlightenment faster.

Thumbs up for a good thought provoking hub.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Bard of Ely:

Speaking against God and related stuff really doesn't matter to me. I call that an individual perception. So far so good. You know ...speaking about things like 'family is the root cause of suffering...stay away from them' seems to be coming more from a psychotic who might have had a twisted childhood, rather from a spiritualist. Possibly he had seen enough of turmoil in his own family but that gave him no right to change other peoples perception about the concept of family. I understand that certain incidents in life are such that they drastically alter the thought process of a person but that should not affect other peoples lives. Imagine what kind of a world he wanted to create, with no one having a family and everyone having the liberty to exercise sexual freedom, the way one wanted. He could manage such a huge following because he spoke with conviction about everything, right or wrong. I read somewhere that we humans have a tendency to get inspired by any damn thing provided it is spoken to us in loud and flawlessly clear terms. Most of the public speakers manage to connect with their audience only because of their power of speech and the art of blending words. And on top of it why wouldn't we worship a person who opens the doors of his house to us at a time when we already feel disillusioned about our lives. In the existing world we get such moments more often than never.

Thx very much for sharing your views. It is an honor to have you read my hubs.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author


That's exactly what he tried to do. 'Fill your appetite till you have nothing more to crave for'. I had first hand information about the manner in which New Year Eve's used to be celebrated in OSHO centers. One has to see to believe it. It's kind of hard to comprehend such lavish and unleashed environment in a spiritual center. That was his school of thought. Its our prerogative, however, to tow his line or turn our back. Thx very much for sharing your viewpoint. I highly appreciate your candidness.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 7 years ago from USA

OSHO is the type of belief used to control one with confusion and fear. The young man needs to try some of Wayne Dyers philosophies. Great article and a peek into another realm of the worlds varied religions...

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Nancy's Niche: I guess you're right. I too had to brain wash him (lol) and that took me days, after that incident. Fortunately he got married a year later and migrated to Australia. Today he's settled with his beautiful wife and a pretty daughter. Imagine what could have been his plight had he joined the cult. Would have been another lost soul...

Thx a lot for visiting.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

With regard to Osho's views on the family unit being a bad thing I can see what he meant. Now, I am not saying that all family units are bad but it is a fact that many unhappy and dangerously twisted people are a product of family upbringing where they have been abused badly by a parent or parents or taught to do something which is either wrong or harmful. In an ideal world (which we clearly don't have) all individual children could be seen as sons and daughters of God or individual spirits and would be a worldwide community sharing and helping each other for the benefit of all - a human family! Individualised families often cause big problems and Osho's concept of children having many parents by having all those in a community or commune would help stop abuse and incorrect instruction on those within it. In other words the children would be exposed to a wider variety of information and guidelines for living. I can see the value in this.  I can also see that people from bad families can break away from their backgrounds and that just because a parent acted in some way does not mean that the child will follow the same way. It is a very complex matter for consideration but I can follow the logic Osho was putting forward.

It also happens that people from broken families or bad backgrounds can choose to identify other people who they are not related to by bloodline as their chosen parents.

Laila Rajaratnam profile image

Laila Rajaratnam 7 years ago from India

Great hub as usual Anjali! I remember getting shocked at the ashram pics which used to sneak out now and then from the ashram at Poona. I have heard(dont know if it true) that he used to hypnotise his followers.His eyes are indeed so hypnotic(dont know whether I am being brain still remember Vinod Khanna,who used to be my fav star,ditching his young wife and 2 small sons and going into the ashram where I beleive,he worked as a gardener!Great hub,Anjali.

Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

Great hub Anjali - I live in Pune now and while I've admired a lot of what he has written, I see how today it's just one big luxury spa. No, I don't go along with all that he advocated but he was something! I've heard him speak and he could hold a huge audience ina spell. Hypnotism? I don't know - magnetic? yes!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Bard of Ely: I can see his point (of view) too but I guess he went a little far with it. Breaking away from abusive families is understood but most of the young crowd who got enticed with his 'freedom of mind and action' theory, found his cult a heaven as it meant freedom from social bindings and an escape route to a free world. Now that was the down side. Again, perceptions differ. As they say....'there is nothing wrong or right, only thinking makes it so'. Thx a lot for coming back.

Lalia: I remember when I heard about Vinod Khanna,  I was too young to understand what exactly had happened. He was my favorite and if he would have been consistent in his career and not joined that cult, I am doubtful if Amitabh would have gained the title of 'Legend'. Same thing happened with Sanjay Dutt but due to the support of his father and his own hard work he could make up for the time he lost. Such can be the effect of hypnosis. I believe it mostly works with young people with volatile minds. Thx very much for visiting.

Shalini: I agree. Even I admired the content and style of his writing. He had 'something' for which people blindly followed him. He was certainly a magnetic personality. The question is... what did his school of thought lead a person to? Did he help people to find their way or did people end up being further confused? Anyone can find bliss in an environment which offers absolute freedom and no restrictions. What is the big deal? Thx a lot for sharing your views here.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

Two more comments from me: yes, he does have hypnotic-looking eyes I agree- if you watch him closely you will see that he seldom blinks, however, this does not mean that he was actually practising hypnotism, and in the macrobiotic philosophy I believe it is a sign of good health. In Scientology it is a sign of being able to confront well and is something you drill in what is called TR0 so that scientologists who are good at this seldom blink when communicating with another. Blinking is a sign of not being sure about yourself.

That Osho allowed an anything goes approach to sex etc is similar to Aleister Crowley's "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." That people are going to do whatever they please anyway cannot be denied in many cases in the modern world whereas telling them what they can and cannot do is bound to be a form of control or in religion it is dogma. Who is to say what is right or wrong for another individual? Of course all cultures have some form of rules and laws but not everyone will agree they are right.

I remember a bit on a record by hippy Neil of The Young Ones TV comedy series in which he says something like"Be free everybody, do what you like." And then rephrases it when someone starts annoying him with a horrible noise and says: "When I said do anything I meant anything but that." lol

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Bard of Ely:

Hypnosis does not always involve conventional hypnotizing techniques. To me, it is as simple as convincing a person to do something which he might not otherwise do. Of course you need to strongly believe in your own conviction first before you try to put your point across. Regarding 'hypnotic eyes', I believe anyone can have those big and non-blinking eyes if one practices meditation and (pranic) breathing exercises for a very long time. Such exercises make the inner self so strong that the practitioner can make anyone go weak on his knees. 

The last lines in your post reminded me of 'one liner' which I read a long time ago in one of the non-fictions by an English author. The entire book seemed to be hammering on how to 'program your mind and thought process'. She quoted many provocative instances in the book and tried to communicate that no matter how grave a situation might turn out to be, you need to tell yourself .."It does not matter" and move on. Would you like to know what she chose as a concluding statement in her book?

"....but some things really do matter." Ironical. Huh!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

"Hypnosis does not always involve conventional hypnotizing techniques. To me, it is as simple as convincing a person to do something which he might not otherwise do." Yes, this goes on all the time from very many people but is not usually termed hypnosis. Anyone who is given a public platform to speak or perform on is likely to do it. I know that being on a stage gives a certain power of control anyway which is lost when the stage and microphone and lighting on you and expectation of the audience is removed. In the case of Osho I would say that most of the people who became devotees were already open to being controlled because they were looking for someone to give them answers and he did so. But isn't this how cults and religions so often work?

"....but some things really do matter." Ironical. Huh!" - yes, this made me smile! It reminds me of discussions on the nature of reality and illusion and those who say that nothing is real!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Bard of Ely: I don't think that we are in complete disagreement with each other (its healthy even if it was so). I agree (as I said earlier) its easy to control volatile and unstable minds. So, you are right in saying that he could control those who were willing to go for it. Again...who does not want to get freedom from shackles. Thx a ton for making me feel worth.

THE LIP profile image


Dear Anjali,

With due apologies I'm quite stunned that how educated and open minded people like urself can take heresay as the gospel truth. First things first let me clear some misconceptions or rather untrue facts in your hub.Am sure it was out of ignornace rather than anything else.

First of all let me enlighten you that at no point of his life or his career was Sunjay Dutt even remotely connected to OSHO not even in several light years. The period you talk about in his career was related to his drug addiction and that came about when his mother Nargis Dutt was still alive and yet to begin her battle with cancer.

Once his mother lost the battle and sucumbed to cancer he virtually crumbled and hit the bottle and went worse into his drug addiction. It was for this that he would be hospitalised sometimes in Germany and sometimes in Mumbai.So like it or not Osho had nothing to do with his misery nor did Sunjay ever approach him for enlightenment.

Secondly at no point of time was Sunjay Dutt anyway near the top which would bring him in the same league as Amitabh Bachchan.Having said that let me return to Vinod Khanna who was indeed No.2 breathing down Amitabh's neck.But more than Osho it was the emergency and his close ties with Sanjay Gandhi that helped him to finish all competition and emerge the superstar in Bollywood.

By his own admission Vinod Khanna or Acharya Vinod Bharti( as he was christned)had a series of deaths in quick succession within a single year and that was what made him crumble and shatter within. Anyone in his shoes would become anchorless and Vinod Khanna was no exception.

But much as the world would like to believe it wasn't like he packed his bags and crept away in the middle of the night to take a flight and join OSHO then Bhagwan Rajneesh in USA. Far from it. He spent well over three years discovering Rajneesh and gradually became a part of his Ashram in Pune.Right through those three years Vinod Khanna would work through the week and either drive down or fly down to Pune over the weekends to unwind from the worldly pressures and seek solace within himself.

Incidentally Vinod Khanna did not need to knock on OSHO's door just for sexual gratification he could get an abundance of it anywhere anytime anyhow just at the snap of his fingers.Infact had Bhagwan Rajneesh not been forced to shift base and move to America Vinod Khanna would have stayed in Bollywood and maybe even become a superstar while continuing his pursuit of Bhagwan Rajneesh. But that was not possible when he moved out of the country. Driving to Pune on weekends to be with the Master was one thing but that could not happen when the base relocated to USA. Thus Acharya Vinod Bharti took the biggest decision of his life to put his career behind him and follow the Master. Like he himself said, "Compared to chosing between my career and following the Master there is no hesitation whatsoever because my career is too insignificant in comparison to being with Him!!"

-Apart from Vinod Khanna there were several directors and producers like Vijay Anand & Mahesh Bhatt who were charmed by Bhagwan Rajneesh.Infact back in the 70's it was quite fashionable for people to get curious to know what actually went on within the Osho Commune. To my knowledge the only others who had a brief spell were Protima Bedi wife of supermodel Actor-Kabir Bedi and his suffering girlfriend Parveen Babi.

Now to clear some prominent cobwebs and half baked illusions let me enlighten you that Rajneesh was at no point going around like a shepherd gathering his flock.Infact it was the other way round. Infact as a matter of principle he would have interested believers come to the Ashram on special occasions or weekends and it was only when he was sure that they were serious would he offer them space in his ashram.

Even those who came into the Ashram were discouraged to believe that they had earned a life membership but were there only till they were ripe enough to go back and lead a normal life.He would only ask them to wear the robe and his mala so that they would feel his presence always irrespective of where they were physically.

If you have the energy and the inclination I'd like to invite you to read my blogs on Osho at the following link:

I shall be only to glad to clear any further doubts or misconceptions that you may have about Rajneesh not that he needs me to advocate his knowledge and learning.Nowhere has he promised anybody Nirvana or Instant Moksh.Time and again he says This is My cud be your's it's for you to decide what and how much you want to imbibe out of it.

Regarding Sex & Nirvana the entire concept has been blown out of focus due to the sheer ignorance of people who would parrot other people's opinion and label it to him.

The bottom lime was Sambhog Se Samadhi Tak( From Sexual Gratification to Moksh) in layman language he would preach that anyone who has experienced Sex has actually knocked on the doorstep of Meditation..even if it was for a fleeting moment.Because in sex when you climax that point everything goes blank and a blanket of calm, peace and serenity prevails..Even if only for a fleeting moment and then you're back to being in the same surroundings.

What he preached was not reckless Sexual gratification but to use sex as a stepping stone to go to the higher plateau in life towards Moksh. What could happen to you during a sexual climax accidentally could be moulded so that Sex was not the gol in itself but just an instrument or stepping stone to higher levels of Nirvana through Meditation. Afterall Nirvana was an extended timeless climax without Sex.

Believe me this was just the very tip of the ice-berg as there was a lot lot more to Rajneesh than misunderstood Sex. My intentions were only to clear some of the clouds of misdoubt and nothing else. Either be sure of yourself else don't blame him for your insecurities.

Sorry if I've taken too much of your precious time to make my point.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

The Lip:

Wow! That was a pretty long one and I believe the longest post I ever received in any of my hubs. It clearly shows how passionate and confident you are about this subject. Hats off!

Well, speaking of 'misconceptions' and 'insecurities' (as you put it), I don't think that my mind is clouded with any of these. As you said,  everyone's 'Truth' is different, I don't think it would be proper if I try to impose my 'Truth' on others and vice versa. When we write articles, we only portray our perceptions, without intending to malign anyone, which is amply clear from the concluding lines of my hub. Let me try to summarize a few points...again... the way I see it.

1. In one of my replies to the posts above, I had already mentioned that such ideologies work more with volatile and unstable minds. When a person undergoes a rough patch in his life and finds no way out of his misery, such cults often seem as a refuge. I don't blame such people for behaving irresponsibly or for acting hopelessly fragile, as some situations can really be tormenting enough to make a person run away from the material world. Again, it's not only OSHO but several other cults / missions which have been thriving / flourishing because of weak and vulnerable minds. No one has forgotten another controversial figure....Dhirender Bhramachari, the yogic mentor of Indira Gandhi. I assume you know a lot about that too. If I start writing about him I'm sure his followers would even like to kill me. lol

2. About 'replacing Amitabh ..' I only referred to Vinod Khanna and there is no doubt about that. What he did to be on the top (as you stated) shouldn't be used against him as we all know who hasn't used such techniques to stay in the limelight. Unfortunately Show biz requires one to be manipulative and connected failing which survival is almost impossible. Even Amitabh was not far from these gimmicks. Coming back to OSHO, I mentioned the names of two actors with a purpose of conveying that even after spending a major chunk of their lives in the ashram, both of them returned; Vinod Khanna eventually joined politics and Sanjay came back to film world and 'underworld'. I never said that they went to the ashram for enlightenment. I only mentioned that they sought 'refuge' in there. This clearly means that they were confused and messed up at that point of time and OSHO offered them a place where they could be far away from the material world and bring peace to their chaotic minds. Speaking about drug addiction...I don't blame Sanjay Dutt for that. Some kids are too sensitive and fragile to take the emotional onslaught in life. You can't help it. That's the way they are.

3. I wrote this hub with an intention to bring out the definition of 'enlightenment' as put forth by OSHO. Simply put, he asserted more on 'no mind' and 'not knowing' as the sum total of 'spiritual advancement' whereas I strongly believe that 'enlightenment' should mean 'knowing' rather than 'not knowing'. If we go by his theory then each one of us is supposed to be an enlightened soul as we 'know nothing' about the cosmic mysteries. I feel OSHO should have promoted his cult more as 'Meditation and Yoga center' rather than emphasizing more on 'enlightenment' factor. Well, no one has a doubt about how relaxed (mentally & physically) one used to feel in his ashrams.

4. I don't blame his followers for believing in his 'Truth' as what he wrote and what he taught had a lot of conviction and logic attached. I might also say a lot of things with strong conviction but does that make me right in everyone's eyes? No it doesn't. Some will agree with me whereas a lot many will turn vindictive. That's the way we mature (spiritually) hit and trial. Who knows what is the complete 'Truth'! At least one thing is sure, no matter what I think and how much I know, I will never try to impose my 'Truth' on innocent and ignorant people around me.

And one thing dad used to tell me that real yogis never give public appearances and media interviews. It's hard to find them even. Since you know so much about the subject, you would have definitely heard about the 'yogis' who attained 'Moksha' and vanished along with their physical bodies. They never left a trace behind.

Thx for taking out a lot of time for reading and assessing my hub. I appreciate.

Paper Moon profile image

Paper Moon 7 years ago from In the clouds

I have skipped much of the later comments, as it is late, I am exhausted and they were long for the moment. So if I am covering something just covered, please allow. Also, this will probably be long, I apologize if people are in a hurry like I was. (I will come back and check out THE LIP) When I first heard of Osho, it was from my mother. I did not understand much, being a western teenager, but figured she knew what she was doing, and one day I would slow down my “Teenage life” and see what it was. But once I had heard some of the outside hype, about cults and brainwashing, I paid attention. Very close attention. I was going to research and protect my mom. I took some of her books on “Rajneesh”, and read them. Analyzed them. The first time I found something questionable I kept going. One needed to be well armed to be successful! LOL. After finding a pattern of strange extremist points, inter woven with some sensible ideas, I jumped up. Ahha! I went to confront her. She was startled by my intensity, but settled into a deep discussion with me. Over the next few months, I read so much Osho that I should have done a doctorate paper on him. He would say one thing in one place, in another place he would say something that would refute it, at least logically, the two points would not add up. After reading and listening to him speak on videos, I learned that he would use stories to make points. To help create an understanding. You talk in one way to one person, they get it. For someone else, you have to relate differently, to help them understand it. Thus what seems like conflicting stories, begins to make sense. When you start to understand his teachings as a whole, it all starts to make beautiful sense. I did not choose to become a sannyasin (one who devotes himself totally in spiritual pursuit), but instead chose to balance and take my own path. He totally encourages this as well. Whatever works for you. Some people need this, some people need that. It is so easy (especially for people with tendencies for western framework of thought), to take many of his dissertations, his stories or “points”, out of context. One cannot take anything he says too seriously. He didn’t. If you look at enough of his work, you will find this. The last big issue I that I had, was with the whole marriage thing. The child thing. He in no way was saying that people could not be a couple, to live and love from now till death. But it was a rare thing. So by confines of marriage one should not be trapped in a hopeless state. I could not imagine, continuing to live with my wife, if we were not still in love. And of the children? He did not advocate all parents dumping their children. Even with two loving parents, the entire community should put more into children. Extended family. And if the parents are so blocked in, that they would be horrible to their children, then yes they should go away. And if society were better suited to all children, this would not be such a problem. The last part took me very long to work out. But once I did, it made sense. He was not being extreme and saying people should abandon their kids, leave their spouse, that no one should take responsibility, but should not feel constrained to be slaves to a role. Many people are not suited for each other. Many people get married for the wrong reasons, or just change and are no longer suited. To stay together in this situation can be more harmful to children than not. And if society and people had their acts together, the children would not suffer direly for it. (in a nutshell.) As usual, taken out of context, by both those who wish to discredit him, and some of his weaker “Followers”. Cult. What kind or a term is this? Followers are just people. Some are flakes. Some are going through rough times. Some are right on the money. Some were a little off to begin with. What makes this so different from any church? Synagogue? Any organization? And what of his weaker followers? Could he fully integrate himself with them, evaluate each one personally? He turned away people who seemed to “High” on life. He wanted them to get a little grounded first. It was a normal process for many to go through. Some of his “Upper circle” started strange “cultish” activities. Any one can take things too far. Have you never met someone, knew them for a while, then seen them go through something drastic? Just because some of the people who chose to follow him had problems, didn’t get it, went off the deep end, does not mean that the majority did. Some of the people who followed him, are the most beautiful, well rounded people. Some are brilliant. Some are not. He did do a lot of good. He had an unorthodox style. And he was full of the dickens. If you have so much interest to go this far, either as a reader, or the writer, I ask that you have an open mind, look at things on the broader scale, and look into him further. He was amazing. If you have paid attention to what I have said, you will do so and not take him, everything that he says, or yourselves too seriously. (that must be the twinkle in his eye) I enjoyed the hub, though obviously taking issue with some of the slants, and liked the stir in the comments.

