2011 UEFA Champions League Final eight predictions

Being a big fan of the Champions League, I must make a predictions hub. This year we have great teams in the final eight so it should give us plenty of great football. So let's not lose any more time and start with the first showdown. This year there is one Italian team (Inter), one German team (FC Schalke), two Spanish teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona), three English teams (Tottenham Spurs, Chelsea and Manchester United) and finally one Ukrainian team, Shakthar Donesk

FC Schalke
FC Schalke
Inter Milan
Inter Milan

Inter Milan VS FC Schalke

Last time these two met was in 1997, during the UEFA Cup final and FC Schalke had the upper hand. Things are a bit different this time though. The only player left in the Inter squad is Zanetti. Also, Inter's coach is now Leonardo.

Inter Milan's defender, Lucio, is suspended and won't be playing the first leg. The rest of the regular squad of Inter will be available for the game. FC Schalke will have to bet on their forward players Raul and Farfan to give their best because otherwise I don't see how they can have the upper hand in this contest. Eto'o, Sneijder who has three goals so far, Maicon and Milito will have to be on Schalke's radar.

Guarding the nets will be Julio Cesar for Inter Milan and Manuel Neuer for FC Schalke.

My prediction: Inter Milan will advance.

Final results: Game 1: Inter Milan 2 - 5 FC Schalke and Game 2: FC Schalke 2 - 1 Inter Milan

Real Madrid
Real Madrid
Tottenham Spurs
Tottenham Spurs

Real Madrid VS Tottenham Spurs

This will be an interesting meeting. Jose Mourinho being the former coach of Chelsea has already a background history of Tottenham with 5 wins and two draws in eight games. Several Real Madrid players also played in former English clubs. Portuguese players Crisiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Carvalho, Xabi Alonso and Jerzy Dudek (but he will probably not play as Iker Casillas will be in nets) all played in the Premiership League.

The defense of Real Madrid is good with Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos. The only weak point in my opinion in the Real Madrid squad is the midfield. Most of the midfield players are new and chemistry is not always the best. Xabi Alonso usually delivers, along with Ozil. The strongness of Real Madrid resides with the forwards. But due to injuries, Marcelo and Benzema will not play and Cristiano Ronaldo is doubtful but should play.

Tottenham has a different team. Most of their players are from England and some of them are really talented. In defense, Gallas and Gareth Bale are the two pillars on defense. Bale has good pace and can outrun most players and that is the reason why he has four goals in the competition. He often pushed forward and outruns the defense. Newly acquired player Rafael Van der Vaart will have an important role for his team because he already played for Real madrid. Aaron Lennon and Croatian player Modric form the rest of the midfield. As for the forwards, Peter Crouch, Pavlyuchenko and Jermaine Defoe should play up front.

Real Madrid have the upper hand in nets with world class player Casillas. Spurs goalkeeper will be Heurelho Gomes.

Even if both teams have quality players, I believe that Real Madrid will advance. They have a stronger offense and they have a coach who is really determined to win it all.

My prediction: Real Madrid will advance

Final results: Game 1 Real Madrid 4 - 0 Tottenham Spurs and Game 2: Tottenham Spurs 0 - 1 Real Madrid

Manchester United
Manchester United

Chelsea VS Manchester United

Football fans from England would have preferred to see this matchup later in the competition. Knowing one of their teams will leave the competition no matter what is a heartbreaker. Nevertheless, it should be a great matchup.

Both Chelsea and Manchester United have strong teams. Chelsea's defense is strong with Cole, Bosingwa and John Terry. Midfield squad is where I think is the main weakness of Chelsea. Michael Essien and Frank Lampard can deliver and move up the ball with great efficiency. The forwards are very strong with newly acquired Fernando Torres. Didier Drogba will eventually be constant danger in front.

Manchester United has a strong defense with Rio Ferdinand, Evra and Vidic. Midfield is also strong with Nani and his fast pace and Rooney, Berbatov and Javier Hernandez will be the main menace of Manchester United.

Chelsea has, in my opinion, the upper hand in nets with Petr Cech because we saw earlier that Edwin Van der Sar can make some mistakes sometimes.

My prediction: Manchester United will advance

Final Results: Game 1: Chelsea 0 -1 Man U. and Game 2: Man U. 2 - 1 Chelsea

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona
Shakhtar Donetsk
Shakhtar Donetsk

FC Barcelona VS Shakhtar Donetsk

No one thought Shakhtar would make it this far but here they are. The main reason for them to have made it this far is mainly because of Eduardo and Luiz Adriano who both have 4 goals. They managed to get out of their group with Arsenal and Braga and managed to eliminate Roma. But against a side as strong as Barcelona, Shakhtar will not make it through.

With Daniel Alves, Abidal on defense, Xavi and Iniesta holding the midfield and Messi playing with David Villa and Bojan should seal the deal for Barça.

Barcelona also have the upper hand in nets with valdes.

My prediction: Barcelona will advance. (If they don't advance it will be a major shocker).

Final results: Game 1: Barcelona 5 - 1 Shakhtar. and Game 2: Shakhtar 0 - 1 Barcelona

Who do you think will win the Champions League?

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Comments 9 comments

Donnacha C profile image

Donnacha C 5 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

very good, comprehensive article. Agreed with your predictions, except Man UTD. I think Chelsea will advance in that tie.

The Reminder profile image

The Reminder 5 years ago from Canada Author

Guess my Inter prediction was wrong too. I don't think they will come back from that 5-2 loss in Italy today but it was kind of a shocker.

Abex2011 5 years ago

Barca will meet Man utd in the final uefa champion league, who will do the cup? that clear , Barc will shake down the red devil by 3:1 At giant Wembly studium.

Info Bucket profile image

Info Bucket 5 years ago from Kerala, India

Nicely written Hub, most of your predictions were correct!! I think you are a great football fan, like me!

The Reminder profile image

The Reminder 5 years ago from Canada Author

Thank you. I try to follow football as much as I can!

dara 5 years ago

it is possible for Manu will beat Bacar 2-1,because

A great coach Alex has good strategies to cope with

Bacar's player. Messi never score in England, So this point indicates most of English have strong defending,like Videc,Ferdinand,Evra,

The Reminder profile image

The Reminder 5 years ago from Canada Author


Yes indeed Sir Ferguson is an awesome coach and he will definitely try to stop Messi during the game. But I would not bet on this game as I have no idea who will win. My heart is with Man U. but I do not know if they will win.

Yassop profile image

Yassop 5 years ago

Hey, nice to see another hubber doing predictions as well. The final champion's league game will be a very exciting game to watch. I think United has better strength in attack than they did two years ago with Ronaldo in the team. Their mistake against Barca two years ago was due to heavily relying on Ronaldo alone but this year, they have got options in Hernandez and Rooney up front and it will be a very dangerous combination that Barca will need to be careful with.

I'm gonna be biased in my prediction for the finals and I'm going for a Man Utd win with the scoreline being 2-1 at the end of the match. Rooney and Chicharito to score for United and Iniesta will claim Barca's goal. Hopefully I will get them right on this occasion so the "Barca will trash Man Utd" trash talk will finally be put to bed. Can't wait for the game!

The Reminder profile image

The Reminder 5 years ago from Canada Author


I greatly hope Man U. will win on saturday. I am a Real madrid fan and I was so mad at the refs after the first game between Barca and Real. Chicharito will play extraordinary and Rooney as well...and I sense Giggs will be a big part of the game.

Go manchester!!

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