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Blessed Be,

My name is Penny Cabot and I am the daughter of Laurie Cabot the official witch of Salem Massachusetts who also owns The Official Witch Shoppe online store . www.theofficialwitchshoppe.net

This planet and the people on it are struggling as we all know to well. As a witch

and a practitioner of Earth Majick it is every witches duty to give something back to the earth in

thanks for the knowledge we have received . Below are some helpful hints to make life a little

easier in difficult times . Any herbs or suggestions are activated by the practitioners majick ,


the good of all people .



One white candle and one black . Black candle of the left of your alter and the white one on

your right . You'll need to combined all your love herbs together and grind them in your

mortar and pestle . Strawberry leaves mandrake root rose petals dragons blood resin

combined mixture with 1 drop of rose oil take your male and female or 2 female or 2 male human candles (they

must be red ). Now bore a whole in each one where the heart is and pack with your love

herb mixture . Make sure the whole is deep because you need to put your Adam and eve

root in there as well . With your Adam and eve root you need to use a fine tip sharpie

and write your name on one and his or her name on the other . the piece with your name you put in

the male or female candle that represents the person of interest. and the piece with his or her name you put in the candle that represents you. now you need a cake

pan or something at least an inch deep. Take a piece of red ribbon and run it across

the bottom of the pan so that there is a tab hanging over the edge enough for you to

grab onto to pull the wax out when you are done.Cover the packed wholes with a little

bit of wax so your mixture does not fall out . Now en scribe your name on the male or female candle that represents the person of interest and

his or her name on the candle that represents you. Take more red ribbon and face the 2 candles together

bid them with the ribbon clock wise. Take your pan and put rose petals at the bottom. Place

your candles in the pan and burn down until it is a pool of wax. Make sure it has completely

melted. Let it cool and pull the ribbon to release it from the pan . Bury it on the full moon .You will have more

attention than you expected .Make sure this is what you want because this spell is very

powerful. I have taken a few elements out because its too binding and very few people

are truly ready to make that kind of commitment .Like my mom Says " be careful what you wish for because you'll get it and everything that

comes with it.


Make strawberry leaf tea , take a small piece of chocolate and with a pin en scribe it with you

and your love interest's name. Put the chocolate into the tea let it dissolve and serve it to your

person of interest.


Copper is ruled by Venus the love planet. Take a copper penny and some rose petals. Hold

them in your left hand.Place your right hand over your left close your eye's . Say your love

interest's name 3 times , then say yours 3 times . Keep them on your right side for three

day's . in a pocket , if you don't have a pocket on that side wrap the 2 items in a piece of red

cloth and pin it to your clothing .


For this you must use a compus . Take wrought iron old horse shoe's or railroad ties . And

place them facing North, South, East,and West . Make sure they are in area's where they will

not be moved or disturbed sprinkle 2 or 3 pinches of sea salt on them . (REMEMBER TO

ALWAYS START AT YOUR NORTH POINT ). And place them clock wise . After you are done

return to the North point close your eye's and say . I protect this house and the people in it

from any negative or positive energies or forces that may come to do us harm.



Carry wolves hair sea

salt and something from a crone which is a person over 65 years of age.

In our culture the elders are the wise , the protectors . If you do not have access to wolves

hair you may substitute with dog or cat hair shedding ( must be from a live animal). Animals are the

great protectors on this planet . They do this of free will and with purity in there hearts, which

is the most powerful form of protection. Wrap these items in a black piece of clothe and tie

it with a piece of string . If you wind the string make sure it is clock wise. And carry on your left

side .


Carry mustard seed's and a small quartz crystal, or Citrine . If you do not have access to either

stones you can substitute with a piece of orange peel and a small piece of lemon peel .Wrap

these items in a piece of gold , yellow , or mustard colored cloth . carry on your left side for 4



Get the herb eye bright put it in a small clear glass bowl place the bowl on the desk or table

where you do your home work. Cross your first 2 fingers on both hands index and middle

fingers . Place both hands with fingers crossed over the bowl and say I will retain all

information . And proceed with your home work as usual .

Well these are just a few little things that will help you along your travels in life.

Spell bright and goddess true

This spell I cast just for you

read these words and smile

bright , I give you this spell

of good luck tonight .

