After Her Death, a Mother's Visit to Her Child Provides Comfort and Insight

A Loving Visit from The Other Side

My husband Rod was orphaned at an early age. His father died from complications after an auto accident when Rod was 4, and his mother passed away from breast cancer in 1952, when Rod was 6 years old. Rod was then sent by his remaining family's consensus to live with his mother's elder sister Sigrid on her farm in Wisconsin.

About six months later, Rod was awakened by the sound of his mother gently calling his name. He sat up and saw his mother standing at the foot of his bed. He clearly recognized her as his mother, although he thought it odd that she was dressed in such an unusual manner. His mother wore a long, flowing white dress and a white scarf or veil on her head, much like typical representations of women in Biblical times. A greenish-blue glow emanating from her body lit up the entire room. Of course, Rod was very happy and excited to see his late mother, and immediately began to ask her questions.

Rod said, "Mom! You died! Did you go to Heaven?" She answered, "Yes." Rod asked, "Is dad there?" She didn't answer that question, but looked briefly to her left, then said, "I don't have much time, but I want you to know I love you very much, and I want you to listen to your aunt Sigrid and do what she tells you to do."

Then Rod heard his aunt Sigrid call up the staircase to him, "Rod! Who are you talking to?" Rod answered, 'My mother." Then aunt Sigrid came up the stairs and down the hallway to Rod's open bedroom doorway. His mother then said, "I have to go now". and glided past the foot of the bed, from left to right, through the open doorway, just as Aunt Sigrid stepped into the bedroom.

Rod asked Sigrid, "Did you see my mother?" Sigrid said, "No." Rod said, "She just passed you in the doorway." Aunt Sigrid hadn't seen Rod's mother, and tried to convince Rod he'd only had a dream.

Rod's mother soon visited his aunt Sigrid in a dream to inform her that Rod's mother indeed was in Heaven. Rod's mom also appeared in the same dream to several relatives, including Rod's older sister, Gloria.

From that point forward, Rod began to have vivid dreams of events in his life that would come true in reality. He'd find himself in situations of which he'd dreamed, but he had no means to stop what was happening. The predictive dreams diminished with age, but Rod still has what he calls, 'psychic moments' where he gets impression of future events and then the subsequent experience of deja vu.

Rod's mother's visit to him after her death has been his guiding spiritual light. Rod KNOWS there is an afterlife, and nothing can persuade him otherwise.

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JY3502 profile image

JY3502 5 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

Angel, a very beautiful and uplifting story. Voted up.

romari profile image

romari 5 years ago from Heaven

I believe that after we die, we are more sensitive as we separate our weak body. I have experienced the appearance of my deceased mother during her funeral.The dead people are always looking at us the living ones.They are the ones who are praying for us.

AngeLife profile image

AngeLife 5 years ago from Almost Heaven Author

Thank you, romari. I also believe the dead are 'with' us. That's why I believe we don't need to visit those who are buried.

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