As for "Real Yogis"never giving public appearances? Real is a limiting term. True, almost all do not. Most go on with their individual path. But every once in a while, one sticks around to stir things up. It is their lot.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Paper Moon: Sorry there was a delay from my side in replying to your post. Most of your observations are similar to the ones made by Bard of Ely and I tried replying to those while responding to his post. If you find time please have a look at that as I don't want to get into repetitions. Further, as we all know, there is no wrong or right in a spiritual journey. Everyone's path is different...everyone's perception is different. So it does not really matter which way you take to find your destination. The ultimate purpose is the same. I wrote about certain things which I felt were not right but that's the way I see it. Even OSHO had said, "If you know me, you won't ask me who I am and if you don' does not make sense telling you as you will never understand." That was what he believed in. Some followed his path and some didn't. Not a big deal!

Thx very much for taking out that much time to read and comment here.

Paper Moon profile image

Paper Moon 7 years ago from In the clouds

You seem to make light of it in your later comments, but you seem very negative and biting in your depiction of Osho. There are always those who take things wrong, go to extremes. Especially when you take into account how many people gravitated to him. As a manager on my job, I see this all of the time. It does not matter how you get there, as long as you do. But just because this is not your way, does not necessitate your negativism unless it comes from lack of understanding, or just for sensationalism. I myself did not follow Osho, but did like much of what I saw in him. I came to understand him, and have respect for him.

Thank you for posting this and creating a forum.

Rohit 7 years ago

Dear Anjali

I have gone through your statements and conclusion about Osho. I would request you to listen some of his discourses. I believe that this will clear some of your doubt. I recommend 'Dekh Kabira Roa','Sambhog Se Samadhi' and 'Khrisna Smiriti'.

You will agree that he alwaya gave logic to support his statements and many of his logic are unquestionable. He was not only a spritual leader but had a vision for future India. What he talked in 1970 was adopted by India in late 1990s. We may further discuss after getting feedback form you.

Last but not the least, he always said that he did not want to make a cult and he always emphasize on thinking and reasoning over following.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Rohit: I'll try to check that out first. I'm sure it should be available on the internet. Thx for sharing your valuable insight. We'll talk soon.

Kirthi 7 years ago

I love talks given by OSHO. They are practical advice to the spiritually inclined trying to balance a material and a spiritual life. Philosophy and sprituality cannot be explained to the scientific minded. If you read the vedas or try to follow any guru ,- even buddism - the only way to realization is thru no mind.

I hope you take time to reflect on his talks rather than form an opinion based on rationalization.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Kirthi: I don't at all rationalize things. In fact I'm a strong believer in 'no mind' theory (leading to enlightenment). Possibly, I have a different approach to 'spirituality' and 'enlightenment' but then it's quite normal to have a different opinion even if it might not be in concurrence with renowned gurus. As they say everyone has his own path of spiritual awakening; perhaps mine is different from Osho. Who knows who's right! :) I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Please feel free to come back.

Rohit 7 years ago

Dear Anjali

I have gone through the various observations on OSHO. I think most of the observations are not correct fully. For example, joining of the "cult" is not true. Osho repetitively said that he does not believe in cult and does not propagate one. He always criticizes all the cults. If you listen to his discourses, you will hear that he says this with example. He said that all the religions and its text are not the real 'Dharma' that were intended by its master. For example the way we interpret 'Bible' is not the way it was told by Jesus.

He always said that these masters were never accepted by the people around them. Jesus was crucified; Buddha was rejected by Hindus so and so forth. The common point with these great masters was that they were unorthodox in their approach; they always stood against the prevailing norms of the society. It is only after elapse of good period of time people acknowledge the righteous of the saying of these maters. To me all these were visionary. I place Osho as great visionary.

The beauty with Osho was that he talks not only of spiritual upliftment of the human being but has clear understanding of the contemporary issues. His commentaries on Gandhi and the way forward for India’s economic development are worth listening. He always advocated the free economy and capitalization. You can appreciate that we imbibe the same in late nineties which he was telling in seventies.

His commentaries on Geeta are another masterpiece.

There is general misconception about his emphasis on sex. I would recommend that all his discourses on sex ‘Sambhog se Samadhi Tak’ should be listened before coming to any conclusion. He explains the reason why people are sexual, why they have become perverted in sex.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Rohit: I'm glad to see you again here. You had suggested 'Sambhog Se....' earlier as well but I couldn't find it in the stores. I know I should have made a little more effort but the problem is lack of time. I can't comment on that until I hear the audio. Thx again for sharing your views.

tvashta 7 years ago

i just wanted to add... OSHO was a fraud, a self declared GOD who taught how to be confused and let other people rule over you. he was a disgrace to indian culture and cultures hard work. shame on him. he died of aids and blamed US for poisoning him.

many indians knew what his "selfish mind" was upto, because of which he ran to US to take advantage of what LSD did to the young minds there!!! wherever he is, may he get what he deserves.

tvashta 7 years ago

just wanted to add.. @rohit

i dont think i 'l visit this page again cause i m just surfing around..

but try and get to a conclusion on "osho's" literature.

u will never... cause he talks in loops..

he was a teacher of psychology from jabalpur university from where he was chucked out, god knows why. he was a poor marwadi who wanted to make it big.

he will say +1 and then the -1, as is nature. so basically he never has a point so he can never go wrong.

a psychology which he exploited.. talking in a beautiful language is not the only quality a master should have..

now will you say he was right? or he was wrong?

or he was right being wrong? always saID HE WAS WRONG SO THAT NO ONE "ELSE" can say that?

people like him and froyd are a disgrace who spoiled most relations. even moms are afraid to love their children now.

what a shame!

better read vivekanand, that great soul knows how and what to teach.

thank you. :) peace

tvashta 7 years ago

in sanskrit there is a saying

Sabda jaalam Mahaaranyam,

Chitta Bhramana Kaarakam,

Atah prayatnaa gjnatavyam, Tattvagjnaa

ttattva maatmanaha."

"My dear seeker," warns Sankara, "words are hypnosis. Words are a

dense forest. Try entering them without adequate preparation

and you are sure to lose your way and sanity. If you

are serious about learning, do not get lost but seek

the guidance of a teacher who is 'aware'."

where the guru was OSHO himself.. i hope u see my point..

thank you anjali, my message was kinda fragmented but i couldn't resist. thanks alot :)

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

tvashta: Finally here's someone who agrees with me. I admire your courage and candidness, especially, about the mother & son relationship (you mentioned). Bravo! I found out more than a decade ago that his so-called teachings had no conclusions; it just caused further confusion. As you said when there is no derivation there can be no scope of judging any theory as right or wrong. He was clever enough to push the vulnerable minds into a whirlpool of confusion and he ensured that they stayed there and finally lost their purpose completely, one day. In my opinion, his teachings did more harm than good, whether some people agree or not. Thx for voicing your thoughts here. It's commendable.

Rohit 7 years ago

Deal Anjali

I am aghast to see the comment of Tvastha on Osho. I do not think if she/he think herself/himself more knowledgeable or experience than emenient men like Lal Krisha Advani, K R Nararayana, Preetish Nandi, Gyani Jail Singh, Abdul Kalam, Kushwant Singh and many other who has praised Osho as the philosopher and great thinker. One American critic went to say that OSHO was the most dangerous man after Christ.

The conclusion of Osho teaching and for that matter any enlighten man, be it Buddha, Mahivira, Christ or Mohammed is the same. The god is nowhere it is within you.

Tvastha comment on the mother and son relationship is premature and does not reflect what Osho tried to tell.

He said the serving is not religion but religion is serving. Again his religious man definition was far from the dogmatic notion we have about the religious man.

To make it short, I will also recommend to Tvastha to hear his discourses to clean her/his mind.

Rohit 7 years ago

Sorry Anjali

To send this rejoinder to my recent comment on Tvastha's observation.

This is my personal experience that our perception of any thing are not eternal.This depends on the environment in which we are seeing the thing. I, alike many commner, held same profane view about Osho till 2 years ago when somebody gave some of his audio to me.To me he was a 'Sex Guru'. That was what he was projected.

But at the same time people like Krishnamurti held in very high esteem. Poet like Sumitra Nandan Pant had a good conversation with this 'Sex Guru'.

This had a chain reaction, I started listening more and more of his discources. The more I listened to it the more I was mesmerised by his itellect, wisdom, clarity and vision.

He was much ahead of his time. Historically, it had happened with all visionaries, they were seldom accepted by their contemporary fellows. To remind all of us, should I mention the name of Socratese,Galaleo,Christ,Buddha,Mahivira so and so forth.

We are independent to have our views but it is great unjustice to pass a judgement on other.

This is news to me that Osho died of AIDS.

robin 7 years ago

Why this blog is dead for so long

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Robin: Thx for creating ripples in the water. :)

JIMMY 7 years ago


anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Jimmy: It gives me immense pleasure to see people taking interest in this Hub. It does not matter if their views do not synchronize with mine; the key element is perception. As you said it's interesting to see how different people can have differing perceptions but that's what makes this world the way it is. I would be really grateful if you e-mail me the link to Sambhog Se....I tried looking for it on the internet but I couldn't find it. It would be nice of you if could help in getting access to the audio / video. Thx very much for your kind words.

JIMMY 7 years ago





3. THEN JUST CLICK ON "Download via usenet!" U WILL SEE IT THEIR.






jimmy 7 years ago

anjali i have posted links in here yesterday,,but i m not seeing them here,,hope u got it, let me know

jimmy 7 years ago

and i don't have ur email address

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Jimmy: I got your links. Thx for taking that much effort. I'll try to download the file over the weekend as you said it would take a few hours to do so. Regarding my e-mail id, you can send me e-mails by clicking on 'Contact anjalichugh' tab just below my picture (above..right corner). Thx again. Take care.

Jesus Christ junior 7 years ago

Interesting forum, thanks for creating it. Enjoed reading "Paper Moon's" long comment. Basically here is one man (Osho) who stood up fearlessly against all the crap in our humanity and it's sad to read comments as from "tvashta". Being such a prolific speaker Osho could have been sitting in India all his life and expoiting gullible followers, instead he fought unjustice and stupidity of this world with his peaceful logic till his last breath. Most people just can't think outside the box, and one certainly needs that in order to start understanding osho, however he spoke such simple language that sometimes i'm surprised how some people just don't get it and write big articles or even book discrediting osho. Probably some of them got paid to do that as US needed to cover up what they did to Osho. Poor guy (mentioned in the beginning of the article) reading osho and working for a law firm in US (I assume in US) is a hard thing to do...Not sure what hard working honest lawyer means and if it's actually possible...The law firm exists certainly not to find out what the truth is......

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

JC Junior: Thx for being a part of this forum and sharing your views here. I understand... law firm has nothing to do with finding the truth. I believe my focus was on the young boy and not on the law firm. This hub was based on a solitary incident which occurred some years ago. I felt I could talk about as I was a part of it to some extent. I saw that boy going through a psychological upheaval and only I know how he managed to get back to his normal self. You can say that the boy had some difficulty understanding & interpreting the Osho philosophy but I'm sure you would know that there were countless youngsters who just got swept off their feet by his 'prolific speeches' (as you stated). When you have a gift (of speech, writing etc) you got to use that responsibly. He should have known that 'his truth' could be misconstrued by people who are not mature enough to handle it. That's all I wanted to say in this hub.

Jesus Christ Junior 7 years ago

I'm glad the forum still alive. The fact that the boy had difficulties understanding Osho can only be judged (don't like to use this word, but what to do...) by someone who experienced/understood this extraordinary man. Maybe the boy was close to something and was rebelling deep inside against his conditioning, maybe by practicing meditaion he did have a glimpse of something totally unknown to him...who knows...but the world is always full of "do gooders" who are always ready to help without really knowing whether they are helping or not. I'm not implying this is the case here, but just a thought. My first encounter with Osho happened 10 years ago, being deeply rooted christian i was having arguments with the person who was somehow familiar with Osho on matters of creation and god, being unable to win arguments against me mostly due to my strong ego and this person's lack of eloquence i was just given a book to read and boy… did I get a shock treatment....But, my christian conditioning didn't just die easily, every time i would try to discuss osho's views with any of my friends I was attacked, laughed at or simply called crazy. Well, after doing some "proper research" such as watching documentaries by National Geographic or BBC "The God that Fled" and other crap with titles like "The Lost truth of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh" or "What really happened" blah, blah, blah....reading sources like wikipedia or article like from Christopher Calder how Osho was a "drug addict" and used "hypnosis"...all presenting osho as most ruthless indian guru, sexual pervert, etc, etc, etc,...mass media never lacks vocabulary when it comes to things like that, especially if strongly supported by the government. Anyhow, I managed to sustain resistance against my "friendly" and "all knowing crowd" for about two years and then gave up thinking, yeah, i must be wrong...and of course to support myself i started paying attention only to those "negative" stories...Anywho...took me about 8 years to get back to osho again after so much reading on Buddhism, reincarnation, studies of near death experiences, psychology, reading guys like Krishnamurti, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi and always intentionally avoiding Osho being convinced that it's definitely a wrong path...but one day I accidentally started reading his book on the internet without actually being aware that it's his book, but all my intellectual chaos all of a sudden started making some sense to me while reading his book.(in fact it wasn't really his book, it was "Autobiography of Spiritually Incorrect Mystic", of course Osho never wrote any autobiography in fact he never actually wrote any book as most of you know). This time i went deeper into finding out who this man Osho really is...Outcome: He's one of the greatest souls ever born...One just has to look more into who he was and how he lived, not just from wikipedia, national geographic documentaries or other mass media sources who are nothing but corporate/gov puppets. Read couple of his books on the subject that interests you the most, just listen to what he is saying and how he is saying it, look into his eyes, don't you people see how unique this man is? Sorry for the long story, to me Osho in religion is like Tesla in electricity and science, way ahead of his time, but the future will settle this matter, it’s inevitable… I hope the young man who was the cause of this thread will be strong enough not to listen to "helpers" and go his own way...!!!!

Jesus Christ junior 7 years ago

Dear Anjalichugh, when i made a comment about law firm and truth i meant truth of any particular court case or legal matter :-) not existential truth seeking...Also I would say Osho never had any philosophy, he simply spoke on what is, backing everything up logically and using a lot of contradictions, perhaps confusing to some people, but maybe one day someone will discover a better way to convey inexpressible, the problem that every mystic that decides to speak has to face....

jimmy 7 years ago

Hello to all,,,, its really interesting to read J C junior. But one thing i must add about philosophy is that philosphy is something which u haven't experianced but only have some imaginery conclusion of some fact for e.g. sweet pudding lies in front of some person in sweet shop and that person while standing on outside that shop have a peak on that pudding and start imagining abt taste of pudding without actually tasting it and start telling his friend abt its taste. so whatever he will be telling to his friends is a philosphy. Now the other point,,,if he would have actully tasted that pudding, he comes to know abt his actual taste. But now if he tell his friends abt its taste, he is actually expressing 'pudding' taste, now it isn't philosphy. Bcoz now he actualy tasted it. But problem is what ever you have experianced can't be told in words. Words never disclose actual experience, yes they can be indicative but they are just indication ,just like a pointed finger towards moon not actual moon. So when experianced person is describing some thing ,,other person may beleive him or took it as philosphy which is quite obvious. And in such case both person are right in their stand. But believing is as wrong as not believing. One must be experimentle. If some person is telling something to u ,,try to know it by experiancing it rather believing or not believing it. Who so ever is saying to believe is like enemy. And what i have listened from osho ,,he never tell his listener to believe him ,,he wants every listener to be experimentle. He wants every listener to come out of their shell and see world beyond.But world is so vast u can't take experience of everything,,, but one can know abt his inner self ,that is in our hand,,without believing other abt themselves. So if u think believing is knowing ,,,it never would. And osho is against such "knowing".

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

JC Junior / Jimmy: I really appreciate your showing interest in this hub and being so passionate about OSHO. I should be grateful to both of you to have kept this forum alive and considered it worthy enough to make it a ground for a healthy discussion. I liked that expression ..'be experimental' (in Jimmy's post). It does make sense and then there's no harm in doing it. After all, the life we live is spent mostly in experimenting. Thx again guys. Feel free to come back.

guru 7 years ago

osho is my best

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Guru: I respect your views. Thx for stopping by.

THE LIP profile image


Dear Anjali,

It's indeed a pleasure to see that you've kept this hub alive five months down the line since I first connected with you.Am in no way surprised that you chose to keep only one of my rejoinders and did away with the rest.Cannot blame you for that.It's your hub and it's for you to decide what you want to display and what you wanna delete.I don't think you owe me any answers.

While everyone is entitled to his opinion and I respect that absolutely I do take strong offense to the unwarranted comments made by Tvastha and what is sadder you actually endorse his views only encouraging further muck throwing.

I don't know if I'm more saddened or actually feel sorry for the likes of this person who when he cannot put across his viewpoint logically starts throwing muck at OSHO hoping some of it will stick.

Can he or anyone who praises his views in print say on what basis he makes those unfounded and rather baseless & atrocious allegations about OSHO. What is his source when he squeaks that OSHO died of AIDS.Have some shame before churning out such Crap.

Why do I get a feeling that Tvastha actually happens to be a frustrated former Rajneeshite who dropped out and is now pelting his stones in the air to vent his frustration.If that is indeed the case I'll understand the reason for his senseless wrath n the bitter acrimony that spills out of his poison tongue.

A lot has been said and heard on your hub and I'd not like to add anything further except to say that everyones TRUTH maybe different but that does not make the next persons truth any lesser.

If you don't like what the Master has to say just toss his Bible away and move on with your life.Why feel cheated or short changed.Afterall he did not promise you the moon.He gives you his interpretation never does he say this is the ultimate truth.He says this is his truth & he invites you to look into it and discover your own truth.

To wrap up all I'd like to say is that OSHO RAJNEESH is like a mirror that reflects what comes infront of it.If you don't like what you see in the mirror, it is for you to introspect within and if that is too painful a process then seek your own mirrors in the journey called LIFE.

When the postman gets you news you don't like do you grab him by the neck? similary if you don't like what you see in the mirror why go about stoning the poor mirror?

I may not agree with a lot of what you have to say but none the less I admire you for the honesty with which you plunge yourself into the Ocean from the deep end willing to test the water and that which lies beneath with grace and dignity.

Pleasure to hear from you always even if our thoughts maybe at tangents atleast there is no contempt as you know how to respect another's viewpoint like a civilised and educated person that I can feel you actually are.

Take Care,


anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

The Lip:

"A lot has been said and heard on your hub and I'd not like to add anything further except to say that everyones TRUTH maybe different but that does not make the next persons truth any lesser..."

