Telepathy—Extra Sensory Perception (Paranormal- Part 3)


Telepathy--Extra Sensory Perception

Telepathy is derived from a Greek word where ‘tele’ means ‘distance’ and ‘patheia’ means ‘to be affected by.’ It is yet another aspect of paranormal, which has no scientific explanation but has still been recognized worldwide as a powerful tool of communication between human minds separated by distances. It is possible to transmit messages (thoughts, emotions, feelings etc) to your loved ones with the strength of your mind or more precisely with your Extra Sensory Perceptions (ESP). This is a way of communicating with others by means other than your conventional five senses. The only issue in such cases might sometime be the time lag involved which means that after you start sending messages to the person you intend to, you never know when he would actually receive those signals. It might depend on the distance involved (between the sender and receiver) and the receptivity of the other person. The receiver might take anywhere between a few minutes to few days to catch the signals transmitted to him. It might also depend on how mentally engrossed the receiver might be in his day to day work and his preoccupied mind may not be in a position to pick up the messages sent. It finally comes down to clarity of mind, highly evolved ESP and the degree of receptivity of the receiver. Telepathy has been seen to work naturally between twins who vibrate on the same frequency for early years of childhood but in some cases these telepathic abilities are retained by twins for the rest of their lives. Mysteries of Nature for which we humans have no answer!

Telepathic Experiences

Ever heard a voice in your head as if someone known to you (friend, relative or an acquaintance) is calling for help or is in distress? Ever had that weird tightening sensation in your stomach which makes your body twitch and your muscles tense all of a sudden? I’m sure most of you must have, at some point of time, sensed the caller even before picking up the phone. These are instances of telepathy and don’t be surprised if I tell you that each one of us is born with these abilities. Only some recognize these hidden powers and consciously work on (further) sharpening their skills and continue to be the source of awe and admiration for the rest. The key factors used in activating ESP is ‘focus’ or ‘concentration’ and the ability to ‘be the moment’, both of which can be achieved with meditation. Meditation helps in clearing the mind of all the chaos and helps in focusing on the target, considering receiver as the target in this case. Once you develop / sharpen your telepathic powers, you would not need to call or text a person whom you intend to send the message; your brain would do the job for you. It’s going to open the doors to a whole new world for you. Let me share some interesting telepathic experiences with you. The first one is mine and the rest are picked up from other people’s lives.

1. It was a Sunday afternoon and I decided to take a short nap. I must have been very tired as it took me only a few minutes to slip into a state of deep sleep. In my sleep, I saw myself with my friend but more surprising was that, I rested my head on his chest (which I would normally never do) and could hear his heart beat (which seemed almost like a horse galloping) despite the woolen jacket he was wearing. The wool fiber of his jacket (sort of) suffocated me as I snuggled closer and I gasped for breath. The next moment I was wide awake in my bed. It took me a few minutes to recall what I had seen but even when I did, I had no idea what it meant. Since I had heard his heart beat, I assumed he was in need of help. So, I called him. He picked up the phone in a heavy voice and told me that he was down with viral fever. Suddenly I understood what the heart beat meant. It might have indicated his racing pulse on account of fever. Amazing how mind picks up the signals!

2. A young wife lay wide awake in her bed at night thinking of her husband who had been on an overseas trip. She fixedly kept staring at the flower vase on her bedside table and kept repeating in her mind, “Honey if you’re thinking of me, this flower will fall on my bed.” Before she said it the tenth time in her mind, the flower actually fell on her pillow and a few minutes later the phone buzzed and it was her husband wanting to know if she was doing fine. What do you call that?

3. A young woman sat on her couch intently listening to a radio show and suddenly she heard her aunt’s voice coming in from the radio. It was as if she had called in the show to sing a song for her niece (the woman listening) and trying to tell her that she was fine and didn’t have cancer anymore. The woman was shocked to hear her aunt’s voice as she knew that her aunt was in the hospital and was due for a surgery which meant that there was no way she could have called in the radio show. The woman literally jumped from her couch and called her mother who was in the hospital with her aunt. What she found out was simply shocking to her. Her aunt had been operated upon and was kept under sedation. It seems that the aunt’s subconscious mind, even when she was sleeping, had sent such powerful signals in the cosmos that it reached her niece whom she loved very much. I can go on and on with such astonishing incidents but I have to consider the space constraint. 

