2012 Stanley Cup - Top 5 Things That Matter

Now that the Hockey Season is over and the LA Kings are the Stanley Cup Champs, here are 5 things I need to get off my chest.

5) The LA Kings Letdown Never Came to Fruition

  • Up 3-1 against Vancouver, Kings fans could only imagine a Vancouver 4 game sweep and another round 1 Stanley Cup Playoff exit. Jarrett Stoll answers with a resounding, “Not this year.”
  • Up 3-1 against Phoenix at home, Dustin Brown does what he’s done all season… Hit. Game changer, yes. Dustin Penner… really? I guess so. He’s had an awesome playoff run. Why not him?
  • Up 3-2 against New Jersey… winning at home has never been easy. Up 3-0 in game 6, anything can happen. Up 4 -0 with a beauty of a shot by Carter, game over. Cup ceremony.

4) Captains Lead by Example

What does that say about Shane Doan? Phoenix has become the new Whine Country made with fermented sour grapes.

  • Calling out a bad hit without seeing the replay?
  • Diagnosing a “blown out knee” when it really was a bruised thigh?
  • Complaining about the hit in the hand shake line?

Really Shane?

You are the captain of a team looking for leadership without an owner... Is this how you want to go out leading your team? Calling out the refs and complaining about previous games bad calls after the fact? You’ve been in the league long enough and you should know bad calls go both ways. You need to be better than that. You are better than that.

3) Mike Smith Needs Anger Management Sessions

This guy is a(n) (Insert expletive here). He takes whacks at other players, raises his stick and then throws it at the refs, and earlier in the series calls out his team? What evs, diva Smith.

2) NBC -ya!

Thanks NBC for allowing Hall of Famer Bob Miller and color commentator Jim Fox to call the game from the sidelines. You did a bang up job in between the benches and calling up the stellar Brian Hayward of the Anaheim Ducks for his insightful and unbiased play calling. By the way, I guess the LA Kings have Brian Hayward to thank for this win. Check out the video of Fox vs. Hayward in the announcer faceoff this year.

Start at about 2 minutes and revel in the egg on the face of Brian Hayward. I didn’t know ducks laid eggs? (Such arrogance - Brian Hayward blows... which brings me to #1).

1) Nickelback? How About A Full Reufnd?

1) I am so done with Nickleback songs exclusively played to the hockey highlights. This band blows. Rush… now there’s a band Canada needs to celebrate. How about a little YYZ.. that’s what I’m sayin’!

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