What Does My Name Mean? An Introduction to Numerology

There is nothing in existence which is not affected - or explainable - by numbers. Numerology reveals an individual’s karmic patterns that require healing or treatment. It highlights the issues that are holding you from reaching and achieving your goals. Numerology helps to change those adhoc and unconscious patterns and mindsets. Such patterns also give you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Awareness about such information can change your life.

The moment you are is born, numbers begin to impact your life. Every number in your life graph has a meaning and its own distinct potency. Numbers emit vibrations. Vibrations are everywhere.

For instance, some people you meet make you instantaneously comfortable while you are never at ease with some people even though you may have known them for a long period of time. In some houses you may immediately feel comfortable and in others you remain restless.

This is how vibrations manifest. Every number emits a vibration. If a number is missing in your details, there is every likelihood that an imbalance exists in your life, which leads to varied losses in life.

A little history

The roots of numerology can be traced back to some 2000 years or more when Pythagoras developed many theorems that form the foundation of modern mathematics. Pythagoras Numerology is by far the most popular system.

Chaldean numerology and Chinese numerology have also played a very important role. Pythagoras is the most commonly used version of numerology. Sangita’s readings are a combination of the Pythagoras, Chaldean and Chinese systems. Sangita’s numerology calculations incorporate the essential characteristics of all the systems and can be deemed as ‘best of both worlds’.

Sangita Anand is a Motivational Expert Numerologist (http://www.expertsangitaanand.com), an international Writer who has written 700+ articles on business, supply-chain, social media, technology, health, travel, social issues. She has written for many branded publications world wide such as The Economist, Time, The Guardian and others. (www.sangeetaanand.com.) Sangita has also been an experienced senior management corporate professional.

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