101 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Your fantasy football team name is perhaps the second most important part of dominating your fantasy football league. The first being drafting a player that you can use to name your fantasy football team. Your fantasy football team name should be based on one of the following:

  1. One of the players on your team
  2. An inside joke between you and your league mates
  3. Your favorite NFL team
  4. Your previous fantasy football team name

Your team name really depends on the league that you play in. If you are like many fantasy football players, you play in multiple leagues. Some of your leagues may call for you to name your team based on an inside joke or a nickname between you and your friends. Public leagues or leagues where you do not know your opponents may call for a name based on your favorite NFL team or based on a player on your roster.

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101 Fantasy Football Team Names

Here is a list of 101 team names based on NFL teams or players. You will have to be creative when it comes to naming your team after a joke or your fantasy history, but this list should help you sound funny and witty to your league mates. Good luck topping mine for 2011...Puppy Dog Eyes.

  1. Fig Newtons
  2. Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
  3. Like Whitehurst on Rice
  4. Gym, Manning, Landry
  5. Ride It Til The Wheels Farve Off
  6. Dez Dispenser
  7. Britt Off More Than He Could Chew
  8. Cleaning Out My Clausen
  9. The Bradshawshank Redemption
  10. Melts in Your Mouth, Not In Your Manningham

11. I Was Only Keading
12. Curious Case of Benjamin Watson
13. Anakin Simms-Walker
14. No Suh For You
15. Tiny Tim Tebow
16. Dezter's Laboratory
17. I Call it my Peyton Manthing
18. Make it Torain
19. The Floyd Gates are open, here comes the Rivers
20. A Double Dwayne Bowe!
21. Stuart Scott's Glass Eye
22. Teddy Ginn and Juice
23. Ray Rice-a-Roni
24. Plax On, Plax Off
25. Penny for a Henne
26. Helu Kitty
27. Plaxidental Shooting
28. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
29. Pryor Convictions
30. Skittles... Taste Dwayne Bowe
31. Say Helu to my Little friend
32. Foster...Australian For Championship
33. Ocho Sinkhole
34. You Schaub It
35. Blount Cutlery
36. Colts Addai Without Manning
37. Aromashodu, Aromashdon't
38. Cam Burglar
39. OMG They Killed Kenny Britt
40. Patience, Don't Forsett
41. Mystic Rivers
42. Sponsored by Matty Ice
43. Alex Smith Happens
44. Forte Year Old Virgin
45. Stafford Infection
46. Ndamu-King Kong
47. Armed Rodgery
48. That's Gross-Man
49. Ocho NoShow
50. She's a Britt...House
51. Romo Must Die
52. Dirt Off Your Tolbert
53. 99 Problems but a Vick Ain't One
54. The Wreck of the Larry Fitzgerald
55. Ingram Toenails
56. The Jolly Rodgers
57. Sir Isaac Cam Newton
58. Orton Hears a Boo
59. Brees Through The Competition
60. Grilled Brees Sandwich
61. Helu-cinations
62. I Hate Torain on Your Parade
63. Drew Blood
64. Cam You Dig It?!
65. The Real McCoys
66. Vick, Jamaal, Britt, Bowe & Collie - falalala la la la la
67. Welker Skelter
68. Scoreless in Seattle
69. Peeping Tomlinson
70. Teach Me How to Flutie
71. Of Rice and Mendenhall
72. Jahvid-eo Killed the Radio Star
73. Sam-ford & Sons
74. The Con-Vicks
75. Corn on the Cobb
76. Eli - The Other White Manning
77. White Cassel
78. McGahee and Me
79. Tebow's Before Hoes
80. Our Brady is Hotter than your Brady
81. Gran Moreno
82. Elway, Jose
83. No Punt Intended
84. Farve From Retiring
85. Berrian the Hatchet
86. My Jim Schwartz Are Dirty
87. Preseason Champs
88. Gourmet Scheffler
89. On Like Ndamukong
90. Shaun of the Hill
91. I Love Witten, No Romo
92. The Playbook of Eli
93. Kibbles and Vicks
94. Rex and the City
95. Vince Young and the Restless
96. FeBrees
97. Tootsie Sproles
98. Matt Ryan's Belt
99. A Partridge in a Crabtree
100. Rated R for Gore
101. I am Serious, and Don't Call Me Shipley

