the God Myth

The Tale,
of the God Myth
the Story of the God Stuff

The story of our purpose seems so obvious that just to witness consciousness, thought and awareness as a living being should be sufficient for one to realize we are part of a grand plan and not some haphazard chaotic scheme of no account... "Confusion, doubt and indecision is brought into the equation of life when one ceases to comprehend one's sense, soul and awareness; when no sense logic can be made of what one witnesses because of the nonsense, and absurdity that rolls off the tongues of the confused souls that suffer from the delusion their egos impose on them with their lies, deceit and mistrust..." lpa2011

There are many tales of prejudice, opinion and bias; or more specifically there are desires designed by one's positive or negative imagination that one uses to express the creation-idea-motive and the planed-functional-intent of one's positive-inclusive or one's negative-exclusive life, as an existence-self and awareness-experience... This is to say, "we justify what we do by our desire to be a soul or an ego..."

All the sagas about how life has treated you are surely of your design; you know the wrongs you do that cause the world to be less than it might be, it is caused by your neglect.. When you do not champion inclusive-positive thought and endeavors the neglect of not doing so multiplies by the number of people in the world who act like you do. Now see in this example, if you cannot image on your own how things go awry when a good many are behaving in a negative, selfish, thus evil fashion. You see, what is happening is, you are impacted by the acts of the other guy and the other guy is impacted by your wrong doing so by default both suffer the fate created by the double blind negative karma, when you fail to be active in doing good deeds and encouraging others to do good deeds as well you let evil enter the equation of life...

Take a minute to read what is provided here so you might grasp this concept of thought that you might understand life is what you make it to be nothing more, all the things which one witnesses are only the thoughts that one manifest; but that each experience is the result of what others manifest ~ this is the human bond that fixes our fate to each other ~ every energy has and equal and opposite force that keeps it in check; without which imbalance is created, evolved and perfected as chaos grows within us. I have to say what I see is a mess of confusion and denial as to who is responsible for the human condition and its balance. My friends it is you and I, and only you and I who are responsible, for you and I are the hand of civil or evil action and intent that move the forces of balance...

The resistance to the God model ~ the theory-axiom and the reasoned-algorithm of the God model is where we all share a common fate because we are of one thing and that one thing is energy, the energy of thought. The failure of the positive God model is do to the ego's self denial of its responsibility to the whole of creation, to accept and advocate, to challenge and support, to champion the issues that will make the world a better place for All. The prejudices, opinions and biases of the ego are convenient escape mechanisms for those who choose not to participate in the balance of the forces of creation, the ego seeks to be critical of all possibilities for one's responsibility to the whole thus creating evil by its neglect.

The way the model works is each individual self awareness is of one's ego, as the conscience is of one's self-soul awareness (the superego), it knows, it is an innate, intrinsic and natural part of the All; Here is where the conflict within the self arises, when one lets their ego deny them their affinity, relationship and behavior-nature with the primary force of existence, the God, the primary force relationship with one's existence; and the evil of the ego prevails over the individual's soul.

God exist because we will the experience of our absolute force: You see, "If everyone ceases the desire to articulate and perform positive-actions expressing one's love, esteem and admire for the things of existence by not metaphorically expressing our absolute form of our existence as God; then the name of God is erased from one's acclaims and from one's consciousness, this mistake is what manifest the hell of existence we experience ~ this is the time when the Praise of God rest in the ashes of the grave error befalling humanity's soul..."

Religions have given God a bad name and Science has compounded the error; they have convoluted the understanding of the God notion by using models that lack credibility; but beyond that for one to believe there is no God-force in the universe is ludicrous because the evidence is overwhelming that God is the force-form that represents All the forces we witness in every instance we experience existence ~ you see the All is God, the absolute, optimum and ultimate-energy form of the universe... The total energy package of the universe constitutes the God that is acclaimed by the praise of its humanity. The physical, metaphysical and mystical force-form of energy constitutes the quantitative and qualitative expression of the All or more metaphorically described as, "God"...

God is not a myth; God always was and will be simply because "God" is the metaphorical moniker for the force which propels existence... The names for the All of our manifested existence-form describes the universe as a metaphorical expression for the matter, mass and energy of the universe in every word, for in each word is either one's desire, one's emotion or one's will, and all three are required in each thought to express God, because God is the axis-form-matrix of the triad, axis and trifold within which consciousness, existence and its universe-realm domain resides; God is the kingdom of the life force-matrix and its universe...

Simply because every thing is about the expression, form and function of one singular congruent nature, all words express the form and function of one consciousness, thought and being as all words, thoughts and deeds are one thing, they form an expression of a function. God is the form sum of all the existence-mass in its universe composed of all the possible sub universes ~ you get the picture? go as big and different as you like, at the end of the day God is the summation of all the wildest dreams not just yours; but you do add to the mix and you also subtract from the mix as to what your brand of thought, deed and endeavor brings to the table of iterations, probabilities and permutations which might take place to form the human condition of life...

