Ancient Hebrews vs Modern Hebrew

My inspiration and information comes from many sources and this article comes from Yachazy'al Yachazaq Yahu Shalum, Yachazyal@Yahuahislife.

Elohim, hallelujah, tanak, kosher, amen, and messiah are not Hebrew words, but Yiddish vernacular, a language spoken by Jews in Europe and elsewhere by Jewish emigrants, usually written in the Hebrew alphabet. Historically, it is a dialect of High German with an admixture of words of Hebrew, Aramaic, Roman, and Slavonic origin, developed in central and eastern Europe during the middle ages. When we apply a Hebrew and Aramaic mind-set to this discussion, we can quickly dispose of Yiddish. The Ashkanazim are the people who the world consider Hebrews, but this is not true(we will talk about this at another time). Hebrews are of the lineage of Shem and the Ashkanazim are of the lineage of Yaphath/Japheth (B'rashyth/Genesis 10:2-3). When the Hebrews went into captivity, their true language was blended into Aramaic wich we now call Hebrew. This is why we must understand, in many cases, Hebrew vs Aramaicis at the heart of the matter. The dialects are very similar for example: no=lo in Aramaic, la in Hebrew. Mighty one= el in Aramaic, al in Hebrew. Yeshua, the son's name in Aramaic, Yahusha (ya-hoo-sha) in Hebrew. This is ancient(paleo) Hebrew. It is quite possibly the oldest language known to man.

There have been many changes to what we refer to as Hebrew, but everyone must have a working knowledge of this language in order to understand Scripture. MODERN HEBREW IS NOT THE SAME AS ANCIENT HEBREW.

The Scriptures - The True Names

I am not able to show the vowel points on my computer, but I will try to give you a clear pronunciation of each book.

1. Genesis = B'rashyth(ba-ra-ah-sheet) in the beginning.

2. Exodus = U Alah Shamuth(sha-moot) and these were the names.

3. Leveticus = U Yaqra(oo-ya-kra) and he called forth.

4. Numbers = B Mabar(ba-ma-bar) the wilderness.

5. Deuteronomy =Alah Dabarym(da-ba-reem) these are the words.

6. Joshua = Yahusha(ya-hu-sha)Yah is salvation.

7. Judges = Shaphatym(sha-fa-teem) judges/vindicators.

8. Ruth = ruth(root) campanion/friend.

9. Samuel = Shamu al(sha-moo-awl) heard of Alahym.

10.Kings = Malakym(ma-la-keem) kings/rulers.

11.Chronicles = Dabry H-Yamym(da-bree-ha-ya-mem) the mattersof the days.

12.Ezra = Azara(ahz-a-rah) aid.

13.Nehemiah = Nacham Yah(na-kham-yah) consolation.

14.Ester = Hadasah(ha-da-sah) myrtle.

15.Job = Ayub(ee-yoob) persecuted.

16.Psalms = Tahalym(ta-ha-leem) the praises.

17.Proverbs = Mashly(ma-shlee) byward/adage.

18.Ecclesiastes = Qhalath(ka-ha-lawt) preachers/lecturers.

19.Songs of Solomon = Shyr-H-Shyrym(sheer-ha-shee-reem) sind the songs.

20.Isaih = Yasha Yahu(ya-shah-ya-hoo) salvation of Yah.

21.Jeremiah = Yaram Yahu(ya-ram-ya-hoo) Yah is exalted.

22.Lamentations = Aykah(ee-kah) how!

23.Ezekiel = achazaq al(ya-ka-zahk-awl) strenghtened of Alahym.

24.Daniel = Dany al(dam-ee-awl) judge of Alahym.

25.Hosea = Husha(hoo-shah) deliveror,savior

26.Joel = Yahu al(ya-hoo-awl) Yahuah is mighty.

27.Amos - Amus(ah-mooce) burdensome.

28.Obadiah = Abad Yah(ah-bawd-yah) bondman of Yah.

29.Jonah = Yunah(yoo-nah) dove(from the warmth of mating).

30.Micah = Mykah or Myk Yah(mee-kah or meek-yah) who is for Yah.

31.Nahum = nachum(na-khoom) comforted, consoled.

32.Habakkuk = Chabaquq(kha-ba-khook) to clasp the hand or embrace.

