The Proof that God Exists

The Proof that God Exists

The creation is helpless not to accept the power of the supernatural. What is this power of the supernatural, Who generates it and where is it that we see this power vested in, and what is its form and manifestation and who are the embodiments and do they show the glimpse of this supernatural power. The Christian world has unfortunately too severely limited its scope by confining itself to the concept that Jesus is God. They have deprived their visions reach out, and allow the flight of thought lightening its way go beyond what they see.  The obligation falling on their shoulders to see farther though starts from the time in the 9th year of the Hijra, 631 AD, when fourteen Christian respectable from Najran arrived in Medina led by their two chieftains.

They had come to Medina with gold chains and pendants hanging in their necks, gold rings gemmed in their fingers, pastoral staff guiding them in their hands and silk robes of the Bishop and the clergies status on their bodies, with the Bishop’s divine staff prominent and impressive. No one had seen anything like that in Medina. And their impressive formation spoke of their divine confidence to face the Prophet and argue and clench victory, when it was settled to go to Mubahila. And the Prophet asked Hazrat Salman Farsi RA to erect a red awning at the site of the Mubahila. And Abdul Masih Aqib and Al Ayham and the support team assembled in the Mubahila ground in the morning of Mubahila[1]. This was the battle of invocation of God’s wrath on the lying – imprecating their ruin. But the Christian team fell back and withdrew; giving in God was separate from Jesus our Hazrat Eesa Als. They preferred to pay the taxes as substantiations in monetary homage to the Muslim state than enter in Mubahila.   

The Christian men were representing the might of the Christian world and through the means of curse on their opposite number, sought to destroy them invoking their appeal to their God because they had a conviction the opposite number were lying. They were going to do the onerous task of changing the fate of the world, but in spite of the exuberance of confidence, the Christian team called off their invocation and appeal to God and accepted the truth of the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAWW. They saw the unusual scene of the Prophet coming with the Ahlebaait - Fatimah, Ali, Hasan and Husain, with Fatimah in the centre and Ali at the back and Hasan and Husain on the sides of the Prophet SAWW. They saw their glorious faces, and the Panjatan coming as the embodiment of virtue in form and shape, coming! And this was to deter them. Abdul Masih said:

 ‘By God I am seeing those faces that if they ask the mountain to move it will leave its place and move’.

And with that acknowledgement, they submitted to the majesty and the piety of the Punjatan – the five divine coming towards them. The sight was overwhelming and a subduing majesty they had encountered.

These five were the manifestations of the God’s reflection. They were the Holy Panjatan of the Kissa[2]. They were carrying the power of divinity, which the Christian team had the virtue and the quality in them to recognise and see. And the conquering Punjatan had the quality not to demand anything unusual - any unconditional surrender. The Christians were the people of Book of God and they were free to pursue their way of worship. The only demand was, God was calling on His sibling to look round in earnest and see Him. For that He sent men carrying direct reflection of His light, for Him to be recognised. And this is so vast a subject that volumes of books have been written on it and not even serviette drawn to start the nibble, what to talk of a bite taken from the full feast and the majesty of God explained.

[1] Mubahila is a very big event in the history of Islam, second only to Ghadeer-e Khum event, when Hazrat Ali Ibn-e Abi Talib Als was crowned as successor to the Prophet of god Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW.

[2] The Yamani covering blanket under which they had gathered on one day in the house of Fatimah SUA

The King sends his men to the field to work for him and the observer knows that the king with his majesty is present in one of his palaces. God sends his manifestations of light to the world and the observer gets to know that God is in existence; only the observer has not to be miser and admit it. The God of the Universes will not clad powers on His person and come down from East or West, up or down or from the depths of earth that it was Him, there was no being in Him. The duty of man was to single Him out and recognise Him, His spectre was all round

The beholding eye has to reach out and see God. God says He does not do labour and He SWT - Subhanahoo Wa Tala appoints Prophets and Imams who carry out His orders and they are people of extraordinary power in purity and grace and of divine vested physical power, and through their authority of command to controlling the celestial bodies, their overwhelming of the world is final and unquestionable through the God reality. Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW and Imam Husain [1]Als are the outstanding examples nearest to men. Man has to make no exploratory and extraordinary effort into its realization; only a willing mind and he already begins to give explanations of God’s existence. One from them is the conveyor of the God’s message, word for word, and the other is its protector by life and soul and either in evidence and their glory enhancing with the passage of time.

The oldest religion of revelation was Zoroastrianism or Zarathushtrianism and the last religion of revelation was Islam and together they say, there is soul in everything, stones, earth , celestial bodies and all and they have in them steady obedience placed not to disobey the set laws of God. They cannot disobey because the chemistry they are, was infused in them as of such nature by God - their Master and Creator. And only God was the power to change that chemistry or that one who knows of the chemistry and he will know of the chemistry if he witnessed the chemistry being created. And Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW said he was the first creation and therefore he saw the chemistry of creation.

Islam went that far with Zoroastrianism that soul existed in each of the creation and after that coordination was separate of Zoroastrianism since Zoroastrianism said after the period of punishment was spent in hell, the punished will be reattributed and clad in a dress to move to heaven. But (said the Quran) God cannot be so kind as to appease the blasphemous and agree to ever send them to heaven and Aayet 2.161-162 revealed: ‘Those who took to Kufr – to the infidelity – theorising God into duality, their abode will be permanent hell’, but.

