Religion, at 100 words per rant


Believers & Religions: Amazing how many believe in resurrection (or reincarnation, or any other form of after-death existence). There's nothing to prove that we're anything but dust after we die, but of course there's no proof to the contrary either. Which is what made the Vatican rich, it sure wasn't reason, and it most certainly weren't good deeds. Fear of nothingness gives meaning to the word "faith" and sustenance to organized religions. Death has been a powerful ally to these empires built on fear of the unknown. They've reigned with impunity forever. We, deathly creatures, are a race of cowards.

Catholics & Co: How many priests have been found guilty of child molesting in recent years? For all the Catholic Church preaching about there being a better life beyond death, they're sure having a field day here on earth. F*cking hypocrites. But that's old news, right? While the Pope is punching holes in condoms, the lower ranks feast on the flesh they ask their faithful followers to negate. Still, child molesting seems like the ultimate offense. I suppose the bastards think they're covered... when Christ died on the cross for our sins, he never said child molesting wasn't included. Disgusting.

The Bible: Also known as the Good Book. But good for what, I wonder? Good for burning in times of crisis when there's no wood? I'll tell you what the book in question is good for: it's great for quoting when one's got a pea-sized brain and can't come up with an original thought to post in an argument. So, anyway, I don't have much against the bible per se, really, just against those that point it at me, all gun-like. In that sense, the good book is like a pistol, I'd rather not have it pointed to my head.

The Pope today: Referring to pedophile priests in as many countries as priests exist, the old dude said: "Condemn the sin but forgive the sinner."  Ex-f*ckig-cuse me? It must be fabulous to be part of a sect that allows one to be a subhuman bastard that can be let off the hook just by means of repenting. I guess that's what one gets for joining a group whose earthy leader said "judge not, lest ye be judged". How come, then, that Mr. Pope went from that statement to condemning abortion in a two-day span? Care to explain that to me?

Religion & I: Whenever I go into one of my tirades against organized religions, this friend tells me to leave well enough alone, to take it easy and not to criticize religion so much, 'cause what's the point. To each their own, he says. Exactly, to each their own, so shut the f*ck up and let me vent. I'd opt to stay quiet about organized religions if they repaid me in kind, but since most of them choose to judge me instead of letting me be, sometimes I feel the itch to defend myself. And payback is a bitch, eh?

Religious Fundamentalism: (Worst for last) If you think everyone has a right to their beliefs, think again. Is it OK to terrorize, kill, inflict any kind of physical or mental pain unto others because they don't have the same beliefs? I don't think so. So none of this nonsense of live and let live with the fundamentalists. As far as I'm concerned, this bunch of gangsters should be locked away in a separate planet, completely removed from the decent people of the world. Fundamentalism isn't only opium, it's hate and terror, it's a gun pointed to the head of humankind.

Catholics & Contraception: I don't get this aversion to contraception from the church. You'd think it'd be in their best interests that the pill and any other contraception methods be not only allowed but applauded and paid for, seeing how they fuck left and right. Oh, wait. They mostly fuck children, and male children at that. Right, now I can see why they wouldn't care about contraception. Then again, I still don't get what's the problem with contraception. Could it be that it doesn't facilitate that more children come into the world for them to fuck up, over and out?

Warning: Here's another batch of 100. First, this is my opinion. A monumentally obvious statement, I realize, but religious zealots aren't famous for discerning thought. If you have an opinion of your own, feel free to state it. Remember, however, a quote from the bible is NOT an opinion of your own. Second, if you're reading this and thinking I'm going straight to hell, think again, something which you probably haven't done in a while, if you really think I'm going to hell. Last, I don't care if god exists or not, I just ditch organized religions of any kind.

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Candie V profile image

Candie V 6 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

Well good morning Elena!! You are in a 'mood' these days! HAHAHA! Glad to see you're writing again!

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

I am in a mood, aren't I? I betcha a buck that the first thought that would come to mind of a religious dude (after sending me to hell in his mind that is) would be that I'm menstrual! HE!