33.Zephaniah = Tsaphan Yah(tsa-fawn-yah) Yah has hidden.

34.Haggi = Chagy(khaw-gee) festive.

35.Zechariah = ZakarYah(za-kar-yah) Yah has marked/remembered.

36.Malachi = Mal aky(mal-akee) messenger.

37.Matthew = Mathath Yahu(ma-tawt-ya-hoo) gift of Yah, Yah as given.

38.Luke = AurYah(oor-yah) flame of Yah.

39.John = Yahuchanan(ya-hoo-khan-nawn) Yah has favored.

40.Timothy = Yaqarah?(ya-q-rah) has been precious.

41.Hebrews = Abrym(ah-breem) crossing over.

42.James = Y aqb(ya-ah-k00b) heel catcher.

43.Peter = Kaph(kawf) hollow rock, hollow palm.

44Judah = Yahudah(ya-hoo-dah) celebrated.

45.Revelation = Chazun(kha-zoon) vision.

The Father's name Yahuah(ya-hoo-ah)

Now for a little fun, a little controversy. When you hear the pagan term "resurrection Sunday" and "easter Sunday," what comes to mind? Sunrise service, bunnies, eggs, and ignorance that can only be described as blissful. We have truly inherited lies. Now that I have your attention again, when your hear 3 days and 3 nights, what comes to mind? AS many take time to answer this and the voice of the cricket gets louder, let us see if this can be explained. There is a tremendous amount of confusion associated with 3 days and 3 nights, resurrection Sunday, and easter Sunday, they can't all exist, and they never did. Christian pastors teach that "Jesus" died late Friday evening and rose eeeaaarrrrllllyyyy Sunday morning. That's only 1.5 days later. If this is true, he was a liar and we shall all burn. Resurrection Sunday and easter Sunday are both doctrines of demons because they refute the living word of Yahuah: the Mashyach(messiah) Yahusha. Yahusha said that He would be in the ground for 3 days and 3 nights, just as Yunah(Jonah) was in the great fish for 3 days and 3 nights. Please do not take my word for this, read it yourself as you should everything your pastor or anyone else says as what may or may not be the word of the Father. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! Don't try to hide behind if you don't know something you won't be held responsible. That won't work. If you willing do not read His word, you will be liable. Ignorance to His law,is no excuse. Where do you think that courtroom idiom came from? Getting back to 3 days and 3 nights, Mathath/Matthew 12:38-44 which is supported by Yunah/Jonah 1:17, where was the promise of easter Sunday? Where was the promise of resurrection Sunday? They never existed. Easter Sunday is nothing more than a fertility festival for the "queen of heaven," who goes by many names and resurrection Sunday is basically another way of saying the exact same thing. All pagan, all evil. Funny, Yahusha told us to commemorate His death, Never His resurrection, so what's going on? To be continued.


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aguasilver 4 years ago from Malaga, Spain

Very attentive, get part two out please, and let's clear the decks of falsehoods.

John (Yahuchanan)

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Disappearinghead 4 years ago from Wales, UK

Very interesting.

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 4 years ago from HubPages, FB

Robertsr04 I see. You mean if we call ELOHIM God and Yeshuvah Jesus we cannot be saved? Apparently ELOHIM do not understand English or Greek. Paul wrote Greek and used the name in Greek ???????? Ie?sous (Rom 1:1). It means all will be perish? And what about on Pentecost 120 were speaking with the tongues? Is condition to salvation to speak Hebrew? or believe and confess Rom 10:9-10?

HOOWANTSTONO profile image

HOOWANTSTONO 4 years ago

Yep Jesus Christ wasn't Resurrected on the Sunday either....

Robertr04 4 years ago

Hi Hoowantstono. What day do you believe He was raised on?

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 4 years ago from HubPages, FB

Sorry my Greek alphabet came to be ?????. I guess we have to wait for perfection of Hub comment's part.

Yehoshuvah was speaking Aramaic (dialect) and Hebrew. He knew commercial Greek but did not speak. An old classical Hebrew is some different from today's modern Hebrew. There is no problem of languages since God understand all. Only rigid and judgmental people have problems. We are saved by His grace of our faith not by perfect knowledge. Jesus died I believe Wednesday and has been risen Sunday the day after Sabbath. The faith in resurrection and confession with the mouth Jesus is Lord is the key of salvation as indicated above Rom 10:9-10.

