Good Ghost Bad Ghost

Debra Hill moved into the old weatherboard home on the outskirts of Toukley – unaware that her three children would not be the only ones skipping throughout the house.

“I was sitting on my bed one afternoon when I heard a child skip into the room behind me,” Debra said.

“But when I turned around there was no-one there, then the bed went down as if someone had just sat on it, it was very strange.”

Strange indeed, but when Debra invited her boyfriend and his father over for dinner one night something just as unusual took place.

“I was in the kitchen and the two men were in the lounge-room,” Debra recalled.

“My boyfriend’s father had apparently left the room to visit the bathroom while my boyfriend was adjusting the television.

“According to my boyfriend, he heard the old rocking-chair I have in the lounge-room rocking, and assuming it was his father he took little notice.

“It wasn’t his father, and he turned around to see the chair moving back and forth on its own.”

Days later, Debra began to see the mischievous spirit out of the corner of her eye.

“It was a young girl about twelve-years-of-age, with long blond hair,” Debra said.

“She was skipping and playing, but the strange thing is she didn’t look like a ghost, she looked real.”


After making contact with a medium, Debra had the house cleaned of any ghostly activity and things were fine for awhile.

That was until her boyfriend gave her a painting with satanic inscriptions on it.

“Something much nastier then the little girl seemed to be in the house,” Debra said.

“We began to get loud banging and knocking on the walls, heavy footsteps up and down the hall and the smell of jasmine filled my bedroom, even though there were no jasmine trees anywhere near my house.”

Out of desperation, Debra got rid of the painting and has experienced no further disturbances, although she can no longer stand the smell of jasmine.

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