OI, I guess you could say I'm writing again, if you think this is writing. I know some would call it spewing :-P

Candie V profile image

Candie V 6 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

I'd say spewing is a good description.. Hahaha! Sometimes you just have to get it out, and you do it very well. Even the humor (that is totally 'you') is still in it!

PS.. that's not to say your NOT menstrual!

Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 6 years ago from UNIVERSE

Great little rant, I was expecting more!!! Theres certainly fuel for more out there at the moment.

One of the worst things the so called Pope has said is the "petty Gossip" phrase when referring to all the evidence of a cover up of these priests with immature and blocked sexuality spilling out all over the choir because someone said that giving priests the "rule" of celebacy somehow gave them the higher frequency of maintaining it by choice. What a load of cr*p.



Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Howdy, Linda! I was willing to say more, believe you me :-P But I forced myself to 100 words per rant so as not to write a treaty on "anti-religion"! Laugh! 100 words really keep you on topic! Now don't get me started on Pope-related grunts and rants, as we'd be here till the world ends and we are all damned to hell! :-)

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific hub god Jesus religions are all different thanks

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore

Ohhh Elena, you are in trouble now. I'm sure God is real mad at you. Any time now you are going to be hit by a lightning out of the blue.....but..... those priests seem to be doing okay.

Nice hub. :)

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 6 years ago from India

Rant on, Elena. Few would have the courage to say most of these things!

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

wandererh, funny you :-) I mean, your comment is funny ... there's nothing funny about those priests, I'm sure we agree! Thanks for the visit!

Feline, well, it's not like I've named myself the official ranter here, but since I'm in the mood, I'll use it for as long as it last :-P It's cool to have your support no matter what ... I count on you having a hose if my burning at the stake is imminent :-)

devsir profile image

devsir 6 years ago from Earth

Nice hub.

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 6 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

Its always nice to read someone elses perspective especially when I agree with so much of it.

You will have the religious hubbers wrath on your head soon though

Blake Flannery profile image

Blake Flannery 6 years ago from United States


What makes child molesting so bad, or anything for that matter if there is no God to set the standard of good and evil? I know it's against the law in the U.S., but why?

Who sets the standards for morals? I think humans have the ability to make decisions and understand things as good or evil, but I wonder why some things just always seem wrong to do. I wonder if animals feel guilty when they steal or murder. Does that conscience we have come from genetics or experience or somethings else? Religious people would say it's from God. I'm interested to know what you think, because you don't just accept what other people say.

What do you think?

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

One question you may ask the Pope: Why does he not excommunicate the animals who took advantage of innocents dressed in priest robes?

And he came out today with a statement that the "church" is in a moment of sorrow! A moment! What about all teh lifetimes the animals have ruined?

trooper22 profile image

trooper22 6 years ago from Chicago

Thank you for creating this hub of wit and brass you know what's :) I love your writing Elena, and the way you think.

@ Blake Flannery: Animals rarely kill for the sake of killing. There have been cases where wolves and other pack hunters have slain their prey in greater numbers than they consumed, but they are rare and still un-explained. Only humans are the reining champs at killing without reason.

So to answer your question, it is not a question of faith that guides us; it is a question of culture, and of instinct. We have a deep need to re-produce, we are programmed to do so, that's why it feels so good. We also have a great need to eat which is why some dude a long time ago decided to grow his own. Once Intensive agriculture hit the stage of "god’s" little side show, man started making up his own rules. He started creating nasty little reasons for gobbling up the land and declaring war on the very earth that gave us birth. He started not only killing every creature that competed against him, but also enslaved or killed his fellow humans to work his fields. Now I ask you...What has your god done for earth other than have man @uck it all up?

All the Middle Eastern Religions are full of shit as far as I am concerned. They have all come up with elaborate and mystical notions to control the single greatest trade route on the face of the planet; Judea/Palestine/Israel and that’s really what the hubbub is all about, because if you want to trade from Europe to Asia by sea, you have to go through the "Holy Land"...which is why it's so holy.

I prefer Eastern religions for that reason. At least they do not insult your intelligence by telling you that “It’s God’s Will” They just take your shit and cut off your head because they wanted it more than you did.