Robertr04 4 years ago

Vladi my friend, I have'nt forgotten you. I'm writing later today,but will try to answer some of your questions now. Speaking Hebrew is not a condition for salvation. Speaking in tongue is not a condition for salvation.Believing and confessing alone will not get you there either. There are other requirements, faith, works, obedience,repentence, just to name a few, with faith maybe being the chief agent.In the hub I tried to bring about an awareness of the differences between ancient Hebrew,original language of the Scriptures,and modern Hebrew with the false names,spellings,and misinterpretations.I'm going a little deeper later on with the names "Jesus" and Iesous. Now has far as Paul,there are no Hebrew versions of Paul's letters. He wrote those letters to the Greeks and Latin speaking people. They were not the Turah of Yahuah and they were never translated from Hebrew. With this being said, we have to understand the "scriptures." What we call the bible is a collection of writings put together as a book, but this is not the case. We feel that everything in the "bible" is the word of Yahuah, it's not. When Yahusha walked the earth, He quoted the Turah and the prophets, that's all they had. When we read scriptures like "all scripture is given by inspiration," we are thinking this includes Paul's letters or any New Testament writing, it does not. Paul was not writing that all books of the bible were written by inspiration, he was speaking of the Turah and the writings of the prophets. His letters were neither of these. Knowing his and the fact that it is highly possible Paul and Shaul are 2 different people(Acts 13), his letters have no bearing on salvation, but they are used by those who wish to find loop holes in submitting to Yahuah. We are to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of the Father. Again, this would not include Paul or Shaul.

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Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

God has revealed himself in these last days in the English language to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. A White man from New England.

He revealed Himself in English as Jesus Christ not any of the other names you have mentioned. You can believe it or reject it. God called himself a pagan name according to you Robert.

Argue with me if you want, and I know some will, but God had revealed Himself to man again in these last days.

God is not dead and He still speaks to men. One of His pr0phets to day is Thomas S. Monson. He still speaks and the language of the covenant is English, not Hebrew. He has even revealed scripture specific to our day called the Doctrines and Covenants and another book called The Book of Mormon was written for our day and translated to English.

Now, pray about that and see what God reveals to you.

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 4 years ago from HubPages, FB

Hi, very good answers my friend. There is reason Jesus was three days and three nights in state I would like not to comment now. I want to give some input about salvation. Notice that word repentance was addressed to Jew who already been in contract with God (Covenant). To repent means to return. Gentiles who never were in the kingdom cannot return. I was in Jerusalem and I can return but I do not use word return if I was not there. Now if one is in court the judge does not care what you think, feel but what you say and testify. The same time u must have respect of judge and not walking out when u want. Only by faith we confess Jesus is Lord and believing in heart God raised Jesus from the dead. The issue is faith in Word of God since it was broken and dumped in the Garden. Obedience is result what we believe and not opossum. My personal statement is: We are what we believe and we do what we are. I am accepted by God and I never want to go back to Law. We are in grace and in truth (John 1:17). The Law is demander, sentencing and executing. The Grace set us free. Being new creation has fruit of the spirit and I believe God is satisfied. If you brother want to go Jewish way it is your choice. I love Jewish people dearly.

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Rodric29, good to hear from you. Why should we argue? Civil debate at the worst, and that only briefly. More than likely, we shall agree to disagree. BTW, some say the Father's Name is Allah, his prophet's Muhammad. Some don't believe Mashyach as even come. Some call all of this nonsense, go figure. Thomas S. Monson? What about Mitt Romney (couldn't resist it). Actually, I'm a devout follower of a certain Mormon gentleman, religion has nothing to do with it. Who said He was dead? In these last days everyone will know He lives. Reveal Himself, always has, no doubt. If you were not a believer, I would not waste my time or yours in discussion. I am giving the Name He gave the the ancient Hebrews in the original Hebrew language thousands of years ago in the Hebrew scriptures. Ex.3:13-15; (13) And M'shah said to Alahym, "See, when I come to the children of Yashar'al and say to them, "The Alahym of your fathers has sent me to you", and they say to me,"What is His Name"? what shall I say to them? (14) And Alahym said to M'shah, " I am that which I am". And He said, "Thus you shall say to the children of Yashar'al, "I am has sent me to you". (15) And Alahym said further to M'shah, "Thus you are to say to the children of Yashar'al, Yahuah, Alahym of your fathers, the Alahym of Abraham, the Alahym of Yatsaq, and the Alahym of Y'aqb, has sent me to you. This is my Name forever, and this is my remembrance to all generations". I'm quoting a word for word translation from the original Hebrew language. Where is your information coming from? He does not change, can we agree on that? But you are saying He changed His Name. Show me where He said I have a new Name. Where was Joseph Smith then? By what name do you call the Father? You are free to believe whatever you want, time will tell. Shalum

