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Tebowing is So Last Year!

Everyone remembers "Tebowing", people emulating the post-game celebrations of the NFL's "good guy" Tim Tebow. His story made for great press, and it looks like the New York media, and ESPN are still trying to milk the story.

But I wonder if what we may see young athletes do this year, especially with the Olympics being done, is emulating the post-race pointing gesture of Usain Bolt. I could see a running back, wide receiver, defensive back or return specialist celebrating a big play in such a manner. Never mind the possible unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It would not be the first time an athlete's gesture has been emulated.

It may be one of the few times it has come from track and field. It would only further show how much Usain Bolt has transcended his sport and become like Tiger Woods, etc. One has to admire Usain's sheer exuberance as well. There are few athletes who play their game with the sense of joy that he does.

Also, with football players coming more and more from urban areas, they may be able to relate better to someone like Usain Bolt than a Tim Tebow. They may see Bolt as someone more like them.

Of course, I could also see NFL teams looking to Jamaica for potential kick returners, etc. I wonder how Yohan Blake would take to a special teams "gunner" bringing him down, of course, you'd need to catch him first!

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SuperBowlDeals profile image

SuperBowlDeals 4 years ago from New Albany, Indiana

Hopefully the "Tebowing" trend is done! I don't mind him as a player, but that stuff was truly crazy last year!

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