Read these words read them through

this spell of good luck has been cast

just for you !

you can call the official witch shoppe for spell supplies 978-744-6274


I am proud to say we are now the first Salem based Witch temple in the history of Salem to be recognized by the government . One of our goals is to have a temple retreat so that we may celebrate our 8 holidays of the year and for people to come and visit ; for donation info go to Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple on face book

MERRY MET, MERRY PART, AND MERRY MEET AGAIN! www.cabotkenthermetictemple.org

Penny Cabot

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Elisabetta9 7 years ago

Penny, This is really generous of you. I need some help. Last year I was given a book of your mother's and found a love cake recipe/spell in it. I wanted to make it, but the friends I was with at the time altered the ingredients and words from "love" to something along the lines of "fling," Since then my love-life has been a series of unfulfilling flings and I think the spell gone wrong might be responsible. How can I fix this, end this bad encounter cycle, and call out my soul mate?

penny90041 7 years ago

dear Elisabetta9,

A soul mate is just that, a soul mate . Yes it is cosmically the perfect match to your soul. However that does not mean it makes for a good relationship nor friend.

go out side on a new moon and take a pair of scissors. Find some vines that are well grown concentrate and say;

I cut the vines to stop bad love from entering into my life I cut the vines to start anew . let me know when you have don't this and I will tell you what I know about attracting well balanced positive love into your life ?

Elisabetta9 7 years ago

Thank you Penny!

I will do this and let you know asap.

Thank you!

HEATHER 7 years ago


HEATHER  7 years ago


penny90041 7 years ago


yes anyone can do a spell what you must understand is with asking for something comes great responsibility. Our first rule is ( do what thou will and may it harm none).And for the good of all people. you must take responsibility for your thoughts and action . And be careful what you wish for because you will get it and everything that comes with it. So, no wishing bad things and choose your words carefully.

peace & magic Penny Cabot

penny90041 7 years ago


YES my spells work I am born and raised a white witch

My life has been dedicated to study of the art and science of witchcraft , like my mother I use my powers to help others .


Penny Cabot

Elisabetta9 7 years ago

Dear Penny,

I have done as you instructed. I went out at the new moon, cut the vines, and said the words. I really concentrated and it was quite an amazing feeling...I could feel something...some magic!

I would be so grateful if you would share with me what you know about attracting positive, well-balanced and beautiful love into my life.

Thank you, Penny. Thank you.

penny90041 7 years ago

Dear Elizabetta9 on the full plant a pomegranate in the ground play some music (WITH NO WORDS) . something that makes you feel good and free NO WORDS words are intentions and could affect the out come of your spell. and state love and harmony be mine!!! so mote it be.

I wish you all your dreams come true






penny90041 profile image

penny90041 7 years ago Author

and remember FOR THE GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE!!!


penny90041 7 years ago

so nice to read your words and see your name blessed be my dear friend and thank you .

penny cabot

crazyjane94 7 years ago

thanks penny

Fiona 7 years ago

Good to hear you're ok. I went to Salem for Halloween... what a crazy scene.



penny90041 7 years ago

Yes crazy, but the fashion is like no other I just love seeing all the witch wear.

penny cabot

penny90041 6 years ago

for any and all who are interested in the crystal wheel go to my mothers site Laurie Cabot the Cabot Kent hermetic temple . penny Cabot

penny90041 6 years ago

dear crazyjane,

please forgive my late response in answer to your question about the crystal wheel go to ( the Cabot Kent hermetic temple there you can read all about the crystal wheel and participate if you so choose .Im sure my mother Laurie Cabot would love to have you meditate with us

love and magic Penny Cabot

Anri 6 years ago

i dnt wana sound stupid but i believe in myself that theres something real strong and powerful inside me. and all i wana do is to help out other people in any way. i think that's the purpose of my life.

crazyjane94 6 years ago

Hey Penny,

I'm coming to Salem on Thursday, I'm from CT, I plan on stopping by you Mom's store. Maybe I'll see you

there . . .

Jon McLeod 5 years ago

Hi, I am a martial arts teacher from America living in Beijing, China. I am very intrigued by your blog and lifestyle...and you are beautiful too! I hope I can learn more about witchcraft.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

I loved your article. I have it on bookmark. OH by the way I am from Manchester By The Sea...........

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 5 years ago Author


I think that's wonderful just make sure you help yourself as well. taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care or helping others for the good of all includes yourself.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

I find your hubs to be so interesting.

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 5 years ago Author

Hi Mrs. J.B. well thank you for the compliment. I will do my best to keep your interest sparked many blessing penny

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 5 years ago Author

Hello Jon Mcleod,

Thank you for the compliment . You might want to check out my mothers first book ( Power of the Witch ) it's a very good first book on Witch craft. penny

Pam 5 years ago

Hi Penny - Stopped in your mother's store once and there was a force that would not allow me to leave until I gave your mother a reading, which I did and it was from her mother. I received the greatest compliment from her. She told me to never doubt my gift, as I was very accurate. I admire your mother greatly!