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Vladi my friend, always glad to hear from you. First , I am not a Jew. I belong to no denomination. I am merely a servant of the Most High as all believers ought be. Repent: to feel regretful or contrite for past conduct, sorry for etc. But, in a manner of speaking, I guess you are returning, returning to a way of life the Father approves. Secondly, the covenant was made with the Hebrews/Israelites, not the Jews. Jews are those who believe and follow Judaism. They are not the same people. We can discuss that if you like. All who have fallen, are free to get up and return. That's where grace comes in. Without His grace there would be no salvation. In my humble opinion, first, all things exist because of His grace. To me, His grace was His means of salvation to everyone, His Son Yahusha our redeemer. Now salvation is a free gift, but there are conditions. You must be obedient, repentent, believe (faith) and have good works and I'm sure there will be some who can come up with some more things. You have a proving ground to shows these qualities, your life, "you must endure until the end", the words of Yahusha. He died and was resurrected so that you and I would have the means to salvation, you must prove yourself worthy. And NO ONE, until He returns, will know if he is saved or not. I know there are those who believe in "once saved always saved" with the emphasis on once. All you can do is work toward that day. If you die before He returns, your hope is for that first resurrection to meet Him in the clouds. The set-apart (saints) who are living at His return will be 'caught up' to join Him after the set-apart dead have been raised. No one has ascended. Abraham , Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the apostles, your dead loved ones and all the other dead are in the grave (hell,sheol,hades) waiting for judgement, there is nothing more they can do to help or hurt their final decision. You and I (and everyone else alive) fortunately (or unfortunately) still have the opportunity.

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

I did come off an argumentative did I not, Robert? I apologize for that. I read my comment and saw my error. I meant no disrespect. I am so accustomed to being attacked that I put myself in defense mode and lashed out. That is no excuse for me supposing to have charity and all. I ask for your pardon and I thank you for your cordial response to my comment.

I might hub about this, but English is the new covenant language. If you look at the way God deals with humankind from a psychological point of view, He has always dealt with man through one lineage from Adam to Seth, from Seth to Enoch, from Enoch to Noah, from Noah to Abraham and from Abraham to Israel (Jacob).

Adam did not speak Hebrew. In fact, only after Noah did the Hebrew language come into being. God the Father revealed Himself to Adam in a different language just as he did to all the holy prophets and patriarchs before the evolution of Hebrew.

God has fulfilled His promise to the Gentile nations that he will make His arm bare so that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. The Gentiles received the gospel after the Jews who were first because God covenanted through Abraham that all the world would be blessed, which has occurred because every good thing comes from the seed of Abraham--all the mixture of the 12 tribes of Israel.

After Christ came, he promised that if when His gospel would become a famine in the world, or the fullness of it will be denied He would restore it through the house of Joseph through the loins of Ephraim of the tribes of Israel.

Joseph Smith Jr, and average everyday White American was chosen to be the vessel through which the gospel was restored in its fullness. As with other prophets, some reject his testimony and some believe. It is too close to home for many to grasp that God again has established His covenant for the last time before the Savior comes.

Joseph Smith is dead, but the Lord has over 15 ordained men whom are all called prophets, seers and revelators who act on God's behalf and represent his oracles on the earth to the world, one as the chief apostle, Thomas S. Monson.

English is the new covenant language only because God has revealed Himself to Joseph who happens to speak English. God always reveals Himself in the language of his prophets because as Amos teaches as recorded in the Old Testament, "Surely the Lord God doeth nothing save he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets "3:7.

When God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to the prophet Joseph Smith, yes I left that detail our earlier sorry. He introduced His Son as Jesus Christ. Then Jesus revealed to Joseph that He shall be known as Jesus Christ. He also revealed that His church shall be called after His name.

