Is the world really going to end?

The End of the World as we know it?

If you haven’t heard that the world is going to end soon, then it’s going to be a huge shock to you when it does! With major blockbusting movies out, numerous documentaries and a dozen or so prophecies all pointing to Armageddon it’s inevitable that many people will be very scared. Many companies will jump on this fear and make millions selling products linked to the pending doom.

So what is it all about? How did it start and why are so many people (the media included) jumping on the bandwagon? Is it just another ‘year 2000’ scare, or are they actually right?

This hub will explore some of the prophecies and rumors and try and debunk them where possible; I will not draw any conclusions, but hopefully can present the information in a balanced way and allow you to make your own conclusion!

I note that the world obviously didn't end on December 21, 2012 which is one of the major 'prophecies' however many are now pointing to the new Pope being the last Pope (according to ancient prophecy) and that December 21, 2012 was simply the beginning of the end!

1906 San Francisco earthquake
1906 San Francisco earthquake

End of Days

The 'End of Days' is a common theme among many of today's modern religions. The apocalyptic end of the world is often foreshadowed by devastating events.

Christianity foretells:

  • Earthquakes
  • Natural disasters
  • Civil Problems
  • Wars

Many Christians point to the recent disasters all around the world, the growing civil problems in many major countries and the increase in potential for war all being portents to pending doom.

Islam foretells:

  • The coming of the anti-christ followed by the prophet Jesus
  • Ths Sun will begin to die
  • The Earth will be devastated by a major Earthquake.

Islam foretells of Armageddon - a final judgement of mankind.

Buddhism teaches that Buddha's teaching would slowly disappear over time, and generally follow a concept of a cycle of creation and destruction.

All other religions have a similar prophecy or cycle, and the underlying factor is always some kind of apocalyptic ending - none state when this will happen, and what will follow - at least not explicitly - most are enigmatic and open to interpretation.

For a more detailed discussion, click the link below:

"After a great misery for
mankind, an ever greater approaches
The great cycle of the centuries
renewed, it will rain blood, milk,
famine, war disease
In the sky will be seen a great fire
dragging a trail of sparks." Nostradamus C2 Q 46


Nostradamus is probably the most famous and most quoted prophet of modern times. In his lifetime he completed 942 quatrains (a 4 lined poem) mostly written in French. Each quatrain is intentionally obscure using metaphor and symbolism rather than plain 'French'.

Over the years, many scholars have studied these Quatrains and interpreted them in various ways, linking them to many past events.

For me, it's easy to link a quatrain to a past event, but it becomes shaky when you try and link it to a future event. In one famous quatrain, many interpreted the end of the world to be in July 1999. The latest interpretation now points to some time in the vague future where a mysterious planet called Niburu (which is comet like) will crash into the Earth and devastate it.

The thing about prophecies is that they are not clear - I'm quite sure I could write a prophecy and some time in the next 10,000 years someone would link my prophecy to a past event.

Mostly then, I discount Nostradamus.

Mayan Calendar

The Mayans, despite being at times a violent race, were brilliant astronomers and mathematicians. Their design of a calendar (the long count calendar) is truly incredible (please see Wikipedia link below for more details) and also is at the center of a huge debate.

Through their techniques they were able to track planets and moons, and the accuracy they had adds a lot of credence to the ‘supposed’ predictions of their long-count calendar.

Their calendar has a period of 5126 years, and depending on which interpretation, once the calendar reaches the final day, the world would undergo great change.

There is no evidence that they actually meant that the world would end; some suggest that the date represents a turning point for humanity, a day where we become enlightened. Others suggest that the calendar simply resets.

However, the most talked about belief is that the end of the calendar represents the end of the world – the date this all happens? December 21, 2012.

Of course, December 21, 2012 came and went with a whimper - some say that this date simply signified a start to an upheaval in the world - some say it's simply a bunch of bologna.

Other Predictions

Galactic alignment

One of the latest theories relating to ‘doomsday’ is the Galactic alignment. Some link this to the Mayan Calendar, which has been said to predict this alignment on December 21, 2012. Yet again those who believe in the alignment say that December 21, 2012 was simply the start of the alignment which could take 20 years or more to complete!

Basically, the Galactic alignment is where the December solstice sun aligns with the Galactic equator. It occurs once every 26,000 or so and when linked to the Mayan calendar points to 2012. However, it should be noted that the alignment is cause by a precession of the equinoxes that are due to the wobbling of the Earth on it’s axis – thus the position of the equinoxes and solstices shift over time. Now, as the sun itself is a ½ degree wide, it will take 36 years for the December sun to precess through the equator – therefore to simply say this occurs in 2012 is incorrect – the actual period started in 1998 and continues for 36 years.

Timewave zero and the I Ching

Terence McKenna, while using certain drugs to ‘open his mind’ conceived of a formula that calculates the flow of ‘novelty’ – which show the increase in the universe’s interconnectedness. This formula predicts that this will increase and culminate in a point in time when everything that can happen will happen – this time? 2012.

McKenna created a program that produces a waveform called the Timewave. Interestingly, when first calculating the end of times, he came up with a date of November 2012, but after discovering the Mayan calendar, adjusted the date so that the two matched. Obviously when the December 21, 2012 passed, the believers stated that Timewave zero never actually predicts a date so it could still happen.... some time!

Geomagnetic reversal

One theory that I have encountered recently and is based on sound science, albeit with tenuous links, is the idea of Geomagnetic reversal. Usually triggered by a massive solar flare (NOOAA predicted that 2012 would be the height of the current solar activity which cycles over time – however they changed this recently to 2013), and linked to a weakening of the magnetic field (which some scientists believe), the end result is the reversal of the North and South poles.

Scientists agree that this happens every 780,000 years or so, and that we are overdue a change – however most scientists point to this process taking about 5000 years, not one day!

The consequences of such a change are really unknown, but most scientists believe it would simply disrupt world wide communications, satellites, cell phones etc. While this may be the end of the world for some, it certainly isn’t the cataclysm that some expect.

Planet Nibiru

This has been linked to some of Nostradamus’s quatrains, but also originates in some New Age circles from the 90s. Apparently some aliens have been channeling information that an comet-planet will collide with the Earth – these aliens initially said the event would happen in 2003, but obviously they hadn’t synchronized their calendars as they now say 2012.

Need I say more?

Web Bot project

The internet is a powerful tool, and according to Goerge Ure, whose Web Bot project scours the internet for ‘chat’ looking for patterns in the keywords used, predicts that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Apparently this program predicted the September 11 attacks and can predict disasters due to a ‘collective knowledge’.

Now as there are literally millions of websites dedicated to December 21, 2012 then I’m not surprised a computer bot would pick up on this, are you? And of course December 21 came and went - so the bots were a little wrong!

Nasa's Response

Nasa are getting several hundred emails a day relating to the 'myth' of End of Days - finally they decided to respond officially by creating their own 2012 site. The site attempts to dispel the majority of the myths and rumors that are going around the web.

You decide whether they answer your doubts....and of course they were 100% correct - the world didn't end!


Personally I feel the whole December 21, 2012 was used as an excuse to help make some people a lot of money. With a blockbusting movie, hundreds of documentaries, thousands of books and millions of websites, there’s no doubt there is a captive audience, all willing to spend time thinking about the ‘end of days’, so it’s easy to sell to these people.

I think the whole thing is just another hoax, whether it is a sinister plot by the government to control the population, or just simply a bunch of internet geeks doesn’t matter. Even if it wasn’t a hoax, then there was not a lot I coulddo about it so I’m chose to live my life as normal and just hoped I lived to see December 22, 2012 - which of course I did!

Now, to help me build my space ship that will help me get away from this planet before the next Armageddon, please buy the t-shirt (on the right).

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What do you think? Is the world going to end? 190 comments

topshelf profile image

topshelf 7 years ago from South Florida

I agree, they are using 2012 to get more money!!! And no I believe the world is not going to end 2012. In the Bible, the Antichrist will sign a peace treaty, and from that day there will only be 7 years until the Earth will end. But from what I have read from the Revalations, many of the prophecies are coming true like we are pretty close, but not 2012!

