Sons are Exempt


Sons are exempt. That’s the whole point of everything, especially the cross. Sons are meant to be free, exempted from everything. No taboos, no prohibitions. Nothing. Free as a bird and a lily. No rules or regulations to follow.

Sons are free from any law—natural or Scriptural. Even human laws. Jesus once asked Peter from whom were taxes collected, the king’s sons or others (Matt.17). He was referring to a human taxing law. Peter said from others. Then Jesus declared that the sons were exempt. Sons are exempt! However, there are two kinds of sons—the slaves and those who have received full rights (Gal.4.1-5). 

Slave Sons

If you’re still bound to the basic principles of the world, you’re a slave son. A son, yes, but a slave nonetheless. If you’re in any way still using any worldly system…like, if your church system uses parliamentary and other secular systems, elections, denominations, bible schools and seminaries, and human theology—you’re a church of slave sons. “A child (slave son), though he is an heir, is no better than a slave. He is subject to guardians and trustees,” (Gal.4). Paul was referring to worldly principles and powers when he mentioned about guardians and trustees.

If you still observe traditional special days like Halloween, Valentines, Easter (which is a pagan term), new years, and even Christmas, you’re worldly. “You’re observing special days and months and seasons and even years!” (Gal.4.10). True sons just observe the death and resurrection of Jesus, not just on Sundays, but daily. It’s a LIFE. If you’re bound by denominational policies, rules, or manuals, you’re no better than a slave. “These will all soon die because they’re worldly and human-based. They look smart...but they’re useless as far as true holiness is concerned,” (Col.2.22-23).

Jesus didn’t go here so we can have man’s religion. He came that we may have LIFE, and abundantly.


As long as you’re a slave son you’re under the world system and affected and controlled by it. And the whole world is under Satan. Thus, you’re easily affected by satanic influences and powers. You may even be part of the synagogue of Satan (Rev.3.9).

Now, remaining a slave son too long puts you in danger of being a dead son like the prodigal son was. Yes, he was a son, but a dead son at that—not even worthy of being a slave. A dead son can lose everything. “Trash the slave woman and her son; the slave woman’s son will never share in the estate with the free woman’s son,” (Gal.4.30). It is for freedom that Christ set true sons and daughters free!

Banquet table. Full-right sons eat all they can.
Banquet table. Full-right sons eat all they can.

Full-Right Sons

If you’re totally stripped of your old self and wearing Christ each moment, daily, so that God’s Spirit in you manifests Jesus on you in ever-increasing glory, you are a full-right son (Gal.3.27 & 4.6-7). You are not bound by any law or rule under heaven. Remember, you’re chipped off from the very Rock, a stone taken from the same quarry as Jesus was. Whatever the Heir has you also have (Rom.8.17) as co-heirs. When the Father granted Jesus all authority under heaven, you fully share in that through Jesus in you. You have all authority under heaven. ALL!

But this only works if you’ve shared in his sufferings (Rom.8.17b)—the Jesus cross—so you can also share in his glory. Those who have not suffered the cross are sure to be full of themselves and their denominational church. They are nothing but immature defenders and propagandists of their denomination. They will mishandle and abuse the full rights of being a true son and daughter, using the rights to propagate men’s empires instead of God’s Kingdom and Jesus’ one glorious perfect church. Thus, they cannot enjoy the whole estate but are treated as no better than slaves, subject to Satan’s world. “We have an altar from which those who minister at the (worldly) tabernacle have no right to eat,” (Heb.13.10).

Some church workers suffer great stress and hardships in ministry. But if they’re denominational, they have labored for the sake of men’s empires, not God’s Kingdom. It is not the Jesus cross. They still serve in an earthly tabernacle and haven’t eaten from God’s banquet table.

Exempted from Human Laws

Jesus declared that sons are exempt. Nonetheless, Jesus paid his and Peter’s taxes. True sons will never abuse their freedom, though they aren’t under any earthly obligation. They’ll do it out of Godly sonship, as true sons in full authority. Jesus paid his tax not because he must, like other humans did, but because he didn’t want to offend men with immature slave mentality (Matt.17.27). And he paid it not from his own pocket but from God’s. When we have mastered true sonship on earth, HIShubs believes the day will soon come when we will no longer need to work just to pay bills or buy food. That’s when we’re thoroughly cleansed from all worldly principles.