Now, I know this is a fantastic assertion and verily I submit it is true. I only ask that if it be the truth of God, that He reveals Himself for the psychological benefit of man, in their own languages, can He do so with English as he did with Hebrew with Moses?

God is not dead in the sense that He is still active in revelation to man through an authorized prophet. All this to prepare for the second coming of His son, who identified Himself as Jesus Christ.

I agree with your assertion that we are all redeem through the son of God as we obey His commands. I must call exception upon you suggestion that no one knows if he is saved. It is the privilege of every follower of the Son of God, each true believer to receive a witness from heaven that he is saved through the blood of the Lamb of God. The atonement of Christ does work retroactively back to Adam. It is an infinite and eternal sacrifice and resurrection that applies to all the inhabitants of the Earth.

You are correct about the "once saved" issue depending on the perspective. If by "once save" meaning that once we receive the gospel in its fullness and covenant with the Savior we continue to follow His teaching and repenting of our sins, then yes, "once saved, always saved.'

If by the "once saved" it means that once I declare Jesus I can do nothing wrong, that is false. God is not the author of sin or the god of confusion. He is the God of truth. Just because the Savior suffered for our sins does not mean He exspects us to do nothing. We are saved if we endure to the end as you said. That is the only way, otherwise we mock God as if He is foolish enough to pollute His presence with unrepentant people, who indulge in sin think that it is permissible because Christ suffered for them. He paid a price and will only purchase us if we sacrifice our wills to follow His teaching--the teachings that show us how to become like He is and inherit all that the Father gives to Him.

God had revealed through his latter day prophets that all who died before Christ who are righteous were resurrected with Christ. After Christ rose from the grave, resurections occurred and people saw their loved ones clothed in flesh. It is recorded in the New Testament also. Christ initiated the firist resurrections which had been occurring since His. People do not all die at the same time and are not all resurrected at the same time either. God has allowed souls to reunite of the righteous for centuries in mu opinion. I have no doctrinal basis for it though. I just personally believe he continues to allow people resurrection even now until the second coming when the first resurrection will finally be complete after the end of Christ thousand year reign. Then will come the second resurrection of the wicked to be judged and rewarded according to their works, as well as the righteous to be reward by their works--and by works I mean how well they endured to the end after accepting the atonement of the Savior.

I just wrote a hub here!

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

I did not find you offensive. Just stating what you believe to be the truth. The Book (bible) was originally written in the ancient Hebrew language. All translations of the OT come from the Hebrew language first. The original language has been polluted and corrupted for various reasons, the Babylonian captivity, the invention of vowel points, and the Greco-Roman man-made religion of Christianity to be a hoax, hiding behind a Greek mask ("NT language" disguising the true Name), a hustle which fused diverse pagan customs together thru "church councils". The Greek language is a shadow play to justify hiding the true Name of the Mashyach (Messiah) of Yashar'al/Israel. The Greek language cannot possibly transliterate the sound of the Name. The lack of appropiate letter sounds, and the Greek grammatical "rule" that adds the ending letter "S", makes it impossible to do. Without going into more detail , the Father may have appeared to Joseph Smith, but He did not introduce His Son by the name "Jesus Christ". That is a pagan name. I see 2 resurrections coming in the future, one of the "righteous dead at His return (Rev.20:4) and one after the millinium. IThess.4:13-17. Do you know any of the dead walking around now? If so, whom? If not , why would you believe something like that? We seem to have some common ground. I'm willing to debate with you momentarily, we may learn something from each other. Shalom

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Thank you for indulging me Robert. I know of many people who have been resurrected Peter, James, John the Beloved, John the Baptist, Moses, Abraham, Adam etc.

I do not know of any personally. Also, if I did, as a non-prophet I may not share such things because they are sacred and if I do share them God would cease to favor me with such visitations.

These men all visited Joseph Smith and others before and after the Lord established His Church on the earth again in Palmyra, New York.

There are two resurrections, you are correct. I personally do not make a distinction between the resurrections that occur immediately after Christ and the first resurrection of the righteous that will occur at His coming. We agree here.

To answer why I believe: I believe these things because I spoke to God and He spoke back to me--not in an audible voice, but to my mind.