Tammy Lochmann profile image

Tammy Lochmann 7 years ago

I wasn't aware of this doomsday 2012 thing until last week when my Husband was watching a documentary on it. Thanks for all the information I will definitely be passing this along. -Tammy

Time Spiral profile image

Time Spiral 7 years ago from Florida

Lots of people make lots of money, everyday, on things made up, events foretold, things from the past, fairy-tales, and all sorts of other crazy nonsense.

There are LOTS of theories about the winter solstice in 2012, which are primarily speculation (wrapped in jargon, surrounded by pseudoscience mainly), about this date foretold, and while it is certainly possible that no one has got it right, I have a gut feeling that it will amount to something.

What? I truly do not know ...

But using the fact that people are capitalizing on the now wide-spread interest, to make money, as a sidelong way of discrediting the possibility or efficacy of such an event seems a little 'off' to me. But I like your style Simey.

@topshelf - huh?

Uhm, Let me know when your 'Anti-Christ' signs that peace treaty, and I'll, uh, set my egg-timer 'er something ... lol.

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

I really do believe that 2012 will be a year of enlightenment rather than destruction--on rebirth rather than an end to civilization. However, in any instance, we all should stay focused and do things in a positive manner, rather than expecting the worst. It seems that every so often, someone comes up with another prediction that predicates on such a theory. Worrying will get us nowhere! Thanks, Simey C.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

2012 could be a new beginning if the current administration is given it's walking papers.

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 7 years ago from NJ, USA Author

@Time Spiral: *grin* didya buy my t-shirt?

@Breakfastpop: didya read my tongue-in-cheek comment about Sarah Palin? She becoming president might just be like the end of the world LOL!

@Topshelf: I hope you are wrong!

GreenMathDr profile image

GreenMathDr 7 years ago

It looks like I unmocked my retirement just in time. Now I don't have to worry about putting it back together. See, there is always a bright side.

Catherine R profile image

Catherine R 7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

Simey - I hope this hub is a money spinner for you too! And that you sell some T shirts! Nice one.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thank you SimeyC, I agree on your conclusion, the bible said that even Jesus wouldn't know, so I don't know why others think they will know. all I got to say is we all better have our business together when ever he comes but I'm sure, it want be 2012. thank you for a very interesting and informative hub. Godspeed. creativeone59

itakins profile image

itakins 7 years ago from Irl

Only God knows-personally I'd prefer it that way-scary.

UPStar profile image

UPStar 7 years ago

It will be a great excuse to have a party! Through the years there have been many, many, predictions of the end of the world. Still ya just neva' know.

Marcus D Mays profile image

Marcus D Mays 7 years ago from

I do not want to be the one to say that I agree that something devastating is about to take place. But this I do know it will not be the end of the world, because GOD promise that the days will not cease. Genesis chpt. 8 verse 22. What they are looking at is a power transformation that will take place and it will bring life ending tragedies for some not all.

The only thing We as GOD fearing people can do are to make sure that our lives are right with the LORD and hope that when the calamities come that we will be able to praise HIM anyway.

I will like to show everyone this concerning Nostradamus before you make any unwise decisions about what is to take place, it will be my next Hub!

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

The world can't end in 2012. My hubs will just be making money by then!!

vrbmft profile image

vrbmft 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

Hey, great hub. Nice summary of all the "stuff" and "hype." I am really into living TODAY, so 2012 in a sense will never come for me. I like the T shirt, looks good. Will it look as good on a man as a woman? Or is that really what is going to happen on that day. Women will take over!! I think that is it, and watch out, Maybe the future teller's name is a give away--Nostra DAMEus--meaning US WOMEN!! No, I'm not on anything!!

Thanks for the informative hub

ewnetbiz profile image

ewnetbiz 7 years ago

I love your article. It is very informative, but what if they are right. Where does that leave us?

They Bible said that these days will come. What if they are very close? Let us observe to be wise and not brush things aside as if it is all a hoax.

The world certainly does not appear to be getting any better and our leaders do not have the answers to solve current problems. The governments and scientists are all looking for a way to escape all this pending doom by exploring other worlds in space to which they can escape to. They want to leave us behind.

So what insurance do we have to secure our existence? The Bible has some answers, I believe you should check it out before it is too late. Start at John 3:16, then Acts 2:38, and John 4:2-3. Here is how to know Jesus as your Lord and savior

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

It may or may not be an end to the world as we know it. Why worry? If it is the end, we won't be able to do anything about it. Follow your beliefs and hope that what you chose to follow comforts you. In my belief system the righteous will be preserved, the land masses will move together and everything that happened on that 2012 movie is possible.

Why worry about it though? If you are prepared do not fear. There is safety in Zion according to the scriptures, so go to Jerusalem. Or in my faith, go to Missouri.

7 years ago

Like you said in the Mayan Calender part, theres going to be BIG change. However the end of the world is just bs. There's a lot more astrologically to predict this then you have mentioned.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

I was curious so stopped by your hub. Do not be asleep the time is getting near. The date could be, if you are right with Jesus you will not be here because his church will be lifted out of here before the tribulation.We wont be here for the fire and brimstone. You will live for another 6000 years. The body dies but your spirit goes one of two places. Heaven or Hell for eternity. The enemy rules the fallen world.

Christs is going to return, it is getting near. His prophecies are coming to pass. The word of God is the only true living text that has prophesied what is going on today. Read revelation. If you do not have a relationship with Christ read Romans 10:9-10 or John:3:16. Look around do you think things are getting better? Children of God will never be orphaned nor forsaken.We anticipate the day of the Lord Jesus return.

I know where I am going. I have no doubt.

Blessings to you. Throw rocks if you want, the truth can bite. I write this because I serve Christ. He wants no one to perish into hell forever. Deny Jesus and he will deny you before God the father. I pray for the lost. I once was but I was found. My life is amazing because of the promises of our creator. It is nothing I do, you snd I are sinners. Good deeds do not take us to heaven. Christ is the only way. He died so you and I could get there.We are free to choose life with him or life without him. You must be interested to write this hub.

Your choice get your free ticket to heaven you have nothing to loose.

In Love.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

I was crious so stopped by your hub. JThe ones that believe Jesus dioed on the cross for us. Do not be asleep the time is getting near. The date could be, if you are right with Jesus you will not be here because his church will be lifted out of here before teh tribulation. Read you Bible, revelation. The devil reigns this earth so greed will prevail in the hands of many about the movie. We live in a fallen world. Look around. Is is going to get better? The children of God are excited because we know where we go. I hope and pray you are one of them as well. No pain, tears, greed, lies, deciept or devil. He is DOOMED he knows it.

I know where I am going when I pass on. You see believers do not die we pass on immediatley to be with the Lord Jesus. The world is full of Godlessness and my prayer is if you are wearing Blinders read John3:16 or Romans 10:9-10.

The only truth is the word of God. Much has come to pass over 2000. Sorry but if you lived another 1000 years you could not have predicted the living workd of God. Read up on it. You have nothing to loose, everything to gain.

gospel. If you live a thousand years that would mean eternity for you. If you do not die.

No harm intended. In the name of 'Jesus' With Love

shazwellyn profile image

shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

Odd thing is.. whilst reading your article, an advert on National Geographic UK channel, highlighting a documentary on this very topic. Do you think it is a sign?

Good hub, well written x

nigelking profile image

nigelking 7 years ago from Planet Earth - I think!

Hi there, I really appreciate the work you have put into this hub. However, to be honest, my conclusion is that I don't really care what happens in 2012. I am too busy trying to survive the challenges of daily survival in 2009.

If it was true, there is little we can do about it, however, deep down, I don't believe humans can do anything but guess what what will happen next.

lcecil0582 7 years ago

Will the world end in 2012? My thought is NO it will not. The world will end when man kind reaches a point that all available resources needed to sustain life are depleated. off course history seems to show that man can create any number of reasons to go to war. However, in the final analysis, I think it will be man kind that distroys the world and not anything beyond those limits. Apparently, God seems to be content to allow it to continue.

Jawa Lunk 7 years ago

Will the world end in 2012? can only hope!

Peter August profile image

Peter August 7 years ago

I figure,if the Mayans couldn't predict their own demise,why should anyone expect that they can predict ours?