Very well said! In fact that is the sum & substance of any belief / philosophy / religion or spirituality as a whole and that is what makes us tolerant to varied views / opinions. You said it all in just one sentence. I deeply appreciate and admire your potential to summarize the entire theory of 'connecting with Higher Self' in a few lines. It's an honor to have learned people (like you) to show interest in my hub which (you can see) has become a platform for sharing views on OSHO, over a period of five months. Thx so much for offering your incredible insight here.

THE LIP profile image


Believe me Anjali the pleasure is truly mine. No matter which path you may chose to take in our heart we both know that what we ultimately seek is Salvation/Nirvana.

If you can afford it you drive down in a Merc while I trudge along alowly on the Highway.But we both know we are heading in the direction that leads to our goal.

That is what makes the journey more memorable than actually reaching there itself..Who knows the Truth maybe in the journey itself rather than on reaching the end of the road?

Thanks for your lavish compliments. But I'm nothing more than what you choose to see in me.

Thanks None the less,


anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

The LIP: I totally agree. We follow our individual paths but reach the same destination so it doesn't make sense proving the other wrong. All we need to do is to bow before God who resides in each one of us. God bless.

jimmy 7 years ago




Bharat 7 years ago

The LIP:As i am a stranger to you but evrey thing I accept

regarding Rajneesh but I don't understand one thing.He always said that he wants to fill this earth by luxury and richness.Now he spent his life in utter luxury with the help of his discipiles.It's OK .All of them loved there Master and financial help was nothing in their eye.But from where those discipiles were earning money?and Rajneesh created a luxurious word around him so that only people having enough riches can only join his commune.What about the poors?People like Vimal kirti(Son of king of germany),vinod khanna,and all rich from each nook and corner of world join him because they don't have to think about there earnings.ordinary person couldn't joined.Is this no mind is only for riches According to rajneesh?I will be obliged if you reply to this.

THE LIP profile image


Dear Bharat..thanks for the interesting observations that you made which can come from an observing and open mind.Time and again this question was raised by outsiders even during his life-time and were put to rest by OSHO himself.

The question that you have raised is on two levels and thus I'll break my reply also into two parts so that you get a clear vision to dispel the doubts and answer your question in detail,

The basic principle that OSHO put across time and again was that you can keep talking and talking but until you did not get into the drivers seat and start the engine and change gears you could never get the car moving. He would always say time and again you can never learn how to swim by sitting on the banks of the river and observing.You cud spend your entire live sitting on the banks watching people how they dived into the water how they swam but you would still not know the basics of swimming leave alone mastering it. To learn how to swim you had to take the plunge yourself into the water and he warned you would also go down but after the moment passed you would surface again and the moment of going down and then surfacing woud be your moment of truth...It's these moments of truth that had to be extended so that your life became one big MOMENT-of Salvation or NIRVANA.The message always was that if you want to swim and enjoy it then you should alkso be prepared to get wet. You cannot desire anything without the consequences that came with it.

When OSHO Rajneesh says he wants to fill the world with Pleasures and Richness people equate that to his wanting to fill his personal coffers and increase his own bank balance which is not the truth.Yes Rajneesh wanted to fill the world with Richness and pleasures but why does a whopping bank balance alone mean richness or is pleasure just restricted to SEX? Richness & Pleasure for a child is not richness n pleasure for a grown up man as it isn't for a person growing old(not in body but in mind too).

Pleasure n Richness keep changing with a persons growth which is believed to be every 5 years in a woman and every seven years in a man.It is called a biological cycle. If you observe your own life you will notice that your taste tends to change on this cyle of evolving.

So to assume that Richness and Pleasure automatically means Economic advancement or gratification of the flesh is having a limited and narrow vision.Agreed richness and pleasure do constitute what you have stated but what Rajneesh wanted to say time and again was don't be a frog in the well look beyond and you shall find a pond enjoy it but don't stagnate because there is a river waiting for you and beyond that an ocean.

So after a stage you have to move on to experience the next richness and pleasure not cling on to the last one.The Master would always say that only a satisfied person can move on to the next level.If your're not satisfied the frustration will keep haunting you.Even when you meditate your attention will get diverted.If your body is empty your mind can never be full.

You can ask a person who has a stomach full to leave food and he would consider fasting but you ask a beggar to fast telling him how good fasting is for the soul he would end up slapping you thinking you were making fun of his condition. So it is of prime importance to have had it enjoyed it and then left it behind and moved on.So that you don't keep looking back over your shoulder.Which is what most of us keep doing in life.

Even in regard to Sex where he has been least understood by the world at large Sex is just a means to move further in your journey and not the destination.That's what 'Sambhog Se Samadhi Tak is all about. The pleasure may be found in Sex but eventually you shall observe that the pleasure is not in the Sex itself but the Orgasm which is a split second of Samadhi, Time and again he would drill that enjoy Sex so that you grow over it and rise not drown in it and get lost in it.

If a moment of pleasure can give you soo much satisfaction imagine what pleasure your mind would get even without having to copulate? The state of mind during an orgasm is the same as that when you go into meditation In both cases it is sheer bliss.While orgasm gives momentary bliss samadhi gives extended bliss.Alas people fail to go beyond the Orgasm and end up getting addicted to Sex as a drug to have their moments of pleasure injected into the body giving the mind flashes of the salvation dose not realising that an ocean of pleasure awaits them beyond.

Now let me tell you that Vinod Khanna and other's were just as ordinary as the next disciple in the Rajneesh Ashram and not treated like VIP's.Incase you did not know Vinod Khanna the number 2 actor in Bollywood transformed into Acharya Vinod Bharti who was the personal gardner in the Ashram and he was more than glad to do that just so that after a hard day's work he could be at the feet of his master and enjoy the bliss of hearing the master speak which was something not everyone was destined for.

Mind you it wasn't as though Vinod Khanna was the poster boy of Rajneesh far from it.How many of you know that Vinod Khanna was never welcomed with open arms into the Ashram.It took him three long years of constant weekend visiting before the Master was convinced that here was someone who wasn't going to leave in a hurry.Proof of it was that so many of his inner circle be it Parveen Babi,Mahesh Bhatt,Goldie Anand,Pritish Nandy, Protima Bedi joined the Ashram but eventually dropped out on the wayside as they were not used to being treated like anything else but celebs and the down to earth experience shattered their egoes so they backed off.But not Vinod Khanna.He was determined to stay.Wonder if you are even aware that Geetanjali Khanna(Vind Khanna's wife then)also visited the Ashram for almost three months with her husband just to see for herself what fascinated her hubby to Rajneesh before she dropped out.

So it is a misconception that only the rich were welcome.That was a myth.Everyone was welcome but not as though it was a luxury resort but only if you were there for serious business and not just seeking never ending pleasure.

Before signing off I wud like to thank Mr Bharat for finding me suitable to dispel his doubts.Shud he want to know more he can have my Blogger link to OSHO-"My God Died Young to have my personal insights on the great experience.



anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

The LIP: I want to express my gratitude to you for answering the questions of one of the visitors on this hub. It might seem unnecessary but I felt obligated to do so. Thx very much.

jimmy 7 years ago

Hello everyone,,

One of the great misconception about the rich,luxary life of osho is that the money came as a donation from disciples all around a world,,,or income from various work generated in ashram like painting, carpaintering, gardening etc etc. Yes few of items manufactured in ashram get sold,,,but one can imagine how much one can generate income from such activities.

So question arose in my mind also that from where so much money came for luxary and the answer is, it came from osho books which get published in around 70 countries. I do not remember exact number of his book published but it is over 500 i think. So if someone's one book get published and royalty comes from that is enough for his luxary living. One can imagine now how much money could be arrived by so many books published and that too in different languages and in 70 countries. And osho rajneesh doesn't have any personal account or single possession in his name.All wealth was a property of ashram.If anyone has doubt search net or visit and read his biography which is also experted from his discourses

StevenCavendish profile image

StevenCavendish 7 years ago

Very intriguing topic. Little did I know that the actual hub was only a taste of what was to come in the comments.

Well done Anjali:)

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Jimmy: Thx for adding to the info.

StevenCavendish: Thx so much Steven but I would like to share the 'Trophy' (lol) with all the visitors who stepped in and made this hub worthy of appreciation by sharing their in-depth knowledge about this subject. Kuddos to all of them!

THE LIP profile image


Dear Anjali,

Ur greatness reflects in the very fact that you believe in sharing and ur upbringing reflects in small but meaningful gestures like thanking a person for something that is normally taken for granted.

If anything, I feel it's you who deserves a standing ovation for providing a platform to each one of us to conduct this meaningful discusssion.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

The LIP: Thanks so much for paying attention to those small 'gestures' which have lost their importance in today's world. I hope you continue being part of this hub. Take care.

THE LIP profile image


I will definitely be a part of this hub until and unless you boot me out or my final call comes to join OSHO RAJNEESH..Whichever maybe first!!!

U 2 Take Care...Anjali..Ur Indeed a Priceless Gem Of A Person That's Soo Hard To Find In Today's World!!

God Bless You

Bharat 7 years ago

The Lip:Thanks for replying!!it was a niece piece of writing!!But the thing which i have asked was unanswered.Yes i do understand that luxury and pleasure both are subjective issues and may vary from person to person.For example for a rikshaw puller luxury wil be to own a bycycle,for a car driver luxury might be to own a two wheeler,for a middle class it would be to own a four wheeler,for a millionare it would be to own charted planes and so on and so forth.But the point is if every body is looking for some thing more on the the name of luxury then where it will end?Who is going to decide what is luxury for whom and as per the osho's discourses person should drop all his desires because desiring means begging.Now regarding Vinod khanna,this fellow ,whatever he did to sit in the feet of master but what he understood while sitting there??nothing!!he joined BJP a hindu fundamentalist party as politician and was MP from punjab.he turned politician!!!

Is this he got at the end???And a friend Jimmy replied to me that whole commune was doing something and commune was running by the royaltiy of books published by osho.mind you from that 100 rollace royce cars couldn't be bought??what is your opinion on this???Kindly reply.

josh rain 7 years ago


1) you encountered someone who read about osho and was lost (this left a wrong imprint in your mind).

2) you write osho denied the existence of god? in the sense of a person and you have to understand in the context he might have said that.

3) he never said to have sex with everyone. his goal was not to repress sex but live natural. (take the primitive folks, they never think of sex like the way its done today).

sex is a huge profitable industry.

4) it seems like most people misunderstand 'no-mind'. it simply means no inner chattering. you have inner chattering when you want something. otherwise the mind is focused on what is there 'herenow'.

5) if you have meditated long enough (like 4-5 hours every day for 1-2 years) and practice mindfulness, you will clearly understand what osho has to say.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Bharat: Thx for showing deep interest in this subject. Since your query is addressed to 'The LIP', I would prefer not to intervene. Let's hope that he finds time to step in again and share his insight. Take care.

Josh Rain : Although my intentions are not to contradict you on your interpretation of OSHO (as it sounds convincing) yet, I wonder why people made such a big deal about OSHO's perception about 'sex'. Pardon me if I sound annoying but OSHO makes it look as if 'sexual starvation' is the only stumbling block (besides marriage / relationships)in the process of emancipation / enlightenment. Perhaps that's why he hammered more on the fact that one should 'be done with' one's sexual urges before walking on the path of enlightenment. I don't say that he is totally wrong on that but, possibly, it would have been much better for him and much easier for the commoners (to digest his speeches) had he projected 'sexual hunger' as 'one of the factors' instead of making it as 'THE major factor' responsible for obstructing the spiritual evolution of a man. If you ask me, I can give you ten different reasons (other than sexual deprivation) which can hinder the spiritual awakening in an individual. It's possible that OSHO used 'sex' as his USP (Unique selling point)as it helped him get a massive audience to hear what he had to say. Well, it doesn't mean that he was wrong in what he did but his 'ways' to achieve the desired goals are questioned till date. Speaking of 'no mind'theory, I liked the interpretation you gave. You comments are highly appreciated. Thx for stopping by.

josh rain 7 years ago

hi anjali,

in fact sexual starvation seems to be a big block. this was argued by freud, another proof is the billion dollar sex industry, magazines (in supermarkets), sexual medicines, gym and workouts. in fact, it is a basic animal instinct and i can tell you if you are free from that, there is a whole new energy that open up. in addition, the force to get the kundalini energy going is from the sexual region. i have to agree with him that if man is free from this force there is a huge potential that opens up (especially at a young age).

THE LIP profile image


First of all Mr Bharat I have nothing to say about the BJP and it leanings whichever side they maybe or any other political party for that matter. But none the less you wud agree that politics and religion do make cosy bed partners even during the worst (leave aside the best)of times.

Having said that I must add in haste that if Vinod Khanna decides to join any political party out of choice or even necessity it no way reflects that he has discarded himself from his religion or put Osho Rajneesh behind him. For the record let me draw your attention to an interview where he was asked what OSHO Rajneesh meant to him as of now and he gave the following reply:

"Bhagwan Rajneesh has the same place in my life that he has always held.He is my true guru and I always lead my life on his principles and the path he showed me when he was alive!!"

Mind you this is a recent interview and if you think that he has compromised his values by joining the BJP or sold out to Bhagwan Rajneesh then that is your personal opinion and you're entitled to it. As far as your evaluation of materialistic pleasures go I think you've missed the basic point being so busy as to read between the lines. When he says enjoy luxuries to an extent that you have had your fill he in no way means that we use one luxury as a stepping stone to achieve the next.It's for each one of us to decide where we want to draw the line not after being frustrated because we cud not get our hands on that luxury but simply because we have had our fill of it.So once we move on in life we do not look back over the shoulder with regret and frustration but with satisfaction of having enjoyed it and having overgrown it.

Sex has never been a tool for physical gratification but just a means to show that where it can lead you if you grow over it instead of wallowing in it. Time and again OSHO RAJNEESH has made comments to rub in the point that Sex can lead to Samadhi and become your strength if you start enjoying it at the right age i.e when you're 17 and not when you're 70 with one foot in the grave and the other on the banana skin.

The problem with most people is that Sex keeps playing havoc even when it has moved out from between the legs and travelled into the head.No wonder it's amusing to see a 60 plus person hanging around at a brothel even when he knows he may hardly be able to do half the thing he desires to do shud he be invited upstairs

Sex so long as it remains inside the pant(ie)s is natural the problem begins when it settles in the head and that's when it becomes a nuisance and with advancing age it only gets worse and worse. No wonder Playboy sells so many million copies.Ever wonder what is the subscriber base.Mostly people over the top.Where wud a sexually active guy/gal have the time to drool over it..they wud be too busy doing their own thing between the sheets rather than go gaga over a magazine spread!!

Spare a moment and do read my 100th hub am sure it wud definitely be an eye opener and you cud see some real mind blowing videos 2.

Before signing off just one thing I wud like to ask you Mr Bharat and that is why is everyone wanting to be a Chartered Accountant or an Income Tax sleuth trying to figure out where his wealth came from and how he got those fabled Rolls Royces. Wud his disclosing the sources change his philosphy in any manner.Had these pearls of wisdom come from Mr X or some other philospher wud they make more sense and are being disputed just because OSHO RAJNEESH is the source? The next person would want to know where he got the petrol money from or where did that diamond studded Rolex on his wrist come from..suely he must disclose his source else his philosphy is lacking credibility. How juvenile can people actually get really surprises me no end.


THE LIP profile image


Dear Anjali,

Sorry for butting in without being asked to but all I wud like to add in to your conversation with Josh Rain is that if you read my hub in context with his reply you wud definitely notice that Sex maybe a factor or even a major factor like you say but even then at the end of the day it shud be allowed to remain just that.Simply a factor and not the goal itself.Alas Sex has been made so larger than life that it gets distorted to the extent of being ugly and peverted.

Sex remains Sex it's what we make of it and the circumstances surrounding it that make it horrible and disgusting. If you make a point it is natural but just because you emphasise on it or underline it does not in no way change it. So why create such a halo around sex.

Incidentally there is a lot more to OSHO RAJNEESH than just Sex....If only people cud look beyond there is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered but we're so fascinated by Sex that we start loitering in that corridor alone not realising the treasure trove that awaits us beyond.

Sorry for the unwarranted interruption Anjali.Do Pardon me for the intrusion.

Regards & God Bless,

The Lip

THE LIP profile image


jimmy 7 years ago

Well said "The Lip"

wordsword profile image

wordsword 7 years ago

Nice hub anjali i personally think that the mark of enlightenment is that, it doesn't reflect anything its like a plain glass. He remains indifferent to dual aspects.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

wordsword: Very well said. You have my vote on that. Thx very much for stopping by.

Frederik 7 years ago

Anjali, you are discussing a subject which is bound to get attention.

I believe your feelings about what happened in the commue are accurate. People always misunderstand. It was both a beautiful and nasty place. Remember the distinction> Osho is Osho his people his people. You have to understand how the mind works and how easy it is to misunderstand. Osho was not only a buddha but a teacher too. People needed to grow up. When he was asked if he would have gone to his own ashram when he was younger. He answered no. I guess he was too rebelious even to listen to himself.

As for truth and enlightenment u are very limited in your insights. Yes for where u are now its good for you but you do not know yourself. Know yourself and you will embrace any buddha and understand him.

Regarding your friend. Seeking truth is a very delicate subject. I dont have the rootedness in my own being to speak on this now.

One last thing on Osho which might help u understand Osho.

When he was a child his grandfather died and since then he hasn't been attached too any person because when attachment showed itself to him it was immeediately associated with death.

As far as my own life is concerned Osho missed out on some things here regarding friendship and the juices of life. But who am I to speak on Osho\Existance itself.


I like your commitment to your own path.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Frederick: "As for truth and enlightenment u are very limited in your insights. "

I like that observation and accept it with humility. Thx for making me aware of that. I'm grateful that you found this hub worthy enough to comment on. Take care.

Sid 7 years ago

I found a response to this at

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Sid: I read the post. It was very interesting. I'm glad that someone found this blog worth writing a review on. I call it a feather in my cap. :) Thx for bringing it to my notice.

sanjay 7 years ago

anjali, i bumped accidentally into this thread.

my only advice here is to be a human being whose opinions are based on experimentation and a deep thought, not a reaction to things which hit us hard.

Though Osho wouldn't be bothered about it, but I would like to name a few geniuses who you imply as 'mobs impressed by Osho': Khushwant Singh, Pritish Nandi, M V Kamath, Tim Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Gulzar, Dalai Lama, Amrita Pritam, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Indira Gandhi, Zakir Hussain, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Benzir Bhutto....

These people are not seekers of cheap pleasures or naïve to be fooled....

Myriad profile image

Myriad 6 years ago from the bottom of your heart .. ie chennai!

Can you hold christianity responsible for the actions of Adolf Hitler , Can Islam be held responsible for Terrorist activities ! Oh god (just an expression Not that I believe in god ) How short sighted are you ! Osho was a spiritual genius much ahead of our time !

I am surprised by your judging the entire Osho phenomenon based on your limited interaction with people and with a judgemental mind ! Be more open !

And what about that emptiness ! Do you not believe that people who have been living in this world are able to find happiness !!

I have been following oshos s methods of meditation , it has truly brought peace and wisdom in my life ! He is the most misunderstood mystic in the world ! For me Osho is just like a boat ! If you know how to swim or finished with crossing the river , Throw away the boat ! dont think or judge about Osho ! And dont for god s sake believe in him , He is meant for the most refined and wise , Stupid people misunderstand and walk in office with unkempt hair and sad look in their face !