I did not believe in Jesus Christ, but was converted to Him after reading The Book Of Mormon. God revealed the Son of Man to me as Jesus Christ and he revealed Him to Joseph as well.

I always felt that we should be calling Jesus by some other name until He revealed Himself by that name. I personally am not able to say if Jesus is a pagan name. But it is the name that I communicate to Father in and get answers to my prayers from my first day as a Christian.

"Jesus is not a pagan name in the sense of originating from a pagan context. Rather, the original writers of the New Testament used Iesous (Greek for Jesus) about 917 times to describe who Jesus truly was. However, there is not a single reference in the New Testament where Jesus is explicitly called by his Hebrew name Yeshua." This quote is from

I could not phrase it better. I have no proof other than what was revealed to me and what a modern prophet testifies. You are more intelligent than am I in Hebrew and I cannot hold a candle to you intellectually in that light. I however, have personal testimony only.

Either I am lying or I am correct. I am not confused being that I did not want to believe in Jesus in the first place until I was convince it was pertinent to my salvation to do so.

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 4 years ago from HubPages, FB

The Bible was not corrupted or altered. It is only few who understand.

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Valdimir my friend, that is a matter of opinion. To me, interpretation is everything. All you have to do is read the various threads on religion and you will get many different interpretations. To the point of asking yourself is everyone reading the same book? There are many different versions and many different translations. There are even some versions where scripture is left out. Is it then possible that that this could cause misinterpretations, alterations, or worst, corruption? Along with the varied agenda people may have and had in the past when this library was put together, you honestly believe there has been no changes made from the original scriptures or should I say earliest manuscripts? Now this does not mean I feel the characteristics and way of life our Father was trying to get us to see was not presented in the Book. There was no way the enemy could destroy that no matter how hard he tried. The Father's true Name was replaced 7000 times, under the guise, "we are not to say the sacred name". To the point you don't even know it. Some will say," it doesn't matter, He knows our hearts". That's corruption my friend. BTW, Jeremiah will tell you all about the heart.

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Robert a agree with you about the alteration of the Bible. Or should I say the books that became what we now have as the Bible. They had to be altered just to translate them into English! As a person who is familiar with more that one language, the meaning of a phrase can change when translated--even if it is done correctly. I used to read my Bible in Xhosa because it gave me a different insight into the verses and the words choices were different. Xhosa is very similar to Latin in structure from what I have been told and is a very simple language compared to English in that our Lexicon is extremely large while Xhosa's lexicon is comparatively small.

Also, I know Father's name as it was revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr., but I do not call my Father by His name as I also do not call my mortal father by his name. It is taught that Father's name is Eloihim and Jesus's name is Jehovah in my religion--nice story about that. If you are interested I have written hubs on it.

What do you say Robert about the use of the names I provided. I understand that Eloihim is more of a title.

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 4 years ago from HubPages, FB

The Bible language has many synonyms. The translations tried to make it all the time better. Some liberals) went too far and translated world like “do” to “try”. But it is not issue about opinion. I have many originals Hebrew Tanakh and New Covenant in Greek. I have even New Hebrew testament audio I am listening. About 70 years ago I started read Bible first Czech” Kralicka Biblia”. It is 40 years older Bible than KJV. Then I have Slovak, German (Luther), Russian and more. Now I have many translations in English. Original Bible in Hebrew Tanakh and New Testament in Greek are written in digital (numeric) mode, not in analog. They cannot be changed since would disturb entire numeric system. The transcriptionists of the Bible were well trained and if they made mistake it was spelling errors in different places. To correct it was easy to do. Bible said if anyone add or remove anything from the Bible it will be remove from the life God promised.

In modern time people are more liars and propagandist. If you believe them they win. God and His Word never changes. How the Faith was changed to what? How love was changed to what? Those two words are basic to our life.

Elohim is plural noun and means God. YHVH means Lord. YesHuVaH is Lord Jesus. If you do not believe I cannot help.

There are two good trnaslation: Amplified Bible and Literal Translation by Young.