David 470 profile image

David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

I won't be surprised if nothing happens or something happens. I try to keep a neutral mind about it

ladyonthemirror profile image

ladyonthemirror 7 years ago from Indonesia

Only God knows, it happens any time maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or ten more years or 100 more years, do your best everyday, love your family, faith with your religion, if it happens let's face together, no way out, right...we'll face our end of the world someday, the day when we're pass away. am I right?

jojo12345 profile image

jojo12345 7 years ago from Amsterdam

Who cares - if we go up in a puff of smoke, it'll be a good way to go! Nice and quick and all together. We should stop freaking ourselves out so much and get on with the good things in life....c'mon

bill 7 years ago

2012 is the next major solar flare likely event, which had started a few years back; tree-ring evidence indicated drought period on earth within the cycles.

As a result of combination of the Earth axial tilt and sunspot cycle as well as solar flares been the interval of climate change during the Holocene periods.

But we have opt for a fossil fuel era of Anthropocene climate, an interesting combination mixes this time.

Earth system science believes that human interference to planet Earth carbon cycle on land and at sea affects the ocean circulation, the stratosphere and its ozone layer, and the ice of the cryosphere. The Earth’s functioning system is now close to breakdown.

If hydroxyl decides to take a break now, our Planet Earth’s metabolism will cease to function without her ephemeral chemical. The concentration of hydroxyl in the atmosphere is merely one part per trillion. Our trusted janitor might resign anytime.

Kimberly Bunch profile image

Kimberly Bunch 7 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

Good Hub! People just love to be frightened don't they?! Everything will be okay -- the end won't happen that way. People on earth will one day travel to other planets and so forth. There will always be natural disasters but we shouldn't worry to much about it; we all won't die in 2012. There's to much for us to do on this planet to develop further our natural abilities for knowing who we our as spirit beings housed in a human body, to experience and learn from our realities.

slwr138 7 years ago

Lets see! If the world does end it will be fast and we probably wont remember it. If it doesn't end, there will be more millionares than there are now. And as far as religion saving you, believe what you want, I myself and going to sit back and watch the world freak out no matter what happens. I will enjoy the show and hope to get some humor out of all this..... Good hub, keep it up, and have a great year...

Vizey profile image

Vizey 7 years ago

I have seen the flick 2012.. its awesome when we talk about graphics and all but don't know about the reality of world end..actually, but will ask forgiveness from the God for all the sins that I have commited before 2012.. lol :)

EOCedeno profile image

EOCedeno 7 years ago from Mactan Island,Cebu,Philippines

whether the world will end next minute or by dec 21,2012 personally i am ready to go. knowing that everything must have an end point, it is always important to be at peace with the world at all times and at peace with the Maker too. i always treat each day as the "last" day and not forgetting to show love and gratefulness to everyone. may all of us be at peace with the universe when the world will end!

Mrs.Nita profile image

Mrs.Nita 7 years ago

I think the world ending in 2012 is being hyped up just like y2k. However I went to see the movie over the weekend,and I also saw something about it on the history channel I think. I believe that the world will come to an end eventually, and whenever it does, if I'm still around at the time, I hope I die painless and quick.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

I also believe the entire thing is a complete farce and another way for people to make millions off of fear, nobody will no what time, what day, what hour. I remember the millenium millions of people went into a frenzy purchasing propane, fuel and stocking up on food we knew better and handled our business like a normal human being. I am not going to worry about Dec 21,2012 there are other things to do besides panic and even if it did none of us would be able to stop it so why worry? Wonderfully written and clearly explained. :)

cindyvine profile image

cindyvine 7 years ago from Cape Town

If we go then, then we go and nothing we can do to stop it. I do think it falls into the same category as Y2K and people will rake in the money from it.

1st Class Travelr profile image

1st Class Travelr 7 years ago from Jackson, MS

Nice hub - but I really don't believe the world will come to an end in 2012...some people just interpreting the bible incorrectly when it comes to explaining when the world will end...I just don't believe it will be in 2012...:) Nice hub

It's all mad 7 years ago

My view is similar to the religious views that we cannot, at this point, put a date to the end of the world. The only way we can know the exact date is if we can track large objects in space heading straight for earth.

Of course, earth will be destroyed one day, but that could be BILLIONS OF YEARS away. As for humanity, we could last for another few million years yet if we're very lucky. My gut feeling is that some catastrophe or other will wipe out the human race within the next few hundred thousand years or so.

I'm super confident that most of us will still be around come 22nd December, 2012

thegecko profile image

thegecko 7 years ago from San Diego, CA

Well, the world will end for at least 150,000 people that day, and who knows for how many non-humans o.O

samara shahzad profile image

samara shahzad 7 years ago

Great hub...but personally speaking I don't think its true about the world ending in 2012 !

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 7 years ago from US

As I understand it as a Christian no man knows the day or hour,although some say we can know the year, and maybe so, but according to the bible this world will never end, although it may get torn up pretty bad and a lot of blood shed. The Jew has the earthly promise so there will always be an earth, Christians have a heavenly promise, and we will be taken away in a twinkling of an eye, therefore revealing the anti-christ to the Jew. There has always been a shedding of blood for sin, the lamb in the old testement, then Jesus shed his blood for the Christian(ones who accept him and follow his teachings), so once He has gathered up the Church in the rapture, and you are not in that group you will either take the mark of the beast to save your physical life or killed refusing the mark(shed your own blood) if you want eternal life spiritually.

garynina05 profile image

garynina05 7 years ago from Decatur, GA

Hi SimeyC, this is a great article. The only problem that I have about this topic is the fact that the Bible states that NO man knows the day nor the hour when Jesus will return. God would not go back on His Word and reveal this to anyone. Man need to stop trying to play the role of God and focus more on serving Him only!!!

Rick 7 years ago

No it won't! There is no rational or scientific basis for it suddenly ending. I explain the five facts that dispel all the myths here...

Shawn D. profile image

Shawn D. 7 years ago from Colorado Springs

It gives us an excuse to live the next three years better that we have. It gives you a crazy look on life if you sit down and think about it. I meen, this could be the last three years of our lives. All I know is, just in case, i'm going to live it up.

-God Bless

Drew Breezzy profile image

Drew Breezzy 7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

I agree with Dohn

popo walker profile image

popo walker 7 years ago

If you don't believe in the Bible, your in trouble already.

The Bible says in two places the earth WILL NOT BE DESTROYED, EVER.

Ecclesiastes 1:4 A generation is going, and a generation is coming, but the earth is standing even to time indefinite.

Psalm 104:5 He has founed the earth upon its established places. It will not be made to totter to time indefinite or forever.

Yes Revelation mentions a new world but its a re-established earth to the orginal state God intended it to be before man ruined everything. God (Jehovah) gave adam and Eve the instructions to populate the earth and even at the time of Noah and the great flood he has never and never will destroy the Earth or all it's people. There is so much hope and excitement in this re-established world to enjoy, it is a definite promise of a wonderful future all but the wicked have to look forward to. God with his son Jesus made this earth to last forever to time indefinite.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 7 years ago from US

There you go, I know what it says and it is so easy to find scriptures, but I was just too lazy to look them up, but anyone who wants the answer it isn't that hard to find if you own a bible and believe it. But don't you wonder about after the 1000 year reign? What then? I know satan will have to tempt the last living for all fairness in choosing between good and evil so he will be loosed a little season, but I always wonder what then? Of course the Christian will be spiritual "The Church" so not tempted. Just always wondered if it will go on as the 1000 years has.But hey you are just worried about the next 3 years and Im skipping generations down the road.Sorry.

cute doctor 7 years ago

it's good that scientists r working on their fields, im really happy about this. But the end of world ; just ALLAH knows. BUT we shld be prepare 4 the world after this world is finish; THE REAL WORLD WILL COME INSHA ALLAH

Yriel Cruz 7 years ago

END OF THE WORLD ! Who knows? It is started from a speculation from ancient text that no one can prove the 100 percent accuracy, not even 100 percent comprehend the CONCRETE TRUE MEANING of those ancient text. Speculations that became a news, news that turn to worldwide mental debate, that finally became movies as a form of entertainment. A great source of business and money.