Focus while sending telepathic signals
Focus while sending telepathic signals

Telepathy—Common Exercises

The most common exercise to sharpen telepathic abilities is the following:

1. You can choose to be the sender and make another person sit across you, who has accepted to be the receiver. Some people choose to sit back to back without facing each other. However, in the beginning, you can start by facing each other.

2. For a few minutes both of you should inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Try to clear your mind off those thoughts cluttered inside. Focus on the other person and try to be in the moment.

3. You think of a color in your mind and send that color to the receiver either by speaking of that color in your mind or by sending visuals of any object having that color. The receiver might take quite a while to catch the messages sent by you. Do not expect this to happen for a first few days. The key is meditation. You need to empower yourself by meditation and training your mind to focus.

You can alternate this exercise with a pack of cards in which you send the color images of a card you are holding. Else, you can keep five or six pens in different colors in front  of you and pick one in your mind. The receiver is supposed to identify the color which you have selected and transmitted through your mind to him. Hope you enjoy the videos.

Telepathy - Extra Sensory Perception

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Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 7 years ago from USA

Excellent hub and, an interesting read!

bala99 profile image

bala99 7 years ago from Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Anjali, this is a great hub. Thank you! That comes from the bottom of my heart.

And me being me, I should try this. My phone bills are going throug the roof!

jayb23 profile image

jayb23 7 years ago from India

Wonderful Hub Anjali. I myself have experienced these events in my life and sometimes it feels what the heck; i think abt some person and when that person calls back it feels that telepathy is strong and alive. Keep up the good work.

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Fascinating. Makes me smile now that just the other day, I got into an argument with my sister in which I asked her, "How should I know what you want? What am I, a mind reader?"

I very much believe that this is real ESP as I covered this in both college and on my own. In everyone of us, we emit radio signals (as you have said) that can reach far distances and beyond. Some of us have stronger frequencies and others do not. and (I hope that this is correct) our spines are the antennaes. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Again, another great hub!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Nancy's Niche: Thx so much for your kind comments. You've been always encouraging me to write more. :)

Bala99: That's so kind of you. You tend to give me more than I deserve as a writer. Thx a lot. That 'phone bill' thing was a good one. It made me laugh. :)

Jayb23: Yep! It happens with all of us, some time or the other. We just tend to ignore it but these perceptions exist. Thx very much for your kind comments. BTW when are you coming up with next part of your story?

dohn121: You better be a mind reader if you want to impress her. Lol. You are absolutely right about ESP and the signals. All of us have these abilities but its just that we don't get time to improve on these skills because of our daily hectic schedules. Imagine how comfortable relationships could get if only one was able to read the partner's mind. :) Thx so much for your generous comments.

sandra rinck 7 years ago

I wont write another novel comment for you again Anja, sorry about the last one. :D

I feel pretty sure telepathy works but it seems (for me) that when I send it, it's not coming from my mind. I am thinking things but it feels more like something resonating out of my chest (not heart like love emotions or anything like that) but "soul power" (cheesy I know but it is all I can come up with to explain it).

Works everytime! Plus when I am too set on sending a message with my mind I end up building anxieties and it never works for me... until I stop and then viola!

I love your new series Anja!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Hi Sandra ! You need to tell me what that 'novel comment' refered to. I'm sorry if that sounds stupid but I really did not understand what you meant. Speaking of telepathy or any other form of ESP, the best part is that it works when you are not aware of it. That's why I keep saying that don't push yourself into any such thing. Let it happen when it has to. However, there are ways to sharpen these skills but that takes a lot of effort and time. Best is always the 'natural way.' :) Thx so much for your kind comments. It's always a pleasure having you read my hubs.

jayb23 profile image

jayb23 7 years ago from India

Hey anjali, on sunday Iam posting part 2. I have never written such things before what I have written in Part 2. Writing as a woman being a man is not easy. Now I understand why women are so complex :-). It was a challenge to write part 2, I hope people read it in right spirits.

cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 7 years ago from North Carolina

I love this subject, I wish I knew the answers :) I have experienced it many times, often I used to ignore what I visualized and later used to regret it, now I do what my mind says at the moment and seeing it happens. Mind is something extraordinary, I doubt anyone can create it without God.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

jayb23: He He He! That was a good one. Women are complex? That's what every man thinks. I'm really waiting for part-2. Reserving my comments till then. Good luck.

cgull8m: Nature (God) has made everything perfect. Its just that we don't see it. I've always believed in the power of mind and that's perhaps why I'm so much inclined towards unraveling mysteries of human brian. Writing such hubs acts as a fuel to my passion. Thx very much for your appreciation. God bless.

my-success-guru profile image

my-success-guru 7 years ago from Upstate NY

Hi Anjali!