You see , Can you comprehend and understand nuclear physics , or quantum mechanics . If you want to understand there is a systematic education process ! If you start writing about thse things based on your meeting with some sceintists it would be incomplete !

Myriad profile image

Myriad 6 years ago from the bottom of your heart .. ie chennai!

Regarding your views on Family !

Your children are not your children ,

But children of life s longing for itself !

These are the words of Khalil Gibran !

Children are life s longing for itself ! How many parents realise this . A hindu parent s children are brought up Hindu !Muslim parents impose religion so does christians ! Are they given up any choice ? No choice but to live the life their parents think is right for them !

In that sense Family structure destroys the immense possibilities a child could have about his/her destiny ! We have been taught about life in the limited persepctive of two individuals ! A father and a mother !

Even commmunism was in favour of abolishing family ! In America they are experimenting with something called polyfamily ! where two three males / females all living together as a single family ! I think family as we know it have been designed on only one thing , the animal survival of species . I think we have come a long way ! Now survival is not all that we need to take care of , I mean evolution , Mental and spiritual evolution ! And family makes us stuck , remain there in the same place . From where our parents started and remain stuck !

You do not seem to respond to strong comments !

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 6 years ago from New York Author

Hi Myraid: If you think your comments are strong enough to trigger responses then I would like to let you believe that. As it is, this world which we live in, is nothing more than a 'make-believe' world and each one of us has the freedom to perceive our surroundings in a way we choose to. This freedom was available to OSHO as well and he made pretty good use of it. Speaking of my opinion, I'm sure it doesn't count for you.However, I've said whatever I had to in all my earlier posts. I don't believe in repetition. Thanks for your 'very strong comments'. :)

Ben 6 years ago

Hi, I have written a very simple story to help people get a bit of an understanding about Osho, my friend. I dedicate this story to the cute little lady who's forum this is and of course to Osho and also to the contributors of this thread. i have certainly gained some insight about the teachings of the man i love from reading your posts.

When they finished laughing and Osho got up to leave, the crowd begged of him to tell some more stories for he was one of the best story tellers visiting Mental Realm. He was as good as the best of them, though Buddha and Krishna gave him a good run in getting the audience captivated. Osho knew how much stories helped people to see beyond their little world. Osho told this happy audience that he had to go because God was calling. "We can't hear God" said one of the audience and the rest nodded. "Oh, believe me, he is calling and thankyou for the beautiful audience that you are" said Osho.

Osho leaves Mental Realm and journeys to Soul Realm, a journey he is so familiar with. "Osho there you are" says God, "where have you been". "I've been at Mental Realm helping some of the residents get an idea of how to go about getting a glimpse of Soul Realm so as to hear the music of your beautiful voice for they still can't hear you. "And how did you go", asked God. Oh yes, I went very well, my stories got 'joy' activated for them, they are now one step closer to getting a glimpse on how to find Soul Realm and I have to admit that it was a lot easier to do than when I did this in Physical Realm on that place called Earth" answered Osho.

GOD; Ah, that is what I've come to see you about, I have a mission for you on planet Earth and your the man for the job.

OSHO; But why me? Why not Krishna, Buddha or Mahommed or Jesus and what about Socrates, or Rumi, he hasn't done a visit for a while.

GOD; No Osho, you're the one that's needed, the Earth people have become so serious that it is going to take a man like you to break through their hard shells using your quick humorous wit that no other man can compete against. Humor is the best ingredient for the all so serious Earth people, they need one of my funnier children. Will you go my son?

OSHO; Before I decide I want to know that if these people have become as serious as you say; why would they listen to me then?

GOD; I have already answered that Osho but to be fair I will elaborate a bit more. Humor and laughing is what is needed to break this hard rock of seriousness that these humans think of as normal, they don't know any better and need someone like you to help them. And of course only the few that have journeyed long enough down this road will accept your help and as you know from your previous visits there, they will not come to accept it without a fight, even the one's that are ready for my message and messenger.

OSHO; Yes, I know all to well on how your message is received on Physical Realm, which brings me to my next question. How will I die?, will I be murdered like last time or tortured and killed like the time before or will it be one of those rare life's where I die naturally?

GOD; Osho, you know the answers to all these questions, you know how it makes no difference how you die and that I am with you all the way. When haven't I've been there, when haven't you felt great peace every time you parted Physical Realm, and the answer is never, not while you have known you are a child of mine.

OSHO; Yes you are right God, it was only the times before that when I didn't know who I was that I felt despair and scared.

GOD; Good man Osho. So will you do it?

OSHO; You know I will. You know I can't resist looking into peoples eyes when they finally wake up and to see the expression on their faces, to see them melt in your presence, these children that didn't know of you and have now been given a glimpse to help them remember who they always have been, a child of your light. Just to see one of them look in wonder at this realization is worth all the slander, cruelty, and the stupidity that has been every messenger's fate from the people they have come to help. This is just a small price to pay. And I know God that your comfort will always be their when I forget at times of your presence because of the grief I will feel at times from the hands of the one's who know not what they do.

GOD; This is another reason I have chosen you Osho, your total faith in my ways. Osho my message needs to be repeated over and over again. Now here's the plan. Go and help as many people as possible to see the lies they've fallen for but do it in a humorous way, these lies have made them very serious and defensive and remember they are very strong in believing the lies as the truth. So give them Truth with humor as well as techniques to unwind all this seriousness. Get them to see that the path back home is a fun one and smiles and joy is what is needed and not seriousness. Many have also forgotten Meditation or have no idea what meditation is about and how it can truly help them. I want you to forever go on about meditation and help them to understand why it is of utmost importance to them, they must experience their silence, their aloness to know me or themselves. They will misunderstand much of the message about sex and family, they have no idea of Soul's freedom and unattached lifestyle in Soul Realm, that we are all one big happy family. Your demonstration and example of living love for those with the eyes to see will give them a glimpse of Soul Realm. Just a glimpse will activate the key to Soul Realm for them. You must get them to stop listening to other peoples opinions and help for them to listen to their own heart where I reside, the centre of their Being. And remember only give this secret to those who are worthy, as you already know. They also have unusual notions about money. I didn't create money for them to call 'evil'. Remind them that money is alright and it is the love of money in place of the love of me or in other words the love of themselves that is not alright, for I am with All. Yes we need them to love themselves and know themselves and then we will have more helpers on our mission.

GOD: Well Osho have you any more questions before you leave?

OSHO; Just one. I've heard everyone on Physical Realm is having fun driving around in a thing called a car. It would be nice if I get a chance to go for a drive in a car.

GOD; Osho, my universe is one of abundance and I also want you to demonstrate this to the fearful populace of planet Earth. I want you to let them that fear is not real and if gratitude is replaced instead of fear then only abundance and love are real for those grateful of existance.. By the way Osho what is your favorite color.

OSHO; Pink.

GOD; I'll see what I can do for you.

The End.

I hope this explains Osho's mission for it sure did take long enough to type.,

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 6 years ago from New York Author

Ben: I can't thank you enough for spending so much time on this hub. It clearly shows your love for Osho and I respect that. It must have taken fairly long time to type out the story which definitely was a very interesting one to read. I'm still curious to know who devised this story and what is the source? Thx a lot for taking time to read and for sharing your wonderful comments.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 6 years ago from New York Author

Pradeep Chagarlamudi:

I understand your point of view and I agree with that completely. Actually, philosophy (life especially) is a subject which is never meant to give conclusive results / derivations. It constitutes the thought process of a person and the way he propagates it depending on how strong his conviction might be. In broader sense, Gandhi, Socrates, Bacon, Plato and many others belonged to same category. They were all ahead of their times and invited intense criticism for the theories they propounded just because people found it outrageous. Now we can make pretty good sense of what they used to say or what they tried to convey. My point is that a good teacher is only the one who knows HOW TO impart education to the diverse audience which might be listening to him. He has to know that, in his audience, there might be people existing on different levels of awareness and as such he has to be careful in choosing the right words so as not to adversely affect the Psyche of an immature person. It's said that there is nothing like 'bad children''s only 'bad parenting'. Likewise there's nothing wrong with Osho philosophy but the way it was preached. Thx for taking time to read and sharing your views here.

jimmy 6 years ago

keep on talking on osho,,,,,everybody here is attractive to osho in one or other ways

rakesh 6 years ago

Hi Anjalai, Went thru your write up. I am from Kerala, India. It is summer time here. But there was some rains yesterday - and today it is quite beautiful !!

And Yes Osho !

I had been a vivid reader all my life. I had the fortune to travel a lot in India.. I love my country a lot - its culture, it temples, the Ganges, my good lord this country is mind blowing. And in all this country if i am asked to choosen an indian who really knew india - even without a moment of hesitation i would sprung Osho's name. I love Mahatma Gandhi, I love Swami Vivekanda - but i would not even consider them - my choice will always be Osho.


Yesterday i ran across an ancient sanskrit document - Parvathi asks Shiva - Lord some of them (meaning the so called "wise")say that your nature is that of "advaita",

some others claim it is that of "dwaita"- kindly tell me

which of this is true. Shiva replies - Goddess my true nature is beyond dwaita advaita - i am dwaita advaita vivarjitha. (In lalitha sahasranama - godess is praised as dharmaaadharmavivarjitha)

Go across search, meet people - read hundreds of books - & then come back now touch Osho and you will learn no body can touch and expand the nature of shiva as Osho can do it. In fact al the books,talks and the efforts he did was revealing us our 'shiva' nature. We have gone very far from our roots, we have become aliens - we are all western educated so called Indians. Read what 'tvashta' has written.

Read Adi Shankara's lines too. I am writing this few kilometers away from the great Adi Shankaras home. I have always loved all his writings but my most favourite has been 'Nirvanashtakam' and in that Adi shankara states blatently - sivoham sivoham (I am shiva, I am God - and all his works every one is God- what is wrong in Osho calling himself Bhagwan - it is Indias way of life yaar - Anal Haq !)

I am 30 years old now. And from the time i am 12 - i had been trying to understand the Upanishads - i read many commentarires. Vivekanda Swamiji's books were too there.

And finally it was when i touched on expositions on the Upanishads by Osho - i felt something living, pulsating and absolutely simple.(Osho made things so simple that very simplicity made others overlook - the ancient wise greeks say - simplicity is the greatest sophistication. Only when you work hard to understand "a" thing that you understand its value and the value of man like Osho - osho brought to light hundreds of scriptures from the ancients - Upanishads , testaments from Bible & even that of St Thomas, Mindblowing writings from, Buddhist world, from Zen world, from Tantra Shasthras, Yoga Sutras, sufi literature .

He brought to light the wise words of hundreds of Indian mystics including Adi Shankaras writings. The grand literature he left in Hindi is still unexplored. Shadilya Sutras, Narada Bhakti Sutras, Bhagawad Gita, Shiva Sutras,

Ashtavakra Gita, Jaina Sutras, Songs of Kabir, Nanak, Farid, Jalaludddin Rumi and hundreds of others ...oh sorry - oh man Osho was an ocean of knowledge. Before commenting kindly spend some time. Read the context - and look how he responded - there are almost six hundred of his books available - read atleat 100 directly from the source before jumping to conclusions about a Genius of our times.

Search the net - go to google - find out about the man who read the maximum number of books in the human history - and you will only get one name - and among the books he loved there are books even of Mathmatics and physics containg pure mathamatical derivations as the content. No dumb jerk can love pure mathamatical books. Hold on - before jumping to conclusions ) Yeah - Upanishads !!

Sorry - it has been quite long.

I am not an Osho fan. I have never been to Pune nor do i ever want to. I am alone and i like to be alone. No memberships - no subscriptions. But i have always felt great awe and respect for Osho. Osho was too tremendous

and too big for any of us to deal. A mind like that never happened before. To my understanding he never had any theories. All he did every time was exposing life as it is.

Reading Osho is actually reading our selves and our collectivity. Reading Osho is understanding our roots, our diseases. For the past five years i had not touched Osho because i have felt osho words are dense atom bombs of silence. And i am not mature or grown to point to savour that immensity. Every time i see a Osho book some where i remember the statement of Arjun to Krishns - my lord enough - i cant see your vishva roopa. It scare me !!

In Bhagwad Gita in a chapter called Vishwaroopa Darsana Krishna reveals himself to Arjuna. And Arjuna cant take the tremendousness.

Anjali - what a beautiful name you have !

I am lost in your name. It is beautiful to be lost in a girls name for a boy like me. And in the same way what is wrong yaar for some people who seek meaning in their existance love osho. Anjali - wont it be wrong if some people brand me as a guy belonging to Anjali Cult ?

Yaar it respect, it is love. And branding love & respect as "cult" is deeply wrong. It is insulting. The word cult was used by pathetic christians who had no understanding of christ or his trmendousness.Please dont use the word Cult - while speaking about Osho.

Anjali, there is a website called A beautiful man has studied lot of mystics and philosphers.Kindly read his IMPARTIAL observations on Osho & dozens of great masters.

For thirty five years, until his death in 1990, Osho spoke continuously to the world, with only one message: we can only make a better world for our children if we transform our selves. To bring this message home and to reach as many people as possible, he used all kinds of tricks. He was very fond of manipulating the media. With great wit and intelligence he acted like the true twentieth century public relation manager he was: if he could attract attention by creating a scandal, he would not hesitate to do so. For he knew that gossip and scandal were foremost in the mind of the audience. But he also knew that deep down in their hearts everyone is hankering for truth, love and liberation. So he lured them with jokes, gossip and scandals, but when he got people's attention he poured his love out on them. And listening to the guy, you cannot eventually escape to be deeply moved by his words and his presence.

So Anjali - now the last. Anjali have you ever wondered why you chose to write on Osho then hundreds of subjects around you - look around you will find - you wrote " Know yourself. Unfold the hidden power of your mind and set yourself rolling on the Path of Transformation "

No 1 - "Know yourself." Self Knowing journey is tricky, devastating , thrilling horror journey. All "CULT" people do that essentially. being close to a living master of any orgin gives a kind of little solace. But suffering and misery is inevitable.

No 2 - "Unfold the hidden power of your mind" - In India

this unfolding was called as the blooming of 1000 petals of lotus - sahasradalapadmam - it happens when one attains moksha,Kaivalya. Buddha called it Nirvana and the essence of this experience when translated in to plain english was

called - NO MIND.(It is not a theory created by Osho - it is experience of hundreds of mystics from India, Pakistan, Arabia, Tibet, China, Sri Lanka, Japan, Lebanon and hundreds of places)

No 3;"set yourself rolling on the Path of Transformation."

All this opposing and favouring r nothing but continuation of this journey. When you oppose you are really caught up !

Life makes it sure mutation happens. More than any other mystic Osho used this mechanism to his perfect use. Osho purposefully created enemies. And once you are an enemy your caught.Life makes sure that you revisit the lane with a difference.

Reading Osho(or any other mystic.)is nothing but getting close to yourself.As pic above says "...courage to be silent and alone". Journey of self discovery is a nightmare. And to cross that nightmare wisdom of a person like Osho is immensely helpful. It is like you have a little idea about the town overseas you will visit some day.

Trouble is sure.

rakesh 6 years ago

I forgot to add a vital essay on osho - done by an impartial man. Add this too Anjali in the earlier Article...

Please also add -

Oh i forgot an important thing - Osho was very very simple man.He lived in a small dark room.Only when he was outside he came up with all that pomp things -

Any mess up kindly mail to

Arun S 6 years ago

Osho is enlightened one, who made complex esoteric stuff accessible to today’s men, we should be thankful by heart,

savhin rathi 6 years ago

He really only give a path if you like it than you can follow and if u donot than that's your decision nothing is wrong and right in it Just love yourself and live egoless that is its teaching i donot think nothing is wrong in it I live more happily after comes in the contacy of osho and i thank him for that

Thank you Bhagwan

ash 6 years ago


APURAV 6 years ago


OSHO Didn't denied existence of God ..infact he made people aware of God and in his last discourses he denied The God who is away from humans ...this i knew after reading hundreds of His books ..i found only one thing

that he made people understand aby calling them from everyside but the point that remains in his message is "GO INSIDE" WHETHER U BELIEVE IN GOD OR DONT,COZ THERE R MANY PATHS LIKE PATH OF LOVE(BHAKTI),PATH OF GYAN(KNOWLEDGE)...........


God is our only victory. Nothing else can make

us victorious. Everything else ends in failure, unexceptionally. Without failure, everything falls into


There are many illusions in life, very attractive, but they are attractive only from the distance. As you

come closer you become disillusioned. But man is so foolish that even when he is disillusioned by

one illusion he immediately starts projecting another, maybe of the same kind or maybe a little bit

different, but basically, essentially, the same.

And mind goes on deceiving. Mind goes on saying, ”If you have failed in this, that doesn’t mean

that you have failed forever. You may succeed in something else.” Or, ”This time you have failed –

don’t be disheartened.” Mind goes on giving you encouragement: ”Try again and try again, again

and again. Who knows? – the third time, the fourth time, the fifth time, you may succeed. It is only

a question of perseverance.”

These are very beautiful arguments, but utterly baseless. Even if you try thousand and one times,

nothing except God can make you feel successful, fulfilled, victorious. Sooner it is understood, the

better, because time is saved, unnecessary misery is saved. And the same energy that we invest

into illusions can become a dance, can become a song, can become rejoicing.

Sannyas is the awareness that only God succeeds that only God can be our victory. Sannyas is a

one-pointed search for God, a concentrated effort to know the source of life... because the source

is also the goal. By knowing it, all is known. By not knowing it, you can know all that is contained in

all the libraries of the world and still you will remain ignorant.


Man can create, at the most, pleasure. Bliss is beyond man’s creativity. Bliss always comes as a gift

from God. It is always divine; it is never human. Pleasure is human; that’s why our world is so full of

pleasures. But pleasures don’t satisfy; they can’t. The longing in the heart is for the bliss.

Pleasures are pleasant – I am not against them – but one thing has to be remembered: that they

are playthings, toys. Man creates them – just because man creates them, they cannot fulfill man.

They remain below man. The creation always remains below the creator; the creation can never be

bigger than the creator.

And the longing of the heart is something infinite, for something vast, for something tremendously

powerful; something that will take you away from yourself, something that will come like a flood and

will wash you and cleanse you and purify you, something that will shower on you from the beyond.

Only that can become contentment. Bliss is divine.

And never be misguided by the pleasures. They are good in themselves, good games to play with.

But games are games; one should not expect much from them. They keep you occupied. A beautiful

house, a beautiful family, children, husband, wife, friends, good company – these are games. Play

them as skillfully as possible, play them as artfully as possible, but remember they will not fill your

life with contentment. They will keep you superficially occupied, engaged, that’s all.