And when one waded into the supernatural, he hears Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW say: ‘he was first of the creation’. That means he has seen the creation being created and knows the chemistry of creation, therefore has the power to order interruption and make the creation obey. We see this evidence in the splitting of the moon when it was instructed by his pointing finger. There are sufficient evidences, witnesses and statements in the world to say of the splitting of the moon to have happened on the signal of the Prophet SAWW, as well as are evidences into the return of the sun from its position, when the Prophet SAWW ordered it[2] on the authority of God. When this happened earth stopped rotation and then retracted itself. The Hebrew books say Prophet Al Yasha ibn Noon – Joshua stopped the sun for the Israelis to conquer Cannon. Here this was a lesser miracle since the earth had to only stop rotation and not do reverse rotation.

The non - believers not identifying them to be of God must vex their belief and reach out to recognise God for the supernatural He has allowed to occur and he has to question into the validity of his conviction of no God, not the God’s existence. Yuri Gagarin had gone only five hundred and ninety miles up from the earth’s surface in the apogee orbit in space and earth’s gravitational force had still not faded away entirely and God’s manifests were all around, but he says he looked all round and did not see any God. This was ignorance speaking, he had not gone far in search of God. But nevertheless the world appreciated his efforts to be searching for God.

To know of the height of man and the reality that was God, the seekers of truth will have to listen to the learned who knew more intimately of God. The Aayetullah from Qom and Najaf-e Ashraf give the insight into the travel of Mohammad SAWW into the skies as guest of God on Meraj, reaching to the grace of His presence and be His guest with encounters at a connecting distance of only ‘Two Bows’. These revelations are not easy to accept by anyone not accustomed to moving his faculties without the bites of the evidences produced by the mathematical treatises. But mathematics is not competently perfect to reach out and explain in of Perfection and prove God’s existence. God has given mind for that and perceptions to visually see through the aid of the evidences[1] and attain oneself to reality. That Meraj took place and that supernatural occurred is supported by evidences and this supernatural was beyond all mathematics to be explained but the phenomenon did explain of the existence of God.

The Atheist was under challenge and so was the non-believer in Meraj and they will have to fill their hearts with gnosis and open the inroads to trenchant reasons and see into the validity of the claim of Islam at least to study it. The Ulemas of Qom and Najaf will be thankful to them.

The other day on these Hub Pages someone was protesting that discussion was becoming religious and this should be stopped. But if we don’t discuss these issues we will deprive ourselves of something wonderful in inception germinated by the Hub Pages in the field of harvesting concerted opinion, and so was our responsibility to tend it. The doors to the venues of heart must not be shut and it led to realities, and thought however alien they seem should be allowed to enter in the vistas of vision and mind moved towards progress and intellectual uplift, guided by observation, assimilation and the veiled facts scratched to revelations for acceptance. To discuss about God was not religion, but a necessity to quell terrorism and He was an entity known in all the religions, except Jainism and God was Irreligious only He had mostly likes, but dislikes against wilful waywardness.

In the beginning there was not anything but God and only duality with Him, if it be counted as one and it was His Ordain. He therefore created by ordain the first light from the reflection of His light. The logic was His detached portion of light was too intense for creation. The created was the light of Mohammad Mustufa SAWW. And then four more lights were created; Ali, Fatimah, Hasan and Husain. They were the witnesses and the observing enchants of God and world were being created before them. The souls were then created the very next in creation. And once they were created God asked them all to submit allegiance to these five. And after the soul was sent to the world there was no excuse left for anyone of them to deviate from their allegiance. But if they did there was the free will in play with them to pursue their course as they liked.

So if a man sees God had everything moving according to His ordain it was the application of his intellect, and he knew there was a purpose of creation that was God’s worship. However there is no need to spend time on this matter beyond necessary and know of the God’s plan that was in offing, the need was to concern with the physics of revelations. And the Atheist disproving the existence of God is wasting his time and energy, and marring his reputation. And some are attaching nearly 50 pages of evidential and supporting literature that God existed, under the title ‘Does God Exist’ (The simple Their inner depths sees the existence of God through the existence of Jesus Christ and God in Jesus, but God was not containable even in Jesus and His recognition will have to be done individually.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkaar-e Shia (Shia Thought)

London. April 14, 2010

[1] Mubahila is a very big event in the history of Islam, second only to Ghadeer-e Khum event, when Hazrat Ali Ibn-e Abi Talib Als was crowned as successor to the Prophet of god Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW.

[2] The relevance of their names is connected to the achievements they have made in the reformation of the world order and it was their contact with God that made them drive achievements to success under the planned programme of God.

[3] The prayer time of Namaz had past and Hazrat Ali Als was in the service of the Prophet SAWW, who was resting his head on his thigh, the sun had gone down but was called back for Hazrat Ali’s prayer.

[4] The evidences related with the journey of Prophet Mohammad Mustufa SAWW are the instant travel of very, very great distances and no time spent. Time stood still. Gravity ceased. The moving carrier the Burraq moved faster than the speed of light carrying the Prophet of God.


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