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Ethel, cheers, and as we can see, for now, there's no much religious hubbub around here. I don't know how I always manage to keep then away ;-)

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Hi Blake! As Trooper said, animals rarely kill for pleasure, as for starters that would imply having a conscience, which they don't, and stealing is a concept that can't be associated to them, as it implies property, an entirely human concept :-)

As humans, we do have a conscience and, through civilization, some standards that have been erected for the purpose of sharing space in this planet. Standards for morals were set by humans in an attempt to share the space on earth, I think. The concepts of right and wrong, or good or evil if you will, stand alone in a "civil code" and don't need a god to justify them, IF we are to share this planet as a home.

From that point of view, doing something that harms a fellow human is considered "wrong", (and that's hoe we managed to get away from the caves and started sharing villages and towns). From that point of view, pedophilia is wrong because it implies an abuse of someone bigger to someone smaller, someone who doesn't know and can't defend himself. And do we really need a god to tell us that? E.g I'm not religious (evidently) but I still think killing is wrong, not because of the ever so famous "thou shall not kill" commandment, but because it inflicts definite harm on someone else. Vice versa, I thing euthanasia is *not* wrong, as it is a voluntary action of someone on themselves. (That's probably the fundamental difference between the "commandments" and free will: ability to choose for oneself, based on one's conscience.)

Some things are "wrong" because they imply that someone thinks they have more right to walk on earth than the rest of the race. That's what I think.

I recommend this:

And this:

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

De Greek, a moment of sorrow, indeed! This "moment" of sorrow is already lasting too many centuries, is what I think! If I could ask the Pope anything, it would be how can he look himself in the mirror every morning, that's what I would ask him!

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Trooper, hello! I can only nod at the way you describe god. Wouldn't you know, some years ago I decided to read the Bible, just because I thought, hey, if I'm going to tear it apart I must at least know what I'm talking about :-) Man, the Old Testament is a horror picture show, I don't think Hollywood ever conceived so much indiscriminate killing yet! That god, well, suffice it to say, I think he wins the all-time contest for major sociopath in the planet! I mean, if one wants to follow that entity as a moral lead, I'm not surprised there's so much killing going on!

Having said all this, I don't stand in the way of believers, it's their prerogative to believe what they wish, as it's mine to not believe it. I just wish, and wish it very much, that believers wouldn't try to stick their beliefs down my throat :-)

2patricias profile image

2patricias 6 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

We are always interested in the comments on 'religous' hubs. Both of us are Christians, but would never describe ourselves as fundamentalists. We both belong to and attend churches, but think that Christianity is not really the same as 'organised religion'. We are of the view that 'organised religion' has often obscured belief, and indeed has sometimes been the very opposite of the morality included in the Bible (see your Hub for a clue).

We're posting this not in an attempt to make you believe what we believe, but to say that not all believers are ranters, blinkered, unthinking (I could go on).

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Absolutely, Pats, and thank god for that! ;-) Isn't that the most ironic expression, coming from someone like me? Language is funny that way :-)

Anyhow, I know that not all believers are like that, be them Christians or any denomination. I'm all the way with you regarding the fundamental difference between "beliefs" and "organized religion". I even wrote a hub about it :-) Though I'm not a believer, I can't say as "I'm right", I think we all have a fifty-fifty chance or being right in regards to our beliefs or lack of thereof.

The main bug for me is the gap between "beliefs" and "religion". The way I've experienced it, beliefs have a spiritual, philosophic background, where the believers in question don't need others to feel secure and happy and convinced of their opinions, while organized religion is a code of conduct, one that they tend to want to impose on everyone, believers or not, alike. To add insult to injury, the imposition is, as we've seen through the centuries, very hypocritical. "Do as I say, not as I do". Now THAT is my problem and nothing else :-)

pgrundy 6 years ago

LOL! You go girl!

It cracks me up all the public outrage over Catholic sexual dysfunction and abuse lately. I mean, come on--where has this outrage been for the past, oh, TEN CENTURIES????? lol! Seriously, these are the folks who brought us the Inquisition, burned Joan of Arc alive and then took 500 years to say, "Oh we burned her alive? Um, we mean, she's a saint. Thanks Joan!"

