The unknown journey

The Unknown Journey with Fictitious Promises


Many things have been said about death in the past but as we grow older our reasoning increases and widens. Many musicians such as Peter Tosh mentioned about death when he said that “Every body wants to go up into Heaven, but no one wants to die”. This is both physically and psychologically true. What then are our benefits if we can lie to people to go and die for us with the hope that they will inherit a big wealth when they die?

I have thought of a question always in my life. This question at all times gives me an acute headache without getting to the answer. I figure out anything about nature has no solution within human reasoning. I equally think that to know about the unknown you must belong to the society of the unknown. By this I mean that for anyone to know about heaven and hell the person must have to die and wake up. He must have belonged to either of the places at a time because we are convinced that Hell and Heaven are two incompatible kingdoms hence no body can go to both of them.

Some people are deceived with the use of words sometimes where it was written that “He descended into Hell and on the third day he resurrected and went into heaven”. To my understanding hell under this context refers to ground burial and not the actual spiritual Hell where the bad elements go to suffer for ever. What a scary place to think about! Has all that has been said of Hell made us to repent? There have been stories of promises here and there in recent times where people are trained for special mission. These individuals are promised what their masters cannot afford here on earth for them yet, they believe they could inherit such wealth when they die even without their master dyeing and going to the unknown destination with them.

Have you ever heard of marriage after death? I can recollect that Jesus was put to test about marriage after death. In a nutshell Jesus was told of a woman who married many husbands and all died… that at the end of the world who will be the husband of the woman? Jesus with his infinite wisdom told them there is nothing like marriage in heaven or hell. How then can anyone promise someone to die and inherit a paradise in heaven?

If I were to reason for other, the world would have been very peaceful. Unfortunately some of the bad things happening help to put the world at equilibrium. If I were to reason for most people, I would let my master be in the front while we go for war. I would ask my trainer to carry the bomb as go for suicide. I would equally promise my trainer and my master that I would share the twenty one virgin with them if they can go with me to the suicide attack. If I should reason for other I would tell my master to go with me and when I inherit the paradise I would be alright sleeping in the living room while he sleeps in the master bedroom. If and only if people will reason the masters would have stopped lying and think of doing something tangible and to the benefit of all mankind.


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