10 Ways To Drop At Least 8 Strokes

Golf is an excruciatingly hard game and takes years of practice to master. With these tips you can be on your way to great scores. No need to practice chipping, pitching, putting and driving. No swing changes or grip adjustments here. Just give it a try. You'll find that most golfers are already using these techniques. So good luck and may your drives be straight, if not read on!

  1. You can drop at least 8 strokes by skipping one of the par 3's
  2. Keep a sloppy scorecard! 8's 3's and 5's will look a lot alike.
  3. Fluff up your lies
  4. count all putts within 3 feet
  5. keep an extra ball to drop at random times " oh I found it, its right here in the middle of the fairway"
  6. use a tee when no one is looking to hit fairway woods or long irons
  7. play from the shortest tee box
  8. play the same ball as your buddy and swear that his ball went out of bounds
  9. no limit on muligans
  10. hit a provisional and say you didn't use when in fact you did

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Matthew Maktub profile image

Matthew Maktub 4 years ago from Las Vegas

Even using all of these, my score would still be pathetic.

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