2010 Top 15 Pac 10 Non Conference Matchups of the Season

Pac 10

Pac 10 Non Conference Matchups

This will be the last year of the Pac 10 conference as they will be welcoming Utah and Colorado in 2011, making the conference go to 12 teams. In 2006 the Pac 10 decided to play one more conference game making it a 9 game conference schedule with 3 non conference games to play. Last year was the first time USC didn't win or win a share of the Pac 10 title as the Trojans went 2002 to 2008 being the beast of the Pac 10. That streak was broken by Oregon winning the Pac 10 title since 2001 when the Ducks finished #2 in the nation and a Rose Bowl win over Colorado that year. With the Pac 10 just playing 3 non conference games it has to be smart in scheduling unlike the other conferences that usually plays either 4 or 5 non conference games. So here are my top non conference games for the Pac 10 for this 2010 college football season.

1) 9/18/10 Nebraska at Washington

2) 9/18/10 Iowa at Arizona

3) 9/4/10 Oregon State at TCU

4) 9/25/10 Oregon State at Boise State

5) 9/11/10 Oregon at Tennessee

6) 9/18/10 Arizona State at Wisconsin

7) 11/27/10 Notre Dame at USC

8) 9/4/10 Washington at BYU

9) 9/25/10 UCLA at Texas

10) 9/4/10 UCLA at Kansas State

11) 9/18/10 Louisville at Oregon State

12) 9/17/10 California at Nevada

13) 9/11/10 Colorado at California

14) 9/25/10 Stanford at Notre Dame

15) 9/4/10 Washington State at Oklahoma State


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