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Comments 45 comments

chris 5 years ago

stabbing marshall or matty icecream sundae

jgfjgfj 5 years ago

ahh i should have got a falcon

hag 5 years ago

Somewear Over Dywane Boe

JSC 5 years ago

Cam-eras Ready, Prepare to Flash

Casey 5 years ago

Fostet than you

Bob 5 years ago

Kevev on the kolb

Joe 4 years ago

this list is hilarious. check out more names by category and rank at www.ffgator.com

doug 4 years ago

plays, trades and audibles

MartyMart 4 years ago

Drinking Forte's till Adai

nick 4 years ago

Breaston plants

josh 4 years ago

Mike Ditka in a box

Josh 4 years ago

Teboeing 747

ryan 4 years ago

4th down syndrome

touchdown your pants

victorious secret

tylerharrell 4 years ago

Arian Foster the People

Lou 4 years ago

teach me how to dougie martin

ZB 4 years ago

Isaiah Pead on a Bush

Josh 4 years ago

Ben roethlisrapers

Fred 4 years ago


craig 4 years ago

Rodgers That

Dan 4 years ago

Here's my number so call me Brady

Joe 4 years ago

Call Me Maybin. Another one I saw on www.ffgator.com. hundreds of names updated daily

Joe 4 years ago

Don't Mesko with the Zoltan

Derek 4 years ago

Vick In a Box

Blair 4 years ago

I got a Woodley

Unknown 4 years ago

Mash PoTATEoes

isaac 4 years ago

easy breesy beautiful

jim 4 years ago

forte yard dash

forgetting brandon marshall

mayo 4 years ago

Royale with Brees

Td's n' Beer 4 years ago

T...T...T...T...Tebow and the Jets

Calvin and the Chipmonks

Percy Whipped

50 Shades of Heyward-Bey


My TD's are real...and they're spectacular

Drafting Under the Influence

It's not easy being AJ Green

Geno Atkins diet

The Dalton Gang

CW 4 years ago

Steve McNair's Shotgun Offense

Mike 4 years ago

All the Gould in Forte Knox

John 4 years ago

Steve McNair's Shotgun Offense:

Too soon!

justin 4 years ago

Blackmon Turner overdrive

Doogie 4 years ago

Bellichick, Lies & Videotape

steve 4 years ago

call me maybin

Tim 4 years ago

Tightest Percy in Town

Kara :) 4 years ago

Chung like a horse

Jack Conway profile image

Jack Conway 4 years ago from Chicago

A few good ones in my league: 50 Shades of Jay (Cutler), Forte Loco, Hesterectomy. Needless to say, we're all from Chicago.

Brandon 4 years ago

Ndamukong Suh-plex

Roddy White and the Seven Dwarfs

Touchdown Syndrome

Brandon fireMarshall

Crabtree Cakes

San Francisco Treat

Sidney Rice A Roni

Sproles Tide

Dezmanian Devils

Richard Shermanator

Marshawn Lynch Mob

Buffalo Bill Me Later

Stevan Ridleys Believe it or Not

Carson Palmer Your Hand

Are you Leshoure about that

Jersey Leshoure

4th down and Cecil Shorts

anthony 3 years ago

Why does your Percy Hurt?

Johne848 2 years ago

Keep working ,impressive job! gbfbedefefgc

Ninja 22 months ago

Turn down for Watt

oscar 18 months ago

aldon in san fran

Bobby 17 months ago

Arian race

Lick my Tate

Missy 16 months ago

Where did the fantasy name- does Mott Farte come from? Meaning?

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