So remaining amidst pleasures of all kinds, never forget for a single moment that life is not only to

play games. It has to achieve something very definite: it has to achieve something of truth. And that

is possible only when we move beyond the human mind, when we put the human mind aside and

bow down before the beyond. That is surrender and that is sannyas. In that bowing down, in that

surrender, the beyond enters in you.





anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 6 years ago from New York Author


You're, perhaps the only one, in the long list of my readers, who expressed Osho's ideologies in manner which makes absolute sense. Its for the first time I read a post which clearly states that Osho never denied the existence of God and as for the other things which are supposedly 'toys' in the life of a human being, it makes complete sense. I agree with the thought that they are toys which need to played skillfully and that they cannot lead you to bliss, despite being a source of pleasure. It definitely makes sense!!! Its, like you said, perhaps mentioned in his last writings which is why I never got a chance to read what you mentioned in your post. His earlier preachings had a somewhat annoying undertone but, as I always say, he might have had his own reasons to do that. Thanks a ton for your very valuable input.

profile image

Devendra Dadhich 6 years ago

Namstee to all of u..

All seems here very much professionl and have great knowledge of the philosophey...anjali is too gud same as apurav...hi its been 3yr to me to reading OSHO. I read about his controversy too...

I was the only one in family who was reading OSHO as the my thoughts were gonna change my younger brother said to me to stop the reading OSHO but i was very fine and happy enjoying ..but when one days when he took a book of OSHO. he too felt very good..and started to reading his books more then me some frds are also against me. but i dont care of them bcouse i knw they never touch the book of OSHO. so as i feel before we say something wrong for some one we shud have proof.....

Jogi 6 years ago

About Osho....

I have only thing to say.



jashan 6 years ago

Osho was really someone great. He could think about our future and how this life should be. Of course every civilization forces the welcome of new things which is our limitation too. We cannot accept his thoughts just because we are deeply rooted with our culture. I think, one needs to be really open minded to read osho otherwise you will be facing conflicts with yourself. He can prove you a fool in just a few minutes and I think we really are. Discussing about the personal experiences cannot falsify his theories, he was a way ahead than all of us present here. If anyone is criticizing him then it just means that person is strongly bonded with his or her culture and is not daring enough to think about different zone. Life is not just having husband, wife, children and relatives. It is a lot more than that. The culture of family must have erupted from somewhere and I can bet that it would have been criticized at the time of transition and now most of the people think it is right.

Sri T profile image

Sri T 6 years ago

Osho was a mixture of contradictions. That said, two of my favorite books by him were The Secret of Secrets vol. 2 and Only One Sky. These two books were liberating. If you go further with his work these two books will void themselves. That's how he was, an amazing man who could lose you in words.

brandon 6 years ago

My only question is on the video of God not existing, he says that evolution can not evolve and then says if evolution is impossible then life loses all meaning. He says god is perfect but we are not, so we are evolving but god is not therefore nothing can evolve in his presence. So then is he contradicting himself or am i missing a piece in this video?

6 years ago

so is he saying that we will keep evolving or not life is meaningless?

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 6 years ago from New York Author

Brandon: Thats what I felt when I watched some more of his videos. I found he was contradicting himself everywhere but his followers believe that these 'contradictions' were beyond the realms of common man's understanding. They believe it to be a quality of a learned and scholarly man like Osho, much less understood by people (like me ) of average intelligence. Its like his followers have one thing to say to me...."Go figure." :) Thx very much for joining in.

sumit 6 years ago

osho was the biggest charlatan in the whole history of mankind.bigger than buddha..jesus....or moses or anyone for that matter.there is absolutely no such thing as englightenment,it is a big...fat romantic joke....escapists all over the world have been glorifying.all the philosophies and all the mystic poems and books r mind games and delusions to run away from reality.reality is what u all of us already know and live in.reality is looking after ur wife and children and parents.reality is fighting for ur country..and not being afraid and justifying ur fear by talking about shit like there shud be one world..and no nations and no wars.its a joke dude..and u know deep down....that courage is not in renouncing..but in facing. working hard at office...or pushing a rickshaw in the glaring heat of summer, that is reality.reality is not doing abstruse ..philosophical..aesthetic....word play.....and thinking u r a rebel.u fucking cant be a rebel for a single second......u can think u r alone ..u r an island...u r deep in meditation..but the moment something happens to ur body....u forget all that existential shit..and run for the doctors...for the society.ever single moment u r dependent on the society....and so was osho. yes..u can get entertained by what osho u can get a good movie..or a good song..there is aesthetic pleasure in it, but it is not reality.and osho was a charlatan..showman..entertainer pas all the great saints and mystics before and after him. u may call me a philistine.....but...thats the truth...and that's the way this world will always remain.

Biju Krishnan 6 years ago

Osho was a brilliant teacher. None of the current spiritual philosophers can match his ability to convey a meaning.

Ravi Shankar lost to Zakir Naik in debate for which the topic was Ravi Shankar's own book. Such was the shame that Ravi Shankar promised not to publish it again.

Osho maintained silence for the years he spent in USA, because he knew that to preach you need to replenish your own knowledge.

And as he himself said, you need to know when to depart from company of your guru to tread your own path. You cant expect to be eternally following his advice. So once you get a hang of what Osho wanted to convey, leave him, don't follow him or his life, tread your own path.

Jiddu Krishnamurti was another example of a well read person preaching.

Prakash 6 years ago



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Gyaneshwar Pangtey 6 years ago

Dear Anjali and all other friends !

after reading all of this i want to mention something that osho had said and goes perfect with what's happening here : "LOVE ME OR HATE ME BUT YOU CANNOT IGNORE ME ".

1. I am not an expert at all but a firm believer of what G Buddha had said " do not believe any thing or anyone no matter where it is written or even if it is said by the buddha himself , unless it is agreed upon by your inner voice ". So going by that i do not see any conflict people are all free to follow a way or do as they please .

2. I would like to contribute here by saying that talking about OHSO's NO MIND or ENLIGHTENMENT or what was his deepest conclusions were, details about cosmic etc would be too much to get into too soon may be .

I have read books of OSHO and have almost around 70% of his main works in audio/video and listened to them carefully i have heard so much that i cannot count in hrs. Its easy to take up one thing said by him and talk only around that and find a contradiction to that statement and may be find something more valuable which explains all contradictions.

3. What i have heard him talk about is ; live life do not run away from life, your responsibilities be in this world completely and also try and focus on who u really are , start working on it . This life is God itself live it well and remember the greatest sin is to cause harm to people or urself.( WELL THAT'S HARMLESS STUFF )

4. I feel sad when people say that sex free thing about him if there were such crazy things happening in his time i have no idea ,but i have been to pune ashram lived there and have seen that there is no such thing happening some women might like someone and be parners that happens anywhere . Yes but i have seen lots of people come thinking that there could be sex to be found and they have nothing to do with OSHO .

OSHO says have sex only when u have some love for that partner not only for sex. Completely against all kinds of Prostitution . Condemns marriages in which there is no love and the partner has no courage to be honest about it .

5. Such a great thing he has said about over population so true i can see it all around .

6. About the lavish life etc. its soo funny for me that when a person like OSHO to say the least an extraordinary mind a super mind man travels in a luxury car we all question it but when anti national,inhuman criminal Indian politicians travel in same luxury vehicles we never find it strange .

Its just an idea /understanding that an enlightened soul should be naked like Diogenes or like Buddha a fakir life style .

Well if his community is a cult then after he said that he was poisoned by US govt. ,believe me there would have been some violent reaction or even the birth of something like a jehadi group to take revenge . That's the biggest proof for me of something spiritual .

Gyaneshwar pangtey 6 years ago

What OSHO's message was is one thing and to INTERPRET it is something completely different . I believe that for people like OSHO and Buddha more damage has been done by not their critics but their so called followers who are not really into him or the path if i may say but they start acting like the Buddha's Representatives agents and dilute the message and most importantly EXPLOIT /MISGUIDE people .

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 6 years ago from New York Author

Ganeshwar Pangtey:

I can't say how much I appreciate your beautiful words. Ultimately its not about what you say but how you say. :) Thx a ton for sharing your wonderful thoughts and for being a part of this hub.

profile image

G Pangtey 6 years ago

I think i dont know how to write well :)

SACHIN SHARMA 6 years ago

hii anjali..

it's strange that after seeing the videos and reading several books of swami are not influenced with his thought..i became is follower by just 2 months by reading his novel and visitig tha asharam.

Yogesh 6 years ago

WOW....great discussions going..!!

profile image

profhughakston 6 years ago


I had my first taste of Osho in 2008. I have finished Sambhog se Samadhi ki Aur(From Sex to Super-Consciousness), Bhaj Govindam, Geeta Darshan(Osho's commentary on the Bhagvad Gita, simply superb), MahaGeeta(osho's commentary on Ashtavakra gita)-all in hindi. All these are audio files (english discourses are also available) and are freely downloadable at oshoworld dot com.

No words can capture the joy of listening to Osho.

Currently i am listening to his commentary on Thus Spake zarathustra by Frederich Nietzche.

One suggestion- read/listen osho with an open mind. He is full of contradictions. the video STRANGE CONSEQUENCES(most watched,btw)on youtube potrays him as a dirty old man. but the hindi videos are of very deep wisdom.

Will come back here soon

Mat Chaudhry 6 years ago

What a beautiful man with such a beautiful message.

If you hate, hate with awareness

If you love, love with awareness……

Let everything arise out of your awareness

Sandeep Singh 6 years ago

Things have gone very far from the truth. I don't follow any religion,any person even if it is OSHO. I just follow myself. I have only one thing to about OSHo. But since debate is on OSHO, i just have one thing to say, that if people like krishna, muhammad, jesus, buddha, mahavira, kabira, nanaka, dadu, farid, ramkrishna paramhansa and all the enlightened masters of the world had to become stars of galaxy, then it is certain OSHO would have been the brightest star of the galaxy. Look at his bravery he alone fought against all the so-called religions so far happened in the name of spirituality. So many attacks happened to him but but he never compromised with what he wants to say and what he wants to do. Even so-called sadhus, mahatmas, pundits, mullas, popes are so feared of word sex, he had given discourse on it openly not hiddenly. And he is very right that if acc to u god made u and he choose the sex for human then what is the fear..

sandeep 6 years ago

And it is not only the case with Osho, it is the case with every Buddha. First people ignore him just because he brings new ideas acc to time and need of hour and then after many centuries they started worshipping them. Krishna also used to speak against so-called devi, devatas, buddha also against hindus vedas bcoz 99.99% is wastage and it is right that no-one is interested in vedas. people were also against kabira and nanak. osho was very right when he said that these so-called pundits, mullas and popes are just parrots exploiting people. they just read gita, bible,koran and think that they are very godly people. Thats why in the entire history no pundits and brihmans had been able to become enlightened. all the greatest enlightened masters are kshtriya people bcoz only those can learn to be non-violence who knew violence. And i m agree with this..

annonymous 6 years ago

real yogis never give public appearances? lol!! Did you mean to say, we should believe it because your daddy said so? If you're earnest in your approach, you will see that India has produced a countless number of enlightened masters who have taught meditation to the world. Buddha, Mahaveer, patanjali, Ashtavakra, and of-course OSHO. Now the question arises that if india has known meditation for centuries, what was the new thing that osho gave to the world? Try one of his methods and you'll see the difference. Beloved OSHO gave to the world methods of meditation for the modern mind, which, in most of the cases is quite different from how it used to be at the time of Buddha. Yes it is agreed that there is a large number of charlatans as well, but if you are sincere in your pursuit of truth (spiritual evolution?), it is not difficult to recognize them-how far can they carry you through meditation? Most importantly, you'll never find OSHO or anyone like him in the words they have spoken, but in the silence. Watch the thoughts and emotions arising in your mind at this moment, and see that you are separate from them. You are silence, peace, calm, BUDDHA...OSHO!! LOVE...

osho my master 5 years ago

love you BHAGWAN

keshaw 5 years ago

For me OSHO is someone who is living on a different plane of consciousness. Clearly he disturbs people with his insights and visions about the present world, and it is very difficult for people like US to actually understand the depthness of his words.As we are "trapped" in a vicious circle of education and work, getting out of it seems to be impossible or at least broadening our "knowledge" about our inner self. Most of us are mostly engrossed in defending our EGO and missing out the real truth. It is not that i am in favour or against osho's principles but his speeches, sermons and teachings happen to help many people. To be truly able to understand his teachings, one must go within himself and actually experience peace and unveil your true potential. Like he said most people like us have a big veil on our eyes and and it is high time to LEARN!!

s.s. 5 years ago

osho always believed in saying truth as it is.

he was not against god but he always said that god is not what people thinks..

he said that this whole nature, universe is god. food, water air is god.

he said that humans are god to each other.

wht u think is god will nvr come physically to u.

we r god to each other.

and people missunderstood osho that he didnt believe in god.$

osho just wanted to stop the religious fights between humans.

he was the greatest thinkers of all times.

i love osho...

Mahesh Savi 5 years ago

I love OSHO, and no1 could be compared with him... he is just awesome...

profile image

zerospacer 5 years ago

"I am not a philosopher. Always remember that I am a poet, not a philosopher."

If anyone is struggling with their opinion about who Osho really is, I would recommend reading The Book Of Wisdom cover to cover. By the end, it's likely you will know what you think of him, in that one book. He seems to cover everything, including the topics and issues mentioned here in this discussion, and including what he thinks about God and to me it is very clear. (His book Being In Love pretty much covers family and relationships to the nth, but its covered in Book Of Wisdom too.)

A few years ago I discovered Osho during a time of partial awakening. It was like finding a spring in my desert--nothing else I had read in self-help and spiritual matters had ever spoke to me. Still, I was frustrated by apparent contradictions etc. And anyway I felt I basically got what I needed and stopped reading books entirely--which I think is one of his points, after all.

But recently I picked up The Book Of Wisdom from a bookstore going out of business and felt that same immediate light as before. But more so. And this time, I saw through the contradictions. In fact, I am now in awe of how consistent--truly consistent--he is. (He even addresses his inconsistency in the book and insightfully jokes about it.) He isn't asking you to believe anything he says. I think there is a subtle angle in all of his words whereby he is poking your dualistic mind, poking your ego, and why not since it is there to be poked? If it is there it must be poked. Because it has got to be dropped.

Osho speaks of God and also says It should be dropped. He says the family and marriage must be dropped, but speaks of love being the only marriage, how children should be raised (very wu-wei) and family that is not biological. The point is to drop the dead idea, empty yourself so the real thing can be there in its place, inside of you, and not the substitutes enforced by the priests or the policemen. It is the counterfeits in our world that are causing the pain, mental attachments that are against life (we desire to be loved and loved forever securely, so we use an institution we call marriage to pretend we have it etc.). I think Osho would say: I am against the family? Your family is against the family. So many divorces, abused, unloved children. Drop the false idea so the situation doesn't begin in the first place. You might find yourself with the same partner for years, and children and live in a home in the suburbs. But only let it happen--follow your heart, follow love, let your freedom always be the criteria. And no need to bring the priest or the state into it.

If you can read him very much and not understand it, then you're missing something; I don't say this with disdain or saying you should agree, but he shouldn't be dismissed lightly as an unintelligent, inconsistent huckster. It's not about being well-educated or abstruse or abstract. Osho is the opposite of abstract. In fact he says it is one of our sicknesses-even our so-called spiritual traditions have made the truth abstract and dead, of the mind, and as such it is a control parasite. To him, it is something to be experienced. It is life itself. Knowledge gets in the way. Again and again, I have been hit by him. A friendly and welcome hit, but hit nonetheless. And I usually laugh, it's so funny! My so-called knowledge drops. The language drops. And it is to drop language that is part of his technique. It's okay for day-to-day, it is fine used as an everyday expedient. And that's how he uses it--artfully but without and artificial enshrinement of it. Instead of abusing it or avoiding it he brings you out of it by bringing you into it totally. (And he is one of the best masters of the word I have ever heard or read.)

He doesn't want anyone to believe him. He says that belief must be dropped, too. It is a dead thing. Instead he says, again and again, go into it and see for yourself. Yes, he challenges everyone to go into the mystery. Like the picture above: Meditation is the courage to be silent and alone. Meditation, awareness, freedom,'s all the same thing. That's it. You don't need to keep calling It those names (awareness, love, etc.). And you don't need Osho.

We tend to think of "spiritual masters" as being somehow depersonalized... Osho said he was always growing. I have come to believe that each master reflects the truth but every time that happens, it will be different. Buddha was for his place, Jesus was for his time. Our masters will be different--they will be of us and our time with our flavor in it. Because the truth is the same but ever-flowering in a different way. Because we, in fact, manifest them so they can disrupt us. And for me, Osho is that master. We are used to Jesus, we are used to Buddha--they no longer disrupt us. Osho is fresh, so he does.

From the Book Of Wisdom:

"When a poet composes a song it is because he loves it. God has painted you, sung you, danced you. God loves you! If you don't see any meaning in the word god don't be worried; call it existence, call it the whole. The existence loves you, otherwise you would not be here."

"We are gods."

"God as a person is a lie. There is godliness, but there is no God. Whenever I use the word god I simply mean godliness, remember it. Translate it always as godliness. There is a quality of godliness in existence, but there is no God. But people want a God, not godliness; they are not interested in godliness."

"I am trying to reveal that treasure to you again. Let it sink deep in your heart. The first principle is the art of living. Be life-affirmative. Life is synonymous with God. You can drop the word god -- life IS God.

That has always been the attitude of the meditator. If you are a man of prayer, existence appears as God, as personal. If you are a man of meditation, existence is impersonal, just a wholeness, a divineness. For the man of prayer there is God; for the man of awareness there is godliness but no God."

"An old Hassid master asked one of his disciples, "What do we mean when we use the word god?"

The disciple wouldn't answer, the disciple wouldn't look in the eyes of the master. With bent head, ashamed of himself, he remained silent.

The question was asked again and again. Thrice the master asked. The more the master asked, the more silent the disciple became. And the silence was very embarrassing. The disciple has to respect the question of the master -- and it was as if he has not even heard; no response from the disciple. The master was irritated and he asked, "Why don't you answer me? What do we mean by the word god when we use it?"

And the disciple said, "Because I don't know, how can I answer? I don't know God!"

And the master laughed, a laughter which can happen only to those who have arrived. He said, "And do you think I know?"

Who knows? Who has ever known? But still God is, and still God has to be addressed.

Whoever told you that God is an object of knowledge? God is not an object of knowledge, God is not an object at all. God is the silence that pervades you when words dissolve. God is the question mark that remains, Shantam, when questions are gone, evaporated. God is the mystery -- unresolvable.

I am not here to give answers, I am here to provoke in you the question mark, the ultimate question mark. It is not a question, remember; the ultimate question mark is not a question. There is no question at all. Simply you are encountering something ineffable, indefinable, infinite, eternal, with no beginning and no end, with no possibility to comprehend it, with no possibility to encompass it. On the contrary, God is the one who encompasses you, God is the one who comprehends you. God is the one for whom you are not a question nor a question mark.

Slowly slowly, learn the ways of living in mystery. Mind continuously hankers to demystify everything; there is a deep urge in the mind to demystify. Why? -- because it can control only when something is demystified. Mystery starts controlling it, hence mind escapes from mysteries. Mind wants explanations, because once something is explained it can be manipulated; once som

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zerospacer 5 years ago

"The English word devil is very beautiful. If you read it backwards it becomes lived. That which is lived becomes divine, and that which is not lived becomes devil. Only the lived is transformed into godliness; the unlived turns poisonous. Today you postpone, and whatsoever remains unlived in you will hang around you like a weight. If you had lived it you would have been free of it. It would not have haunted you, it would not have tortured you.