End of the world might be real, as so many ancient text implies including the Bible.

How about giving "END of the World" a different term, Like DESTRUCTION of the HUMAN SOUL and JUDGMENT DAY for the SPIRITS. Consider that Angels were not envy of creation of the Earth, they envied about the creation of Man.

APOCALYPSE maybe a war between creations, Not God against creations. God will walk again on earth not for the Apocalypse. He will come back for the "chosen". And let those who are not to enjoy their own "free will". And that "free will" is the energy that God's creations are using for the so called " APOCALYPSE".

Akber Samnani profile image

Akber Samnani 7 years ago from Pakistan

Being a practicing Muslim I believe the world can only shrink upon the discretion of Allah Almighty, HE can destroy the planet whenever n however He wish to do so and observing the contemporary circumstances of making this issue a hype is just a way to attract the audience towards the deal. These issues can make a believer aware that God is the only being who can do whatever He wants and it embraces the followers to strengthen the trust upon the ultimate being.

Camille Gauthier 7 years ago

Il y aura des pleurs et des grincements de dents !

lionswhelp 7 years ago

No, the world will not end then. It will keep going on until all humans called to salvation will be written in the Book of Life, Revelation 20:20-15. Then this world will have a new make over as God the Father brings the Heavenly Jerusalem to the earth, Revelation 21:1-27. itwill be a world without end.

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 7 years ago from NJ, USA Author

It's interesting to see the diverse comments on this hub. Most seem to agree that 2012 isn't the day of reckoning, but many point to religious texts etc that do point to 'something'....

Messenger_of_god8 profile image

Messenger_of_god8 7 years ago from The New Israel

no on the 22 second i died because the world was not ready to change yet so god gae eeryone another 1000 years

S.Shields profile image

S.Shields 7 years ago from Thunder Bay, Ontario

I really don't think it will happen. There were a lot of times when the world was supposed to end, like Y2K, but we're all still here...

songster 7 years ago

shields, Y2K wasn't an end of the world scenerio, just a computer bug.

an activist goose 7 years ago

SimeyC! Thanks for this hub. When all is said and not done, we are programmed to go about our business, get somewhat agitated, and remain content (as long as we have convenient access to essentials, especially food and water) allowing "the movers and shakers" on our spaceship Earth to pilot us into brave new worlds. If we're agitated enough, the discontent demonstrate and strike for minute adjustments, while humanity moves another step toward compromising quality of life. The indigenous peoples are among the endangered species, and their lifestyle and habitats are the most compromised - our human canaries. My question is: Will we continue like sheep, or will we awake and take up the yoke voluntarily? Among the many international grassroots movements working to awake, educate, and mobilize participants into a possible new age, Rain Forest Nations are collaborating with us northern hemisphere sleepwalkers thru Pachamama.

songster 7 years ago

i believe its nonsense most religions are mostly nonsense look at india and its insane belief that we go round and round and round and round. they believed in the kali yuga the middle yuga and the golden yuga all incredibly long periods of time, now we know that man hasn't been around very long on the planet so that was all wrong. they were mostly wrong and were dreaming in their soma filled heads and over meditating looking for a way out of dying.

orion2012 profile image

orion2012 7 years ago

Begin without ending

Awaken within

Beginning to end

End to begin....

The Fear Mongers Will Forever

Profess Doomsday, Keeps ya In Check!


mtwzh123 profile image

mtwzh123 7 years ago

Nice one.

mtwzh123 profile image

mtwzh123 7 years ago

Nice one.

mercon profile image

mercon 7 years ago

Good article, but I don't believe that year 2012 will end :)

liminal 7 years ago

In the nineteenth century, a religious nut by the name of William Miller predicted that the world would end on March 21, 1843. Obviously, he was wrong. He then predicted that the end was nigh and that Jesus would return on Oct. 22, 1844 (around lunch time, I believe); unfortunately, a lot of gullible idiots believed him and sold all of their belongings (probably to associates of Miller).

Why people insist on insisting that this beautiful world must end on a specific date is both amusing and pathetic. It's always either a scam or some sort of group death wish. However, if anyone wants to give me their money and precious metals prior to ascending to heaven to meet Jesus on Dec. 21, 2012 at 12:07 PM EST, please feel free to contact me re banking arrangements.

opinion duck 7 years ago

This is really going to screw up the next presidential election.

J3sixteen 7 years ago

2012 ... Umm ! Unlikely. But one thing for sure ! Guys & gals, there are people dying everyday. People don't need to wait till 2012. Right now, someone on earth is dying...almost every hour as the clock ticks.

Don't wait till 2012.

Eric 7 years ago

Good Post. Well written and informative. Keeps the readers attention very well. Hope it is a money maker for you.

zanele 7 years ago

no the world wont end in 2012 n no one who when it will end only God knows coz he is our provider

Kebennett1 profile image

Kebennett1 7 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

Pollyannalana, I agree with you! Great hub though!

Jerami profile image

Jerami 7 years ago from Houston tx

There are more people than most would imagine that believe that the Church that the Roman Empire built over 200 years after John wrote the book of Revelation is the beast described in chapter 13. I have discovered a reference in the book of Daniel that defines the comparison of prophetic timeline to earthly timeline as One week = approx 9.13 of our years. The forty two months that this beast was given ends around 2012. I discovered this long before I had heard any of the other predictions.

I do not know that the world will end but I do believe that at the very least, religion is about to make a drastic change around that time.

rvsource profile image

rvsource 7 years ago

The truth is that 2012 is not the end but a new beginning. The problem is that no one seems to know what that means exactly.

I think in the meantime we need to stop worrying about what will or might happen and determine what will happen. As far as I know, we still have "free will," we can determine our futures.


Gorgeously profile image

Gorgeously 7 years ago from United States

OMG...Is this really going to happen?

The end?

nayantara 7 years ago

the end ? i don't think so

nayantara 7 years ago

the end ? i don't think so

christianbooks profile image

christianbooks 7 years ago

No one can really know when the world will end. Lots of Prophecies, lots of predictions ...its one thing that can never be discovered nor be revealed by mankind , just like how we don't know when will we die? its not like we can set up an alarm for it ..

Obsessedpreserver profile image

Obsessedpreserver 7 years ago from Canada

12-21-2012 is not about the end of days it's suppose to be about the coming of a new phophet, then end of jesus's reign,the awakening of man an a change among the people...whether this be true or not one thing for sure is the government is using the acient predictions to make us the people become their slaves...meaning new food laws and vaccine laws will soon be inplace not to protect us as they will say but to control and reduce popullation...this is what 2012 may bring... the beginning of total contol...and maybe the start of ww3....ancients may be right about prophets and enlightment but no one can pedict what our government already has in plan for us...2012 what ever it means ...bring it on...

adauphin 7 years ago from fort Lauderdale, florida, USA

As a Bible student, i know life on earth has just celebrated her 6,0000th birthday some 9 years ago.So I don't worry about those renewing of the earth cycles. The countdown towars the end of this world is found in the book of Revelation and there is no year frame associated with the end of time that even Jesus does not know about. Jesus told to watch for signs in heavens and in society that mark the beginning of the end. No comets or asteroids or any such things will ever collide with earth to destroy mankind.

A new Jerusalem descending from heavens and a new earth and a new heaven are predicted but not for 2012. This will take place after the 3td coming of Jesus. But first,when all the numbers of the Gentiles are completed and the Jewish people is grafted back and the plagues start pouring on earth as a punishment for unbeliefs. Jesus will appear a secon time to resurrect the dead in Him and take them to heavens for a 1,000 years. After the 1,000 it will be the final judgement day for satan and its agents and the new Jerusalem city:

Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

Rev 21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Rev 21:3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

Rev 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Rev 21:5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

live and thrive profile image

live and thrive 7 years ago from u.s.a

hello everyone,I can say this "If the world is coming to an end. It does so to those who believe it shall.

