The Gallery of a Life Lived For Christ

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about the work we do for Him? How does it make Him feel when we truly follow His plan for us?

Well a few months ago, God showed me a story while I was worshipping Him:

In this story, there was a man who was caught up in his daily life. Every day he did the same monotenous things, like working his 9-5 job. Well this one day, while this working man was on his way to the bus station to go to work, a stranger came up him; the stranger asked the man if he could show him something that would change his life. But the working man resisted...he had to get to work.

Everyday after this, on his was to work the working man would see the stranger, and the stranger would insist on showing him this life changing thing, but the working man always resisted. But one day, the working man finally gave in to the strangers request. The stranger had the working man follow himself. After a short walk, the stranger brought the working man to an art gallery. The building was huge…but the walls were pretty much bare, a few pictures were scattered in places, but otherwise empty. After walking around the disappointing gallery for a while, the working man finally had to ask, “Why are we here?”…..the stranger looked around at the empty building for a few moments, then responded, “can’t you see?…. this is the gallery of the life you’ve lived for Christ”……

You see, the working man had lived a couple of moments of his life for Jesus, but it was not near enough to make any kind of impact on filling up this art gallery God had set aside for him. He just got caught up in the monotonous life that so many of us get stuck in. God longs so much to see this gallery filled. Each moment we truly live for Him He posts it in this gallery. He cherishes every piece of work He hangs in there, just as a parent charishes the art work of their little children. To begin to fill this gallery up, we need to daily live our life for God. We need to learn to push our desires aside, and chase after God's desires for us.

Dying to our flesh, and living in the Lord is key in this proccess. We also should have Him check our motives constantly:

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” -Psalm 139:23-24.

When we begin to live life this way, we will begin to notice that the building, or gallery, of our life lived for Christ cannot contain the amount of things the Lord has to put on display from us.

So let us not leave our galleries empty. But let us begin to live life as to fill them up. Lets begin to truly live our lives for Jesus.

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