Wow! Riveting! I love reading your Hubs on the supernatural and love how you blend in your own personal experiences. It's incredible that you could sense your friends racing pluse from miles away. I am going to try this! :)

Take Care!

sabu singh profile image

sabu singh 7 years ago

I have often had the experience of thinking about someone and voila, the phone will ring and the person is on the line. And my first reaction is "ESP. I thought about you just a few seconds ago".

I do believe there is some force or sixth sense which we have not yet developed. Perhaps sometime in the future when communication will be just by transmitting thoughts. Interesting no? Especially if they are naughty ones lol. Thanks Anjali

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

my-success-guru: It just happened on its own and I did nothing consciously to connect with my friend. In my case (as I mentioned in the hub)its always natural so I can't take the credit for any of these supernatural experiences. :) Thx for your kind comments.

Sabu Singh: Yes, future might have some surprises for humans. Let's hope most of us are able to connect with our creator (God)and explore our hidden strengths to the maximum. I read Edgar Cayce's prediction about 2012 in which he said that from the year 2012 a pure age is going to begin. He had further mentioned that it will be a spiritual era of awakening. So, let's wait & watch. :) Thx a ton for your generous comments and sharing your views here.

Rynaldos profile image

Rynaldos 7 years ago from USA

Great informative hub ! Keep writing !!!!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Rynaldo: Thx so much for stopping by.

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 7 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

You have written a great Hub on Telepathy. I am happy that I have experienced the gift of telepathy.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Hi Anamika! This is a field of paranormal where most people have some interesting experiences to share as there is no intricacy involved here; we all have this gift to a lesser or greater degree depending on our spiritual quotient. Thx again for reading my hubs.

scheng1 7 years ago

That's a very simple exercise to sharpen psychic power. Thanks for the step-by-step guide

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Scheng1: You're very welcome.

Deborah Sexton 7 years ago

Another great hub with wonderful information. I find this in all your hubs. They are all written very well too.

Twice I experienced telepathy so strong I actually heard the voices from the people. Both times the people were experiencing strong emotions. I haven't experienced it since. I think with my ability to receive telepathy and their ability to send it, their thoughts just naturally became audible.

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 7 years ago from New York Author

Hi Deborah: We live on presumptions. Just like you deciphered the reason for your being telepathic, I tried doing the same with myself many times. Sometimes we understand and sometimes we don't. That's perhaps how we learn along the way. Thx so much for your support and encouragement. (Hugs)

Deborah Sexton 7 years ago

Hi Anjalic

One of the people was my sister. When she thought and I heard, she couldn't believe it. She told me she had thought it word for word. She was very emotional at the time.

My mom was very able to "KNOW" ...Don't feel you have to reply I just wanted you to know the circumstance.

nitin.pant profile image

nitin.pant 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

ronald 4 years ago

i can sned thoughts telepathiscly and have people do what i want.

PennyCarey profile image

PennyCarey 4 years ago from Felton

It's all very interesting isn't it? My husband and I share a sort of bond I think. Sometimes I think something and he says it, sometimes it's the other way around. A lot of times I get a strong urge to ask him a question and he will turn to me and answer it before I even finish my thought. Most of the time he doesn't even realize that never spoke aloud. That is until he sees a quizzical look on my face. We go back and forth with that, it's kind of cool. I can also do this with my mother.

Voted up and interesting!

anjalichugh profile image

anjalichugh 4 years ago from New York Author

@PennyCarey: Yes, its interesting. We are all connected, having originated from the same 'seed' (core of existence) and as such we all the ability to pick up other person's thoughts. Some people have this ability more than the others and in some cases it doesn't only work with family members but with strangers as well in which case we call it 'psychic abilities'. So is interesting to see how mysterious things look from outside. Thank you for joining in.

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