FuzzyBunny9854!!! 5 years ago

Hey, Penny, I love your page. Could you please give me a simple spell to look really pretty and irresistable? And to be charming? I really want it to work soon!!! Reply to me ASAP. :) Lurv u

fuzzybunny 5 years ago

dear fuzzy bunny,

you don't need a spell for that you are already all of those things! If you would like someone else to feel the same carry a rose quartz in your left pocket and every morning when you look in the mirror you repeat I am pretty I am irresistible I am charming! others will feel it too!

( a little strawberry oil never hurt either). good majick to you and may the world see your inner beauty


travler 5 years ago

thanks for the helpful information and the would like to no do u offer online classes.thanks so much peace to you

tina 5 years ago

how do u become a witch and learn spells

Do-it-yourself 5 years ago

All those asking Penny to cast spells for them: Get a life. Do it yourself. She's given you the tools to help yourself. Stop being a leech and take charge of your own lives.

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 5 years ago Author

To all who would like to cast their own spells a good start would be my mothers book power of the witch will serve ( if you will ) as a good hand book to guide you through doing your own spell cast . good majick to you all


Dave 5 years ago

Heading to Salem tomorrow from PA. Introducing my 2 boys...see you there! Blessed Be

brooke 5 years ago

can sumone talk

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 5 years ago Author

you might want to check out sky cabot's page on face book

jessica 5 years ago

i need you to see if my cousin has a spell because she says someone put a spell on her and she does drugs and she says that she talks to dead people and us her family want to help her.

pinks daisy profile image

pinks daisy 4 years ago

Hello Penny,

It is so nice coming across you here. Several years ago when I was living in Massachusetts I had chance to meet your mom and had spoken to her on several occasions, a very delightful lady, full of wisdom and very carring specially for children who are in need. You are a very lucky daughter Penny to have both world. To have such carring mother and to be gifted just as your mother, to have the knowledge and the ability that offers so much. It is a great thing to see your mothers step being passed on.

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author


Sonja 4 years ago

Hey i realy want to become a witch but dont get it right. I cant focus enough to great the spells. can you please help me. or is someting wrong with me

Sonja101 4 years ago from White River

Hey i realy want to become a witch but don't get it right. I cant focus enough to great the spells. can you please help me. or is something wrong with me

Sonja101 4 years ago from White River

Sorry for just bursting out, I just want to be a witch so bad, its something i realy want to be in my life. but dnt know who to ask any more

Please can you help Penny

Sonja101 4 years ago from White River


Do you get any of my Q ?

Have a nice day


Dusty White 4 years ago

Are you still creating art?

KirssyRie 4 years ago

I have been learning many things pagan and wicca over the past 3 years, but I am still having issues with some things, well more of beliefs or rituals. See I have a problem accepting magik and I understand that it is a big thing in pagan/wiccan rituals. I have thought many times on what magik really is and what makes witch magik different from the magik any person could see say from the setting sun. I feel magik around me, I just don't know the difference between the two, if there is a difference good magik, earth magik, bad?

jarrin 4 years ago

i was wondering do spells about physical change work or exist

Billy 4 years ago

I'm a paranormal investigator. Is there a way to make the spirits more comfortable to communicate. I'm doing this for a noble purpose I assure you. If you can help me that would be great.

JM 4 years ago

Hi Penny,

It's a pleasure coming across your blog. I'm new to Wicca, Witchcraft, & spell-casting & am hoping to get some help. My family is in dire financial straits & I would like a sure-fire spell to help bring not just money but true wealth & prosperity. Is there one you can recommend? Thank you so much! Many blessings

zoey 4 years ago

Hi Penny

I am interested in doing the human candle love spell that you have given out. However I cannot get hold of Adam and Eve Root anywhere and it is completely unavailable in my country which is on the bottom part of the equator LOL! I was just wondering of their might be a different ingredient I could substitue for it? And also managed to get dragons blood incense but the actual dragons blood resin is also not found it my country. Could still use the incense and just crush it up with my mortar and pestle? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you & Blessed Be

Mintysodhi27 4 years ago

Hey..hi penny..my name is minty..m from india..i read ur blog nd evrything that you post... And i respect you for the help u do to so many people...

My family is goin through a very very tough time since 1998..we consulted many priest and trust me each one of them told a different story...they gave horrifying reasons...i don't trust coz i knw all they said was for money..as u knw its a business fr ppl here in india...