Now we've got all these Militia nuts here in the U.S. who want to blow stuff up for Jesus. What Would Jesus Kill? WWWJK :)

Thanks for making me laugh. I love it when you rant--you are good at this!

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

My pleasure, Pam :-) One laugh a day keeps the pains at bay, they do say.... don't they? Uhhhh :-) To be frank, all my ranting makes me laugh a lot, too. I just keep thinking, why keep it inside, on a tight leash, if it's simply what I think. Those religious zealots certainly don't shut up even if they offend, so sometimes I feel like delivering a bit of my own medicine. I know my medicine won't fix the world, but shutting up most surely never fixed anything either :-P

Blake Flannery profile image

Blake Flannery 6 years ago from United States


If "Standards for morals were set by humans in an attempt to share the space on earth," I hope we get better at setting those morals some time soon, so we can share this space better.

I liked the rational code of ethics, but think it's a bit impractical without motivation to abide. It would just take one jerk to say "I'm gonna do what I want to other people." We would be pushing our beliefs if we forced it on everyone. I, myself am a repeat offender of the rational code of ethics.

Too bad we can't snap our fingers and all 6.7 billion of us agree to abide by the rational code of ethics. Humans are pretty messed up for as smart as we think we are, huh? Maybe the animals are smarter since they don't murder and don't care about personal property.

So what do we do now? I know this is a rant hub, but I am a solution focused guy. What's the solution? How do we fix the problems of humanity? Any ideas for something that might work?

George J Hardy profile image

George J Hardy 6 years ago from Southern New Jersey

Nothing wrong with religion, its the " isms " that`s killing us. Strange that in your rant you left out some of the others eg; Buddhism , Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Nihilism, Atheism, Pantheism, and the many others which are still practiced by many today. Not one is without defect but should it not be questioned as to why mankind desires religion? After all, it takes faith even to believe in no religion at all.

Austinstar profile image

Austinstar 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

Oh snap, I just figured something out. The Catholic Church condemns birth control because if it were to catch on then they wouldn't have a fresh batch of children to molest every year!


Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author


I think humankind has been chasing solutions since its inception, our current laws and judicial system etc are the result of this pursue for coexistence. They are partial solutions, because as you say it only takes one person to decide independently that they won't abide X Y or Z law and that's it, we're killing each other. But that's the thing with free will, it makes different people act in different ways, and there's nothing that can be done to prevent that, short of clearing our brain, a la Big Brother in 1984, and even that wouldn't work as there is always a Goldstein that clues into the scam.

You mention that the rational code of ethics is difficult to abide without motivation. Isn't that exactly the case today? We do have motivation of not going to jail, for example, but that doesn't prevent a lot of people from committing acts against their peers.

A definite Solution isn't possible unless we are all programmed at birth to behave, think and feel exactly the same. A partial and fairly reasonable solution however, does exist and it's known as Law. Not all of us adhere to it, but most do. And I think a good portion of us adhere to it for coexistence (and, yes, for fear of repercussions like going to jail, too), not because a deity is looking over our shoulders.

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

George - Yes, I left out many, the reason would be that I tend to speak only of what I know, and I refuse to research all those "isms" for the purpose of ranting about them :-) About questioning why mankind desires religion, personally I think I stated the primary reason in my little rant #1, "believers & religion". I think fear of death is the first and foremost cause of "isms" taking root on earth. There probably are many other causes, like fear of repercussions not beyond this life but in it (I'm thinking of the Inquisition here), and some may even believe in something for plain not conceiving that the universe is just as it is, no help needed from any creator. Another cause may be that leaving as you're told is more comfortable than having to think how to live. Who knows, I really don't.

Austin - You're onto something! And you made me laugh with it, although, as we know, this is really not a laughing matter. Still!

4x4 profile image

4x4 6 years ago from Los Angeles

Nicely written hub!

It's a pity though that you've given a warning for believers to stay away this post.

I'm a believer & I like it. Good thing I am as hard-headed as everyone else who do not follow written rules, such as Don't Touch Wet Paint, Keep Off the Grass, or Do Not Enter.

