The Spirituality And Healing

Spirituality And Healing

Spirituality and Healing
Spirituality and Healing

Spirituality and Healing - Defined in my own terms

Here in this hub named 'The Spirituality And Healing' I would like to write about what I personally feel about spirituality and thus what is called the spiritual healing. As a doctor by profession I have come across different people and faced different situations in life, I listened to different stories of different people. I read, I thought, I practiced. What I personally achieved and what I started to believe, I am trying to share those with you here. My thoughts might have some controversy with traditional spirituality concept, but I hope these will definitely make you to re think at least once. Spirituality, self consciousness, awakening of soul, rising in love and thus comes the healing, healing of mankind. Lets start a better world.

To me spirituality means to being close to your spirit - the soul. Now the question is do we really reach close to our soul? Answer is no. What we normally do or act is based on nothing but the external experiences we gather throughout our life. But all these experiences are bodily experience. We know ourselves by our name, we think about our identity by our families, by our culture, by our language, by our looks and above all everything we think or everything we feel, all are based on our body. But actually this should not be the case. If we think this way that the body is only container of our soul, then we can somehow understand that all we mostly do are materialistic. soul is free, intangible and it is an immense energy. If we can know our soul, if we can be free from within, then we can do every impossible. Soul can transfer from one body to another just to gain the experience and wisdom. soul is like water, no shape. If you place that in a bottle, it will look like a bottle, if you place it in bucket, it will look like bucket but water is water. The day you can understand that it is water, then it is immaterial that it is in bottle or in bucket. The same is true for our spirit. Spirituality is nothing but to know our own soul. It is immortal. Death is the ultimate truth, the truth of transformation of soul from one container to another.

Whenever we talk about souls, we must talk about consciousness. Unless self actualization, you can't get close to your soul. Your soul does not mean to your perception and analysis from your past experiences, it's actually looking beyond that, looking it from different perspective isolating yourself from your present existing identity. It means looking into you as a third person without being biased from your identity. It is looking into 'Big you' beyond your 'mind'

How can we look into ourselves beyond our identity? By consciousness. There are 4 state of consciousness.

1. Waking state of consciousness when our organs are wide awake and interact with the external world.
2. Dreaming state of consciousness in which we view symbolic transformations of the real world.

3.The un manifested third state of consciousness: This is a state of deep sleep in which the mind neither is awake or is dreaming, but the mind remains drowned in perfect bliss. This is the state where the mind experiences void. Void in its truest sense.

4. absolute state of consciousness: They say that fourth state transcends the three other states. If waking is the bright day, and deep sleep is the dark night, dreams are the connecting twilight : and all these are relative with respect to the Sun, which itself is the Fourth absolute state.

Here comes mind and soul. These two are not the same. Mind is nothing but the mapping and analysis of what we feel and experience. It is somehow related to our body also. mind and its exploits could be explained by medical science. On the other hand, the soul and its exploits were too difficult to explain in black and white theories. No one knew the source of souls and many don’t even believe in its existence.

Here comes dream. I had researched a lot on dream hypnosis. It's a strange thing by which you can recall and re enter your dreams. Sometimes we can't recall our dreams or dreams can't get complete..By dream hypnosis, we can resolve our own dream, we can get the deeper meaning of our dream and if we wish, we can re enter our incomplete dream state and complete it.When we dream, we are actually finding out who we are underneath the surface of
our conscious ideas about our identity. we may identify ourselves by our race, sex, class,
education, job, relationships, beliefs, values, etc., but this identity doesn't include
our subconscious self. The subconscious contains all our memories, habits (patterns),
and fixations (points of focus).Hypnosis is also a state of consciousness,the state between sleeping and waking with minimal peripheral awareness.even trance is also a state of consciousness.I believe by self hypnosis and self trance, we can get close both to our waking state of consciousness and dreaming state of consciousness and by finding the missing links over there by analysis and by dream hypnosis, we can get our answers, we get close to our soul then, beyond the state of 'me' 'my' identity and 'my' mind..When we can detach our 'me'part from mind then only we can get feel of our soul, then only we can enter to the state of void first, then..all is one..'I am the one' state..there is no life, no death, nothing beyond, it's an endless flow of energy...discovering our soul..not 'my soul'.."The absolute soul",the actual consciousness..the universe..the one.. We will get 'moksha' only when we can come to this state,the state of indifference, the state of no identity,the state of fulfillment,the state of divine's the absolute state of consciousness.

If you ever reach this state or atleast for once, you will feel divine joy. You will get the actual purpose of the life. Nothing can defeat you. Every individual soul has a purpose to learn and to gain wisdom from bodily experiences. So spirituality is nothing but to pay back everything in your life. You will get what you did. This is the learning so that at the time of transformation your soul learns a lesson. Our bodily experiences are the incidents to teach us the moral of the story of life, so that in next transformation your soul is knowledge rich. The transformation of souls also reflects in evolution of body, mind and power. Every individual soul makes a universal soul of immense wisdom that might create a whole new beginning someday.

If we can know our soul, our real purpose of life, then healing is there. Healing of body can be done by medical science. The pain is on surface level and temporary. It is tangible. Next comes healing of mind, it is intangible but somehow it can be felt. That can be done by Yoga, meditation, psychology. It's a difficult one than healing of body. But if you are close to your soul and if you are having that wisdom, healing of body and mind is not a big deal.

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geezer553 4 years ago

many years ago i met a young lady- at the time she went to a spiritual church every sunday evening,.

one night i decided to go along-as there was a speaker talking.

anyway cut a long story short - i was soon hooked... everybody formed a circle the energy was incredible.. you could close your eyes-yet somehow you would hear stuff..and no i was not going crazy.. after several months of attending..we had a open night .. a young lady was speaking on stage-she was from our group..she saw shapes/- colour

gave a 30 minute chat what she could see and talked to the group.

the leading spiritual healer asked if anybody would like to take to the stage.#as soon as she said that i was there in front of about 60 people.

why what the hell was i doing.... i can remember opening my mouth and the first words was a small child in a sailor suit is here with us he would like to speak with his getting chills just thinking about it now as i write - anyway the child said to tell mummy he was waiting by the fountain gardens for her his name was paul ans then said he was in a safe place-and could see his grandmother..and did his mummy still keep the swimming medal he won safe...#

where these words came from where these thoughts came from?

a lady sitting in the group was crying she had lost her son -paul his favourite costume as a child..dressed sailor outfit... a keen swimmer had died in a car accident on the way to a swimming meeting only 18 months previous...

i then learned spiritual healing--i would protect somebody-small pray

around there head..and give them healing through the spirit guides who use myself as a channel...i lose lots of energy afterwards whilst i heal the other persons ailements....these days i am just a 3 spirit no longer using these skills to help others..

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