Exempted from Natural Laws

Jesus walked on water. Moses and the Israelites crossed the sea on dry ground. Something similar was done by Elisha and Joshua. Philip the evangelist was spiritually transported, supernaturally disappearing from the Eunuch’s company and appearing in Azotus. Our God can do anything he wishes, even things “contrary to nature” (Rom.11.24), like turning water into good quality wine—at the molecular level. And Jesus said we can do anything he did—ANYTHING!—even in greater degrees, as long as we have his faith in us. The problem is, the world and human theology (especially western theology) have overloaded us with rotten intellectualism. We find it hard to believe the supernatural and would rather intellectualize things.

But God is restoring everything man excluded from the bible (Acts 3.21). And soon, true sons and daughters who have received full rights will be defying natural laws, if need be, like their God. The spirit of Moses and Elijah, coming in these last days, will enable sons and daughters to shut up the sky, turn water into blood, command plagues and famines, and exhale fire to devour their enemies (Rev.11).

Exempted from Scriptural Laws

Jesus broke the Sabbath law. Jesus touched lepers and the unclean which were a big no-no in the Old Testament. He touched people’s tongues and ears and ate without washing his hands. He spit on the eyes of the blind, spit on the ground and made mud out of that and put it on someone, all against Scriptural laws.

Now, here’s the juicy part: He was exempt from the Law but he came to fulfill it. He declared once that he did not come to cancel out the law but to accomplish it (Matt.5). If you’re really not under the law, then you should fulfill it like Jesus did. “Are we going to cancel out the Law by our Christian faith? No way! Instead, we should uphold the Law,” (Rom.3.31). Now, how can we “uphold” or fulfill the Law if Christians are so lazy about studying the Old Testament? We should study it, not for justification or salvation, but to know Christ more. Christ is the end of the Law (Rom.10).

Let me say it again: We are not under the law but we should fulfill it. The big question is how? By simply letting Christ live our lives on earth—by living the Jesus LIFE. He alone can fulfill the law. Only Jesus can love God above all and love his neighbor as himself. If we fully surrender to Jesus and let him live in us, we fulfill the Law and are freed from it. Then the sons are exempt. And to fully surrender to Jesus, we should know principles about him in both the Old and New Testaments. Remember, Jesus is the Word of God. 

Further Reading:

No Prohibitions

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. No prohibitions. No bans. Nothing forbidden. We can freely do all things. You can stop working if you like. God said we should learn from the birds and lilies—they don’t work, and yet the Father feeds them. Too extreme? Not really. To God, it’s SOP. Jesus lived his life like that—free as a bird and a lily. They thought he was a mad man. His family thought he was going nuts. But like it or not, true Christ-likeness is learning to be genuine sons and daughters in Christ—being FREE!

But this extreme God-planned freedom will not work as long as we have even a tiny bit of the world in us—in our mindsets and ways. Otherwise, we’ll just abuse the freedom, and that’s going back to being slaves, really. Meditating the Word day and night will cleanse us of everything not of God. But it requires giving up everything, too—like the apostles did. And this is not an option. All true believers must imitate Jesus, doing as he did. Being radically free.

Some people who tried entering the HIShubs Jesus-discipleship once asked: what things will they not be allowed to do? I said, “Nothing.” There are no rules or policies. “You mean, we can sin?” they asked, to test the waters.

“We don’t teach rules or laws here,” I said, “but we impart the Jesus LIFE, the Jesus nature, through the spoken Word from the Father’s own mouth, by the power of the Holy Spirit. If you have Jesus’ nature, you will not sin—not because you’re forbidden to do so, but because it’s not in your nature to sin.”

It's not the nature of natural man to fly. So you don't need to forbid him to fly, except if he rides an airplane and he has no passport. It's not his nature to turn invisible, so no need to make a law prohibiting him from becoming invisible.

You won’t fool people or lie or deceive because you have Jesus’ nature 100 percent in you. Our discipleship doesn't have any statement of faith or doctrine or mission-vision. All we have is Jesus, his LIFE, period. Jesus to the extreme.

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