KNICKS N' LACERATIONS - 1994 New York Knicks Do A Superbowl Shuffle But For Their CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


We are the Knicks/shuffling crew

Knocking PIp down cuz Mike got

dope moves

We so bad/your hip is broke/

Ewing and Starks and Bonner and Oak

We ain't here

To start no trouble

Our dance sounds like the/Superbowl Shuffle


This is Patrick Ewing

I win for fun

Always make the shot when the

Knicks are down by one

I'm always blocking shots and getting the tip

Unless it's a dunk by Michael or Pip

They are my barbers for they/style my hair

Their comb is the ball/Michael's name is Air

But we're not here

To speak of Chicago

We're just here to steal their/Superbowl Shuffle


We are the Knicks/shuffling crew

Always knocking Pip down and Will Purdue


I'm Samurai Mason I play number three

The best since Frazier and the best before Spree

I got suspended for/throwing a chair

Hope Horry likes the bleachers for I/pushed him out there


But Mason's not as bad as me

I was traded for Bill Cartwright/it made Michael un-ha-pee.

I get all the rebounds put the Knicks on my back

I even saved Brad Miller by bodyslamming Shaq

I am relied on to get us to glory

I'm the real Sir Charles and that is my story


You're looking at Starks

FInals MVP

Cuz this time we win Game 6/Hakeem don't block my three

I jump into the stands and I flick off your wife

My dunk is lethal and my three is a knife

Vernon Maxwell told me he'd end my life

So I had to put an end to New York's playoff strife


They say Ewing/is our man

If Patrick can't do it/I sure can

So bring on Houston

Bring on Pacers

This is for Harlem and Bensenhurst racists


Madison Square Garden's where we stay

No need for X-Man cuz I learned how to play

I bench press a car and I jump 60 inches

And it was J.R. Reid who gave opponents more stitches

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