You see, consciousness existence and being can not be manifested without," the ultimate force, the form called God" the entity, the essence identity of the positive, affirmative-source-force and agreement-bias which spawned existence and its universe ~ this force which is called God by many; but is not understood by most because they fear seeking the responsibility of this understanding.

The understanding is, that each and every life holds the God-force within it, and that the expressions for the quality of the God-force is held within each life as it grasp the realization that thought as the God-force is not of the brain but of the mystic self within the mind and there it competes: its positive-soul or superego competes against its negative-ego force-form and function to derive each expression of self-creative behavior ~ this is the process, system and mechanics of the All universe for "Creating Existence"... How is this possible? Well, thought qualifies as a God by all standards placed upon the God entity criteria: 1) such as knowing all, 2) being always and forever throughout existence 3) to create all that was, is and will be; these facts are undeniable even to the biggest knucklehead on the face of the earth and it is within everyone's comprehension ~ "God is simply the magnificent "kingdom of thought manifested as the mass-force of the energy-universe," sourced from the triad fractal void energy composed of desire emotion and will, where the root of the thought-form-force is desire (the quotient), in the fraction fractal forming the emotion of power induced by the will of energy in the universe of conscious thought...

Religions, as the Sciences are composed of egos and they lie when they say God is not comprehensible and imply that one force is different than the other ~ God is very comprehensible when one is willing to accept their role in the expression of the All, which is the sum of the God-force in total... You see energy is one thing in its nature as is its mass-force and its essence-power. The energy-nature of the God metaphor attribute is called the spirit (the flame of intent) metaphorically, "The Holy Ghost" and the quality of its power when positive is called "Jesus" (the metaphor for the love emotion) and All together, this triad of elements construct God, for one cannot be without the other, as it is with us and all energy forms ~ we cannot be without the desire, emotion and will that urges, motivates and drives our consciousness, thought and being...

The negative-order, system and spectrum of force is the ego or more affectionately called the devil which is neutralized by the God-force in the All when singularity, balance and symmetry is attained... Even in mathematics this rule applies; in the end positive expressions absorb and neutralize negative expressions ~ the product of two negative expressions is a positive expression (-1x-1=+1) ~ This is how the good God produces civility from evil...

You see just as one refers to everything in their existence as being part of their world experience; life is composed of positive and negative expressions of form and energy. The terms for our life are defined by every desired, emotionalized, and willed action, deed and endeavor. All living things discover, explore and experience positive and negative impacts, causes and effects. In every thing one does, the play of the forces derive the quality of God's exist.

In the physical range and realm, when one fails to accept the responsibilities of God they fail their role in the sum of the parts that formulates the resultant force that creates the future of existence... When you think God does not exist in fact you may be the nothingness, the object of dismissal, and not a part of the positive All. You may be the default negativity of the matrix-void of the All matter energy. In the big picture one's non compliance with the force derives one's negative existence of denials - this is known as the fear of God, as it is found in the statement, "TO BE OR NOT TO BE," either champion the propagation of the positive expression of God or avoid being God's champion...

written on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 

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loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Apostle Jack, The way the model works is each individual self awareness is of one's ego, as the conscience is of one's self-soul awareness (the superego), it knows, it is an innate, intrinsic and natural part of the All; Here is where the conflict within the self arises, when one lets their ego deny them their affinity, relationship and behavior-nature with the primary force of existence, the God,

The force of Consciousness is thought to be or not to be the God you see...

Apostle Jack 5 years ago

Personal evidence is proof for Christians.Atheism is hearsay.When one say that there is no God,they are in need of proving what they say.Otherwise it is just empty words.

loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Apostle Jack, Let me start by saying I am glade you took the time to read my work...

As for the ideas of atheism and agnosticism they are theories of disbelief in the notion of God. One says God does not exist the other says God can not be explained when in fact the notion of God is the form-force of the power of consciousness and energy of the spirit of which they are composed... It is like saying they are not of the existence they are experiencing for God is simply the force of our existence... Here is a more in depth explanation ~

Apostle Jack profile image

Apostle Jack 5 years ago from Atlanta Ga

Atheist cannot prove that God do not exist,so that make them as ignorant about the matter as those they say can't prove that God do exist.

There is more proof that He does exist than He doesn't.

loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Paradise7 always a pleasure to receive your feedback;thanks for the confidence in the sense, logic and awareness I present, it should ring true with all that think their way through life...


fi fi thank you for critique, I am glade you found the essay of significance... My objective is to present perceptions, opinions and perspectives that correlate some sense of truth and understanding that might stretch the bounds of the readers comprehension for a more through awareness of our life experience...

fi fi profile image

fi fi 5 years ago from Niagara, Canada

Heavy, heavy thoughts. However, heavy with optimism, not doubt :) Great hub.

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

Very deep thoughts, very interesting hub...I have to think on these things for a while. I have no doubt in my mind that you're right.

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