But man up to now has been taught not to live but to hope -- hope that tomorrow things will be such that you will be able to live, hope that tomorrow you will be worthy to live, hope that tomorrow you will be Jesus Christ or Gautama the Buddha.

You are never going to be Jesus the Christ or Gautama the Buddha, you are simply going to be yourself. You are not a carbon copy of anybody else. It would have been ugly to be another Christ or another Buddha; that would have been a great insult to your humanity. Man has dignity because man has originality.

The old concept was to live according to a certain pattern -- the Buddhist pattern, the Christian pattern, the Hindu pattern. The old was not in favor of the individual, it was in favor of a certain pattern. That pattern creates slavery.

I teach the individual, I teach the unique individual. Respect yourself, love yourself, because there has never been a person like you and there never will be again. God never repeats. You are utterly unique, incomparably unique. You need not be like somebody else, you need not be an imitator, you have to be authentically yourself, your own being."

"And so is the case with truth, or if you like you can use the word god. So is the case with god. It is not that he is far away, and that's why we don't know about him; it is because he is not far away but very close by. Even to say that it is close by is not right, because you are it. He is within you and without: he is all and all.

This is the first thing that has to be allowed to sink deep in your heart: truth already is, we are in it."

"The first thing to be remembered is: all questions are silly, and all answers are too. Then you will be a little puzzled -- why do I go on answering your questions? If you look deep down into my answers you will see that they are not answers. They don't nourish your mind, they destroy your mind, they shatter you. They are meant to be shocks. The purpose of my answering is to hammer your mind -- it is hammering, it is not answering.

In the beginning, when you come here for the first time and you don't understand me and my purpose, you may think that I am answering you. The longer you are here, the deeper you become attuned with me, the more you know that my answering is not to give you answers. It is not to make you more knowledgeable -- just the opposite. It is to take your knowledge away, to make you unknowledgeable, to make you ignorant -- ignorant again, innocent again -- so that questioning disappears.

And when there is no questioning, there is a totally new quality to your consciousness."

"Even to think of it seems to be mind-blowing. But modem physics says electrons are behaving in a very mysterious way -- illogical, unpredictable, confusing.

I am not a philosopher who is trying to make a system of thought. I am a mystic who is trying to convey the mysteries that have become available to me. I will confuse you."

"If you become confused by listening to me, that means you have heard me. The more intelligent you are, the more confused you will become. And I use contradiction as a technique, I go on contradicting myself.

Why do I contradict myself? I am not teaching a philosophy here. The philosopher has to be very consistent -- flawless, logical, rational, always ready to argue and prove his statements. I am not a philosopher. I am not here giving you a consistent dogma to which you can cling. My whole effort is to give you a no-mind.

Be perfectly clear about it. My effort is not to strengthen a certain mind, my effort is just the opposite of it: to give you a state of no-mind -- a state which has no knowledge, a state which functions from not knowing, a state of innocence.

I use contradiction as a device. I say one thing, out of your old habit you cling to it; the next day I have to contradict it. When I contradict it you have to drop it. But you may start clinging to the new thing that I have said; I will have to contradict it again.

This will go on, you will go on clinging to this, to that. One day suddenly you will become aware what is happening. I don't allow you any certainty, nothing to cling to. And if I contradict, what is the point of clinging at all? Then why not wait? I will contradict, and then you will have to leave it, and it is painful. Once you cling to a thing and then you have to leave it, it is painful, it creates anxiety.

So those who have listened to me for a long time, listen simply. They simply listen, they don't cling. They know perfectly well, now that they are aware of the game, that tomorrow I will contradict. So why carry it for twenty-four hours? The pain of carrying the weight, and then the pain of dropping it... slowly slowly it dawns in your awareness that there is no need to cling; this man contradicts. This man is consistently inconsistent.

Once you have understood that, you listen to me as one listens to music. You listen to me as one listens to the wind passing through the pine trees, you listen to me as one listens to the birds singing in the morning. You don't say to the cuckoo, "Yesterday your song was different," and you don't go to the roseflower and say, "Last season the flowers were bigger" -- or smaller -- "why are you contradicting yourself?"

You don't say to the poet, "In one of your poems you said this, and in another poem you have said something else." You don't expect a poet to be consistent, so you don't ask. Poetry is not a theory, it is not a syllogism, it is a song.

I am not a philosopher. Always remember that I am a poet, not a philosopher. Remember always that I am not a missionary, but a musician playing on the harp of your heart. Songs will go on changing... you need not cling to anything, then there will be no confusion at all.

The people who are always hankering for consistency can never enter into the mystery of life. Consistency is something manmade, it is arbitrary. Existence is not consistent."

"Whenever you find a contradiction in my statements make it a point to meditate over them, because essentially there cannot be a contradiction. Apparently there may be, but now you have to start doing some homework too.

Meditate, look at all the possible aspects, all the possible meanings, and you will be surprised. When you are able to see the consistency, the intrinsic consistency, when you are able to go beyond the contradiction, it will be a moment of great insight. It will fill you with light, it will make you delighted, because it is a discovery, and each discovery helps growth."

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zerospacer 5 years ago

Osho on belief:

"All believers are disbelievers -- they may be Hindus, they may be Christians, they may be Jainas. I know all of them: all believers are disbelievers, because belief brings disbelief, it is the shadow of belief. Can you believe without disbelieving? It is impossible; it cannot be done in the nature of things. If you want to disbelieve, the first requirement is to believe. Can you believe without any disbelief entering from the back door? Or can you disbelieve without having any belief in the first place? Believe in God, and immediately the disbelief comes in. Believe in afterlife and disbelief arises. Disbelief is secondary, belief is primary.

And, Mohan Bharti, what you want to do is what millions of people in the world want to do: they don't want the disbelief, they want only the belief. I cannot help, nobody can help. If you only are interested in belief, you will have to suffer the disbelief also. You will remain divided, you will remain split, you will remain schizophrenic. You cannot have the feel of organic unity; you yourself have barred it from happening.

What's my suggestion? First, drop believing. Let beliefs be dropped, they are all rubbish! Trust in doubt, that's my suggestion; don't try to hide it. Trust in doubt. That is the first thing to bring in your being: trust in your doubt. And see the beauty of it, how beautifully trust has come in.

I am not saying believe, I am saying TRUST. The doubt is a natural gift; it must be from God -- from where else can it be? You bring doubt with you: trust in it, trust in your questioning. And don't be in a hurry to stuff and hide it with borrowed beliefs from the outside -- from the parents, from the priests, from the politicians, from the society, the church. Your doubt is something beautiful because it is yours; it is something beautiful because it is authentic. Out of this authentic doubt some day will grow the flower of authentic trust. It will be an inner growth, it will not be an imposition from the outside.

That is the difference between belief and trust: trust grows inside you, in your interiority, in your subjectivity. Just as doubt is inner, so is trust. And only the inner can transform the inner. Belief is from the outside; it can't help because it can't reach to the innermost core of your being, and it is there that the doubt is.

From where to start? Trust your doubt. That's my way of bringing trust in. Don't believe in God, don't believe in the soul, don't believe in the afterlife. Trust in your doubt, and immediately a conversion has started. Trust is such a powerful force that even if you trust in your doubt you have brought light in. And doubt is like darkness. That small trust in doubt will start changing your inner world, the inner scene.

And question! Why be afraid? Why be so cowardly? Question -- question all the buddhas, question me, because if there is truth, truth is not afraid of your questioning. If buddhas are true, they are true; you need not believe in them. Go on doubting them... and still one day you will see trust has arisen.

When you doubt, and you go on in doubting to the very end, to the very logical end, sooner or later you will stumble upon a truth. Doubt is groping in darkness, but the door exists. If Buddha could get to the door, if Jesus could get to it, if Atisha could get to it, if I can get to it, why can't you? Everybody is capable of getting to the door -- but you are afraid of groping, so you sit in your dark corner believing in somebody who has found the door. You have not seen that somebody, you have heard about him from others who have heard it from others, and so on, so forth."

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author

Zerospacer: I can't thank you enough for the effort you've put in to share excerpts from Osho. You really have given enough food for thought to all of us. Thank you for being a valuable part of this hub. BTW welcome to HP! I noticed that you registered with HP today. I'm sure your articles would offer inspiration to millions of readers out there. Good luck!

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zerospacer 5 years ago

You know, I just discovered the hub today. I didn't know something like this existed so I'm just learning how it works. Thanks!

I think Osho's basic message is dropping the mental hierarchy. It creates all this false material/spiritual dichotomy that keeps us in a dead end cul de sac. The business of life is life, all life. Awareness serves life, allows life, therefore it is good. Since life is always topping itself creatively, experiences fully experienced lead to new experiences. Start judging and suppressing, start attaching to ideas about this is good and this is bad, and the process is stunted.

In fact, Osho explained that desire is not bad. It is object desire that is deadening. Thinking you need a particular thing. A real tragedy--though it is pretty funny, too!--is making the 'spiritual' into a goal, even making it serious, making it into an object. That just keeps us in the dead end. We are already spiritual. We don't have to get that way. Awareness is the difference (no mind) which is relaxing and experiencing everything completely, following our energy. Evolution will happen naturally because the universe works that way--consciousness lives to grow. We imagine mentally the destination of that growth, and we have called that 'spirituality'. But there is no A to B, and the B we imagine is a fake destination. It is now. The adventure is now. The only way ultimately is the tao--the way that is no way. Life is not fixed. Life is not a goal you see on the future horizon and then arrive at, just as you saw it. Life is not consistent. So be inconsistent. Be now.

He didn't advocate renouncing the world. Actually he advocated going into life as completely as possible--in fact he often talks about the misguidedness of the monks and monasteries of the world as another kind of repression. It surprised me the situation of your friend was in: he didn't want to live life anymore. This is just the opposite of Osho's message, which is quite funny (at least now that your friend is past the crisis!). Personally, I think he communicated his message perfectly. People will always do with a message what they will. Your friend experienced it that way because that was what was inside him at the time; just as you said, people choose (on a deep level) how they experience something. I don't think people can be victims of a message. The people who have the ears hear; the others either disregard or misunderstand and this is not only impossible to avoid but it is how it should be. I think the effectiveness of his teaching style is proven by the fact that his influence seems to be only growing with time, with many books in print and material available on the internet.

I agree with Myriad, and Osho himself, that Osho (like anything) is a boat you drop as soon as you don't need it. I've read three Osho books and I'm not planning on reading anymore. Maybe for fun sometime... Anyway, the short discourse below I think is his Sermon On The Mount, so to speak. I think considering the differentiation he makes between knowledge and wisdom, it's a great wisdom--or let's say a perfect arrow pointing to it. After reading it, I can't help but think: What else is there to say?

And here's a complete searchable library of his books in English.

Frank 5 years ago

How can you be aware of truth when you have spent your entire life wrapping it in lies? All of these conceptions and beliefs are a result of mind, they are imaginings. You must delve beyond mind to seek truth, this truth is the real knowledge.

Jhony 5 years ago

Dear anjali and all who r on this blog r i have one confusion.why osho says one thing on one place and just opposite on other place.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author

@ Frank, Jhony & all other lovely people who visited this hub so far:

Due to overwhelming response (including severe criticism) to this hub, I stopped replying to comments long time back.

However, I welcome everyone to share thoughts / insight / experiences here so that we all get benefited in some way or the other. Thank you all.

Laila Rajaratnam profile image

Laila Rajaratnam 5 years ago from India

Anju,I read this hub again after two years..I still feel as I felt then, that you are spot on and I totally agree with you.Surely I have a right to agree with you,don't I?

Jhony d'souza 5 years ago

Hey anjali and all pls give ur reply on osho's contradictory thoughts.people r confused and are ruining their lives that they can be aware of osho's trick to destroy the people's mind and lives both.i will wait.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author

Hi Laila! Finally you're back. I really missed you.

About the hub...some very wonderful readers have kept it alive for a long time. Some of them have been very polite while others have hurled stones at me (point blank). It doesn't matter till the time my hubs create ripples. At least I'm trying to compel people to see the other side of the coin as well. What can I say....never been a kind of person who tows someone else's line.

Anyways! Now that you're back, please don't disappear again. (Hugs)

Hi Jhony! Why Osho gives contradictory statements...I've no idea. In fact it's one of the reasons that I don't agree completely with him. On some points, I do, no doubt but overall I believe that he never tried giving solutions to problems (unlike Buddha who narrowed down the cause of human suffering and offered solutions). If you ask me I'll say that everyone has to find his own truth. There is no clear cut standard here. Everyone's path is different because everyone is at a different level of consciousness as a result of which the truth of one person will never be same for another. So my friend, we have to find out our strength and the way to connect with higher power with the help of spiritual practices while keeping ourselves involved in doing good deeds. Spirituality is incomplete without good karma. All the best to you.

Jhony 5 years ago

Dear anjali and all dearones i have been reading osho scriptures since 4 years.having a lot questions and u all have given me a platform.really a great u all tell me can will power can play any role in search of so called truth or god.

Balajee 5 years ago

Hi Anjali, I will write only a few things which My Master taught me and still keeps teaching me (I can still feel his presence all around.)

1. There is only godliness all around and you are a part of it.

2. The beautiful phenomenon of you came out of this godliness and when you die you will disolve into the godliness. You are nothing but the godliness.

3. Right now you dont realize your godliness because there is a film of mind between you and the godly existence all around.

4. right now you are so recognised with your mind that you think that you are your mind.

5. All your chattering inside and the emotions build up your mind.

6. there is a way to distance yourself from your mind - by watching it.

7. Watching your thoughts and your emotions will create a distance between you and your mind. This will start making you the master of your mind.

8. Once you are the master of your mind, you have got the switch to put it off when not required.

9. When you switch off your mind the godliness waiting outside will jump inside you.

10. That godliness has always been waiting outside, only you dint open the door.

11. With godliness inside you - the world becomes different there is no YOU, and then the grasses are more green, the sun is more bright, and a flower in full bloom is a miracle. You cant avoid them because you are without that mind which says - "grasses if they are - they must be green, why to take a look at them".

12. You become a new man. The new man is like the child of the jesus and like the sage of the Upanishad and like the dancing sufi Mystiques and like the lauging buddha who knows how to enjoy life totally and yet be out of it.

13. The new man is the only person fit for the world and the worldly activities. Rest all is chaos , Rest all is MIND.

Juan  5 years ago

Seems to me that many of you didn't understand Osho thinking, by the way, he never expected you to believe but to consider your motives and the motives of society, religion, and politics. He describe human behavior influenced by this institution. It is not enough to generalize what he said. Please be specific why you talk about hypocrisy?

Juan 5 years ago

Anjalichugh: give an example of a contradictory statement?

is not enough to generalize. Osho himself that he will say one thing one day another day he will say something different. Do you know why?

Juan 5 years ago

Hi anjalichugh , from you last comment int he page on Osho, when you said: ."I've no idea. In fact it's one of the reasons that I don't agree completely with him. On some points, I do, no doubt but overall I believe that he never tried giving solutions to problems (unlike Buddha who narrowed down the cause of human suffering and offered solutions"./ Seems to me anjalichugh that you have read or listened Osho bu you have not understood him, but I encourage you to do it carefully -if you have a question I can share my "understanding" no the solution/ Osho won't care if you understand him or not, because as you said: "Everyone's path is different because everyone is at a different level of consciousness as a result of which the truth of one person will never be same for another" Osho had another level of consciousness in compare to yours and my. JC


Hi anjali, before commenting and becoming judgemental about osho, just listen his some of discourse, like Geeta Darshan, Mahageeta, Ek onkar Satnam, Es dhammo snatnat, Mahavira. If You dont have time , take your time be prepared and comeback. Its like speaking without knowing the thing is immaturity. If you have to argue so much and put your point, do it, while listenig his discourese, but with yourself. try to negate all he says with your full force, then come up. Please dont listen others, even about sex nobody understands OSHO. Please have some reading of his books, you will be a changed person. But one thing is there, People are afraid of reading his books, and listening his speeches. They think they will be hypnotised. So have so much time to read the blog, but no time to listen his speech. It seems you are also afraid of his books.

Tarun Kamra profile image

Tarun Kamra 5 years ago

I feel it is a beautiful blog and clear our doubts, as we can't encounter Osho directly now, may be some people are wrong and may be some are right.

I feel now a days people don't get right and direct guidance as I myself feel.

As Osho also related this story himself if anybody knows that Story!


Once it happened: Buddha entered a village. A man asked him as he was entering the village, "Does God exist?" He said, "No, absolutely no."

In the afternoon another man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" And he said, "Yes, absolutely yes."

In the evening a third man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" Buddha closed his eyes and remained utterly silent. The man also closed his eyes. Something transpired in that silence. After a few minutes the man touched Buddha's feet, bowed down, paid his respects and said, "You are the first man who has answered my question."

Now, Buddha's attendant, Ananda, was very much puzzled: "In the morning he said no, in the afternoon he said yes, in the evening he did not answer at all. What is the matter? What is really the truth?"

So when Buddha was going to sleep, Ananda said, "First you answer me; otherwise I will not be able to sleep. You have to be a little more compassionate towards me too. I have been with you the whole day. Those three people don't know about the other answers, but I have heard all the three answers. What about me? I am troubled."

Buddha said, "I was not talking to you at all! You had not asked, I had not answered YOU. The first man who came was a theist, the second man who came was an atheist, the third man who came was an agnostic. My answer had nothing to do with God, my answer had something to do with the questioner. I was answering the questioner; it was absolutely unconcerned with God.

"The person who believes in God, I will say no to him because I want him to drop his idea of God, I want him to be free of his idea of God -- which is borrowed. He has not experienced. If he had experienced he would not have asked me; there would have been no need.

"The person who believed in God, he was trying to find confirmation for his belief from me. I was not going to say yes to him -- I am not going to confirm anybody's belief. I had to say no, I had to deny, just to destroy his belief, because all beliefs are barriers to knowing the truth. Theist or atheist, all beliefs, Hindu or Christian or Mohammedan, all beliefs are barriers.

"And the person with whom I remained silent was the right inquirer. He had no belief, hence there was no question of destroying anything. I kept silent. That was my message to him: Be silent and know. Don't ask, there is no need to ask. It is not a question which can be answered. It is not an inquiry but a quest, a thirst. Be silent and know.

I had answered him also; through my silence I gave him the message and he immediately followed it -- he also became silent. I closed my eyes, he closed his eyes; I looked in, he looked in, and then something transpired. That's why he was so much overwhelmed, he felt so much gratitude, for the simple reason that I did not give him any intellectual answer. He had not come for any intellectual answer; intellectual answers are available very cheap. He needed something existential -- he needed a taste. I gave him a taste."


~As in this case , I myself feel now people don't get right guidance and they read any of the Osho's discourse and just end up in an EGO TRIP again, not what was meant to be.

I personally feel, it is not right to say What Osho was or what he wasn't, as we don't know him personally and to trust anybody is also dangerous now a days :)

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author

@ Tarun Kamra:

Thanks a ton for your valuable insight. There couldn't have been a better way to explain things. I'm sure your post is going to benefit a lot of visitors to this hub. Thanks again.