But u...i hav faith on u i dnt knw y...i find u so true and pure..penny i request to keep my family in ur prayers so that ths bad tym goes away..we have tolerated enough..

I knw thrz somethin very big and horrifying behind all our problems and i hav felt it...its strong nd evil..

Plz pray for us..


penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

dear zoey you have to use adam & eve root and you can get it at www.theofficialwitchshoppe.net make sure this is what you really desire because the spell works!

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

dear minty , I am so glad I could help you and interest you in the spiritual world if you would like to talk further you can find me on facebook under sky cabot

Zoey 4 years ago

Hi Penny

Thank you so much for your reply:) I have actually managed to get hold of Adam And Eve Root! :) I did the spell last week and will be burrying the wax on the Blue Moon next fri Aug 31st as it counts as a full moon and since a Blue Moon is very rare iv heard its a very powerful time for spells and castings.

Rest assured I am a mature female who is defnately of age for such kind of commitment with just one person, and I have thought this through very very carfully and it is defnately what I really want! In fact I really need it and hope and pray that it works its power in my favour!

I have been a victim of black magic for about 14 years now and it keeps affecting my love life. To make a long story short the black magic part of my problem is slowly fading out as its being worked on, although these kinds of damages do not get healed overnight.

The guy in my life I'm doing this spell for and I really want to be together but a certain evil entity keeps intefering between us:(

With that being said, I would just like to ask, in your opinion, will this spell still work for us? I know and trust you when you say this spell is powerful and works, but would just like to know if in your opinion, considering the obstacle, would this spell still be able to over- power the force fighting against me? Would love to hear your take on this and I know time is often difficult to say, but just wondering how long does this spell take to kick in?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Blessed Be

briaaa 4 years ago

hi my name is sabrina email me or follow me on twitter my twitter name is sabrina i have a butterfly picture. can u please do a spell for me.

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

Hi Sabrina ,you can find me on twitter @penny90041 , or on Pinterest penny Cabot ,or on face book at sky Cabot.

Yvette 4 years ago

Hi penny I need help I'm struggling with my love life can you please email me and help me?

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

Hi zoey, you should start to see signs of the spell working in about 8 day . for full effect sometimes it can take 2 or 3 months .

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

hi Yevette, I can give you some things to do to try and draw in the correct type of love into your life. as we all know one of the most difficult things about love is knowing when to recognize it when it comes. remember everyone's concept of love is different so try to keep an open mind as to how love might appear

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

you can also find me on face book . look for sky cabot

and my green ministry at; www.ckht.org

Kym 4 years ago

Dear Penny,

I am a witch by genetics but everyone around me that figures it out accuses me of being evil and it makes me very upset. What should I do?

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

Hi Kym,

many people fear what they don't know , and some people who have the wrong definition of the word witch will think that you do bad things (which we don't). we believe that majick has to be for the good of all people . people thinking you are a bad witch is their own fear , and that's something they have to deal with not something you have to defend yourself about. if you go to our temple websit www.ckht.org you will see the witches do's & dont's you can print that and give it to anyone who say's your a bad witch . the best way to understanding from others is to give them the correct information about us . as they say knowledge is power and understanding breeds kindness

Kym 4 years ago

Thanks, Penny. I've been struggling with this for awhile. Every female in my biological family has been a powerful witch but unfortunatly I was adopted and don't really have a big support network.

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 4 years ago Author

prejudices knows no boundaries and it's not for lack of support you feel this way , prejudices alienates everyone ! but your not alone there are thousands of practicing witches in the united states alone.

xoxo 4 years ago

Penny I need your help.I have an ex I broke up with but I truly love him and I would like for us to work out but I want him to come to me and I don't want him to ever lie to me again. I cry everynight because I miss him and I want us to have the love we had when we first met because I realise I can't love anyone else. How do I fix this to have a good communication with him , no fights and also a loving and happy future??