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

4x4, better call yourself an independent thinker than hard headed, then :-)

A friend emailed me about the "warning", indicating that it sounded more as a provocation than as a genuine warning. I had to confess, in my naivete and innocence (ahem), that I actually meant it as a warning. As in, "hey, I told ye to stay the heck away, but you didn't listen" :-)

Oh well, glad you enjoyed!

George J Hardy profile image

George J Hardy 6 years ago from Southern New Jersey

It seems a shame that mankind must live by a set of rules that are at best distasteful,fortunately there is a choice, we can choose what to believe. But nature, whether physical or moral, abhors a vacuum, and in the vacuum of absent philosophy, must abide by something logical. It is only in the human realm that religion offers satisfaction. The natural world needs only function by the physics of its design. This is the difference between human and natural creation. We can corrupt religion but the natural order of the universe cannot be over-ruled; although mankind today is going to do its best to try do so.

Obscurely Diverse profile image

Obscurely Diverse 6 years ago from Tennessee, U.S., Earth, Milky Way via Cosmos

Great hub! Ahh, it's always nice to see some attitude. I get tired of reading spineless babble, so this was good for a change. ;)

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Obscurely Diverse - that's such a cool nick :-) Glad to have been entertaining! I must confess, I also get tired of spineless writing, so what else is there to do but give mine a bit of spunk every now and then :-)

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 6 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

Organized religion is one of the worst things to happen to mankind. I appreciate your rant. You are right on the money, and have the nerve to speak against the grain. Thanks for taking a stand.


Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Hi Deborah, it was my pleasure. Sometimes it's worth taking a stand on organized religion, as we all know how organized religion takes a stand on pretty much everything else, right? Best to you!

Jade_Orear profile image

Jade_Orear 6 years ago from Zombie Land U.S.A

Well my beautifully angry friend,Hi! Did u know that if some wild eyed bastard judges u its a sin? Jeezus said that he who judges shall be judged the same.. But my favorite Jeezus phrase is "don't go to the wall and pray, go into your closet and lock the door. but just hit em with he who has the first sin cast the first stone.... I hate when a crazed jeezus freak is at the peir yelling that evolution is fake... or some mormon comes to my house and says he aint a paligamist..... whatever Glen Beck.....! ha! but U know maybe if they read that book u said was good fer smores instead of listen'n to some far out preacher maybe they would know that this is heaven.. and they are god.. whatever created them created them from itself... right?

Springboard profile image

Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Religion & I made me think of an event at my local grocery store one night. It was kind of late, but I had a couple of things to get—plus I was after a little snack—and was approached by this woman near the checkout. She came up to me and asked me "Do you believe in God?" Now, I've always said that my answer is not necessarily a simple no, but when it's a complete stranger out of the blue asking? In a grocery store checkout line? She walked away, then turned and came back and then asked, "So, you're going to hell?"

I did not think of the response at the time, but I would have liked to have told her, "If people like you are in heaven I sure in the hell hope so." But it didn't come that quickly. I said something a little less polite than even that.

But what gives, I thought?

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Right, Jade :-) I see you like fanatism as much as I do, which amounts to zero, nada, zilch! About evolution vs creationism, I had a rant at the ready, but decided not to publish it, as this was blunt enough as it were :-)

Springboard, why is it that the best comebacks only pop into out head when it's too late! Damn, some folks are really out there, aren't they. When I was a cocky adolescent a couple of Elders stopped me in the middle of the street and asked me if I wanted to "talk about God", and I replied, right off, "yes, I'd like to know why he condemns adultery but did Maria without a second thought," and just kept walking right past them. Probably one of the few times in my life when a comeback was ready at the tip of my tongue. Laugh!

Jade_Orear profile image

Jade_Orear 6 years ago from Zombie Land U.S.A

Goood Gawd! wer they catholic? cuz i swear her name was mary.....! but thats tha funny'st thing! publish it! heck at least u don't believe, remember that jeezus said be hot or cold and never luke warm... if i believe and u don't i think we have more in common! u should read my rant on my page "fer jeezus Gawd sake" i hate fanatics! so i turn em!

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 6 years ago from Central Oklahoma

Jade_Orear, in Spain your Mary is Maria.