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

You have quite a collection of biblical languages there Valdimir. But you don't seem to have one of the original Hebrew language. Elohim is modern/Yiddish. This is the language used by the Jews today. As I stated before, Jews and Hebrew/Israelites are not the same people. Jews are not Hebrews. Jews are not the people spoken of in the bible. Alahym/ancient Hebrew and means mighty one. The original language had no vowel points. Words and meanings were changed with the addition of the vowel points. Pollution and corruption resulted from this. If you are interested in reading the original language, JP Green English, Greek, Hebrew Interlinear Bible is the only one written in the original Hebrew language. You will immediately see the difference. I am not trying to or will I try to convince you of anything. Everyone will believe, live and die by their own chosen path. You have chosen yours and I have chosen mine. I will however, present the information given to me to give another viewpoint.

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

First , I only speak one language, English. I am instructed by another in the Hebrew, Greek languages and doubt if I will become fluent in either. In modern Hebrew which is Yiddish, Eloihim means god, a title. The Christians also use this term depending on who you are talking to. The Christians have also given the name Jehovah to god. They call the son Jesus. In the original Hebrew Yahuah is the Father's Name and Yahusha is the Name of the son. So, among this group of believers, there are 3 different Names. I'm going to read your hubs rodric. enjoying the conversation.

I know Hebrew 4 years ago

"In modern Hebrew which is Yiddish".....

even if I haven't read the article, this one phrase would be enough for me to guess that you have very little idea about what you are writing.... My advice to you- never write about things you have no first-hand knowledge. All your examples of Hebrew phrases are not correctly transliterated. Modern Hebrew is NOT Yiddish either....

If you knew Hebrew, you would have never written this nonsense. I mean the whole article.

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 4 years ago from HubPages, FB

I am so glad I have believers friends.

There are few original Hebrew Tanakh text available. The book of Isaiah I seen in museum in Jerusalem complete found in Dad Sea Scrols. It is awesome. Jesus talked some in Aramaic dialect, but Scripture was written in Hebrew. New Covenant in comertial language Greek.

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

You know Hebrew eh? I don't doubt you. But, tell me, how can you tell the difference between ancient and modern Hebrew? What is the Father and Son's Name in Hebrew?

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Vladimir my friend. I have a copy of Tanakh, copyright 1985 by The Jewish Publication Society First special-format edition. This is not ancient Hebrew. The only 'bible' written using the ancient Hebrew language is the JP Green Interlinear Hebrew English Greek. What you see in most commercial translations (machine translations) are notorious for this type of translation as they simply employ a database of words and their translations. The Hebrews were basically a pastoral people. Their language originally was pictorial, and as such it was descriptive by nature. There are however no known Scripture written in that manner. In the JP Green there is a word for word translation there true meanings are revealed, not mere transliteration of the Hebrew letters being made to suffice. The personification of everything (there were no neuters to the Hebrews, nor any merely secular objects), gleans thru a literal translation-for all things and all men were perceived in relation to the Almighty. This literal translation tends to bring the reader into the frame of mind that existed in the times the biblical words were spoken. That then helps promote a full/better understanding.

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Vladimir Uhri 4 years ago from HubPages, FB

I have all three of them. But devil tries to discredit Bible as much he can.

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Robertr04 4 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Glad to know you know that Vladimir.

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Acts412 3 years ago

I realize this blog is semi-old; but really, let's set the record straight. First of all, let's make this crystal clear; Paleo-Hebrew and Aramaic-Hebrew are not one in the same and do not equal Ancient Hebrew. Jewish/Christian "scholars" love to not tell you this, they insist that Ancient Hebrew is Aramaic-Hebrew; this is a flat out lie. Paleo-Hebrew is nothing like Aramaic-Hebrew and was not adopted by the Jews until they were banished to Babylon; this is supported both by the bible and history. The Tetragrammaton was not in use by those who spoke Paleo-Hebrew, they knew not of it's existence, hence Jehovah, Yahweh (which are modern interpretations by RCC monks of the Tetragrammaton) and the 70 other guess names of the Tetragrammaton did not exist and could never have been in the original OT Scriptures; neither could have the Tetragrammaton. Further proof comes in the form of another language which has the oldest known usage of the Tetragrammaton in a language similar to, but not, Aramaic; it comes from the Mesha Stele. This carving is dated circa 800 BCE (BC). This was nearly 300 years before the Jews were banished to Babylon (where they mixed true Hebrew with Aramaic to make Aramaic-Hebrew); is it truly a "Hebrew" word? Also notice, if you think there is no error in the bible, why did Moses say in Exodus that Abraham did not know the name of "Jehovah" yet in Genesis Abraham named a mountain "Jehovhajireh"? Moses didn't speak Aramaic-Hebrew, he had nothing to do with being banished to Babylon, therefore he could not have spoken Aramaic-Hebrew and again, knew not of the Tetragrammaton. The lies come from Jewish scholars and scribes who don't want anything to do with the name of Jesus. Don't trust me; look who wrote the Masoretic texts and when they were written; compare to the Septuagint (the original written in 280 BCE never had the Tetragrammaton in it).