Dinomaster45 profile image

Dinomaster45 7 years ago

Nope, some disasters and a maybe a couple new diseases might occur but the world won't just end. In 2013 i'm going to be like " LOL @ 2012".

shinujohn2008 7 years ago

It could end by 3000 only

Raghavendra 7 years ago

It depends, It cant predictable like floods or Sname earthquake.... This will happen all of sudden but any way nice hub.. Keep going

Phil 7 years ago

Nostradamus, the mayans which practiced human sacrifice..Hmm

Its sad when people quote those who are being used by demonic forces for deception.The Bible says there will be a rapture and then a 7 year kingdom ruled by the antichrist.If the world was going to end in 2012 then that would mean that millions of people should have vanished off the planet back in 2005...This idea of the end of the world in 2012 is meant to deceive people just as all of Satans teaching coming from Hollywood.Where is Hollywood located,in Los Angels.The word Los Angeles means "The Angeles".Demons are Angels that have fallen from heaven and are now on the earth deceiving the people.If you are wise you should see that as soon as Hollywood or the Angels *demons that control that city broadcast a message its automatically not going to be true.

John 8, 44

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Gold prices 7 years ago

This only god knows, when we all are going to die. However, i read and saw so much about this destruction and Mayan Calendar's predictions. Let us wait and watch, not much time is left to uncover the truth.

climberjames profile image

climberjames 7 years ago from Steel City

Hey, really intriguing read!! Thanks - climberjames

songster 7 years ago

what is 6,0000?

Praveen 7 years ago


NASA has clarified that this will not be going to happen. It is just a science fiction.



Nan 7 years ago

NO the world will not end in 2012! Your personal world might end, because of yoyur death! When you die you personal world ends. People always want something to be afraid of.. They like scary movies and TV shows. There is no antichrist ruling today. He is to rule for 3 1/2 years before Jesus Christ comes back to claim his own (christians). The anti-christ will be accepted by the whole world. HE WILL BE JEWISH! READ YOUR BIBLE! I think that I will have to write an article on the subjecy.

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 7 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Praveen - absolutely right - I inlcuded the link to the NASA page already.

Mahmo profile image

Mahmo 7 years ago

Description of the last day is mentioned in the Holy quraan

in many Surats such as Surat No99:( When the earth is shaken with its ( final ) earthquake*And when the earth throws out its burdens*And when man will say "What is the matter with it"*That day it will declare its information" about all what happened over it of good or evil"Because your Lord has inspired it*That day mankind will proceed in scattered groups that they may be shown their deeds. So whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom ( or small ant )shall see it*And whosover does evil equal to the weight of an atom ( or small ant ) shall see it >

The day itself remains unknown to any body except our Lord Allah.

Bur the signs of that day in Islam are already mentioned above.

Messenger_of_god8 profile image

Messenger_of_god8 7 years ago from The New Israel

MAYBE NOT 20012 BUT GET OUT NOWWWW everyone in america needs to move to china i mean move to the moon or mars or "heaven".

global warming is not helping this super volcanoe :)

Messenger_of_god8 profile image

Messenger_of_god8 7 years ago from The New Israel

the current year is 3104 so how will it end 2012

outdoorsguy profile image

outdoorsguy 7 years ago from Tenn

okay.. hmmm I wonder if you realize, that there are.. I think a hundred and some odd prophecies from the oracle at Delphi to the maya ranging from three thousand years ago to just a few hundred ago. all centering around that time.

Now me personally I don't believe anything is going to happen. but in Fairness to research, you cant lump the 2012 disaster idea into the same dust bin as Religious death cult prophecies of the Western world.

in addition.. the Maya did have a prophecie about their demise. as part of their calendar there was a frame of time, that was to herald unrest, and disaster. strangely they dissappeared during that time frame. Hmmmm. self fulfilling maybe.

anyway, History is full of odditys like that. which is one of the reasons I love history. a race appears from nowhere, impacts history then vanishes almost as fast.

or a race is found that was highly advance four thousand years ago, and yet no one knew about it till ruins were stumbled on a few years back..

Lost temples in India reportedly a myth only to find a few thanks to the Tsunami. etc... okay sorry.. Ill cut off the catalog here. except to say what ever happens, we are witnessing history on a daily basis.

Dr Suleiman Dex profile image

Dr Suleiman Dex 7 years ago from Northern Great Steppes

The Simple Answer: "No!"

Will some likely interesting and compelling events occur? A much more likely scenario. There a number of "natural" things coming to a "head". The Magnetic Poles are about to reset. There IS an alignment with the Galactic center in the works.

Don King's reincarnation:

Kim Jong Il has the bomb, but no fights to promote.

Ben Laden may emerge from his cave...if he sees his shadow, we'll have at least six more years of Wintery Relations. Hi-Ho!

Seriously, I thought this Article covered most of the Popular ideas without perpetrating any additional rumors. Way Cool! 'DeX'

Annalisa 7 years ago

Good Hub dude. I love the explainations of all the other religons.

toadeline profile image

toadeline 7 years ago

I cant say for certain if it's true, but I'm filing my taxes extra early electronically to get my return and I'm not buying Christmas presents at all.

Just in case it is true I plan on staying up late with a fried baloney sandwich and a bottle of champagne to watch the demise of the world. I'd hate to sleep through something like that.

songster 7 years ago

i've built a space ship i keep in my garage just in case.

stillnthatherace profile image

stillnthatherace 7 years ago from Texas

I agree with Zanele

bearclawmedia profile image

bearclawmedia 7 years ago from Mining Planet Earth

Hey Simey, the answer is simple, the archaeologists have only found part of the calendar, they need to keep digging. Hopefully they will find it before the end in 2012. Either that or its like the odometer in your car, getting ready to click over to 00000 again. Dave

Whitehorse profile image

Whitehorse 7 years ago

it will go into 2014 but you should prepare for the next attack on our soil which when it happens the US gov will declare marshall law and execute executive orders ceasing control of all we know now as our home

Prince William will become King William which bears the mark of beast King William =666 thru the alpha numerical system a=6 b=12 c=18 and so on .. his crest has all the elements of the antichrist as well, Charles can not be king because he has had a divorce ... so just set back and enjoy the days we know and have no worries of fear

Peace and blessings


t Whitehorse t

lcecil0582 7 years ago

To answer the question,. . . . NO it will not. Some in religious circles have asked this question it seems since time began and the answer is still the same. . .NO! The truth be known there are always signs and events in history that lead individuals to think God's return is close. That may be so, but in the final analysis, it really does not matter. If you as an individual are waiting until the signs give you clues of God's retune, so you can clean your life up, then I suspect it's already to late for you. Frankly, I hope the majority of the world is left behind to experience the wrath of God. . . .they deserve it.

Stephen Stephens 7 years ago

Of course the world will eventually come to an end. The Universe is way too ancient and immensly huge for one little planet to remain static. Civilizations and societies have ended many times in the past. There have been fresh water clam shells found in the Sahara Desert, as well as the fossil remains of a whale. Stone structures under the ocean that we have no idea who made them. Those are civilizations certainly ended. I'm sure some time in the future North America will be under water. It's amusing to think that humans, in their arrogance, think that our existance on this little planet is significant. I'm sure rats think they should have free rule over the Earth, and humans are an evil bane. Depends on ones point of view.

As for the reference to "God", I have a few questions for Christians: FIrst of all, why does all this death and suffering have to happen? Why would an infinitely intelligent creator make a world where everything has to die for everything else to live? People eat animals, animals eat people, people eat plants, plants eat rotten people and animals.

I asked a religious person once about a storm that killed a bunch of kids at a Boy Scout camp. She said that God had a good reason in his "Plan" for that to happen. There is absoutely NO justifiable reason for kids to die screaming. Christianity is mans whistling in the dark to cover his fear of death. And to make money.

And I'm not hiding my identity brhind some cutesy screen name.

TYSON 7 years ago


muugan 7 years ago

thank you good article full of logic. but the tshirt quote should be like this iam going to buy christmas gifts for 2013

muugan 7 years ago

thank you good article full of logic. but the tshirt quote should be like this iam going to buy christmas gifts for 2013

GossipGirlxoxo profile image

GossipGirlxoxo 7 years ago

well that was a long page. i don't think that the world will come to an end in 2012. Just because the mayan's ran out of a number to use we all go to the most dramatic outcomes.

TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 6 years ago from England.

Okay, I'll shed some light on this topic.

The Future and past does not exist in the purest form. We only experience the NOW. Time itself is an illusion, a trick passed off to control and enslave mankind.

The Gregorian calendar and the mechanical clock was introduced by Pope Gregory the eighth upon indigenous peoples and both physical time and the calendar are not in line with both the body (microcosm) and Universe (macrocosm)clock.

The Gregorian Calendar was altered from ancient calendar and the days are all messed up and not in line with the Mayan or ancient Egyptian calendar anyway. We are actually living past 2012 now and beyond if we stayed on track with the Mayan calendar LOL!!!! AND we are still here people :-)

Look up Pope Gregory the eighth and the Gregorian calender and mechanical clock. This will put your minds at rest.

The whole 2012 thing is a scam to frighten people. This whole world is driven by fear in one way or form to keep people down and controlled.....

All terrorism and crime is caused by mankind. People can pray to god for help but why is it he never helps? Ever thought about that? Why is it that the FEW can control the MANY?

Wakey Wakey!!!

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 6 years ago from NJ, USA Author

TheAllSeeeingEye: that's a very good point you make about the Gregorian calendar - so what you are actually saying is that the world has already ended - we just haven't noticed yet LOL!

TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 6 years ago from England.

This all world has been controlled and manipulated by the polarity of darkness for thousands of years SimeyC.

It is not that EVIL is multiplying and taking over the world that is the problem, the problem is that GOOD people do nothing and just sit back and let it carry on.

Now my concern is not just the mainstream population who have been indoctrinated and succumb to their game and way of life. Mainstream people are not educated to think too much. Those who think too much end up on the scrapheap to rot in life.

Those who play the system and pass all the tests that has been filtered down through the system go on to be the decision makers for the system in future generations.

My concern is how egotists and people with little regard for human life and Love can take over the reigns of power. How can the few control the many?

Reality is only perceived through one source and that source is INFORMATION. Whatever the brain receives as information it processes and sends out signals in relation to the information it receives. The brain is a computer system for a physical expression of reality although there is more to life than many could imagine. They only know the physical expression of the information that they have received.

There is a lot going on, more than meets the physical senses.

Fear is the tool used to manipulate and control people's brains. The secret is to Love and not let fear take over your life. The real POWER is LOVE and LOVE is the dominant force within the universe, But in this realm FEAR is the dominate force.

Are we living in hell?

Don't be fooled by modern religion and your governments. The system has been designed to keep the power in power and the rich, rich!!!

We are living in a world of illusions and falsehoods. Man is driven crazy here, but my question is this. Who drives man crazy? Is it his own thoughts or thoughts of another? This is WHY it is utterly important to LOVE and only LOVE...

Deborah Sexton 6 years ago

Phil, Rapture doesn't even appear in the Bible and certainly no one will escape tribulation...

Chief Apathetic 6 years ago

Even actual Mayans have stated their Calendar doesn't have anything to do with the end of the world or end of the age. Their calendar was their way of measuring time & cycles.

In the Pyramid system of the world of man is how the few rule over the many. There is a pyramid on the back of the dollar bill that many prophetic researchers attribute to being an Occult or Satanic Symbol. This isn't anything different than Babylon, the Pharaoh's of Egypt, Rome, or any other Nation/State of government of man's worldly forms of government that are represented as Beast Kingdoms past & present in the Book of Revelation.

A prophecy of Islam is the Signs Dajal or the One Eye. The One Eye of Darkness. Their prophecy states that Jesus will throw a spear into the One Eye to discredit the One Eye before he returns to overthrow the worldly system of the One Eye. So whether the Pyramid on the back of the dollar bill with the One Eye above the Pyramid is the symbol of the One Eye is unknown, but it is a possibility that is the symbol of the One Eye that Jesus throws a symbolic spear into to discredit?

Whether there is a literal One Eye who is also termed the man of sin that comes are one & the same is unknown. What is known that according to prophecy things could get really ugly upon this planet as time proceeds & far more uglier than things are now all over the place.

Since man left simple Tribal living for the Nation/State those at the top of the Pyramid of Nation/States merely learned all the manipulations to number & herd people. Herd them like moo cows. Like rats through maze. Or life in the Rat Race

TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 6 years ago from England.

The Mayans coined the phrase 'New Age' or 'Golden Age' which doesn't sound like the end of the world to me. The Mayans believed that on this date they will evolve and meet their gods through a gateway or portal.

It is also the beginning of the cycle of Aquarius as we are currently ending the cycle of Pisces which happens every 2500 something years.

However, the calendar can also refer to 'end of time' which is what all this fuss is all about.

End of time has already happened to the Mayan calender when we take the Gregorian calender and mechanical clock into consideration. So in theory, the end of the world didn't happen, just like the millennium bug didn't happen in 2000.

There is a pattern forming here.

What will be the next date after 2012 of the Gregorian calender to throw fear upon uneducated peoples?

I'll make one up here and now.

Archaeologists discover an Atlantean calendar buried within an underworld complex in Scotland. The press big up the find telling the public that this calender is accurate to every detail of all cosmic cycles and then the media through the Internet spreads fear mongering that this ancient calendar ends in the year 2025.

History seems to repeat itself and the next generation will also fall victim to fear induced propaganda.

jenay 6 years ago

i think the world can or can not end jesus only knows because he makes it happen not us.

jasmine 6 years ago

this is rumour y u allowing to spread over all

JOHN 6 years ago

if the world ends on december 22 2012 you not going to feel anything don't be afraid.

kishors 6 years ago

I have fill the envornment is day to day some change. i think earth will not collapsed in 2012 but in future its possibal

natasha 6 years ago

please im only 12 i don't know wat will happen! is the world going to end in 2012 or not?

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 6 years ago from NJ, USA Author

Natasha: most people believe nothing will happen on December 21, 2012 - many people panicked with the year 2000 'potential' problem with computers, but nothing happened there either! There have been predictions abuot the End of Days for a long time- Nostradmus predicted 1999 - but guess what we are still here!

So I wouldn't worry about 2012 - nothing is going to happen!

4 real 6 years ago

ok,um will som1 pleese tell me if the world is gonna end cuz im onle 11 and my bday is in december so should i worry if im gonna die on my bday or not?!?!?! someone answer!!!!!!

joey99 6 years ago

If the world was going to end our countrys would of built under ground bunkers. And plus we die the rich would not.

Bioman 6 years ago

Great hub. Astronomical events aside, we humans are more than capable of self-destruction be it by chemical, biological, nuclear or kinetic means. Our planet will survive us and quite happily self-correct, we just aren't that important in the grand scheme of things. In a way I think our transient insignificance is far more frightening to us frail but arrogant humans. We may well architect our own extinction but the timing of the culminating events will be completely unpredictable. You gotta love non-linear dynamics.

Carpe Diem

sandieganliz 6 years ago

I'm reading hubs on the topic to write my own. As far as I know, the date represents a planetary alignment which is supposed to bring about a great change. Whether it is in the form of an anti-christ, destruction, or birth of a renewal, science, religion, philosophy, and human opinion (that I have found/studied/discussed) points to the same agreement--the earth is due for great changes! There you go, 2012 :)

Rey Samuel Onas 5 years ago

The End Of the world will be real in Dec.21,2012

kim whelan 5 years ago

i really don't want to belive in the world ending I do belive that only god knows when it will happen alot of the thing that are happening in the world are caused by are self alot of us are faced with death every day and god did not take them i was at a risk of losing my life i belive if the world was going to end god would of taken me than not wait other year. we all no the world will end but lets leave it to are father above people think that they can over come the world ending by being prepared and that's not true when god what to end it everyone will go just remember to keep god in your heart and love everything he gave you remember he sent his son to die for all of us except him in your heart and you will be ok.

shannon 5 years ago

will it end plz say it wont

chamilj profile image

chamilj 5 years ago from Sri Lanka

I didn't believe this earlier but now started to believe it as disastrous things happening all around the world. Major Earth Quakes and Tsunami in Japan, Civil Wars in Middle East. Floods in Australia. Something is wrong I think.

