The Word of Promise Audio Bible: Listen Online for Free

The Word of Promise is an award winning dramatized audio Bible. Thanks to producer Carl Amari and The Christian Post, this Bible is now free online.

The Word of Promise Audio Bible
The Word of Promise Audio Bible | Source

The Word of Promise

The Word of Promise, an award winning dramatic audio Bible, is now available for free online listening.

The free version results from a partnership between the audio Bible producer Carl Amari and The Christian Post, an evangelical news publication.

The Word of Promise is hosted online at CP Audio Bible. Listeners can hear high quality dramatic performances while reading the words of Scripture for themselves.

The online version, as well as the compact discs, use the text of the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible. An online search tool allows users to search for a specific verse, passage or keyword.

Read on for more on The Word of Promise dramatized Bible, the award winning cast and producers, The Christian Post and more.

Interact with Scripture

Amari, who founded the Falcon Picture Group, chose to produce an audio Bible instead of a film for two main reasons.

First, he wanted to create a way for families to spend more time together, much like families in years past gathered around the dinner table to hear their favorite radio dramas.

Second, and more importantly, Amari wanted a Bible that would help people understand God's word better than ever before. The Word of Promise enables listeners to interact with Scripture in a whole new way, one that is fresh and exciting.

In the words of Thomas Nelson, "this world class production creates a dramatic audio theater experience that makes you feel like you’re really there with Jesus and His disciples."

While single reader Bibles are excellent resources for students of God's Word, they often lack sound quality and enthusiasm. Amari opted for a dramatized version because sound effects and dramatic performances are powerful and engaging. The listener's imagination is boundless.

Award Winning Bible

The Word of Promise production involved more than 600 actors. Michael York narrates the Bible. The voice actors include Jim Caviezel, Gary Sinise, Richard Dreyfuss, Marisa Tomei, Jason Alexander, Stacy Keach, Max von Sydow and Lou Gossett, Jr.

Cutting-edge audio technology created the audio Bible, which features realistic sound effects and an original score by Italian composer Stefano Mainetti.

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association selected The Word of Promise as "Christian Book of the Year" in 2008. It won numerous other awards including three Audie Awards, three gold Millennium Awards and three Communicator Awards.

Jim Caviezel in "The Passion of the Christ."
Jim Caviezel in "The Passion of the Christ." | Source

Award Winning Cast

The Word of Promise features an all-star cast of actors and actresses. Many are Academy Award and Golden Globe winners.

Narrated by Michael York, the dramatic Bible features Jim Caviezel as Jesus, a reprisal of his powerful role in Mel Gibson's 2004 film The Passion of the Christ.

The dramatizations showcase several talents: Max von Sydow as Noah, Richard Dreyfuss as Moses, Gary Sinise as David, Jason Alexander as Joseph, Marisa Tomei as Mary Magdalene, Lou Gossett, Jr., as John and Stacy Keach as Paul.

Other well known performers also worked on the project: Lou Diamond Philips, John Heard, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Luke Perry, John Schneider, Ernie Hudson, Rebecca St. James, Chris McDonald and Michael W. Smith. Veteran actor Terence Stamp lends his voice as the voice of God.

JoBe Cerny directed the dramatic performances. Stefano Mainetti composed the original score. Raymond Arroyo served as the co-producer.

The Christian Post

The Christian Post describes itself as "an independent, pan-denominational Christian media company." It strives to provide timely, up-to-date news to the Christian public.

The newspaper covers national news, global news and current events that affect church leaders, ministries, missions, schools, businesses and the Christian public.

Topics are related to America, world events, the church, ministries, missions, education, society, culture, business, lifestyle and commentary of interest to Christians.

Based in Washington, DC, The Christian Post launched in July 2000 with a vision to deliver news, information and commentary to believers in all denominations. The company does not promote (or demote) any particular denomination or congregation.

The Christian Post is a member of the Evangelical Press Association and the National Association of Evangelicals. It has a partnership with World Evangelical Alliance.

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OBED ARTHUR 5 years ago


Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 5 years ago from Orlando, Florida Author

Obed Arthur,

Thank you for reading my hub. Please send me more information (including your contact information) via the email feature in the box under my profile picture (upper right hand corner of this page).

Blessings, Annette

Angelgirlpj 5 years ago

My daughter purchased a NIV one with the same character and loves it. I have dial up, I'll have to see if I can get this to play correctly. Thanks

Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 5 years ago from Orlando, Florida Author


Thanks for reading my hub and sharing your comments. I hope you can listen to this Bible online with your dialup connection. I've already listened to several Scripture segments (you can search by verse or passage), and they're great!

May God richly bless you in the coming year!


Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

I love this audio Bible. It is beautiful and inspiring. Folk who find the Bible boring will discover a whole new reason to learn the Word. Thank you for letting people know about this Bible.

Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 5 years ago from Orlando, Florida Author

You're welcome, Hyphenbird. This really is a wonderful edition of the Bible. Thank you for sharing your comments! 4 years ago

Who plays the part of Asaph?

Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida Author

Hi, Barbara. "The Word of Promise" has cast information here: Thank you for reading my hub! Blessings, Annette Smith

The bible online 4 years ago

I believe that this is the most asked question in today's world. As mankind races toward Armageddon and the end of Days. Many are seeking a place of peace and safety, not knowing what is on the rise for tomorrow. The general conception of God may be said to be that of an infinite being who is supremely good, who created the world, who knows all and can do all, who is transcendent over and immanent in the world, and who loves humanity.

Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida Author

The Bible Online: The Bible has the answers for all of mankind's questions. How wonderful that our Creator communicates with us through His Word! Thank you for reading my article and sharing your comments.

MarleneB profile image

MarleneB 3 years ago from Northern California, USA

The fact that this is produced with top-name actors shows the high level of belief and support of this wonderful project. I'll definitely be looking into it. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource.

Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 3 years ago from Orlando, Florida Author

Hello, Marlene. "The Word of Promise" is a wonderful resource, and I am happy to support it in this hub. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing a word.

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ajwrites57 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

Interesting Hub! Annette R. Smith I'll have to check this out! Thanks so much!

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Annette R. Smith 2 years ago from Orlando, Florida Author

You're welcome, A.J. I'm happy to share. Merry Christmas!

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ajwrites57 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

Thanks! Merry Christmas Annette R. Smith!

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