Carp Fishing Tips and Secrets from the Proffessionals

Here you will find more carp fishing tips and recommendations than anywhere else on the internet. These are a compilation of tips that have been tweeted and shared on twitter from @Carp_Tips and his followers. Carp_Tips is designed to get you thinking actively throughout the year and help to improve your catch rate, so take some time to enjoy the huge list of carp fishing tips that I share with you on this page. Enjoy.

  • Try liquidising maggots with a blender and add the liquid to a small pellet feeding feeding mix. Stick a maggot on your hook, bait up and get ready! Just make sure that you don't let your Mrs catch you using her blender!
  • Mix it up! If your local water is becoming hard then try rarely sed baits lik mussels, slugs and snails. Carp love 'em!
  • Don't neglect the neglected areas! Spring sun can be warm, so keep an eye on margins, shelves and quiet bays for resting carp.
  • Make sure your bite alarms have drop back feature or you risk missing bites.
  • Bakers meaty chunkdog biscuits are spuerb for fishing off te top. Carp love 'em and they stay on the hook nicely. They are quite proflific.
  • Don't be shy to use unusual baits. Followers of Carp_Tips have caught fish on jelly babbies, strawberrys, grapes, sausages and even juicy fruit chewing gums!
  • Aim to limit the use of fishmeal boilies when fishing silt as they take on the smell of the surrounding lakebed and become less attractive!
  • As the weather warms natural baits start to enter the water, e.g. flies and worms. It's a good time to try a worm on the hook.
  • Check your hooks are sharp and make sure that you change regularly especially in winter months as there's lots of debris from the trees and the surrounds that are falling into the water.
  • Carp love the taste of salty foods, try adding salt to your baits throughout the year. Approx 1 tablespoon to 5 litres of dry particles.
  • Winter rig choice - Finesse is the key word! The lighter the tacklethe more you will catch = it's a fact.
  • Use small PVA mesh as oppose to PVA bags in winter because it mels quicker in the cold water.

  • Try adding marmite to your hook bait. It is full of salt and yeast and carp love it!
  • When margin float fishing for carp try a worm cocktail with a single grain of corn to give the hookbait a bit of colour as well as movement.
  • Be sure to use different sized pellets when making up your spod mix. This helps to confused the carp and gives you the option to use various sizes on the hook, whilst keeping the carp in confusion!
  • Limit the use of fishmeal boilies when fishing on silt as they tend to take on the smell of the surrounding lake bed and become less attractive to carp.
  • A rubbish bait is better than a good bait, when it's in the right location.
  • When method feeding fold the rig into the feed leaving a small part of the rig showing leaving the bait tangle free and well presented.
  • A good pair of polarised glasses can really help in finding where the carp are lerking. It could make an average day into a prolific one.
  • Prawns can be a killer bait for catching carp.
  • Fresh boilies are always better than shelf life ones. Many fisherman have noticed their catch rates decreasing in recent years. Did you stop to wonder whether the shelf-life boilies might be the reason?
  • If your fishing shallow water or shallow margins then a line clip will keep your line resting on the bottom of the lake and will stop fish being spooked from your bait.
  • Bait boats will offer you precision casting and allow you access to fish areas that you can't normally cast to. In these areas the fish are more confident and will feed more freely meaning more catches for you!

POST YOUR TIPS TO @CARP_TIPS ON TWITTER, and it will be added to this page!

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