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 5 years ago from NJ, USA Author

chamilj: I'm still not convinced. If you look at the statistics for the last hundred years or so, the number of wars, earth quakes etc isn't that much difference - the only difference is there is a lot more press coverage and about a billion wbesites on the subject!

Teraya 5 years ago

People really believe the world is going to end ! STFU ever since that movie 2012 came out people wanna predict things all of a sudden! People yall are not understanding that whoever thought of that movie just wanted some money ! Nobody knows when the world will end soo in that casee shut your mouth !....I will will be celebrating on 2012 && show all you fools who believe in 2012 that it wasn't true and all of yall will be like --------> -_____-

Teraya 5 years ago

And also if the world didn't even end on May 21.. do you really think its going too end December 2012??? come on now !

scriptureonfire profile image

scriptureonfire 5 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

All I know is that, the Bible made it very clear that is only God the Father that has the right information on when this world will end."No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father" (Matthew24:36).

Aditya Sharma 5 years ago

Good to see lots of comments i think nothing is going to happen now since only with this news only we have started talking in one langauge ( About GOD) no matters christian,Hindu,Muslim. Let us only make sure that global warming should not be a problem in future. Let us work on this and forgot 2012. Peace and Green environemt will bring everything for all of you.

snehal 5 years ago

we never know what will happen....god bless everybody

Nhu 5 years ago

I'm so Scare of it, I wish god won't let's us die.

moco198 5 years ago

i feel if the world really ended it would be caused by the idiots in the world. but if you think about the Mayans disapered one day, so maybe the calendar wasn't finished or they messded up some how they didn't make a big eunogh circle to complete it. we might think there smart but what if they were smart or not, they could have been the dumbest people in prehistory. but if we invent a time machine soon we could find out. but that will not happen any time soon.

Katrina akkawi 5 years ago

Ya right the world will not end that's rediculas I'm only 12 well I just terd 12 but you can't make me believe that the world is going to stay the same. I'm going to heaven if I die but I'm not just in case people who believe that your rediculas.



Dr. PC Mridha 5 years ago


Answer Is-“Rubbish”. All the superstitious people believing this, Because they don't know the Structure of The Universe. You will say I don't Know . In our solar system there steroids are freely moving around the sun in between Mars and Jupiter. Largest size is not more than a kilometer. If any how fallen to any planet that will either Mars or Jupiter but absolutely not on Earth.

Sometimes, Periodical disaster may happen. Kindly tell me how many times it happened Repeatedly ? How much, its duration, Impulsive Force,? Kilo ton, Million -Billion or trillion tons of destroying capacity,

You have not a single instance.

This my apology to you, Don’t believe bloody nonsense did. Some body wanted to earn two pies for him spreading rumors to the innocent people

I stoutly give you guaranty The world will not end, except some natural calamity. There is no bigger size steroid come from other universe to Hit Our Home Planet EARTH.I hate the persons

abhishek 5 years ago

these are stupid predictions i don'tbelieve that world is getting over in 2012

Saige 5 years ago

The world is not going to end, God is in control of what is going to happen. All the scientist or whoever made this production want is attention. They really don't know when the world's going o happen

Saige 5 years ago

I meant prediction, not production. Sorry.

7s..sTaRs 5 years ago

to all of you brothers,and sisters,.......

Only God The Father Knows!

Matthew 24:42 "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.

So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

Therefore you too must always be ready, for the Son of Man will come when you are not expecting him.

kym 5 years ago

i ope it doesn't end ive just had a little boy not much of a life for him if it does i worry all the time wether its going to happen i don't think it will tho

semk91 5 years ago

I really hope it doesn't end, i had a child 9 1/2 months ago and when the world is supposedly supposed to end he will almost be 2.. not that great of a life only living to be almost 2. IDK though in my personal opinion i don't think the world is going to end. I feel like maybe the north and sounth poles might switch, that seems a little more resonable then the earth being wiped out! I live in arizona, and hopefully if the noth/south poles decide to switch it will be colder here. haha. its jan and still 80 outside! Well god bless to all of you, i hope you live your life to the fullest with your families and just enjoy your time and stop worrying about all this rubbish! (:

santichai 5 years ago

yes, the Buddha said Buddhist will disappear but 2500 more years !!! coz he said buddhist will exist for around 5000 years. Now is 2555 b.c so half more !!!

Anonymous 5 years ago

Well, there is a strong possibility that the world may end in March 2012. The feast of Purim will be in the month of March 2012. There is a lot of interesting information (in particular) in the book of Esther in the Bible (KJV).

There are some nice and interesting ongoing study series (in particular) on the book of Esther which can be found in which outline many truths in the Bible related to the end times.

Please check (the eBible Fellowship website) also.

To God be all the glory!

emma 5 years ago

i think the world will end because a new start of the when the doniosors died it was a start for us

so its a new start of someones life

messger of god 5 years ago

the world will end dec 21/2012 i heard his voice told me , god told me am comeing and his son the bible it is so true do u popel understad ,look what is happen around the world, wether and there no jobs our govement do lie to usa an our conress lies to the people ,theywhat to kill all people and they what just your money do not vote for th beracck obomba ,he wasnot born in usa ,he was born aferica so you start lesson very clsed what they say , do u all need to build a bomb shelter asap ao have a list how meny people be under ground ,there will be no food in stores ,water will trun red the gas prices is going up to $4.00 a gallon so am going be readdy am stocking up all things gun ,food water every thing whatu need to servivd in thsis world ,get a soler pandles

for ur lights but when the day domes there will be no lieghts in all houses the power will go out , good luck poepole

H. Hilton 5 years ago

The world will end in about five billion years after the fusion of all the hydrogen to helium and then the helium into carbon atvwhichbtimebthe sun will begin to expand and eventually will consume the earth. Frankly I don't give us that long. With all the politicians suffering from cranial rectal inversion I figure they will take care of the issue long before physics does.

R.goyal 5 years ago


Nmw2 5 years ago

People nobody can predict when the world is gonna end so everybody needs to just stop about this the only one that knows is the good lord above and he has good plans for all of us to grow up an stuff so just stop worrying

Guest 4 years ago

This is stupid NASA already said that there is nothing headed for earth

sardar anbeel khan 4 years ago

i don't believe about that it's not real inshallah

jun 4 years ago

hello all you guys theres so many people comments about this coming December 21 2012...i tell all you guys first you read what the right of nostradamus said and after that you can remember what happen in every countries and last happen in 2011 is japan how many people die and then ast one in seria how many people die..and after that i don't know wich next country happen. that tha Nostradamus said before he die

toni singh 4 years ago

i don't think so it is realy going on all of thise

SNickers 4 years ago

The world will NEVER END!!! When it does, Jesus will come down to Earth and tell us. Maybe there is another earth just waiting for US!!!

shannon 4 years ago


bplay57 4 years ago

end of world woh knows .the world is going 2 end

Maria Golden 4 years ago

Everyone should stop thinking about when is the WORLD GOING TO END. Only GOD AND JESUS KNOWS so pleases stop worrying and just have fun everyday and enjoy it

rosetta 4 years ago

it is not for you and i to know,it is left for our creator only to know, even jesus a prophet does not know, then how can it possibly be a human that knows, we all know its gonna end but don't know when,what if it en is it the first time humans are dyeing or the first time humans have sinned. or will i say it will be the first time humans will face their judgment. do what you think is right and forget about doing it at end time. please leave a normal life and forget about the false prophecies

the prohet 4 years ago

I am intrigued by the whole end of days topics. However, this may help yourself and all the followers of Christ.

"Beware the son of perdition is at hand" WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS. this is a time where many will have dreams and visions. There shall be many women and men prophesy and Yes many shall be false. God is the greatest scientist of all! Why is it hard to believe our scientific measures would not help us understand the possibilities of the means to an end.