Eric Prado profile image

Eric Prado 3 years ago from Webster, Texas

Merry Meet, Penny. My name is Eric, I am a solitary practitioner in Texas. I found this hub to be most helpful, beautiful, and absolutely intriguing. I must try these sometime soon, as I just moved. At any rate, Thank you for sharing this. Voted up and I will definitely follow. Blessed Be! )O(

micheal 3 years ago

hi im 16 and just started on witchcraft, may i ask how can i get a charm, do i make one or do i go buy one, email me @ micheallegorreta1111@gmail.com

alysia steele 3 years ago

dear penny

i have been on alot of different websites and seen different people but the results are always the same eather they cant help or there spells don't work i need a spell to get rid of my powers or at least bind them could you please help me you can post it on here or on my email adress its steelealysia1@yahoo.com

please/thank you


Alex 3 years ago

Hullo, I am from a separate branch that tinkers with the workings of biology and physics within magic, and we have turned our attention to more... dramatic things, persay. Body alterations and the like, but we have had limited success-- signs that it would work, but never quite the breakthrough we were searching for. It isn't our lack of belief... we started quite devoid of science, and with nothing but blind belief. It isn't our lack of magic, either, because we can gain grand success in other fields. We think that maybe... just maybe an outside mind might have a wider take or new view on the subject. We have gone through principle spells, calling circles, even law of attraction and the rather unconventional biokenesis. Do you happen to know of a method or type of magic that works well with such things?

beanwar 3 years ago

hey, i have looked online for some witchcraft books so i could read them online for free because im only 14 and i cant buy things online, also im from the uk im searching witchcraft books because i want to become a witch and in order to do that you have to read the book could you please help me become a witch i really need this and i would be grateful if you helped im really upset right now become i really wanna become a witch but i don't know what to do and i need free witch craft books i can download on the interent and if you want to talk seperatly i can give you my email just please help me i really need this.. x

jimmy 3 years ago

can a witch sell peoples souls to the devil for fame and fortune if they want to ?

Zoe 3 years ago

hi i am not a witch but if you are a witch please give me your phone number I am not a thief I am just a little girl so if you can come to my house and please turn me into a werewolf and i am 10 give me your phone to my E-mail zoe.maddern@gmail.com

lisahampton 3 years ago

hello I would like to know if you can do a spell the weather spell or have fire balls hit 4042deltastreet sandiego ca please. I wish that something badd hits that house.

Savannah 3 years ago

IIf you are the real thing we need to speak Penny. It's urgent.

Kashawnda 2 years ago

Hey penny I want to buy spellbook form occult supply store but I can't read the good it really stuck that I cant read I wish it was a spell teach you how to read spell but I really want to practice from real spellbook.

Annna629 2 years ago

Penny I need advice ASAP. I keep having this strange feeling i'm going to lose my mom soon. Her and I are really close. She has really bad heath and I really cant lose her. Shes only forty years old. I keep having dreams about her dying, and all the reasons in my dreams are logical and make sense, especially with her heath problems. Please help me I'm thirteen and i can not lose my mom. Please help.

hayley 2 years ago

Hi penny

I'm just wondering is it true you are a witch?

hayley 2 years ago

I only want to know because there is something that I want I don't have any magic I have been searching and learning and trying stuff to get it but it does not work I really want to have a pet dragon its all I want I believe my heart. I want the dragon out of how to train your dragon the night fury (toothless) that's all I want. I am asking if there is a way please!!!

hayley 2 years ago

Please answer I'm begging you please

pahenge 2 years ago

HEY, i have been practicing magic for 12 years(specifically black magic) in that means i have summoned and consulted with numerous demons, learned curses hexes and suprisingly how to heal almost any disease instantly, i was also granted familiar spirits to stay in my wand and carry out certain tasks, in all these you fdont really need herbs and spices to heal,

many demons can heal on request, and cause them if you wish.

anyone who would like info on how to peform these rituals, my email


penny90041 profile image

penny90041 23 months ago Author

We do not use our majick to summon demons . Using majick to manipulate cause and effect in our belief is against natural law .i cannot help you with this request hell .

mandee 21 months ago

Hi Penny, I'm not sure if you remember me but i worked at Dickey's in klamath falls OR. I hope you are doing well and just wanted to say Hi.

renee 16 months ago

How do you become a witch

Christy Dawne 6 months ago

I've been having strange dreams lately. I'm at a masquerade. In a lovely large place. Dancing with a boy. We laugh, talk and sing. He is taller than me, blonde hair and green eyes. Everything is old fashioned and I feel as if I can tell him anything. Then someone comes and tears us apart. He wears armor. They shove him towards his father and kick me out. I then run towards the forest under the full moon. He meets me there and lifts me up and spins me around. He kisses my cheek. Then a baker comes and tears us apart again. He pulls me towards a bakery. There he pushes me into a seat and slaps me across my face. I run up to my room escape out of the window into the forest again where I pull out a old looking necklace from my apron. The necklace has an orange circle stone in the center of a square. I then give it to my lovers father who shortly after passes away. (moonkitty880445@gmail.com email me plz)

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