Elena, so glad to see you're in fine form as usual! I can't think of anyone else who can rant so effectively in 100 words or less.

The current pope is a joke, not that previous ones were any prize either, but at least they knew how to keep the lid on (most of the time). The whole idea of a bunch of guys in silk skirts dictating what women can do with *their* bodies while priests get a slap on the wrist for diddling altar boys is simply insane. The current scandals may not bring down the Church, but the internet is certainly shredding the veil of secrecy that used to surround and protect it. Not unlike what happened to the British monarchy when cameras were invited into Windsor Castle and Buck House.

Austinstar, glad you finally 'got it'! **Of course** the main reason for the ban on birth control is to ensure a new crop of sex toys for priests! Also to ensure that the Vatican never runs out of Catholics to order around. What a sick bunch. Definitely too much testosterone concentrated in one place.

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Howdy, Jama! You call it fine form, others call it bitch on wheels, I call it, I says it like I sees it! ! Laugh!

It's insane, as you say. In Spanish we have a saying, which translates to something like this: "Never say never, and never say this priest is not your father". This, pretty succinctly, describes the hypocrisy of such an a'mighty entity as the Catholic Church.

What can get into these people to rant and rave about abortion or preconception or or or, while at the same time they abuse kids. What gets me the most is that they judge and condemn indiscriminately, whether you are a follower or not, but they are incapable of condemning their and theirs adequately when the situation calls for it. They don't think twice to call a woman murderer if she gets an abortion, but here you go with the pope, "condemn the sin but not the sinner". Bah, major BAH!

Jade_Orear profile image

Jade_Orear 6 years ago from Zombie Land U.S.A

condem tha sin and not tha sinner..... Damn, funny cuz i swear in leviticus somewere it has ta say something that condems that sinner... i mean if i cant fawk a goat without going tha hell than im sure chior boys are off limits too... well are those lil raped children going directly ta heaven fer give'n there all ta tha church? Sweet jeezus gawd, how many hail maria's do those bastards gotta do? weren't they swore ta celebacy? Saint peter don't fail me now!

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

I don't know if Saint Peter will fail you or not, I just wish the laws of the land would not fail, and all these abusers are judged, here on earth. Never mind their eternal sentence, which, I hear, can be done and over with with a little bit of old fashioned repenting. Bah!

Jade_Orear profile image

Jade_Orear 6 years ago from Zombie Land U.S.A

true! yeah that bastard pope should put em in tha stockades!

Springboard profile image

Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Luck of the draw I suppose. lol. I always try to view everything with an open mind. Religion. Politics. Science. Answers, REAL answers are so few and far between yet so many proclaim to always have all the right ones. :)

Sally's Trove profile image

Sally's Trove 6 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

This is the format of your writing that I love the most, as I commented long ago. You have a gift for encapsulating a thought, a gift that makes a powerful wallop.

"To see a World in a grain of sand,

And Heaven in a wild flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour."

Screw the fractious debates...these are instances of people pushing against each other for selfish gain...just help others open their eyes.

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Yes, you've said that before, Sally. And yes, I think you're right, too: sometimes small "deliveries" pack more punch than ten dissertations. It's not unlike famous quotes, one sentence or two that have the ability to make one furiously nod, and think, yes yes yes :-)

Here's the part of Blake's poem that would be apropos to this hub:

"A truth that’s told with bad intent

Beats all the Lies you can invent."

Linda MS Enos profile image

Linda MS Enos 6 years ago from Beautiful Manoa Valley

Elena I'm a fan! -that was the best laughing giggle fest I've had in a long time. I thank the good Lord for blessing me with the real goodness to gracious humor and also for finding a really funny tell it as it is person. I laughed so hard my eyes watered followed by a rolling hot flash! You are hotter than Thai chili! Once again it was so high octane adrenaline rush deliciously funny! You are like natural amphetamine!

Elena. profile image

Elena. 6 years ago from Madrid Author

Hey again, Linda! Top of the morning to you! I'm liking this adrenaline rush thing, I think it's probably the best compliment a piece such as this can get :-) Thai chili is still a bit hotter that I, though, I'm afraid, but I'm trying to get there! Laugh!

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