Juan 5 years ago

Try to define Osho is pointless, the challenge in in our own perception. I read your with the same respect a read Osho, you said:..."and to trust anybody is also dangerous now a days." It is any danger to read your post? just because I don't know you personally? when you said: I myself feel now people don't get right guidance and they read any of the Osho's discourse and just end up in an EGO TRIP again. Question: Does right guidance exist? I am assuming that you know some "right guidance", can you point out one?

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author

Juan: Your post is addressed to Tarun kamra so I guess I should not reply on his behalf. :)Thanks for joining in.

abyrp_2011 5 years ago

Hi Anjali,

First of all thanks 4 this hub!!! its a nice place to meet people with various views about the cult Osho. As i want to profess that i'm also a big sufferer after going through some of the articles mentioned in the cults(Osho's)books. I didn't knew anything about Osho before, it was since I came to Pune to do my graduation i encountered with some of the Osho books and discourses. Initially i was a regular viewer of rajneesh talks being broadcasted in Zee jagran. But it was utterly dissapointed me when i read some his books Titled 1)"The psychology of the esoteric" where he is bluntly attacked Swami Vivekananda by saying that whatever he has taught in the name of shriRamakrishna is not authentic and no one can reach to Ramakrshna through Vivekananda and lot more it is so confusing that it will make a reader to doubt certain personalities and bring intense depression.2)In one more of his book the last testament vol 4 again he cited some absolutely illogical, false apprehension and something absolutely out of fact about Ramakrishna mission. He is calling Vivekananda is not an enlightened being. He was a cleaver politician and what not i would like you to google some of his said things about Swami Vivekananda as a whole coz it is Impossible for me to cite all his books and references in this discussion forum coz things are abstracted from many of his books. Now coming to the main point it is for all of you who has joined this hub and commenting on each others viewpoint about Osho. I don't have any intention to cite by giving special reference to Vivekananda and it is not the case, since i like Vivekananda so i'm taking his side and talking, but i would like to say that who gave the rights to Osho to talk whatever he felt about Swamiji and about hs works in his own interpretation. Everybody I guess atleast knows this who was Swami Vivekananda, what was his contribution for India and for what purpose he went to America to represent "The parliament of religions" in 1893, whole life he gave up for the welfare of humanity not a least of taint of Selfishness was there within him. What he did for raising the mass of India who was in a great slumber at that very time he was a source of encouragement for the youths. and last but not the least how much pain did he loaded over his shoulder to preach his masters teaching i.e. Shri Ramakrishna's teachings in its true sense to the whole world so that the world could derive some good from it. In a nutshell Vivekananda according to me was the most unselfish person ever born in this planet whose main motive was to inculcate region of strength, And it feels a great pain when i read in one of the osho books quoting him that Vivekananda's religion of strength was irreligious. since after taht i lost all faith in Osho not coz he never researched before speaking about anybody U must know the fact before u speak or comment about someone not based upon some made up stories of your own.

Anjai i'm living in a constant state of fear and depressed since after reading such articles by Osho. My life style, my personality has started getting hampered.

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Tarun Kamra 5 years ago


I agree on defining Osho is pointless...I feel the same.

Second, I feel widout any presence of a person which melts u , Osho words are just a fight of words, Ok???

I am just trying to tell readers to be aware and awareness is the only key in the end which everybdy wants and makes u free!

Third, i am not biased towards anybody opinion, or Anjali or you or anybody and just telling my experience which may mean zero to you i suppose if u r offended ...LOL...:-D

Thanks and read the story which i have posted already, stay happy Juan and thanks all :)

Please don't force me to write again , i don't want to argue ! I gave my opinion , u gave urs i read it whole, thanks , everybody will get in the end what he/she wants!

abyrp_2011 5 years ago

Anjali ,

where r u . Y this hub is so down!!! please hub if anybody's there to share with my previous blog..

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anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author


I'm trying to be passive here so that other people get more space to interact with each other. Feel free to share your views in this forum. I might /might not always reply to the comments posted here. Thank you for being a part of this forum and keep coming back. :)

Juan 5 years ago

Tarun, you didn't answer my question:Does right guidance exist? I am assuming that you know some "right guidance", can you point out one?

Taru & Anjali, both of you made assertion that beg the question, but you contradict yourself. or is another EGO TRIP, as you previously said?

skk 5 years ago


brother when i saw the comment made on swami vivekananda i also felt a little awkward,but in his book enlightenment a revolution:on astavakrageetha by rajaneesh(osho),he refers vivekananda as 'bodhisattva',:one who sacrifices oneself for the salvation of millions.Moreover,if he says Ramakrishna is enlightened&vivekananda is not,what abt the comment made by ramakrishna that,"naren(vivekananda)you are a hero,you are an eternally free soul".why shd ramakrishna say that.osho says vivekananda is not enlightened &ramakrishna is.But the very man whom osho considers enlightened says Vivekananda is an enlightened can see the contradiction clearly.

A being like vivekananda always lived what he preached.Even after 100 years of his passing away the energy of his utterances is extremely vibrant.

Moreover u cannot see a man whose life was influenced negatively by Vivekananda.But I doubt whether the same can be said about Osho.

If one man has read 20000 books,written 10,000 books,what of it?It may just be a speech,a word from a pure being that we may require to feel some thing true within ourselves.

Juan 5 years ago

When I was 15 years old I felt very attracted to Gandhi’s philosophy, until now I receive news letters from his website and have books about him. I have admire other man like him, I have just read a month ago about Vivekenanda. When Osho made some comments about Gandhi I I felt offended, why? But I didn’t get depress, why I would bw?

However, Osho made me to see another side of Gondi’s philosophy and I appreciate that now, that doesn’t mean I don’t like Gandhi’s view anymore. Probably was the best philosophy in his time and in the circumstances that India was, the same I can say about Vivekananda’s time and circumstances that lived by. The same will be said about Osho in 100 years . Circumstances will be different and Osho views would not be applicable, his thought will become just a step in the evolution of human consciousness. By the way, have you ever change your perception about your parents? Has the perception about your parents or wife or kids steady all the time or has changed it? Did they change? Or perception change? Were you in a level of conscious that you didn’t perceive the changes?

When you said: If one man has read 20000 books, written 10,000 books, what of it? It may just be a speech, a word from a pure being that we may require to feel something true within ourselves.

I don’t see any problem if he read only 2000 books and late give speeches collected in form of 10,000 books. What exactly is the problem? Are your thoughts and reflexions come from just reading books? By the way, did Osho write books?.

Were you alive when vivikenanda was alive?

When you said: “Moreover u cannot see a man whose life was influenced negatively by Vivekananda. But I doubt whether the same can be said about Osho”. YES AND MANY!!!!

I’m not defending Osho but I just curious about your assertions on him, you logic don’t follow.

It is a shame that India is still is stuck in mentality that Osho itself denounced, India has had great man of knowledge and consciousness. Likely Osho was clear and direct to point the cunning way of many, he didn’t have hairs in his tongue to said what actually were his thoughts, he was not ashamed of his thoughts and attitude to human nature.

5 years ago

My aunt is an OSHO guru and she's basically stealing this family's money (which she doesn't work for) and gives it all to this sex cult.

abyrp_2011 5 years ago

@ SKK I appreciate your views but u tell me, Osho in many of his books quoted some stories related to Swami Vivekananda which is absolutely out of context. like the story on his meeting with jaipur's maharaja's palace i wud rather, request u to read the article from his book "The Alpha & omega Vol 2 u will find how sh-rood can be Osho while writing about him. More over what makes him to say that Vivekananda was a Cleaver politician. Then i wud say that he was a far big politician. When he was in Ranch he owned almost 93 Roles Royce why? why he went for Phony sham marriages between his Indian disciples and American ppls to get an illegal extended time to stay in US. Can a spiritual leader is like this who instead of giving something good to the humanity hmself entangled in various scandals and contradictory writings without any inquiry about the facts. Now his followers r so stubborn if BAGHWAN would say that henceforth sun wud rises from west and will sets in east they will follow it blatantly since the very sentence is being uttered from his mouth so devoid of the fact this is the only truth. What rubbish.... Osho's books gives u insight no doubt but it will make u very confuse as well coz he never inquired about the facts or he dosen't know about the person about whome he is passing comment. he's work is just to say on and on and on what is this does this makes amy sence.

JC 5 years ago

@ abyrp_2011 - I suggest yo read paper moon comment. If Osho is not a big deal as anjalichugh said, why you bother to talk about him? if it is a matter of perception -as you stated in blog- then you are worst because you pretend to define what is wrong or what is right! is not this also a contradiction? if you fail to understand Osho's mentality why you level him as you do? The same thing happen with Jesus and look how many people rip $ however Jesus never that to happen, but people exploit him others condemn him,Osho said: A buda always will be misunderstood.

abyrp_2011 5 years ago

@JC first of all i never want to put up any controversy here in this blog forum. Neither i have any personal grudge with Osho. Y should i have, here i'm just trying to highlight that Osho in several instances never did valuable research before concluding about some saints like Swami Vivekananda. As i wrote in my first blog that m not holding Vivekananda since i like his ideologies a lot. I never hated Osho it was moreover a true fact that i read many of his books and viewed lots of his discourses, its not about understanding his mentality or something what will i get by tarnishing his image in this blog will i get a handful of gold coins "NO" I've gone through many of Osho's articles he is free to say what ever he likes it is his constitutional right which every body has. But so say something out of fact untrue about someone is utterly disgusting. by delivering such articles why he want to infuse confusion, he raises 100 questions in readers mind which r unnecessary why? i think atleast he could have lil bit educated himself with facts before taking such steps.

Rajneesh 5 years ago

Dear Anjali Chugh

One day just sit in silence, but before that wake up without any worries, any schedules, any to-be done activities in mind, with only pure mind approach that you exist and thats all, if you can do that, you will know that what you have been doing till that day was only a preparation to dissolve into the existence

Nikhil 5 years ago

@ abyrp_2011

Master OSHO had read more than 150,000 books, do u think, he was less informed about anything specially about lives related to Vivekananda or Ramakrishna.

Do u think u are the one who has been able to find out that OSHO was quoting things about people without having deep knowledge related to them ? If this had been the case, many people would have been negated him & his words in relation to anything being said related to Vivekananda.

And moreover, why do u feel so attached with Vivekananda ? Obviously you or we are born after death of all such people. Anywayz, when OSHO said that Vivekanada was a clever politician. One of the reasons was that, Vivekananda was a sort of hypocrite, where ever he went, he praised the religion of that country, when he gave speech to christians, he praised christianity, he was not truthful. While OSHO , whereever he talked , he said nothing but the whole truth, he didn't care about the consequences.. He was totally synchronized with speaking the Truth, While Vivekananda was doing manipulations in the name of spreading teachings of Ramakrishna, He had a vested self-interest while addressing to the people, & that was the reason , he was praised a lot. Becoz whenever anybody speaks to fulfill the self-interest of the people, he is praised.. there is nothing spiritual in it.

I also have been reading & listening to master OSHO since 2 years. His books, discourses are certainly confusing, but this doesn't mean, one should escape from them. You said in one of the above comments, you feel Fear & depressions after reading OSHO, feel good about it, becoz this happens during the middle of transformation, don't escape from this. Let doubts be there, don't escape from them & don't let them be interchanged by stupid beliefs.

And Moreover understand the core of meditation. That is the real thing, whether Vivekananda was a politician or a sage, who cares.., care about yourself, care about your own growth, grow in awareness, & all your fear, misery & depression will disappear, Understand OSHO, J.Krisnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, & be blissful :)

André 5 years ago

I have been coming across this cult lately and a very good friend of mine has become an adept and changed completely and not for the good. He left his wife for a woman in the cult and since then became a different and not nice person. Obviously someone put him up to these things.

Tilopa 5 years ago

Oh my anjalichugh you are so ill informed!

I came here by a random goog search and i liked your immature criticism but i gave it up till i came to the end where you say that VINOD KHANNA wasted his 10-15 years of How can you tell?

First of all,osho's sannyasin was not of renunciation but of affirmation,he wanted people to rejoice in life rather then renouncing but one also needed to have a base and that was meditation.So he encourage his followers to remain a sannyasin and continue their profession.Atleast you had to do some more research before going on your judgments :)

Read this interview...Vinod Khanna says he still is an OSHO sannyasin.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author

@Tilopa: Perhaps I am mis-informed and so is Hugh Milne who spent many years in close association with Osho. Hugh was said to be Osho's body guard and as such knew each & every detail of Osho's daily life. Please read his book : Bhagwan- God that failed. Happy reading!

Tilopa 5 years ago

I have read that book and i have also seen his documentary.Most of his bashing is around the things which happened around the ashram in oregon.

Well i would say that he was just not made to be his disciple.He was a bodyguard only in poona and in oregon he used to drive a bulldozer and was no more his bodyguard at that time.

Perhaps people are always interested in negative things....but i am sure you should also read other books by his 'closest' disciples who thought their times with osho were the most amazing times in their life.books like "Diamond days with osho" and many others contain many positive things about him...i would say you search on amazon and you will see that the books positive of him surprass the negatives one.

If you have already formed a bias against osho then nothing can be can collect every negative material to prove their point. Like somebody can find the GITA outrageous and this can be confirmed by the recent gita ban controversy in russia!!!

There are other peoples who hate krishna,jesus ,buddha and peoples like him and they collecy all facts to prove their point.But there are millions whose life has been changed by these peoples.

Tilopa 5 years ago

Anjali you also said that he didn't prescribed any technique like buddha did(suffering).

Well the theory that life is a suffering is only a device created by buddha to create an urgency to go beyond the mind.In itself it isn't meaningful. As far as osho is concerned he said that all problems arise out of clinging to the mind and the ego.The only solution is to go beyond the mind.It doesn't mean stopping using mind but it means to know your real self which is pure consciousness.

The concept of "NO-MIND" is not osho's is a zen concept which means beyond the mind.You should try reading some books on zen and you will understand it.

The zen method is to live in the present moment and that is what osho prescribed. Because in reality only the present exist and not the past neither the future.

Living in the present moment is the only way to go beyond the thoughts and experience the consciouness or 'advaita' state which connects you with this whole existence.

That's why osho emphasised so much on living in the present moment and enjoying the blissfulness . He encouraged people to live a life of love hence he created a 'commune' system where several people lived together.It didn't mean you had to renounce your family but everybody had to live together without personal attachments blocking their growth.

I can only hope that you also try this method of awareness or living in the present moment and we all reach the state which we call 'enlightenment'.


Ana Roczana 5 years ago

I personally admire osho and because of some of his books I love and enjoy life much more, not judge guys, love, peace and happiness to everyone.

dev 5 years ago


joining u sleeping buddhas in ur deabte on vivekanand...

first ,vivekanad was not enlightened figure(u may b biased towards him)-in chicago conference he gave the vision of ramakrishna(it was not his own ) .when people were praising him,he himself said that u dont know my guru,i m nothing in comparison of him n its all his,i m just a vehicle!!!!........

ramakrishna was an educated figure,to spread his experience in world he needed someone intelligent like vivekanad just as an orator....

vivekanad though became enlightened 3 days before his death,but till than he was just saying the borrowed knowledge...

n plz dont make amteur views abt OSHO....if u find contradictory in him...than u wl hv to accept it as truth...truth always hv 2 aspect,we keep clinging to day only than there is night also.....similar is truth...truth is holistic,it contains both dimesions n only than u cn get complete truth....but u just attach urself to one part n say he is contradictory..grow up n read more of him n ur doubts wl melt lyk snow in up ur heart,not the mind only n u wl see the truth!!!!

Aanandam 5 years ago


felt what is the point of discussion?

believe or what?

very personal concern is following someone of spiritual sides therefore my humble request is to not intervene tooooo much rather take it easy & give them luck!!!

Trust in G.O.D(Generator Operator Destructor)

Abhisheik 5 years ago

Well after going through all the articles something that I have understoodand come to a conclusion is that LIFE GOES ON..... And there is no end to this analysis. people come and live their lives. Different Ideologies exist but choose the one Ideology which you prefer at that particular moment. And Keep living positively and make progress in the Field you want to move ahead.

Mohit 5 years ago

Great article anjali....I've been interested in OSHOs teachings because he kills your power to reason him....if one is using even .01% of his or her brain they would see the inconsistency with which Rajneesh speaks...and he asks everyone not to interpret his words....and how the hell is he helping people..are his followers becoming happy at some point in their lives..I would say no...and what's he deal with unlimited sex? From my perspective sex is one form of making money, being famous is and it's a never ending according to Rajneesh people should just go berserk after money and have too much of it so hat it looses it's value...fair point..but isn't that what all people are already doing???? Rajneesh was a fraud...

Jagmohan 5 years ago

Wow man!! 2 years in 4 hours!! I really thank Anjali for this post. Tarun's story was awesome:) I missed The Lip during the end :( Its been like 4 hours since I sat reading this..just bumped into this post. I love Osho just for this discussion here!! Will be back sometime :)

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 5 years ago from New York Author

@Mohit & Jagmohan:

Thank you for joining in. Your comments are appreciated. :) 5 years ago

I am very very surprised to see so much of a discussion going on in regards to Osho. Why Stop a man who talks the truth as it is. It is very sad that someone who talked about freedom, love and celebration is misunderstood to this extent. Being called a cult or a conman and so on. The world certainly encourages safe players. One who says he is a christian among christians or a hindu among hindus is a great human. This is a very safe and a cunning game. Its like someone cunningly gazing at a beautiful woman and talking of celibacy simultanously. That is the Kind of cunningness Osho points at. and since he is good at pointing at such cunningness of humanity, it fills people with insecurity and guilt. Another thing, Osho can be interpreted in a million ways as is going on in this discussion- Interpreted i mean. not understood. Yes as Osho says One really cannot get close to him if one hasn't kept his mind aside. This discussion proves the point. I understand that Osho loved contradicting himself time and again that to understand the true man has been a challenge to many people who want to decide what kind of personality he is. You cannot judge a man like Osho, trying to is simply futile.

There are people around me to whom Osho's discourses are as soothing as the sound of a peacock and i mean it.

Humbly saying, There is nothing wrong in accepting Osho especially when we have digested things like the 2 world wars, hiroshima & nagasaki or people like hitler.

stream_of_life 5 years ago

hey anjali

r u still complaining or have come to an understanding?

neha 4 years ago

Dear Anjali, I bumped into your website and reading this article about osho I feel this is my duty to say a few things that u missed out here I haven't read all those comments here coz honestly I don't have time to but anyways ....

