Return of Dead Hostel Girl in Delhi

Once a calm going studious girl named Anu joined in a hostel in Delhi. Though she was calm she was very friendly with everyone. She used to study late night till 12:00 pm along with her roommates, but suddenly after a few days her roommates found a great change in her behavior. She started avoiding them and stayed alone every time. She even started going to bed early. They also observed that every night after 2:00 am, the lights in their room are switched on and found Anu talking with herself.

Next day, they asked her why was she switching on the lights at that time and what is she doing then all alone and she said that she is not alone every night at 2:00 am, as her friend Prathima is coming to their room and they both are studying. They thought that she is making fun or playing tricks with them and asked her to show her. She said that she don’t know her room.

Then they said that there is no one named Prathima in that hostel. Anu disagreed with them and all of them went to every room and searched for her but couldn’t find her. Then they warned her not to play tricks with them or else they will complain to the warden of hostel if she does anymore.

Then Anu started crying. Seeing her doing this, an old lady working in that hostel stopped by and asked her the reason for her crying. Then she asked her whether she know anyone named Prathima in that hostel and the old lady replied, “yes”. On hearing that Anu felt very happy and called back her roommates to that old lady and asked her where is she then. The old lady said “she is no more, as she died long ago in that hostel”.

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Haunted hostel girl in Delhi
Haunted hostel girl in Delhi | Source

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Mor 6 years ago

Great story!

You got it my friend...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you so much Mor. I am glad you enjoyed girls hostel in Delhi story.

Roshan 6 years ago

Sad Story. Similar Ones Heard Before....get something Thrilling Man.......

shiksha 5 years ago

filmy kahani hai

but i love reading and watching these things

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Okay friends, will bring better next time.

nanhe ansari 5 years ago

(mail id) nanhe

dhwajakesari profile image

dhwajakesari 4 years ago

at last what happened to anu? is she alright?

veeresh 3 years ago

i cant forgot .mere saat bhi aisa hi kuch hua tha koi nai mante hey sab.......

SALIL SIDHARTH 2 years ago

too cripy

Xena 2 years ago

That's fake it cannot be true... I don't believe on such waste of time like things...

Agassi casillas 2 years ago

its a bit scary guys if the story was a real one...n jus imagine at will be scenario...if we know DT the gal we were busy talking all did days was a ghost

Rohit Mandal 2 years ago

It was want smthng more thrill...

zainab 22 months ago

Yeah its really scary but i think u should collect more about this story that what happened next but overall nice

Arya 20 months ago

Nice but not very much scary

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