Here this day that the while we have entertained ourselves with many false alarms regarding the end we have lead others in error! For I tell you the truth many will predict a day that the world will end and many will believe it will be that day until they until it does not occur and then become complacent and say to themselves. It didn't happen then, that person is crazy, that group was wrong those days many will stop believing it will come upon us at all. Now I say to you the son does not know the hour! Beware of the thoughts you entertain, be soberminded knowing that it is written the sun will turn black and the moon shall be black and that it is written also that the dart will be destroyed with fire and a new heaven and a new dart will be. That Yes the world bottomed out and that the bible is not in cronicalized order but if you will seek Ye first the kingdom of heaven all things will be applied "secrets" from heaven are yours for the taking and the spirit will pour out on and into you. My children do not be deceived what is written will be done and is already done. Stop looking for an hour and a day for it is not good to desire more than the master and this is not something he has been given until that great day. If you die tonight that will be your revelation tomorrow and so forth. Does it matter that you knew the hour or the day for nothing you can do will get you into heaven and no mountain can fall on you to hide you from the it there will be no place to run or hide. Just praise he who has the power to deliver you from a second death and praise he who has given to you the web!

aman 4 years ago

if world is really coming to its end then why we are just not planning for it its human instinct that for every disater humans prepare themselves earlier only then why they are not planning for it

Rhiain Knowles 4 years ago

I think that the world is not going to end in 2012 because they are just doing it to get more money for when everyone dieds but it is not true atall that the world is going to end 2012 but my oldest sister it is true the world is going to end in 2012 but it is not true atall ok

N.A.S.A 4 years ago

The world will truly not end . . . when we are here. But it will end in probably a billion years. No planets ever going to hit earth, or cross into the sun. It is just a way to earn money.

Paranoid guy 4 years ago

I am still very young and I still have my virginity. I CANNOT DIE NOW!

xuniquebeauty profile image

xuniquebeauty 4 years ago from Leicester, UK

Do people really believe in this nonsense, The Mayans didn't know anything about space and it was their own calendar and they predicted it, it doesn't mean companies have to make pointless things up for sale for the end of the world which wouldn't happen in December 21st 2012 as the end of the world is set at 5 billion years later when the sun eventually turns into a red giant and swallows the earth (this is a theory) So really I'm out.

excuseme 4 years ago

To Pollyannalana

You said, "Christians have a heavenly promise"

But what's about another religious like Catholics, Jews, and others have a heavenly promise as well??

rishikesh kulkarni 4 years ago

iz there any interference of depletion of magnetosphere and mal seasoning of auroras?if any of u hav d answers ten please post it and fill the curiosity of tis boy

Guest 145 4 years ago

The world ending in 2012? Thats just silly. All of you out there: dont't worry about a thing. Even if the world was going to end in 2012, which I would estimate it logically has a one-in-a-million chance to, all of us Catholics, God, his son, and all of his angels would be right there to greet us with open arms. We would have painless endings, and JOYFUL new beginnings!

God Bless all of you, and have great lives beyond 2012, when nothing but a winter solstice occurs!

believe he is in your hearts 4 years ago

thank you all for the comments I've been freaking out lately about all of this I am a Christian and I believe Jesus will protect all of his children please anyone who does not believe in god just give the bible a try don't question the lord for this is the devil please everyone read the bible and no one will know when the world will end so 2012 is a way to get money and one last time please read the bible ask for forgiveness from the lord and remember hell is the worst place anyone could ever go don't wish it on anyone thank you for reading

eli 4 years ago

I Think The World is going to ending in 2012 because nosteradamus said : world will end on 21 december 2012

all of his horoscops was right and the wanted book of him is in prophesor,s hand

i,m an iranian so if i don,t write true excuse me

Harry Hairshirt 4 years ago

Unfortunately, those using the Mayan calendar as their "basis" for The End of the World As We Know it, have committed a faux pas. As far as the Mayan calendar, a bit of info. The Mayans did not use leap year days on their calendars. That was added to OUR calendars some time ago, meaning that our year is a smidge longer than the Mayan year- meaning their calendar was faster.

Meaning the Mayan calendar actually ran out last Feb. Of course, no one mentions that. No drama.

.... 4 years ago


Random guy 4 years ago

I'd say there's either nothing or everything to worry about... Just think about it... there've been SOOO many propheties about the end of the world and did it happen? -No...

That's what i mean about it... the fear of it - in this case - is ridiculous

- there's always the chance of doomsday. Besides: The chance for you to die because of an apocalypse is billions of times lesser than going for a walk.


If an object (such as an asteroid) would approach Earth the chance of it to crush into the planet is minimal... like 1 in a million... because the gravity of Earth just would make it orbit as a sattelite...

As fact... you should rather be 10 times more afraid to have an oven in

your house than doomsday... Anyway there's no doubt the world is gonna end...

But who knows? Maybe humanity will survive... in the future, maybe we'll manage to settle on an EXO-planet (Earth-like planet) and start over again...

theraggededge profile image

theraggededge 4 years ago from Wales

LOL! Simey - your hub is great but the comments are awesome!

rakesh lama 4 years ago

may be its true world will be end but i thought is still garanted i mean to say is still strong you people remind ,lakes,hills, mountains , oceans rivers, seas tree with forests,lands birds,animals,and after all humen being still live with the region of gud ,i'm sure not yet finished because world is still strong, thankyou,

MORA 4 years ago

Man you are not believing in Allah.

If you are you shouldn't make fakes from your mind.

Only Allah knows when the world will end.


ishadua 4 years ago

i think 21 dec (end of the world) is a joke..

Shikinah profile image

Shikinah 4 years ago from UK

The Holy Scriptures say that nobody knows the day or the hour in which the world will end, not even the son but only the father who is in the heavens knows. But from the prophetic signs it seems we don't have too long to wait. 4 years ago

do you actually have a picture of the earth's crust just to see how much it have dissolve in the last many years,stephanie diane curry.

jamol from Tajikistan 4 years ago

hi to everybody according to ISLAM religion only ALLAH knows. ALLAH says; He who predict future of life he will be in punish of ALLAH and hates him. Only I believe in ALLAH .ALLAH is Great and true and creator all of things. there is north of worship besides ALLAH . 4 years ago

World darma is5000 it is going to change because all of enviortment causes are there and 3rd world wwar

babyruth ( 4 years ago

it is written in the bible that no 1 knows the end of the world... and "scriptureonfire" is right for giving the verse which is written like this;

"But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone". (Mark 13:32 & Matthew 24:36)

but surely, it is nearly coming 'coz we are on the 7th day (2000 and thereafter or up to 2999) in the bible which is the rest day... so, who knows that 12-21-2012 is the day, but i doubt it.. 'coz when i watched the movie 2012... it gave me the idea that maybe 2112 and not 2012... i said MAYBE, why?.. 'coz the date written like this; 12-21-12... so, when it read at 1st glimpse/glance... it looked like; 12-2112.. is there a sense?.. none, i think... that's only my imagination and interpretation when i watched the movie and there's no proof for this... so, don't take it seriously..

and agreed with "ladyonthemirror" for her saying; "do your best everyday, love your family, faith with your religion, if it happens let's face together, no way out, right".. 'coz we really don't know when it gonna happen..

m.indhu.murugesh@gmail .com 4 years ago

earth distroyed is impossible we are live more years in earth i want why other planets fall on earth

sarah 4 years ago

no the world is not going to end i am saying the truth

Meloman Rai Das 4 years ago

it is not sure n still m not believing to all the great peoples saying.............who knows that our whole world will come in ???? less possibility ................. might be in next generation yrrrr.........................

hossein 4 years ago

i think 21 dec (end of the world) is a joke

sadaf khalil Narma 4 years ago

i tns ,Is it will . . . . . . . .?Insha Allah it not will bcz i belive on Holy Quran. . . . .. . .. . . .so Pray to Allah and pray Allah forgive us. . Amen ,Suma amen

Nilam 4 years ago

As shown in the movie 2912,the world wil nt end lyk that.may b some cases resembles wit it bt its n't lyk da world wil end

agentkrd6 4 years ago


Riya Hivrekar 4 years ago

I don't think that world will end but i aslo think that world will end bcoz

EVRYONE sleep at night and take so earth aslo take rest We all must to take a CHIl PIl

person.. 3 years ago

well...I'm alive!!

noel 3 years ago

why do you think the world is going to end it is up to god if it dose.

Joe 3 years ago

The world is really not going to end why do you people think that they said that the world was going to end in 2012 I am still alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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