Theological Seminary – Should womens ministry training be allowed?

Should women go to college and train to be ministers?

When we look to the Bible for answers, there are two important study tools to keep in mind:

Biblical "hermeneutics" -- the study of the principles of interpretation concerning the books of the Bible

Biblical "exegesis" --a systematic process by which a person arrives at a reasonable and coherent sense of the meaning and message of a biblical passage.

Both views of whether a woman can minister in church (to men and women) can equally be supported from the Biblical text (exegesis) which extensive research has shown.

What if we take the broadest view possible- not the most narrow? Should a women go to seminary?

By doing this we support women in ministry in every capacity, without restriction and multiply those proclaiming God's Word. The difficulty with this conclusion is whether or not being able to prove the point has any real value to one who is unwilling to consider it.

Therefore, we will stay divided on the issue if we close our minds and hearts.

Women in ministry- what does God think?
Women in ministry- what does God think? | Source

Can women go to seminary and expect a job in ministry?

If a women goes to Bible college or seminary and trains just as a man, what are her job opportunities when she gets out?

A women with a degree in theology will have a hard time finding a paying job as a pastor. Why? Maybe the answer isn't what we think. It may not be because it is wrong--it may be because we are afraid to hire women as pastors.

What if the root problem is fear?

What if fear comes from men because of authority, and from women because of need? I am going out on a limb here, but I feel that there is a possibility we need to consider.

Keep in mind these are extreme generalities- But see if you can find any validity in these two situations:

Men-- if they are insecure and bound in fear, they tend to be very controlling. A man is more inclined to respect, and accept another man who is advising him, and these same men argue that women should not have "authority" over them. Such a man would likely reject any advice from a woman (in many situations, not just spiritual). He also would not be able to define in detail what he means by "spiritual authority."

Another fear is competition for jobs as ministers. If women were accepted into pastoral positions, would they take away jobs away from men?

Women-- A woman may be afraid to have a female pastor if she looks to a pastor as her protector and authority.

A man in the pulpit to such a woman is much like a father figure. It may comfort her to have a father figure to guide her.

For men and women-- if deep down they are insecure, or don't understand their identity in Christ--will have the greatest difficulty. They often are the ones who are most vocally critical, angry, and condescending about an issue.

When a person is assured of their identity and are loved perfectly -- all fear is removed. The need to control is no longer a driving force. The need for security is found in the presence of God--not our pastor. Guidance and advice can then be received from any wise counselor --both men and women.

Until we become perfected in God's love and truly understand our identity in him- we continue to base our lives on our human identity first-- in this case our gender. Are we replacing "God our Father" (our true authority) with the pastor as our "father figure"?

Are you considering a degree in theology?

My hope is that some will consider the possibility of taking a broader view of God allowing women to be pastors, teachers, and ministers without restriction. There are many fine schools that allow women to become a minister (some are even online making it easier to get a degree in theology if you work full-time).

Should women go to college and become a minister?

What are your thoughts?

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bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 4 years ago from Bay Area California Author

If you are thinking of hiring a female pastor, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Art Girl 27 profile image

Art Girl 27 3 years ago from East Coast USA

Not thinking of becoming a pastor. However, I live in a large urban area and come from a denominational church background as a child, wherein it was not nor is it unheard of for women to become pastors. I see no reason why not. I do understand there are theories in neuroscience about gender differences in speech and emotional neural processes however, that doesn't mean don't become a pastor. RE: the jobs issue - that is a stickler whether male or female. Generally, based not on statistics but on my perceptions, I don't think pastors earn that much money unless they are in charge of a mega church and author and sell many popular books/CDs/DVDs etc. Spirit is in everybody and that's that.

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 3 years ago from Bay Area California Author

Thank you artgirl for sharing that. Yes God's spirit is in all of us!!

Jagadeesh 20 months ago

bob-matt wanted me to have you put some prayres out-please pray for matts friends that have been injured or killed in the last week in afganistan: Killed in action-Cpl Joshua Ashley (Military Working Dog Handler) Say A Prayer For The Ashley Family & II MEF K9wounded in action: Cpl Joey Singer (mililtary working dog handler) say a prayer for the singer family & II MEF K9-his mom has been flowen to Germany-Joey is in very very critical condition-not sure if he will make itSuicide:name with held- the young man just got back from afghansitan. shot himself and left a wife and new baby. had been deployed several times.bob is having a very hard time-please put in a little prayer for him-thanks boblove ya brother

Amalia 20 months ago

That is a great story. It may seem small, yetit obviously had a big imcpat on that gentleman'sevening. I had a small experience also. Iwas at my daughter's gymnastics class, talkingto her young instructor. The young lady mentionedthat she had gone to college to become a teacher,yet had not yet passed a required exam in orderto teach. Hence, she ended up teachinggymnastics to young children. She shared thatshe had caught some grief from her parents aboutnot using the skills they had paid for her toattain. I asked her if she liked what she wasdoing. She replied that she loves it and realizesshe is probably more suited for this work thanbeing in a classroom. Normally, I might havejust quickly responded that is great. . But instead,I remembered our group and replied, WhenGod closes a door he opens a window. It soundslike God knows exactly where you needed to be. She smiled and said, You are so right. She thenwent on her way teaching. The other cool thingis there were other parents/kids around whoalso heard our conversation. Who knows,maybe listening to us was just what God orderedfor one of them also! Looking forward to meetingagain on Monday and seeing everyone onSunday. Would love to have more join us!

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