Secondly, the Pentagrammaton, supposedly Jesus' real name, is the Pentagrammaton with an added letter in ... Aramaic-Hebrew, not Paleo-Hebrew. Again, don't believe me; take a look. This is the Tetragrammaton - יהוה‎. This is the Pentagrammaton - יהשוה‎. Notice the only difference is the ש inserted in the middle of the Tetragrammaton. This is to "convince" us Jesus' name came from the Tetragrammaton and means "Jehovah-saves". A few problems come from this. Jehovah didn't exist back then and no empirical evidence showing the Pentagrammaton in any MSS; not one MSS has this perverted name in them.

Third, there is no "sacred" language. Not one language of men is "holy". Therefore the "Sacred Name" could never have existed. If we are to call upon the name of the Lord and yet, we do not know it (because it is "sacred") what then would we do!? To this day, Jewish rabbis, scholars and scribes will tell you there is not one known pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton; yet man still keeps trying.

We do not have the original OT; these, as written by holy men of God are the inerrant word of God. What do these actually contain, unless found we will never know. But the perversions of the Jews and Christians over the last two millennia have led many down the wrong path(s).

We also know that in 280 BCE the Jews translated the OT into the Septuagint (Greek); the word they used for "Messiah" was Messias; these Jews were committed to keeping the word as pure as it could be. We also know Christos replaced Messias in most places; yet where it is used, it is Messias. This is also what the Bishops Bible, Geneva Bible and earlier versions of the KJV use; it was not until later Messiah came into being in later editions of the KJV. So now the question begged is why the change from Messias to promote the Tetragrammaton; the adding of "iah" or "yah" (the sound and spelling relating to anything but the one true living God) to coincide with JehovAH or YAHweh to include the usage of "hallelujah"...

Further proof; if the name of God was the Tetragrammaton it would have been used and written as such in the New Testament, yet not once did Jesus or the Apostles refer to God as the Tetragrammaton; nor did they ever use "hallelujah". Lies like "kyrios" took the place of the Tetragrammaton as a shortened form do not make any sense. God's name is God's name; Jesus and the apostles were Jewish and would have used the "proper" name for God only has one name; Zechariah 14:9, "And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one." There is only one name above all names (Philippians 2:9), there is only one name whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12); this name was inherited, so yes, the name of the Father is the name of the Son (Hebrews 1:4).

So, what is God's name? It's simply Jesus (and yes, it's Hebrew, not the English only version of God's name). If you would like more information feel free to email me at and I will explain more, but I will not get into a heated debate about the lies of the Tetragrammaton/Pentagrammaton.

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Robertr04 3 years ago from Detroit,Mi. Author

Well my friend, I have no intention of getting into a heated discussion about what you or I believe to be true. I use the JP Green Interlinear. Which is a word for word translation of the scripture Hebrew, Greek, English. No one has a translation from the original manuscripts. They (various translators,scholars) used what are believed to be the earliest available. Probably if not for the Dead Sea scrolls we would be left wondering if any of this were true. Had to write this while it was fresh . Gotta go, but will return to continue. The Father's Name is Yahuah, the Son's Name is Yahusha Ha Mashyach. This coming from paleo Hebrew. This being the Name He gave in Ex.3:15. Your "Jesus" may be your "god", but he,Jehova, Yahweh, etc. are not Yahuah. Shalum

Yunah77 3 years ago

for you that think the language of england is the NEW language of the Creator.

Tony 2 years ago

The DSS actually refute Yachazyal's understanding of what the Father and the Son's names are?

Tony @

Tony 2 years ago

The article on this page of this link actually refutes the myth that Sunday is pagan:

He who can receive it let him receive it.

Tony @

Johnny98 20 months ago

Robert04 is A true messenger of the one and only true Alahym!! Yahuah bless u and keep u Robert04!!!!!!!

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