Argentine Footballer Ángel di María


Ángel Di María is arguably one of the world's top footballers today. An Argentine player, Ángel Di María is well able to play with the best as he has the talent to match them. He has participated in two World Cups and although the 2010 World Cup was not kind to his national team, Argentina, 2014's World Cup has seen the team reach to the finals and they will play Germany for the coveted trophy on Sunday 13th July, 2014.

Born in 1988, in the town of Rosario, Santa Fe, to parents Miguel and Diana, the left-winger showed his ability in his debut match as a Madridista in the Bernabéu when he played against Peñarol and he was named Man of the Match and in the most recent tournament played by Real Madrid, the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final.

The Birthplace of Ángel Di María

Di Maria's debut goal at Real Madrid

He settled right in at Real, unlike other players who tend to take a little time before they find their groove, and quickly became one of the fan favorites at the Santiago Bernabéu. Perhaps it is because he had his fellow Argentine teammates, Gonzalo Higuain and Gago , or maybe it was because Di María is truly a team player and it was easy to act humbly and focus on the best for the team. I think it is a bit of both...

No doubt about it, Di María has skill and he is continuing to show it for the benefit of Real Madrid and Argentina.

Di María's Childhood

Growing up in the humble neighborhood of Pedriel, Di María has said that life was hard but it was good. His best friends all hail from his neighborhood and it was there that his life in football began. He was a very hyper child and he has said that his mother was advised to let him take up a sport to expend all of that energy. The choice was football and now every one can see that continuous energy being expended on the field.

At seven years old, he would be purchased by Rosario Central club for the price of 35 balls from the club Torito and he would either walk to training or go on bicycle ( it took 30 minutes to ride there) with his mother. Whether it was raining or not, the little family would diligently go to practice in this manner for seven years.

His father, Miguel, played football as well but only made it as far as a reserve for River Plate because of a knee injury. No doubt, Di María inherited his passion for the sport and it took him from Rosario Central to Benefica and then to one of the top clubs in the world, Real Madrid.

River Plate Fans - Argentinians are very serious about their football


As a child he would assist his parents, Miguel and Diana at work, in a coal-yard. His father would work there for 16 long years and Di María would be his assistant for five years. He has said that his parents were hardworking parents as were all the families in his neighborhood. This work ethic, although tough, instilled in Di María a discipline that takes years to acquire.

It is no surprise that when Di María was sold to Benefica one of the first things he did was tell his father that he wanted him to stop working and enjoy life. He had seen his mother and father work hard to provide for their children and he was glad to be able to say that he could thank them for their sacrifice.

Personal Life of Di María

In July of 2011, Ángel Di María married his girlfriend of two years, Jorgelina Cardoso. She is six years his senior and also hails from Rosario, Argentina. She is reputed to be Ángel's biggest fan and has been known to defend all of his actions on social media.


In April, 2013, the happy couple welcomed their daughter Mia and although she was born with a few health problems, she recovered and the family often shares photos of their time together.


Transfer News

The next big club that Ángel Di María signed with was Manchester United. After the negotiations ( a £59 million pound deal ) Di María will be making Old Trafford his home. Di María had said that although he would have liked to stay at Real Madrid he did know that he might have been sold and Manchester United was reported to be willing to pay the player £150,000 a week. Instead, Manchester United has agreed to pay the talented player £280,000 a week! He wears the number 7 jersey, a number that Cristiano Ronaldo used while playing for the team.

The past season at Real Madrid was a success for Di María who scored 13 goals and had 27 assists. Any football club in the world would be pleased to have him and Manchester United and its fans eagerly wait to see what Di Maria can do for the club.

Some Random Facts about Di Maria

  • His closest friend on Real Madrid is Fernando Gago (no surprise there as previously mentioned they are both from Argentina)
  • He has a tattoo that is common to his six closest friends in his neighborhood. They all got the tattoo when Di Maria was 18 to remind them that wherever they are in the world they will remain close friends.
  • Real Madrid signed him for $40 million Euros
  • He is 26
  • He has an Italian passport
  • He is 5ft 11in
  • His sisters' names are Vanessa and Evelyn
  • His mother and his wife bless him before every game and light candles to the Holy Spirit for him to receive strength.
  • His mother believed that he would be a professional footballer and told him so at a very young age.
  • To show he appreciated her sacrifices, he bought his mother a house.
  • He missed the semi-final of the 2014 World Cup due to a thigh injury and had to sit out the final match in which Argentina lost to Germany.
  • Manchester United signed him for £59 million


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saifhayel profile image

saifhayel 6 years ago

Di Maria is a good player, he is fast, but his problem is sometimes he don't raise his head when he starts running, he keeps looking down on the ball, which prevents him to know where his teammates to pass...

North Wind profile image

North Wind 6 years ago from The World (for now) Author

Yes each player has certain things that could keep them back, but when Di Maria gets over it, he makes some brilliant plays. Thanks for your comment!

tomz 4 years ago

i luv di maria 22

North Wind profile image

North Wind 4 years ago from The World (for now) Author

tomz, it is good to know that you love him. Hala Madrid!

profile image

entvibes 2 years ago

di maria is a great player

North Wind profile image

North Wind 2 years ago from The World (for now) Author

I completely agree, entvibes.

worldsoccer profile image

worldsoccer 2 years ago from Dhaka

For me he is the second best player of Argentina but sometimes I think he want to do something extraordinary with the ball and lost the ball, that's the part where I think he can improve, also as a Winger I guess he should take less shots on goal, it would be better if he pass the ball more to the main striker of the team. Because lot of time I saw that his shot went over the bar.

North Wind profile image

North Wind 2 years ago from The World (for now) Author

I am curious, worldsoccer, who is the best in Argentina in your opinion?

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement and I think that Di Maria would be the first to agree with me in that. I like that he is not too conceited about his skills and he has his highs and lows. I really think he is a team player, though and that is a great quality to have in the game.

worldsoccer profile image

worldsoccer 2 years ago from Dhaka

North Wind, buddy am I have to answer that who is the best player of Argentina? Clearly it's LEO. Yes I agree that he is a team player and I like him a lot, I just think if he improve and work on some of his skill then he would be consider one of the best in the world.

North Wind profile image

North Wind 2 years ago from The World (for now) Author

Ahhhh, so you are a Leo fan, I understand :) I think Di Maria could be one of the best in the world and you I right - I think that his talent is a raw talent. But I still think he is one of the best right now anyway.

worldsoccer profile image

worldsoccer 2 years ago from Dhaka

Actually I always like to say the truth, I am not a blind supporter, I am totally agree with you, his talent is unbelievable and the second best player of Argentina but to become one of the best he has to improve himself a bit, he has that capability just need to apply that in the field.

North Wind profile image

North Wind 2 years ago from The World (for now) Author

I know just what you are talking about when you say 'blind supporter'. I know quite a few of these. They like to jump on the bandwagon and base their likes or dislikes on the person who is popular at the time. I do like to base my decision on skill and teamwork and I will be the first to admit that Messi has some mad skills. I just can't help but like Higuain and Di Maria.

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