The first thing is that u said osho defined enlightenment as a moment of feeling no past, 'present ', future whatsoever but wat u missed out is that enlightenment is all about the present all the time man is thinking about either the past or future but feeling that moment of present only happens to rarest of rare people and that moment is actually a fraction of second but its very hard to catch a glimpse of it, moreover osho never encouraged ignorance rather he said innocence is bliss! There is a vast difference bw these two words if u want u can check on the website to know more! Its in innocence that one can be enlightened (the state of knowing everything but still not realizing the fact that he knows everything) in layman's language to be humble just like a toddler! Was he saying anything wrong??? Osho never denied marriage rather he always asked people to experiment nd if u choose marriage to be a path towards enlightenment then that's never gonna happen bcoz again marriage is an institution which has its limitations nd it will never allow u yo grow! I admit he had many rolls Royce but again how does that matter? Rolls Royce is in no way will prevent a man from reaching enlightenment! Yes osho did not donate his money to any charity yet according to me he was the most charitable man to ever grace the earth bcoz he taught me celebration, bliss, happiness, love and most importantly he gave Me absolute freedom to think and judge my own way he 'never ' insisted on following him rather encouraged experimentation! He openly glorified sex! What's wrong? Suppression of sex is doing us no good either prostitution, pornography, incest are all a product of this suppression! Anjali, I suggest u read some of osho 's work! And read them without any judgment or bias and while u read forget about osho and his controversies just simply read and reflect :) and one more thing - u have every right to object or speak against osho or anybody for that matter even Buddha, or Jesus christ you have every right to speak against their teachings and philosophy but at the same time u must provide solid reason and logic as to why u disapprove them! without any bias. If you dont agree with osho that marriages are not the way towards enlightenment then u should tell us on how marriage is the way This is what osho said, he NEVER asked to follow him it was only the people who went crazy about osho because they missed the entire point! Good luck :)

Minnie 4 years ago

I am sorry to read about so many comments on Osho, these people have no idea about what they are saying of the greatest Master that has walked the planet, it is because of these great people who misunderstand without even reading him or try to experience what he is saying,that the world has crucified so many enlightened beings.

Rinkaj 4 years ago

Dear Anjali

I read your article and few Comments on your Post . And I could not stop myself to write my own feeling here .

1.OSHO is not someone or something to be understood just through words . All Videos posted here are of no use actually . whatever could be said through words has been said by him and Every language ( Please Refer Noam Chomsky and Other Linguistics people in this context) has its own limitation in terms of expressibility and other cognitive related terms . Can anyone express orgasm in words ? He is someone to be felt BEYOND WORDS .

2. Regarding your First encounter , 6 % of Total Population of US is seriously mentally ill ( As per NIMH 2008 Statistics ) . They all must also be followers of OSHO( which in-fact quiet a wrong word to the best of my understanding , OSHO never said anybody to follow him . neither through words nor through any other medium )

3. Please Refer trend of Major thrust of Research on Positive Psychology in US . Recent research shows huge impact of " Mindfulness" in cure of depression and anxiety . and Throughout his life he kept on talking about " Mindfulness" only .

4. If you can convince yourself that Opposition is the only unification then probably you will feel a deep uniformity in all his spoken words which appears to be contradictory superficially otherwise .

oddictive 4 years ago

But the problem with the philosophy of reaching saturation point is that usually this point never comes. These standard "sins" like sex, alcohol, drugs etc are labeled as such not by mere superstition - they are addictions - the more you try them, the more you want them until they ruin you totally. But I agree that their suppression is of little help.

The only way it seems is to replace them with some other passions that are not so harmful. The problem is though that usually those are not as addictive. But that's why are the power of free will and love for God so important.

chetan sandeep 4 years ago

Stop talking rubbish things... you all people know nothing about Osho.. i dont know much about anjali .but one thing i can say ...she is making good publicity & fame by insulting great master of deacade...

Try to remember one small thing...osho never said follow me or trust is your wish to follow him or keep quite ... he is a genuine master of meditation ... you are making money by giving suggestions on there is no right for anyone to talk like this on osho ... just DO ur business .....dats all

Manoj Budhia 4 years ago

No difference between man and god , a enlightened man whose kundlni has risen to sahstrar chakra and who is the ownner of his mind is termed god an ancient culture.

i know its diffcult to understand for class one student the formula of class 10. Same with u all if u dont understand. do reserch some day u can understand.

red 4 years ago

I am surprised by this content, which is more or less entirely untrue. I have looked carefully at Osho's voluminous discourses. The idea "that living amidst a group of unknown people could bring joy and contentment in the lives of suffering individuals" is nowhere to be found: neither is the injunction to separate from one's family. Neither is "an express permission to indulge in unlimited sex". The assertion that Osho's ideas are designed to appeal to and entrap lost and troubled souls is purely an invention of the author. The idea that there is no god is not, I think, as "unrealistic and unconventional" as all that - and besides, it is not enjoined upon anyone - rather, when the man speaks about theists such as Jesus, he is perfectly happy to accept the use of the term. Similarly "no mind" is not some sinister invention: it is a commonplace of Zen, of the meditation of Basho, Hakuin - and again, it is not offered as a dogma: one is perfectly free to dance and sing to Krishna if one prefers.

Still, I dare say the author will respond that truth is personal and relative, as has been commented so much above. In that case, any lie can become a truth - and one is free to publish one's lies as truths in the hope of influencing others. Fine. Except that is exactly what she imagines Osho is doing - and condemns him for it. Hypocrisy. "Teachings" are nothing but air. Sitting in silence? Please do explain how this can ruin the world. All it can ruin is your paranoid world-view! I live in hope.

Vivek Kunwar 4 years ago

Dear Anjali,

Osho taught World


A few People made it


You belong to Second Category

Read what Osho Said about love

and get enlightened just by knowing the love.

There is no good in this world,we have to learn the art of loving Bad.

Don't follow Osho,Just appreciate his wisdom.

Rahul Dobriyal 4 years ago

You are rite Anjali but first understand rather than running away from what is taught, No doubt he been most powerful saint ever but in any case u have to undrstand that he is telling you the truth. All cruel acts are due to repression and guilts, experiment this wid urself and you will see the that u are no mre bended towards the unritual acts.....

Vivek Kunwar 4 years ago

Osho Said


You Read it


ChetanB 4 years ago


There is no need to forget me. Remember me. Go there, and whatsoever you have been doing, continue to do; don't change it at all. The change has to be made in the attitude, not in the work. Up to now you were thinking that it was life. From now on think of it as acting; that's the only change. Go on saying the same things you were saying to people before; whatsoever they expect, go on saying. Do it even more nicely and beautifully because it is just acting.

To be authentic does not mean that you have to be rude to people. To be authentic does not mean that you have to be ugly and nude in the marketplace. To be authentic simply means that you know what is acting and what is real . . . that you are not deceived by your acting, that's all. So don't be deceived by your acting. Do it deliberately -- don't do it unconsciously. Up to now you have been doing it unconsciously because you were thinking this is life. Now you know that this is not life.

So live your life in your inner world and for the outside . . . . For example when you are talking to children, you talk in their language. It is not inauthentic. It is simply a consideration -- that they are children and they will not understand any other language. If you go to a child, you take a toy to him as a gift. You don't take a very serious book to give him. You take a pictorial book that he can enjoy. It is a consideration.

When you are working in the world, you have to consider a thousand and one things. Nothing is wrong in that. Just be an actor and think of the world as a big drama. It is a very big stage where everybody is playing roles.

When you go to Germany and you start working and you smile when somebody comes -- you receive him and you smile -- do it deliberately, do it perfectly, because when one is doing it deliberately, one can do it more perfectly than ever. Really give him a good smile -- as he has never had before. When you are giving it and it is just a smile, why be miserly? And you know that it is not coming from the heart, but who is saying that it should come from the heart? All smiles are not needed from the heart. Knowing that it is just on the lips, make it as perfect as possible.

That person is not here to see your heart. The face is enough for him. So what is the point of putting your heart on the table before him? Do it deliberately, so that when you are putting your heart before somebody, you know that it is true, the authentic. It is no more part of the business world. You are not smiling as a commodity. And you will know -- you have to know what is acting and what is real. When the real is needed, be real. When acting is needed, act. And there is no need to get confused, otherwise you will miss your whole life.

I am not here to mess up anybody's life. I am only here to help you to become more skilful. If you are a thief, I say do it with full awareness and consciousness. If your awareness changes it, I am not responsible for it. If by awareness you cannot remain a thief, it is for you to choose. Just choose awareness or choose your old way of sleep. But I am not here to say don't be a thief. Who am I? Why should I?

I am simply saying one thing -- be aware. And when you become aware, many things which are really harmful will drop. And many things which are just politenesses, mannerisms, which are not harmful at all . . . . In fact they are very helpful. They function as a lubricating agent, otherwise you will be struggling with everybody and life will become just a constant war.

You have walked on somebody's toe and you say, 'Sorry.' You don't mean it -- not even a single thought has crossed your mind of being sorry. You simply say, 'Sorry.' It is lubricating. He also knows that because he himself is doing the same. But where so many people are walking on each other's toes, a few mannerisms will be needed. You are not alone. And it is good to learn the mannerisms -- but do it deliberately.

Act authentically -- that's what I would like to say to you.

When acting, act authentically, that's all.

~ OSHO:-)

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 4 years ago from New York Author

@ChetanB: Thank you for such a wonderful excerpt. This is practical, realistic and doable. At least I do this consciously all the time. Couldn't resist responding to your post. Thank you for joining in....without an intention to wage war,ridicule me or to hold someone else's brief. :)

Pankaj Sharma 4 years ago

Hi Anjali: I've gone through some of the posts in ur blog. I do have an curiosity to ask you one question.

're u with OSHO or against OSHO? and what is the percentage of each side?

haiku 4 years ago

Pankaj Sharma, are you meaning that for real or not? and what is the percentage of each side?

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 4 years ago from New York Author

@Pankaj Sharma / Haiku:

I didn't create this hub for taking anyone's side. It was only an opinion based article. Unfortunately, it seems that people who call themselves 'hard core' followers of Osho didn't inculcate / develop, THE most important ingredient of human essence....TOLERANCE. Perhaps Osho didn't make it clear in his teachings or most likely people didn't imbibe his teachings in entirety. In my opinion, a spiritually evolved person does not beat the other person to death for having an opinion of his own. This is what has been happening in this forum. 99% of visitors have almost ripped me apart for expressing my views on Osho. I've stopped responding to the comments posted here and every time I see a rude comment posted, I smile it off and wonder how far away these people are from spiritual path. :) Thanks for joining in.

Pankaj Sharma 4 years ago

@Anjali: Don't you think you're over-reacting a bit and dont judge people by a single comment that they've posted in ur forum.Do u think those who follow OSHO, they 're dumb and they don't have common sence at all. I think we 're free and smart enough to decide. you could be right at some extent but it doesn't mean that you're always right.

manu 4 years ago

ypu all do not want to know truth,,you all are fools and idiots debating over silly things..know thyself..thats it

muthyala babu 4 years ago

Thanks for all the comments, the above statements are-- pro or anti Osho,it does not matter but one thing is sure, and i can say it loud, Osho made confusion that is which is every important for us, to know that we are in the state of confusion, after reading or listening his lecture...and this confusion will make us think in a different way, which we have even forgot, that the thought process varies from the mass

alok kumar 4 years ago

i realy do not know why pople has so much prblme when guru is rich may be thier ego got hurt , all the hindu sages wree also rich fisrt read thier history they had many wives ,whatver was avaivble then, ram, krishna they was not rich?? as far as witen above one lady say some patch come in eveybody life budda was any pacth he was some prblme ?like u have with money secuirty?fame ?whatevr is said by osho comes from his uneading about life ad it is very near to human phylsogy and innner craving ,but i still belive there is alway mcuh to seek beyond budda , krsina , ram or anybody , this is whole mystery , as far as knowlge is conrned kowlge not make u calm or solve yr porblem , or u cd have sloved mcuh , but how mcuh u cd solve ? in what aspect the more u solve he more ir beome dicfullt

ashutosh 4 years ago

Osho's meditation techniques are based on Vippassana techniques re-discovered by Gautam Buddha. In vippasana you become aware of yourself, to save you from getting strayed with the self actualization, he ordained abstinence. Osha tried beat Buddha by breaking this, rule, and result is there. Even with his large followership, he did not reach the heights Gautam Buddha reached. He became Osho which is not Buddha. I will prefer dying human than becoming Osho.

I too find your pointer on affiliation between Rajanish and Sanjay dutt ill-informed. And, it would be greatness at your part if you accept, yes you did made a wrong statement. I see you attempting to push under carpet which warrants to doubt your capabilities to take responsibility of your action.

Vivek Kunwar 4 years ago

Dear Anjali,

I love you my daughter....

Have some books of OSHO on love.

I strongly recommend you.

And rest, Osho followers stop copy pasting Osho's words to prove him right.

We don't need to do that,his each and every word is so valuable and he is an ocean of wisdom.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 4 years ago from New York Author

@Vivek Kunwar: Thank you for addressing me as 'daughter'. That was very touching. I appreciate you taking time to read this hub and the posted comments. You're always welcome. Feel free to come back. :)

profile image

G Pangtey 4 years ago

Dear Anjali ,

Based on your definition/understanding of the 'knowing ' ,'aware' and solution giving enlightened ones .

Can you tell me of such masters/gurus whom you have experienced or heard about ? .

Their spiritual solutions /practicies and the impact their methods have made on spiritual seekers and society at large ?

Deep 4 years ago

Osho mind is presence of being . In the light and wisdom of the presence of your being whatever happening is right . He is making a person confuse , shocked true ,, but there is a reason , same thing he will give all the logic in the favor and all true on the other hand same thing he will give all the logic against that and person is amazed yeah it's true too . But on another hand he will say logic is prostitute don't rely On logic . He is making all the effort for you to think to understand to experience by yourself . His emphasis is always listen to Buddha , Jesus to Krishna to him but always you have to go with your own experience even if ti is against all these you have to follow your own light of wisdom . His all effort to creat chaos in you so you can wake up from your own conditioning of mind and see reality face to face without relying on any other even on him . That was his whole message experience the truth and the way of experiencing is meditation and meditation is simple when you are not thinking about future or past you are just here and now that's it you done now cheersssssss he he he let's enjoy all this present moment without thinking ,,, love you all ,, love this whole world and off course love osho the crazy old bastard he he

rajshekar 4 years ago

even jesus was killed, u c every one likes devdas but not at home,v can easily guess dat there is some state like no mind,mind is there but as slave,u c budda,jesus,socretes,krishna,ramana maharshi,lao tsu,george gurdgiff,j.krishnamurti,jed mckenna,jaggi vasudev,ramesh balshekar,nisargadattabodhi dharma,kabir,mohammad,mahaveer,shankara acharya how can all they speak the similar language,is music mind? is love mind?is sex mind?

JC 4 years ago

Hi Anjalichugh,

I think you have feel some comments on your initial post, which you said your wrote it from an article. You have feel the comments hard on you, but this is because you do not understand -in objective way- Osho's comments on many topics of life. Also you ignore the content of his words, as many people in his time didn't understand and by the way, further more still there people whom miss use the events surrounding his life to portray him as the bad guy, shame on Indians who could not appreciate his presence in this land, I have understood that the only two photos or books in the Indian Parliament is Gandhi and Osho. This type of thing always happen to people who bring more light to this world, they bit them, kill them then late to nearly worship them. Shame on India you kill your wisdom.....

Joseph 4 years ago


When one is sitting do the legs keep walking!?

There is a mastery over legs - hands - mouth, similarly check if one has mastery over thoughts... to start and stop thoughts whenever one wants, else one is handicapped and slave to thinking, slave to mind! Being a slave to mind is equivalent to being a social puppet, emotional puppet!

So the focus on no-mind! Yeah, osho talk a lot of no-mind, because we are so into the mind!

Shailendra 4 years ago


It's difficult to understand the whole picture, if only a small part of it given to you. It seems you have concluded way to early in your article. All the best!!!

JC 4 years ago

Joseph I like you comment, this is why it was difficult for some people to understand Osho, he was beyond their mind.

Shailendra, Osho said tha people will know just want part of him, and added, that people can chose whatever part of him to criticize. He was right when we judged people, -specially those who are dead are not here to respond- we judge base in our belief system; this it is better to study the content of Osho words rather than react to his words. Do you judge the book or the author?

Pratik 4 years ago

Those people who criticize OSHO, needs to increase their IQ and EQ both to understand real osho. Sorry for being direct. but, its really true. Once you get clear and pure vision towards life, you will be in his love. He is so amazing.

arjun 4 years ago

Anjali, what is the need to get so logical about one man. I mean you can spend the same time for something else. It has only created arguments, nothing came out of the blog except infinite argument. Osho never asked anybody to believe in him. All that he did was express his experiences. If it doesn't make any sense to you, just drop it. forget about the man.. If you have missed him once, you have missed him forever, you will not be able to understand him, because he can never ever be understood by logic and calculations. Going by your blog, it is certain that you have missed him. so just drop it.

1Click DVD Copy Pro 3 years ago

I would like to say thank you for the marvelous thread, your very informative and that really helped me better understand the topic in a fashionable manner.

Kyle Cleveland 3 years ago

From someone who grew up in a mind control cult(TM and Maharishi) I think people need to gain some perspective and read about Cults and cult leaders. The book My Life in Orange is excellent as the first poster stated! My favorite book on this subject is Cults in our Midst by Margaret Singer.

sanjay 3 years ago

Hi anjali...well i can only say it through my experience about OSHO..and going through few comments above and also the condition of the boy in your office..that..osho has made 360 degree use of his intellect to lead a common man towards truth as logic can be used bothways to prove something right as well as wrong but obviously as it should make some sense also ..and osho in my opinion has beautifully delivered that..ohso obviously appeals to the intellect and many people consider him merely an intellectual..but it is only through experimentation in meditation techniques suggested by him that one starts gaining actual clarity of his vision,perception about truth and all the life he lived...he himself suggest that dont believe me but experiment on what he is saying do some meditation with intensity and sincerity..that is the only way to come out of any sort of confusion about this man or else the comment list will endlessly increase. No intellectual discussion can give clarity about this man.

Mazin 2 years ago

Hello Anjali, Actually hello rakesh from kerala who commented on this post 3 years back. I was trying to find Rakesh my friend through google,and it seems like he dont have any digital trail except this Hubpage of Anjali's .So thanks to Anjali for this page. So Mr.Rakesh if you somehow stumble upon this post please mail me I think its a mere gesture that I should add some comments on this page as well or else my ego will be terribly hurt.Basically human;kindly excuse.Also i went to browse on Anjali's photo on web but didnt find her beauty that attractive and also found out that ur some sort of counsellor,so ur thought process would be quite rational and its very unlikely for u to loosen up ur mind a bit.If not then good. The context osho should be changed to life. Osho is just a door. He have suggested 112 techniques of meditation starting with dynamic meditation (catharsis reqd- as we are too rooted to the materialistic life).This techniques are available on internet as videos and pdf files. so dear counsellor if you can try the dynamic meditation along with the music for at least 2 weeks along with a selection of any 1 meditation form from the 112 techniques(choose the technique which might suit u after reading it),it might work wonders for you. In the start these techniques will yield you threads of meditation-like glimpses.It might be a moment or for 5 mins or may be 1 hour.Techniques are just the door to reach a higher self. and i believe osho is a good reference book. Many have had glimpses of nirvana,all around the world irrespective of nationality or gender. and many have attained as well keeping silent.Osho was gem of a kind in sharing the info to all.

So mr rakesh please do contact i want to meet u my friends cheers tc

bhalchandra Tikekar 2 years ago





Samarpan David 2 years ago

Anyone interested in Osho as the world's greatest bookman can read his bio-bibliography (1931-1974), OSHO SOURCE BOOK, which has been a labor of love by a Danish librarian, compiled over a 25 year period and available free of charge at:

Many seem to know of Osho's life after 1974. His tireless work before 1974 seems less known. Osho is a genius. I am glad India has chosen to put the complete works of two of India's greats into the library of Parliament in Delhi. Those two greats are Gandhi and Osho.

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